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Lancaster & Fleetwood members fight for our NHS

March 5th, 2015 by

38 Degrees members from the Lancaster and Fleetwood constituency held a powerful ‘Save our NHS’ day of action on Saturday 28 February. Members gathered at different points all around Lancaster, carrying placards and holding heart-shaped balloons. Their message was clear: our NHS is precious.

Members had conversations about the crisis our NHS is facing with thousands of their fellow local residents and inspired over 2,000 people to sign the petition.

How you can support:
Sign the ‘save our NHS’ petition and encourage your friends and family to do the same.
Sign up to the election hub to connect with other 38 Degrees members and to plan or attend events in your local area.

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Chester loves the NHS

March 5th, 2015 by

Members in the City of Chester took to the streets on Sunday as part of 38 Degrees’ National Day of Action to save the NHS. Dozens of people held petition signings all over Chester to demand our health service be properly funded, saved from privatisation, and excluded from TTIP. Thousands of signatures were collected and hundreds of stories were shared on the difference the NHS has made to peoples’ lives. People are standing up for the principle of universal healthcare, and that’s brilliant.


Members are meeting next week to decide what further action they will take to save the NHS. Sign up to our election hub to find meetings and events in your area.

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Wirral West Members step up for the NHS

March 5th, 2015 by

Members in Wirral West took to the streets on Sunday as part of 38 Degrees’ National Day of Action to save the NHS. Several dozen people held events in Hoylake, Heswall and West Kirby to demand our health service be properly funded, saved from privatisation, and excluded from TTIP. Thousands of signatures were collected and hundreds of stories were shared on the difference the NHS has made to peoples’ lives. People are standing up for the principle of universal healthcare, and that’s brilliant.


Members are meeting this Sunday to decide what further action they will take to save the NHS. Sign up to our election hub to find meetings and events in your area.

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Solihull gets off the election mark

February 21st, 2015 by


Solihull is a marginal constituency. The sitting MP is Lorely Burt, a Liberal Democrat. She only has a majority of 175 votes and in the last elections the Conservatives  were the runners up with 42.4% of the vote and Labour  obtained 8.86% and UKIP: 2.18% Recent polls show that Liberal Democrat support has dropped significantly, and support for UKIP has  risen.

A couple of people recommended the United Reformed Church and I booked the room for our first meeting, for February 20.  Although there was only a week’s notice, 9 of us turned up.  Several 38 Degrees members had very strong links with the NHS campaigning, and had become involved, through earlier 38 Degrees campaigns, and went on to set up a very active KNOP (Keep Our NHS Public) group. The convenor of KNOP  brought along a large 38 Degrees /NHS banner from earlier days (see the photo).

It was emphasised that in effect Solihull comprised two constituencies, the other being Meriden.

The overwhelming drive was to campaign around the NHS, working around the NHS day – the 28th of February.  An NHS hustings for both the constituencies had been set up bu KONP to meet in April.

We agreed that our next meeting would discuss other issues and the date for the next meeting has been set for Thursday the fifth of March.

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Labour promise more NHS funding, now what about the others?

September 23rd, 2014 by

Good news for the NHS – Labour has just promised to increase NHS funding if they win next year’s general election.

NHS finances are in dire straights. Services are being cut back across England, and the NHS will soon be £1bn in debt. The NHS needs more funding to survive.

There has been heated debate in the Labour Party about whether to commit to properly fund our NHS. Over 90,000 of us signed the petition calling on Ed Miliband to commit to more NHS funding. And yesterday, 38 Degrees members gathered outside the Labour Party conference to make sure the NHS was at the forefront of everyone’s mind.

Our pressure is working. The NHS is fast becoming the election issue. Labour have promised more funding.

Now let’s turn our sights to Cameron and Clegg and make sure they also commit to increase NHS funding. They’ll make their election promises in the next few days.

Can you sign the petition now?

It’s been an amazing few weeks for 38 Degrees members fighting for our NHS. Hundreds of us joined the People’s March for the NHS between Jarrow and London to protest at the way our NHS is being torn apart. Hundreds more were inside the NHS England AGM holding bosses to account.

Ed Miliband also today promised Labour would repeal the Health & Social Care Act – the law which makes NHS privatisation much easier and pledged to stop wasteful spending. Hundreds of thousands of 38 Degrees members campaigned against this law and if Labour win the election, we won’t let them forget this promise that could help save our NHS.

So let’s carry on the fight for our NHS. The Conservative Party conference is next week and the Lib Dems not long after – this is where party leaders make speeches that set out their plans for the General Election.

Together, we’re making sure politicians are in no doubt just how much we love our NHS – and what they need to do to protect it. Please sign the petition:

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Save our NHS – hundreds descend on meeting with NHS bosses

September 23rd, 2014 by

Last Thursday, NHS bosses met to discuss the future of our NHS and I’m sure they’re in no doubt about what 38 Degrees members want.

The room was buzzing with energy as 38 Degrees members asked questions on privatisation, TTIP, whistle-blowing and funding cuts. And as well as the hundreds of members in the room, many more joined in by watching the meeting online, suggesting questions and sending messages of support. It was NHS England’s Annual General Meeting (AGM) and we wanted to show how much we care about the NHS.

Pictures of 38 Degrees members at the NHS England AGM

With a sea of ‘I love the NHS’ t-shirts, we sent out a strong message that we love our health service too much to let it be sold off to the highest bidder. Last night, NHS bosses could clearly see which issues hit home, and more importantly which didn’t. When 38 Degrees members come together, we’re too powerful to be ignored.

We definitely rattled their cages. Here are some pictures from the day on Facebook – share them with your friends to show you were there: https://secure.38degrees.org.uk/nhs-agm-pics

Missed it? You can watch the whole meeting again online. My favourite bit was when one of the participants put on one of our ‘I love the NHS’ t-shirts on-stage:

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Save our NHS – NHS England meeting

September 12th, 2014 by

This Thursday, NHS bosses are meeting to decide the future of the NHS and they want us – the public – to be there. So let’s fill the room with 38 Degrees members and tell them why we love the NHS.

This is only the second ever Annual General Meeting of NHS England, the body in charge of our health services, and they’ll be making big decisions about its future.

We need to show NHS board members that there’s lots of ordinary people who care about its future. Together we can outnumber the corporate lobbyists in the room and make it clear to NHS bosses that we’re watching what they’re doing.

If you’ve booked your place:
38 Degrees members will be meeting across the road from the AGM from 3.45pm on Thursday 18th inside Methodist Central Hall:

Together we’ll get ready, work out how we’re going to ask the questions and head in to the AGM. If you can’t make it at 3.45pm, we’ll all be heading over to the AGM at 5.15pm. Other 38 Degrees members should be easy to spot in ‘I love the NHS’ t-shirts. You can get your t-shirt by coming to the briefing meeting in Methodist Central Hall from 4pm.

Both venues (Methodist Central Hall and the QE2 conference centre) are fully accessible and the nearest step-free access tube station is Westminster. If you have any additional accessibility requirements email the office team on emailtheteam@38degrees.org.uk

If you haven’t booked a place:
NHS England has now closed bookings for the AGM. Places should still be available on the day on a first-come-first-served basis. Even if you haven’t booked an AGM place, do join us at the pre-meeting at Methodist Central Hall. We’ll head over together and wait to see if we can all get in. There’s more information on the AGM here: http://www.events.england.nhs.uk/nhs-england/163

If you’d like to take part online:
If you can’t make it in person, the AGM will be broadcast live online. From 5.30pm join the discussion, add your views or take part in polls about what’s happening inside the AGM by heading to: http://www.38degrees.org.uk/page/content/nhs-agm-live/

There will also be a twitter chat using the hashtag #NHSAGM.

38 Degrees staff will be tweeting out some of the members’ comments and thoughts, as well as letting the NHS bosses at the AGM know how many people are watching and holding them to account.

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Jeremy Hunt: Don’t close our GP surgeries

August 15th, 2014 by

Jeremy Hunt has changed the rules again. He’s bringing in cuts that could see some local GP surgeries closing their doors for good. 700,000 of us could lose our local GP.

The top-up funds that many surgeries rely on are being slashed and the money channelled away from those who need them most. Even NHS England admitted that Hunt’s reforms strike the poorest hardest.

The clock is ticking: some surgeries say they could close within a year. The government won’t want bad news stories sticking around in the run up to the election. If Jeremy Hunt feels another big battle brewing over the NHS, it might be enough to persuade him to stop the cuts.

As Hunt tries to relax this weekend, let’s make sure he feels the heat. We can build a huge petition to leave him in no doubt that these cuts are not ok and we’ll always be here to protect our NHS:

38 Degrees members have already taken on Jeremy Hunt and won before. We stopped his Hospital Closure Clause and people power beat him in court twice when 38 Degrees members helped fund the legal case to save Lewisham hospital.

Protesters with Save our NHS banner in Westminster

As more surgeries are forced to shut, this could open the door for more GP surgeries to be run by large private firms on the cheap.

Hundreds of our GPs have already been campaigning against these cuts – let’s stand with them.

Please sign the petition to stop Jeremy Hunt’s dangerous plans in their tracks:

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NHS: Victory!

May 30th, 2013 by

Good news. It looks like we may have nipped it in the bud. Jeremy Hunt has been forced to respond to our 180,000-strong petition. And he’s made a public pledge to “never” introduce a limit on the number of times we’re allowed to visit our GP.

Here’s what he said on twitter in full. He couldn’t resist being rude about us, but it’s still positive news:

On Tuesday, this was a serious Conservative Party policy proposal, being reported in national newspapers.  Now, it’s “never” going to happen.

That’s pretty extraordinary. By working together in big enough numbers, we’ve forced a leading politician to change his tune in just 48 hours. No wonder he doesn’t like us – ordinary people, working together, are limiting his ability to damage our NHS.

This is what 38 Degrees is all about. Jeremy Hunt may grumble. But he knows he can’t afford to ignore us. We’re independent. We move fast. We stick to our principles. And most importantly of all, there are thousands and thousands of us, all over the country.

38 Degrees works because it belongs to all of us. An important part of that is how we’re funded. To stay independent, we will never take cash from government, political parties, or big business. Instead 38 Degrees relies on people-powered donations from thousands of us, contributing whatever we can afford. Our donations policy is available on our website.

Would you consider making a regular donation, to make sure we can keep running campaigns like this one? It’s probably the last thing Jeremy Hunt would like you to do today. But it could be one of the most effective ways of keeping him in check.

Just 2 or 3 pounds a week makes a massive difference. And it only takes a few minutes to set up a direct debit.

The 38 Degrees way of campaigning is extremely good value. We don’t have fancy offices, big bureaucracy, layers of management or marketing departments – just a small committed staff team, lots of volunteers, and an amazing network of over a million 38 Degrees members like you.

It’s good value, but it can’t be done for nothing. More donations would mean we could do even more together – including more work to investigate and tackle threats to our NHS. Whether it’s access to GPs, A&E closures, or privatisation, we need to stay on Jeremy Hunt’s case. So please consider celebrating today’s success by chipping in to fund more work in the future.

Your voices

By the way, here’s how some 38 Degrees members are responding to Jeremy Hunt on Facebook:

Christian Cook: They caused a leak to test the water and were overcome by a tidal wave.

Kit Whitfield Thomas: We believe you, boys. As long as you don’t actually do it, we’re happy to pretend it was all our fault for getting our silly little minds confused. I’ll take insults over expecting poor people to die any day.

Talis Kimberley: Shame he couldn’t set the record straight without a bit of graceless snarking. ‘Neutral’…

Pamela Brooke: “nipped in the bud” then … for me, this was always “just in case they’re serious”

You can also join in the conversation on Facebook.


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NHS: What next?

April 29th, 2013 by

Just recently, together we’ve been campaigning against the Section 75 regulations, otherwise known as ‘backdoor privatisation’ of the NHS. Here’s what we did:

  • Over 360, 000 people signed the petition – a huge public showing of opposition to the privatisation of the NHS
  • 38 Degrees members gathered in Norfolk outside the Health Minister Norman Lamb’s constituency office to present him with the petition and voice their concerns about how the regulations might force Clinical Commissioning Groups (CCGs) to privatise the NHS
  • 38 Degrees members funded expert legal advice to scrutinise the regulations. The Department of Health responded to this legal advice. David Lock QC then gave his opinion of this response
  • 38 Degrees members and staff met with Norman Lamb at the Department of Health’s office to discuss the regulations and again show him the public opposition to the regulations. Following the meeting Norman Lamb sent a note to 38 Degrees members.

As a result of all this pressure, we convinced Norman Lamb to withdraw the regulations and re-draft them. A huge victory for people power! While the new regulations aren’t perfect, they are better than the original version.

For the final vote in the House of Lords, the office team sent briefing packs to Lords including details of the petition and the legal advice.

Unfortunately the new regulations were not defeated and are now law. Norman Lamb has promised that the guidance that will accompany the regulations will ensure CCGs that they will be able to keep services in-house if they so wish. Over the next few months, we need to watch carefully to see whether he keeps his word.

So the NHS changes are now in force. But that isn’t the end of the NHS campaign. Over 50,000 38 Degrees members participated in a poll and had their say on the direction of the NHS campaign. The office team are working up plans for how to progress the NHS campaign based on the poll results. We are keeping a close eye on the NHS and will be there to campaign on important NHS issues as they come up.

As 38 Degrees members consistently vote, the NHS is a big priority!

Alongside the national campaigns that the office team sends out, there’s a new campaigning tool that local members have the opportunity to use. There’s a new part of the 38 Degrees site where members can set up and run their own campaigns – it’s called Campaigns by You. It’s there to give members the opportunity to campaign on the many important issues, both local and national, that are too numerous for the the small office team to ever manage alone.

The new site has already produced some amazing wins! Such as stopping a nuclear dump in the Lake District, saving a local community library and protecting local heritage sites. All of these wins have come from 38 Degrees members like yourself setting up their own petitions on the new site!

Now that CCGs have taken over commissioning health care, this new site gives you the opportunity to campaign on local health issues. For example, if there’s unnecessary privatisation of services in your local area, or ambulances overstretched, or hospitals desperately understaffed, or a local A&Es closed, you can now start a petition on it and fight to protect local health services.

The office team have just made a video about the new site, which will give you some more information about what Campaigns By You is all about.

If there’s any issue, NHS-related or not, you’d like to start a campaign on, you now can easily get one up and running. Hopefully this new site gives your local campaign the opportunity to grow and create positive change for your community!


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