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Recall: update

May 30th, 2014 by

This week 120,000 of us signed the petition calling for real recall - a law that would give constituents the power to sack MPs who aren’t doing their jobs properly.

It looks like the government will announce their sham recall law next week. They will put a committee of MPs in the driving seat when deciding whether MPs should be sacked – rather than their constituents.

The big stumbling block which the government could use as an excuse is that real recall wouldn’t work in practice. Together, we need to prove it can. So the 38 Degrees office team has come up with an ambitious plan to do just that:

  • We’ve been in touch with a top lawyer and she’s on hand to write a water-tight recall law.[3]
  • We’ll set up a committee of MPs to scrutinise our draft law, we’ve already got senior Conservative MP, David Davis, to chair the committee.
  • Next week, 38 Degrees members can help persuade their MPs to sign an EDM (a petition for MPs) supporting real recall.
  • We’ll then write an expert briefing - which 38 Degrees members can send every MP.
  • To make sure we’re on the front foot, we’ll also need our lawyer to analyse and write a response to anything that the government publishes.

To do all this, we need the money to make it possible. It will cost around £20,000. Can you help by chipping in a few pounds to make this plan a reality? Click here to make a secure donation now so that we can get to work straight away.

A real recall law would be an important step towards improving democracy. And what better way to achieve this than by using people powered funding to write, publicise and scrutinise the law? Our recall law could be held up in parliament by MPs to bat off any excuses the government gives.

We know that this strategy works - we used similar tactics last month when together, we convinced the government to amend the hospital closure clause. Everything we did together worked – and it can work again.

We’ve already got a host of MPs from all parties on side. If enough of us chip in to fund this ambitious plan - we’ll be one step ahead of the government. We’ll be in the best possible position to get a recall law which gives voters the chance to sack MPs who aren’t doing their job properly.


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  • Anonymous

    No, up with this I cannot put.

    I am aware that Miracles happen each and every day, but ‘getting these turkeys to vote for Christmas’, is but a diversion.
    This proposal is sure to go the way of;fairness, openness and ‘Greenest’, and act only to achieve the opposite of what is hoped for.

    38 Degrees, and the membership shall again fit snugly into the role that is necessary in all scams.
    Like the punter in the crowd that ‘wins’ at find-the-lady. There but to dupe the public.

  • hugo shepherd

    The Mythos of “Chipping In” is fine if you are in a well-paid job and can afford to do so. However, I am seventy-two and totally depend on my State Pension to pay my way in life. Now that might seem trivial to some, but my weekly pension of £127 is a problem when I’m expected to pay £98 a month up front for Housing Tax on top of ever-increasing Gas and Electricity prices this is long before I can afford the luxury of eating something to sustain my aging body. People look on Pensioners as money-grabbing individuals. They don’t see the forty plus years of paying into their Pension Pot via their NHS Contributions – unlike others who cheerfully hold out a hand and pick up five hundred quid a week in benefits – and not a penny goes back in some future Pension Pot! Charity where its due! Charity begins at home – because in this household every penny I get has to be used in order that I might live another day. £127 a week? When you have combined gas and elecric bills of £150 a month you begin to wonder whether you can pay your TV license or pay for Diesel for your car. I get a magazine a month to read yet there are people out there in the wider community who begrudge me the money I have saved via my National Insurance – saying that they have to keep us Pensioners – Not true! We aren’t on the dole! We are the people who put penny-pinching Conservative Bureauxcrats in power to take even more money off of us! Hugo Shepherd

  • Francis Kirkham

    Shame this can’t apply to MEPs, so that they could be recalled on the basis of poor attendance and/or non voting. That way we could recall all our Ukip MEPs!

  • Anonymous

    Well, the party’s over.
    We have the Government’s Recall ‘initiative’ before us.

    Is it not possible for you to stop with point number one above, and give us all sight of this ‘independent’ view of what a Recall Law might look like?
    Tom Austin.

  • TeannaB

    Well done for falling for the us vs. them rhetoric. So many people are claiming other benefits because they need to in order to survive, not for fun! You may not have noticed how high unemployment rates are; how many people queue for the chance to fail to scrape a living at a McJob so need state support to live, but that is the situation. Most of the welfare pot (not including pensions) goes into supporting people in low paid jobs, not the unemployed and not the disabled (who have borne most of the cuts of this Governments destructive policies. £500 per week benefits will only be paid where landlords are charging
    extortionate rents which are not capped as they used to be. With the
    severe lack of social housing available, and the Govt attempting to push
    people into the more expensive private sector, what else do you expect
    people to be able to do? Live in a cave? You have spouted too many myths about benefit claimants as touted by right wing rags for me to support your views even as I support the rights of pensioners to be able to afford to live. Benefit claimants are not the enemy!

  • Anonymous

    I don’t think that Hugo Sheperd is saying what you accuse him of.
    He, it seems to me, is only trying to explain why he, and perhaps many others, cannot respond – in cash terms – to the frequent pleas for people to ‘chip-in’ on these many campaigns.
    It might be more helpful to explain that it is understood that ‘membership numbers’ cannot equate to ‘donor numbers’.

  • hugo shepherd

    I am neither unemployed or working for a cynical tech group – I’m happily retired and enjoying being myself without some employer (plonker) telling me what to say!

  • hugo shepherd

    Like always I will probably end up voting Labour because I am a Socialistic nincompoop! Why? Well I don’t trust Cameron to back off taking even more money off of us while he adds his own salary to the Millions he’s already stashed in a Swiss bank! I don’t trust Osbourne either not since a Labour Exchequer converted 3.5 Billion pounds worth of Gold into paper money because the gold standard was in the doldrums – six months later was an “Oops!” time for him as the gold Standard rose to its present level thereby making the costliness of his mistake closer to 750 to 950 Billion quid we had lost in converting gold into paper money! Ed Milliband might look like a Wally – but you should never judge a book by its cover – He’s a trained Specialist and knows quite a few things – which is why he’s the “shadow Prime Minister” and not some dumbo on the Back Benches of Parliament!

  • hugo shepherd

    More of an addition rather than a reply, If you think that ‘Our Nige’ of UKIP fame is going to be the same smiling, grinning politician with a pint of an amber brew in his hand – after the Election has been cast and counted – you are sadly mistaken! Like I said above Never, ever judge a book by its cover! Read carefully the wording of the UKIP Manifesto and you will see echo’s of Bonito Mussolini hiding in the fastnesses of UKIP Castle! Socalism – especially when its far Right Wing, may (as in the Greek Metaxas did in their country in Crete) turn the other way about when it comes to defining who comes into Britain to work and who gets kicked out because of race, colour and/or Religion/Politics!