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Let’s fight fracking and win: local grant and training application

August 23rd, 2013 by

Over the last few weeks 38 Degrees members have swung into action to help stop fracking being rolled out across the British countryside. Together we’ve raised over £50,000 to help unlock local fights and victories. This will be put towards grants for grassroots campaigns,  important training and towards other tools local campaigners need to fight a coordinated campaign.  Thanks to everyone who has donated.

Do you want to apply for a local grant or training? 

Thanks so much for applying for a local grant, or for some training support, to help with your local campaign to stop fracking. Thousands of 38 Degrees members have chipped in to help local campaigners secure victories in the fight against fracking  - it’s crucial that their money can go as far as possible.

To download the application form click here.

To download the terms and conditions click here.

Frequently asked questions

What can a local grant pay for?

Anything that could help you fight fracking and win, but you’ll have to make the case for how the grant is going to help your campaign.

The 38 Degrees office team envisage that local grants could help pay for practical things, like room hire, printing costs, money to help you build infrastructure like solar panels or travel costs. But if you can make a case for how something completely different is going to help you win your local campaign, then the 38 Degrees office team are pretty open minded.

What kind of training support can I apply for?

The training support could be on how to organise yourself effectively, how to work together as a team, how to plan a strategic campaign, or how to speak to the media with confidence … but this isn’t an exhaustive list. If there’s any other training that you think might be helpful, please give details and apply for it.

How much can we apply for?

£2000 is the maximum local grant. But there’s no limit to how many times you can apply.

Can we apply for a local grant and some training support?

Absolutely, yes.

How will this all work?

The 38 Degrees office team will let you know if your application process has been successful. You’ll have to sign the terms and conditions and a formal grant agreement which confirms what both parties have agreed .

Then we’ll arrange for a direct payment into your bank account. You’ll need to send back a receipt to confirm that you’ve received the money.  The team will also need proof that the money was spent appropriately, such as receipts, dispatch notices, statements, invoices and, for example, photos of leaflets being handed out!

Why do you need two referees?

As part of the application form you need to provide information about two referees. If you’re applying on behalf of a group, one of the referees needs to be independent from the group.  The 38 Degrees staff team have introduced this step to try and make sure 38 Degrees members money is spent appropriately as an important check and balance.

How quickly will you get back to us?

We’re a nimble, fast paced organisation, so we’ll aim to get back to you as soon as possible, for example within five working days. Greenpeace is also helping 38 Degrees with the selection process.

I’ve never filled out an application form before, what are you expecting?

Don’t worry. We want to help you, you’ve got enough on your plate fighting fracking! Please just try and make the case for how the grant will help you win. Please do drop the team an email or call with any questions.

How quickly do we need to spend the money?

Within three months. But you can apply for an extension.

What happens if I don’t spend all of the money?

Then please send it back , either as a cheque  or via a direct bank transfer. Please make it clear that this money is returned grant money.

What happens If I need more money?

There’s no limit to the number of times you can apply for a grant, but we want the money to spread as far as possible, across the country.

How will the training be arranged?

38 Degrees has a list of training providers that we can use. If you have a recommendation for a training supplier, then please email frackfree@38Degrees.org.uk.

Please email your application to: frackfree@38Degrees.org.uk.

This application process is designed to be as straightforward as possible. If you have thoughts about how it could be improved please email: frackfree@38Degrees.org.uk


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Chip in to help the Badgers!

August 20th, 2013 by

Two bits of good news about our campaign to stop the badger cull: it’s been postponed until 2013. And after a motion in parliament, MPs voted 147 to 24 to abandon the cull altogether. Our campaign is working – but badgers aren’t safe just yet.

The government haven’t cancelled their plan to kill tens of thousands of badgers, they’ve just postponed the decision. Legally, they’re not bound by the vote and could still press on regardless.

There are powerful forces pushing for the cull to happen. The National Farming Union has said: “we must emphasise that the cull has been postponed and not cancelled. The culling licences are in place and the plan is to start next June.”

Luckily, badgers have people power in their corner, including more than 60,000 38 Degrees members who’ve made a stand against the cull. And we’ve got scientists and MPs backing us up – shooting badgers just doesn’t stack up as a real solution to tackling TB in cattle.

Even when the government seems hell-bent on a bad policy, people power can change their minds. And 38 Degrees members don’t only put a stop to bad ideas – we also keep up the pressure so they don’t sneak back once the fuss has died down. That’s what we did when the government was making plans for England’s forests again this year. We can do the same for the badger cull, too.

Clearly, we’ve still got work to do if we’re going to protect badgers for future generations. Can you chip in £2 or £3 a week? If enough of us chip in, we will raise the vital resources needed to stop the cull once and for all.

Click here to give a small amount to 38 Degrees each week:

I know I’m asking you to invest not only your money, but also your faith and trust in the 38 Degrees community and staff. I can promise you that the entire team is deeply committed to taking your donations as far as possible in the months to come.

38 Degrees doesn’t cost the earth to run, but it isn’t free. Funding can be a problem for organisations like us, and it’s sometimes difficult to plan ahead. We want to be independent, and we want to stand up to the rich and powerful – so we’ll never take money from big business or government. Expensive marketing campaigns and big fund-raising bureaucracies are an alternative, but we’d end up spending almost as much as we’d raise.

We’re doing our best to avoid all these pitfalls, and to stay lean, independent and focused on campaigning. We do this by asking you to chip in. A small weekly donation of £2 or £3 means we can plan ahead confidently. Although we’ve done enough together so far to make sure that no badgers have been shot in 2012, there’s been times when 38 Degrees members and staff wish that we could have done more.

Protecting our beautiful wild spaces – and the wildlife that thrives there – has been a priority for 38 Degrees members ever since we started campaigning together back in 2009. If enough people chip in a weekly contribution, we can plan confidently to make sure we’re still campaigning together in the future.

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Stop Fracking in Your Area

August 7th, 2013 by

You’ve probably heard of fracking. It’s a method of extracting underground oil and gas that’s been shown to contaminate water supplies and cause seismic tremors. And it might be coming to your area, unless we act fast.

Lots of 38 Degrees members want to fight fracking in your area. But first we need someone to take the lead and adopt a petition we’ve set up.

Can you take this first step? Local opposition has helped obstruct fracking around the world, from Brisbane to Balcombe. An online petition in your area will help bring people together, and mobilise. Together, we can persuade your local council to refuse permission for all fracking applications.

Can you adopt a petition to stop fracking near you? Click here to adopt a petition now.

Adopting a petition is simple. And the office team will be there to support you every step of the way. By campaigning together, 38 Degrees members have helped keep libraries open and school transport free. This approach works. And it can work in your area to stop fracking.

Earlier this week, we saw members of the government come under fire because fracking is happening in their constituencies. But it’s the council that makes local decisions, by refusing or granting planning permission. So let’s turn this heat onto the real decision makers. Lets make sure that all future planning permissions are refused in your area.

Click here to adopt a petition now.

This government promised to be the greenest ever. But they’ve been offering huge tax breaks for fracking – that will contribute to climate change. But if we come together, we can stop fracking near you. And if enough people around the country join us, we could stop fracking for good.

Please adopt a petition today and help fight fracking in your area.


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HSBC: Stop destroying Rainforests

May 22nd, 2013 by

Revealed: HSBC are cashing in on the destruction of lush rainforests in Borneo. The UK’s biggest bank has made £100 million of dirty money – bankrolling logging companies clearing rainforests and abusing local communities.

But we have a crucial chance to stop this. HSBC hold their AGM this Thursday, and they’ll want their precious UK shareholders to think business is going great. It’s our time to create a massive public backlash.

If we build a huge petition, the destruction of rainforests will be forced onto the agenda at their AGM – and we’ll have every chance of making HSBC drop their nasty clients in Borneo.

You can sign the petition to save the rainforest here.

HSBC’s clients are bleeding Borneo dry – a mere 5% of Sarawak’s forests are left untouched. But the area exports more tropical logs than Africa and Latin America combined! The rainforest is also home to endangered species like Orangutans – unique to Borneo and it’s neighboring island Sumatra.

But HSBC don’t seem to care about the damage they’re bankrolling. Global Witness found out none of their clients in Borneo holds a single Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certificate – a 100% compliance failure of their own responsible lending rules.

By making a killing supporting clients accused of bribery, HSBC are also at serious risk of violating international money laundering laws. So this isn’t just terrible for the rainforests – it’s risky business too.

HSBC don’t want their UK customers to know about this, and noone will say a word at the bank’s AGM if we don’t make it impossible for them to ignore the issue.

When 38 Degrees members stand up together against devious companies we can win. Just this week, thousands of us have switched away from tax dodgers Npower to more ethical energy suppliers – causing Npower and other big UK companies to explain in public how they do business.

HSBC’s bosses will do anything to protect their reputation. But we don’t have long – together let’s make the petition huge and demand HSBC stop destroying the rainforest. We can send HSBC a clear message that it’s time for our banks to start keeping their promises and investing ethically.


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24 hours to save the bees?

March 14th, 2013 by

Our bees are dying, but the environment minister is turning his back on them.  Tomorrow, there’s an important vote in Europe, which could stop the use of the pesticides that scientists think are responsible for killing our bees. But Owen Paterson, the environment minister, is planning on scuppering the plans.

If Owen gets bombarded by calls from his fellow MPs today and tomorrow morning, we can persuade him to change his mind and back the vote to protect our bees.

Click here to write to your MP and ask them to contact Owen Paterson as soon as possible and ask him to vote to suspend the use of the pesticides.

Throwing caution to the wind, Owen Paterson is ignoring the steps that France, Italy and other European countries are taking to ban these harmful pesticides. The UK government are siding with the powerful pesticide companies, and waiting for more and more tests before making a decision. But by then it it could be too late for our bees.

38 Degrees members have been fighting hard to protect our bees.  We’ve already handed in a big petition to Owen Paterson and written to our MPs about new research. Let’s kick up a storm, and make sure that Owen Paterson’s phone is ringing off the hook, so that he realises thousands of us want him to vote the right way and protect our bees.

Please write to your MP and ask them to phone Owen Paterson straight away.

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Save the Bees!

October 17th, 2012 by

British bees are in danger. Three species of bees are already extinct and others are in rapid decline. Strong evidence points to particular pesticides being to blame for killing them. This week we have a chance to persuade the government to protect our bees and ban these harmful pesticides.

A government consultation on pesticide use ends next Monday. Normally the only people they would hear from would be the strong pesticide industry. But by handing in a large petition, we can make sure that the bees have someone to stand up for them.

Can you sign a petition now to demand the government phase out the pesticides that are killing our bees?

France and several other European countries have already started banning these pesticides, but the UK government is yet to be convinced. Together, by responding in our thousands, we can send a strong message to the government and counter the lobbying from the pesticide industry.

Last week thousands of 38 Degrees members responded to a poll on what we should be concentrating on together. Over 70% of responses highlighted that protecting bees was an important issue. This week is our chance to do something about it.

Could you take a minute to sign the petition now and help save our bees?

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Lib Dems vote for tougher climate action!

September 25th, 2012 by

Great news! After hand delivering hundreds of copies of our climate change petition on Monday morning, the Lib Dems voted strongly in favour of tougher climate action, including backing a 2030 target for carbon-free electricity. It’s a great start, but together we need to keep up the pressure to make sure that George Osborne doesn’t block these new targets.

See below to read more about our petition hand-in at the Lib Dem conference!

On Sunday evening the 38 Degrees team boxed up the 32,000-strong climate change petition and travelled down to ‘sunny’ Brighton to hand in our people powered message to the Lib Dem party.

We hand delivered our huge petition straight to the Climate Secretary Ed Davey, calling on the Lib Dems to take a stand on a climate change and back the motion to get carbon emissions under control by 2030.

David delivering over 32,000 signatures to Climate Secretary Ed Davey

He responded positively to the vast number of signatures supporting tougher climate action. The same day he called on the members of his party to back the vote the next morning and support the 2030 target!

On the day of the climate vote we teamed up with local 38 Degrees members to deliver our people powered  message to the rest of the Lib Dem party.

We were up bright and early in the pouring rain to try and catch voting Lib Dems before they went in to the conference. Due to tough security there was only one main entrance to the conference centre – so we made sure that the 38 Degrees message was the last thing Lib Dems heard before they went in to make their decision.

Armed with our ‘Vote Yes’ flyers we delivered the 38 Degrees message to hundreds of Lib Dem members who passed through our climate change gateway to get inside the conference.

Many Lib Dems responded encouragingly to the thousands who signed the petition urging them to get serious on tackling climate change.

Despite the soggy leaflets and broken umbrellas the team felt confident that our huge climate petition could spur the Lib Dems to vote the right way!

Local 38 Degrees members brave the weather to deliver our climate message to Lib Dems in Brighton

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Will the Lib Dems stop George Osborne?

September 19th, 2012 by

There’s a tug of war going on in government over our climate targets. George Osborne is trying to wreck plans for getting carbon emissions under control. But this week, there’s a real chance we could stop him getting his way.

At the weekend, Lib Dems will travelling to Brighton to meet for their conference. They’ll be voting on plans for the next year – and that includes deciding whether to back tougher climate rules that could stop Osborne’s plans in their tracks.

Lib Dems will be under pressure not to back the tougher rules. Many party leaders won’t want another row with Conservatives in the government. But if they know there are thousands of us backing them to stay strong on climate, they’re much more likely to make a stand.

Can you add your name to the petition now?

To make sure every Lib Dem at the conference knows we want them to stop Osborne’s dangerous climate plans, 38 Degrees members will take our petition right to their door. They’ll be handing a copy to everyone who goes into the conference before the vote, and delivering one to Ed Davey, the climate minister, too.

There’s only one entrance – so our people-powered petition will be hard to ignore. That means most people in conference will have seen our message: Lib Dems – take a stand on climate change.

The vote is a few day away and people will making up their minds now, so we need to move fast. Let’s make this petition as big as possible before it’s delivered to the Lib Dems.

We know that when it comes to convincing politicians to do the right thing, people power works. From stopping the forest sell-off to convincing David Cameron to accept climate targets, 38 Degrees members have played a big role in protecting our planet.

So let’s get together in our thousands and let Lib Dems know we won’t stand for Osborne tearing up climate targets. With a flood of signatures telling them to take a stand, we can make sure the vote swings the right way.

Do you live near Brighton? Would you like to come along with other 38 Degrees members to deliver our climate message? If you are interested in getting involved please get in touch at emailtheteam@38degrees.org.uk and the team can get back to you with some details!

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Climate bust-up: What’s it all about?

August 3rd, 2012 by

Richard George, Greenpeace UK

Over the past two weeks, a row has been raging about the government’s efforts to tackle climate change. Richard George, Climate Campaigner with Greenpeace UK, has written a guest blog for 38 Degrees members as an update on what this row is all about. Please share your thoughts in the comments below.

Right now, the government is drafting a new law – the Energy Bill – that will decide what the future of our energy supply looks like. This could be a big chance to invest in clean, renewable energy. But Chancellor George Osborne and the Treasury have been interfering.

As it stands, the Energy Bill would encourage a disastrous ‘dash for gas’ that would push up energy bills and threaten our climate. Nick Clegg and the Secretary of State for Energy, Ed Davey, need to stand up to George Osborne and clean up the Energy Bill.

Osborne’s dangerous demands include building more gas-fired power stations. Gas is expensive and is the main reason why energy bills are rising. Meanwhile, the cost of renewable electricity is falling fast as companies develop more innovative ways to harness the energy of wind, waves and the sun. If you wanted to protect households and businesses from rising fuel bills, you’d prioritise energy saving and renewable electricity.

Gas isn’t just costly – it would make it nearly impossible to get the UK’s emissions under control. Although gas is less polluting than coal, it is a lot more polluting than wind, wave and solar electricity. David Kennedy, the head of the Committee on Climate Change (the independent organisation set up by the government to advise them on how best to tackle climate change) says that building loads more gas plants “would be incompatible with the government’s climate change goals.

George Osborne’s obsession with gas would be a disaster for our economy and our climate. Instead of listening to Osborne, the government must commit to cleaning up our electricity supply by 2030.

The Committee on Climate Change says that’s exactly what needs to happen if we’re to reduce the UK’s greenhouse gas emissions and help stop climate change. Last week, a key group of MPs recommended that a legally-binding target to ‘decarbonise’ electricity should be included in the Energy Bill. The Confederation of British Industry has also called for a target so that businesses have the confidence to invest and grow the green economy.

We can’t stand by whilst George Osborne wrecks our energy supply and our climate – someone needs to step in.

38 Degrees members can help play a big role making sure that the government chooses the right path and commits to emission-free electricity by 2030. If enough of us email Nick Clegg we can make sure he steps in and stands up to George Osborne.

Richard George is a climate campaigner with Greenpeace UK

Thanks Richard! What do you think? What else could we be doing together on energy and climate change? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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Climate bust-up

August 1st, 2012 by

Right now, there’s a big political fight raging about the government’s plans on climate change. George Osborne is trying to tear up vital climate targets. Unless someone stops him, he could make it almost impossible for the UK to play our part in tackling climate change.

Nick Clegg could speak up and stop this happening. He’s made countless public commitments on climate. And he’s the only Lib Dem who might have enough power to block George Osborne. Together, we need to convince him to act.

So let’s move fast, and flood Nick Clegg’s office with messages telling him to do the right thing. We can prove that thousands of us want him to stand up to George Osborne and hold firm on tackling climate change.

New businesses have been waiting years for the government’s green light to fund more jobs and cleaner, safer energy. Now, they could be sidelined by George Osborne’s demand to fund more polluting gas plants. The decision could go either way – but if enough of us back Nick Clegg, we can make sure the government makes the right choice for future generations.

Since 38 Degrees started, we’ve been telling politicians to protect our climate. Back in 2009, 1000 38 Degrees members had a conference call with Ed Miliband to tell him we wanted real progress at the Copenhagen climate summit. And just last week, we emailed MPs on the climate change committee and persuaded them to speak out about the latest government plans.

So far, our pressure has paid off. So now let’s do the same again to stop George Osborne tearing up our climate targets.

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