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Gaza, Israel, over 800 deaths: what could we do?

July 25th, 2014 by

In the past 16 days of fighting in Israel and Gaza, 797 Palestinians and 33 Israelis have been killed and thousands more have been injured. The Israeli military is attacking a captive population in a strip of land a quarter of the size of London. Gaza’s rulers, Hamas, have fired over 2,100 rockets into Israel.

The war is over 2,300 miles away from the UK. The conflict is long, bloody and seemingly neverending. It’s easy to feel powerless.

But together, 38 Degrees members number 2.6 million now. As a movement, we stand for peace - and we’ve acted at moments of international crisis before.

Together, we could pressure the government to use their influence on the international stage to stop the fighting. Or we could add pressure to big multinationals to pull out of the area. Or we could raise money to help families and children on the ground. Or we could do nothing at all – or something else entirely.

Here’s some context:

- The new UK foreign secretary, Philip Hammond, has called for a swift ceasefire.
- Yesterday, the UN Human Rights Council voted to pass a resolution to investigate Israel for war crimes. The UK was one of 17 countries to abstain.
- International campaigning organisation Avaaz is pressuring big multinational companies to pull their investments out of Israel and Palestine.
- The British Red Cross has launched an appeal to fund emergency health care and repairs to water and sewage networks.
- The World Health Organisation has demanded a humanitarian corridor in Gaza.
- 38 Degrees members have started 7 campaigns and counting on Campaigns by You, including asking the government and UK companies to consider sanctions against Israel.:

“We demand the British government & opposition immediately discusses sanctions on Israel, including withholding the billions of pounds of aid our country sends to Israel each year..”

“To use their power internationally be it at the UN or within the EU to use its position to bring the Israeli government accountable for the massacre in Gaza, Palestine… ”

“Is there anything you can do to stop the Israeli army from bombing civilian families in Gaza? These are not military targets; children and innocent civilians should not be being targeted and killed in this war.”

Dear Sainsburys, Please consider your position on stocking oranges (and any other produce) from Israel. Israel’s invasion and blockade of Palestine is a contravention of human rights.

“Email Philip Hammond and ask him to urgently call the Israeli ambassador and demand that Israel halt attacks on civilians in Gaza…”

“Provide the direct political intervention with world leaders political pressure to stop israel killing the peoples of Gaza, Palastine and the terrorisation and illegal occupation of Palastine.”

“Currently Google only has Israel on the map which includes Palestine – Gaza and The West Bank…”

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Your Decision – 21st July

July 21st, 2014 by

Every week a group of 38 Degrees members vote on which issues our movement should prioritise and which campaigns to get behind. Here are the results for last week.

Protecting the NHS by stopping the government’s dangerous plans like privatisation and closing A&E departments has come top this week.

The next biggest issues were: cracking down on tax dodging by big companies, ban the routine use of antibiotics in factory farming, and campaign for education policies that enable every child to reach their full potential.

You can see how 38 Degrees members voted on other issues on the graph below. The blue on the graph shows how many people answered ‘a lot’ in support of the campaigns listed, the red represents people answering ‘a little’, and the green is ‘not at all’.

What do you think? Please comment below. For a full size chart please click here.

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Gaza flotilla – what next?

August 18th, 2010 by

Isreaeli boats before the flotilla attacks

Isreaeli boats before the flotilla attacks

When Israeli forces attacked the Gaza aid flotilla in May, tens of thousands of us came together to demand that the British Government took urgent action. Together we piled on the pressure to try secure an international investigation into the flotilla assault, ensure full accountability for those responsible, and lift the Gaza blockade.

Thousands of us e-mailed David Cameron and Nick Clegg and, to up the pressure even more, we teamed up with Oxfam, CAFOD and lots of other groups to take out full page newspaper adverts (see here).

Together we contributed to a global outcry which put the Israeli government under unprecedented international pressure. In response they made some small changes to the Gaza blockade, allowing more goods to enter. These small steps in the right direction were welcomed but aid agencies like Oxfam warned these were “not enough” and that a full lifting of the blockade is still urgently needed.

In the UK we saw our pressure working too. The Prime Minister, David Cameron, described Gaza as a “prison camp” and appealed to the Israeli Government to allow a free flow of people and humanitarian goods into and out of Gaza.

Initially it looked like the only inquiry into the attacks would be carried our by Israel but with international observers. That too has changed, as Israel will now cooperate with a UN inquiry.

38 Degrees members showed that we can have an impact on international issues, joining people around the world in speaking out against the Gaza flotilla attacks and making sure our own government played a positive role in responding to the crisis. We made a real difference and helped secure changes which will be of some benefit to the people of Gaza.

However, the situation in Gaza is still extremely serious. We’ll need to continue to monitor the situation and be ready to respond again if there’s another opportunity to influence events.

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Lift The Gaza Blockade – our ad in The Times

June 3rd, 2010 by

38 Degrees members decided that Israel’s attack on activists aboard ships taking aid to Gaza needed a response. Over 90% of us said we should come together to demand David Cameron and Nick Clegg act to ensure a proper international response. In the last few hours thousands of us have taken action by signing the petition.

Today we teamed up with Oxfam, CAFOD, MADE, MAP and Mercy Corps to take our message to the Government by taking out a full page ad in The Times urging call for an emergency international conference to life the blockade of Gaza. The ad’s below.

Today four out of five men, women and children in Gaza rely on humanitarian aid, yet the aid allowed into Gaza is only a fraction of what is needed. Urge our government to take action by texting “LIFT” to 70066 (charged at your standard network rate) or signing the “lift the gaza blockade” petition here.

The Lift The Gaza Blockade which appeared in the Times today

The "Lift The Gaza Blockade" which appeared in the Times today

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