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Beeston delivers 6,860 signatures on May Day

May 1st, 2015 by

Our 38 Degrees ambulance stopped off at Beeston, part of the marginal Borough of Broxtowe, today, May Day.

There were more than 25  people to greet us. By no means  all of them can be seen in the photo below:


The person speaking is Konnie Lloyd,  one of the many people who have worked over  6 months to collect signatures from people living in Broxtowe, who are deeply opposed to the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) deal  being negotiated between the US and the EU Commission. that groups had already collected more than 5,000 petitions. which are  in the box she is holding, see below:



She called upon whoever is elected as an MP to  to know that Broxtowe respects democracy, loves the NHS, and wants them to oppose TTIP and the damage it will do.

In the event two of the candidates turned up. The David Kirwan, the Green Party candidate is to Konnie’s left and Nick Palmer, the  Labour Party candidate, is to her right. Nick Palmer said that the good thing about 38 Degrees is that it focuses upon the issues, and forces politicians to take notice, and yet it steers clear of party politics.

One noticeable absentee was Anna Soubry. To be fair to her she didn’t receive much notice.
Adding together the two petitions we have so far collected  at least 6,860 signatures.

However wins and whatever coalition is formed 38 Degrees will continue to campaign around the issues that we care so deeply about. And we will also discuss what new campaigns we could open up, for example around HS2.
In addition to campaigning we will also be setting up a local group. Do come along and join in.

  • Thu 14th May 2015, 7:00pm
  • The White Lion, 24 Middle Street, Beeston
  • /events/2250

The upstairs room will be  booked. Coffee, tea and soft drinks will be paid for.


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Our ambulance starts at Rother Valley

May 1st, 2015 by

After a few mechanical hitches our grand 38 Degrees ambulance tour started on Thursday at 10 am at North Anston  in the Rother Valley Constituency, which covers the south and east of Rotherham down to the southern tip of South Yorkshire. The area is semi-rural and consists largely of former pit villages which continue much of the mining tradition.

Here is the ambulance, with local supporters:

Kevin Barron, the Labour candidate and who is hoping to be re-elected as the MP, came down and welcomed us. He talked in detail about the corruption of the NHS due to it having to create internal ‘competitive’ markets and the need to be able to sell off chunks of the NHS to the private sector.


So far 1129 people with Rother Valley postcodes had signed the national petition, either on-line or face to face, so 38 Degrees member Patricia presented a certificate to Kevin.


And the number went up as we stood there!!

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Quizzing the candidates in Wirral West

April 30th, 2015 by

Hall 2

West Kirby United Reformed Church hall was filled to the brim with engaged citizens on Monday night, as the candidates for the seat of Wirral West were put to the test on the NHS. 150 people crowded into the hall to have their say in this crucial marginal seat.

Margaret Greenwood (Labour), Esther McVey (Conservative), Peter Reisdorf (Liberal Democrat), and David James (Independent) all came along. Hilary Jones (UKIP) was invited but refused to attend. Before the debate got underway, the candidates were presented with a petition from 2,850 members of the public in Wirral West calling on them to stop privatisation, exempt the NHS from TTIP, and ensure the National Health Service is properly funded.

Candidates group 3

Ably chaired by Tony Woof, the candidates were questioned on privatisation, TTIP, funding for local hospitals, and social care.

01 Audience Questioner

02 Audience

05 Margaret Greenwood

09 David James

14 Peter Reisdorf

13 Esther McVey

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Sowing seeds in Maltby

April 29th, 2015 by

Maltby_Rother Valley_250415_4

Maltby is a former mining town and civil parish of 16,856 inhabitants (2011) in the Rother Valley parliamentary constituency. It is located about 6 miles east of Rotherham town centre and 10 miles north-east of Sheffield city centre. For the record: Maltby is mentioned in the Domesday Book as “by-malt”, and was for centuries a very small village with the benefits of a fairly large stream nearby and very rich land for farming available.

Although It is the largest town in the Rother Valley constituency 38 Degrees has relatively presence there. So some members decided to sow some seeds, and to set up stall there for the NHS Day of action last Saturday.

Judith Reynolds, who organised the petition, says “The NHS has been there ever since I was born. All members of my family have used at one time or another. It worries me that it may be sold off to large private insurance companies. I want it to remain as the service that is there for everyone, irrespective of ability to pay. I do not want an American style system that does not cover the entire population. I think we are so used to the NHS being there that we take it for granted; to lose it would be disastrous.
Maltby_Rother Valley_250415_6

The above photo is  from last Saturday. Judith Reynolds is on the right and Patricia Williams is the lady in the wheelchair. The third campaigner is taking the photo. Together they  collected 132 signatures in two hours. “Quite a few cars peeped their support when they saw our large poster.”

Everyone who signed was very keen that the NHS is not privatised any further. Some people who signed work in the NHS, they said it is very stretched and something needs to be done to save it.

One lady who is on dialysis said that she would not be able to afford her treatment if the NHS went over to a private medical insurance system. Lots of useful connections were made.

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A heartfelt thank you to Ealing Hospital

April 29th, 2015 by

At lunchtime on Tuesday a group of 38 Degrees members and supporters of the local ‘Save our NHS Ealing’ campaign met with more than 20 doctors, nurses, midwives and other NHS staff outside the Ealing Hospital.

We were there to present the staff with a HUGE thank you card full of touching and heart-warming messages from local users of the hospital.

Thank you NHS - Ealing Hospital

Ealing resident Eve Turner gave a brief speech before inviting the hospital staff to read the messages of support written to them. “You all do a fantastic job caring for our community. Despite the on-going threats made to close the maternity unit and downgrade the A&E you have been there for me, my family and our community in times of need. On behalf of the local community I want to express our heartfelt thanks” said Eve.

hank you NHS - Ealing Hospital

Three of the Ealing hospital staff members responded, thanking the local community for their on-going support and stating loudly and proudly their track record in delivering high quality care.

The hospital will have the card on display and will invite people to add further messages of thanks and support over time.

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Finchley and Golders Green: NHS actions

April 29th, 2015 by

On Saturday 25 April 38 Degrees members in Finchley and Golders Green were out speaking to hundreds of people about why they should vote to save our NHS this election as part of the massive national day of action.

NHS campaigning - Finchley and Golders Green

Members met outside of the old East Finchley post office to collect signatures for our huge petition asking local MP candidates to save the NHS if they’re elected. The petition asks candidates standing in the 2015 general election to commit to provide enough funding, stop privatisation and keep the NHS out of the dodgy trade deal TTIP.

38 Degrees members did a brilliant job building a colourful and engaging presence on the high-street. They plastered the wall with NHS posters, local member Eric donned doctors’ scrubs and Amy’s dog proudly wore an “I heart NHS” t-shirt! Over the course of the day they added another 600 names to the ones we had already collected online and at stalls earlier in the year. An incredible result! Here’s Eric in scrubs…

NHS campaigning - Finchley and Golders Green

…and Amy with her dog

NHS campaigning - Finchley and Golders Green

It wasn’t only passers by who we spoke with. Local member Keren went around to all of the shops in the area getting staff to add their support to the petition. Keren said everyone was really happy to support the campaign and had their own personal story to tell about why the NHS was so precious to them and their family. Here’s the owner of East Finchley’s fish and chip shop proudly wearing his “I heart NHS” t-shirt while at work.

NHS campaigning - Finchley and Golders Green

We also invited locals to add their personal messages of thanks to a giant ‘Thank you NHS’ card. It was really inspiring to read people’s messages thanking NHS staff for their patience and kindness; for always being there in times of need; and for their tireless hard-work. Members are planning to deliver the card to a local hospital in the coming week.

NHS campaigning - Finchley and Golders Green

The message from Finchley and Golders Green was heard loud and proud on Saturday – use your vote to save our NHS this election!

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A big day of NHS campaigning in Ealing Central and Acton

April 29th, 2015 by

On Saturday 25 April, a group of 38 Degrees members in Ealing Central and Acton constituency got together to take part in a nationwide day of action on the NHS. They met outside Ealing Broadway shopping centre to collect signatures on the Save our NHS petition. The petition asks candidates – if they’re elected – to fund the NHS, protect it from privatisation and from the dodgy trade deal, TTIP.

As well as building support for the massive petition, members were also collecting messages in a giant ‘Thank you NHS’ card for one of the local hospitals – Ealing Hospital. Here is local member Arthur with the thank you card. Arthur is a tall man so you can see just how big the card is!

NHS campaigning - Ealing

It was really inspiring to hear people’s messages about what they were thankful for. For some it was about the kindness that they had experienced from staff while in hospital, others were thankful for the children, nieces and nephews who had been safely delivered. Some shared that the NHS had saved their life.

NHS campaigning - Ealing

In only a couple of hours members collected an extra 300 signatures to add to others we had already collected online and on the streets! We also had hundreds of conversations with Ealing locals about the importance of voting the protect the NHS this election.

After 3 hours of petition collection 38 Degrees members reconvened outside of Ealing Town Hall to hand the final petition figure of more than 1,500 to the MP candidates standing in Ealing Central and Acton.

NHS campaigning - Ealing

All candidates were invited to attend. Tom Sharman (Greens), Jon Ball (Liberal Democrats), Rupa Huq (Labour), Johnathan Notley (Independent), Tammy Rendle (Above and Beyond Party), and Scott Dore (Workers Revolutionary Party) all attended. Angie Bray (Conservatives) declined the invite to attend and Peter Florence (UKIP) didn’t respond to the invitation.

NHS petition hand-in to MP candidates Ealing Central and Acton

Above are pictures of local 38 Degrees member Raj handing over the petition to 4 of the candidates who attended. We were also supported by 3 members of a marching band – making our presence more engaging, noisy and fun! Message sent loud and clear in Ealing Central and Acton – Save our NHS!

All images in this blog post were taken by Ludo des Cognets.

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Hornsey and Wood Green 38 Degrees members deliver 5,301 strong petition to MP candidates

April 28th, 2015 by

Hornsey and Wood Green Save our NHS petition hand-in

Image credit: Frazer Wilson

For the past 6 weeks, Hornsey and Wood Green 38 Degrees members have been out on the streets most Saturday’s building support for their massive local ‘Save our NHS’ petition.

Together they have collected 1,000s of signatures and spoken to 1,000s of people about the importance of voting with the NHS in mind this election.

Collecting 'Save our NHS' petition support in Muswell Hill

On Saturday 25 April members  again hosted two colourful stalls, one in Crouch End and one in Muswell Hill. This was the last chance to grow the ‘Save our NHS’ petition before handing it in to all the candidates standing to be the next MP in Hornsey and Wood Green later that afternoon.

38 Degrees members campaign to Save our NHS - Muswell Hill

Local member Doug from Muswell Hill had his pitch down pat “Sign the petition to save our NHS! We’re not a political party. The petition will be handed in to all candidates this afternoon.”

Local shoppers, parents out with their kids and local school students all stopped to have a chat. Before agreeing to sign the petition, one young woman asked asked her dad to explain what privatisation meant, on hearing his answer she said – “I want to sign it. Everyone should access have health care in this country, not just those who can afford it.”

Collecting 'Save our NHS' petition support in Muswell Hill

In Crouch End Broadway, local 38 Degrees’ member Alex was collecting signatures alongside her 11 year old granddaughter. “Our NHS has always been there for me and my family when we’ve needed it” said Alex. “I’m hear today to spread the word that the way we vote on 7th May could determine whether our NHS is still there for my granddaughter as she grows up.”

After 3 hours of building the petition members broke for lunch, count up the final tally (a whopping 5,301!!) and to plan how to run the hand-over to the MP candidates. We set up outside of the Hornsey Town Hall, holding up our colourful banners and placards to ensure our message was loud and clear – that the best way to win votes from people in Hornsey and Wood Green is to pledge to save the NHS from privatisation and funding freezes.

Hornsey and Wood Green

Image credit: Frazer Wilson

All candidates standing in Hornsey and Wood Green were invited to attend the short event to meet with 38 Degrees members and receive a certificate stating how many local people had signed the petition. Those who attended were Lynne Featherstone (Liberal Democrats),Gordon Peters, Helen Spiby-Vann (Christian Peoples Alliance) and Catherine West (Labour). The local UKIP and Conservative candidates did not respond to the invitations. One by one the candidates present were asked to respond to the asks in the petition on funding, privatisation and TTIP. 38 Degrees members also asked tough questions on repealing the Health and Social Care Act, where funding for NHS commitments would come from and on TTIP. Read the article about the petition hand-in in the Haringey Independent here.

Where you at the petition hand-in? Please share your reflections on how it went in the comments.

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Hampstead and Kilburn locals challenge MP candidates on the NHS

April 28th, 2015 by

If you were out and about at Finchley Rd on Saturday 25 April it would have been impossible to miss the colourful group of 38 Degrees members campaigning to ‘Save our NHS.’ Throughout the day they talked (and sung!) to hundreds of voters about the importance of protecting the NHS at the general election.

Hampstead and Kilburn - Save our NHS day of action

1,929 local residents had already signed the ‘Save the NHS’ petition and on Saturday, 38 Degrees members inspired hundreds more people to add their support. The petition calls on MP candidates, if elected, to protect the NHS from privatisation and funding freezes and to ensure it’s kept out of the TTIP trade deal.

Hampstead and Kilburn - Save our NHS day of action

38 Degrees members said they found it really easy to talk to other locals about why the NHS is such an important election issue. They even inspired 3 local NHS workers to sign the petition and then stay on the stall encouraging other passers by to stop and add their support to the petition!

Members also arranged to have a GIANT ‘Thank you NHS’ card for people to write their personal messages of thanks and support. The stories collected over the day were really powerful reminders of the role the NHS plays in our lives. Messages ranged from people thanking the NHS for delivering their children, to saving their life.

Hampstead and Kilburn - Save our NHS day of action

In the afternoon we were joined by the brilliant ‘Raised Voices’ choir who attracted a crowd with their renditions of original songs about the NHS.

Hampstead and Kilburn NHS petition hand-in

All of the candidates standing to be the next MP in Hampstead and Kilburn were invited to come meet with local 38 Degrees members and receive a copy of the petition. Tulip Siddiq (Labour), Rebecca Johnson (Greens) and Magnus Nielsen (UKIP) all came to the brief event. Simon Marcus (Conservatives) and Maajid Nawaz (Liberal Democrats) didn’t attend.

Hampstead and Kilburn NHS petition hand-iny Rd NHS Small47

Tulip Siddiq (Labour candidate) and 38 Degrees member Gill

Hampstead and Kilburn NHS petition hand-in

Rebecca Johnson (Greens candidate) and 38 Degrees member Gill

Saturday’s ‘Save our NHS’ action day was a strong display of people power. MP candidates standing in Hampstead and Kilburn have been told loudly and clearly that cutting NHS funding, or handing it over to private companies, is a huge turn off for voters. Local member Gill who coordinated the petition hand-over said: “I loved being part of the 38 Degrees team today! It was brilliant to see so many people out in force supporting our NHS, and the choir was the cherry on the top.”

Hampstead and Kilburn NHS petition hand-in

All 3 candidates who attended with 38 Degrees members and Raised Voices choir

All photographs in this blog post were taken by Myles Fisher.

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A new member of the team

April 28th, 2015 by

Across the country, 38 Degrees members have been coming together to protect our NHS. Already, over 600,000 people have signed the petition calling on parliamentary candidates to:

  1. Stop privatisation

  2. Increase funding for the NHS

  3. Keep the NHS out of TTIP

On Saturday, hundreds of 38 Degrees members took to the streets to grow the petition even further, bringing people together in their communities for Britain’s most trusted institution. There was plenty of colour and noise, with bands, marches, stalls and orange up and down the country.

And as we head into the final week before election day, there’s a new ally joining the cause! Hundreds of 38 Degrees members have chipped-in and rolling out of the garage this morning comes the #OurNHSAmbulance, ready to lend a hand to the campaign wherever it’s needed. Everywhere it goes – from Solihull to Hove, Liverpool to London – the #OurNHSAmbulance will be making the sure our NHS is front and centre for voters and our politicians as we head to the polls.

Together, let’s sound the siren for our NHS! You can follow OurNHSAmbulance’s progress live on twitter @OurNHSAmbulance, or get involved with the campaign here.

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