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Member poll: 31st May

June 3rd, 2014 by

Every week a group of 38 Degrees members vote on which issues and campaigns our movement should prioritise. Here are the results for last week.

Protecting the NHS by stopping the government’s dangerous plans like privatisation and closing A&E departments has come top this week.

The next biggest issues which members prioritised were: cracking down on tax dodging by big companies, campaigning for better protection of whistleblowers who report failings in the NHS, and campaigning for education policies that enable every child to reach their full potential.

You can see how 38 Degrees members voted on other issues on the graph below. The blue on the graph shows how many people answered ‘a lot’ in support of the campaigns listed, the red represents people answering ‘a little’, and the green is ‘not at all’.

What do you think? Please comment below. For a full size chart click here.

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  • Keyna

    It’s massively important for all of us that NHS whistleblowers are given proper protection. They are putting their careers, pensions, homes & family lives on the line to ensure that patients are safe and they are ending up losing everything they have. The NHS can afford to fight them using tax payers money, but whistleblowers have to fund their own cases. If we don’t compel the Government to act soon then whistleblowers won’t come forward in future to the great detriment of us all. One whistleblower, Sharmila Chowdhury, who has a Campaigns By You petition on 38 Degrees at the moment is about to lose her house, having been unfairly dismissed by the NHS. They desperately need our support or their bravery will be for nothing.

  • sharmila

    I was a whistleblower who had reported fraud with evidence. No action was taken against the perpetrators. Instead I was escorted out of the building and subsequently dismissed on false allegations. I won interim relief hearing and was proven to be a whistleblower who was dismissed as a direct result of whistleblowing. Only a handful of cases have ever won. Won appeal hearing as well. Trust refused me back. I now have cancer which numerous consultants think is due to stress. Without any income, I am about to lose my home.

    This is an important petition because it proves that despite winning and proven to be a whistleblower, no help has been given by department of health. This is unsafe for patients as by making an example of me, it sends messages to other staff members not to speak out. There needs to be urgent change within NHS and this can only come from the top.

    I have recently written to Jeremy Hunt, copying in MP’s and 80 journalists. More information and details can be seen on my website http://sharmilachowdhury.com/2014/06/03/letter-to-jeremy-hunt-2-help-justice-for-sharmila-chowdhury/