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The gagging law: What we did together

February 6th, 2014 by

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  • James Bickerton

    How much did 38 Degrees spend on national newspaper advertising just before the final vote in Parliament?

  • Anonymous

    Well done to all who took part.

  • Bob

    If the acolytes of big business and finance in Parliament are free to say what they like about any subject that takes their fancy then why not join them? Why not form a 38degrees political party and change the system from within, rather complain about things from the outside.

  • dan mcmahon

    i am totally in agreement with this.. we need a sensible alternative to the self serving idiots currently running the show..
    38 degrees have shown now that they actually take our real interests and needs seriously.. and have a well set up method of asking us what we really think about pertinent issues..
    wow. fancy that.. a political party that, wen important issues are at stake actually asks the populace its views.. and uses real democracy to make decisions..

  • Nathan

    Okay so this gagging law is official.
    I’m stumped at 38 degrees accepting it as well it’s law now so what can we do.
    Well we can continue to bug and cause attention to this horrific ruling and not stop till it’s thrown out and no gagging law exists in UK democracy.
    Seriously!!! That’s the kind of push I feel 38 degrees and supporters need. Why are we not continuing to push this out?

  • Thomas

    If we break the gagging law in large enough numbers they can’t lock as all up. It’s the same principle as rioting minus the violence, theft and damage. If one person does X, the cops can bust him or her, if 100,000 people do X, they’ll be lucky to catch anybody.

  • Ed

    Thank god they managed to pass it, shame it was watered down. SPUC and the countryside alliance have run some pretty awful campaigns that some of this legislation might have been able to stop. Along with UNISON etc in Manchester. The gentleman who raised forming your own political party I think that’s kind of the point – political parties have limits to what they can spend, so should spuc or the countryside alliance, UNISON or 38 degrees for that matter if they’re influencing elections. Real democracy is not who has the biggest cheque book.

    In fact that’s a way to create a society thoroughly balanced to the right.

  • Bannatyne84

    Well that’s rather the problem, isn’t it Ed. “Democracy” (which I’d love you to let me know when it finally exists) actually is about who has the biggest cheque book.
    That’s why we get shat all over.

  • Mrs Stevie Hobbs

    You know there is a problem. Did you ever read “Animal Farm” ?Was it by George Orwell? The pigs changed into the thing they had been fighting. Power can do that to people. I think we are better as we are because we are free to think as we like and only join in when we feel the necessity – which at the moment is all the time for me. I never joined a political party because nobody will ever tell me how to vote!

  • Ken

    I understand it is currently about 60/40% against becoming a political party.
    I am in favour of it but feel we probably need to increase our membership and public knowledge of us a little more first.

  • Robert

    I have to say this … 38 Degrees, you mention Democracy all the time, is this some kind of joke, you have never experienced it and yet you liberally tout the word around and even suggest we need to seek more of it.
    You should understand that what you experience and talk of is called a Theocracy. Why won’t you label it as such when you reference the Rule by Representative system that is in place here in the UK?
    Trying to water down any ACT of Parliament made by ACTORS with no real experience in the field they occupy is pure comedy I’m afraid. It is good that some friction is caused, and is why I do not dismiss your campaigns outright but it will lead nowhere, sure it’ll have an effect of sorts, but I see it as ineffective a solution as being sick and trying to find a bucket for when you vomit, practical, but not the solution.
    That you never mention Common Law, and your recourse (REMEDY) there worries me. It is as if 38Degrees is just a distraction, that the reality of the situation is that 38Degrees are in fact here to perpetuate the Theocracy, by making it slightly more palatable and digestible. I hope this is just a misconception of mine.
    Human Rights is a parody of your Natural Rights, which, naturally, you may have hardly a notion of. To talk of Human Rights is to immediately surrender your rights as a Human, period. To talk of your Natural Rights as a Sovereign retains your rights. At what point did you need someone to define what rights you have, surely it should be the inverse rather than starting out with the assumption you have no rights to begin with, does this not suggest that your inalienable rights don’t exist when in fact they do.
    A gagging order is something you should pay nothing more than lip service to, you only give these ACTS of Parliament credibility when you give them anything else.
    Defending yourself in a Court you say, what type of Court do you propose doing that in? One under Common Law Jurisdiction or a Corporate court? If I was you I’d not even enter into contract with them if there was ever a solicitation for services, or offers. I’d seek council with someone who knows how to shut down those kinds of solicitations, and not a Lawyer geared up to fight them, with your (figurate) money, to the penultimate and inevitably conclusion.

  • Robert

    Animal Farm … the meaning of it all is not this bit… the pigs turned into what they had been fighting … it is the following – that if you put a lamb in a wolfs’ clothing and expect them not to act like a wolf then you’re mistaken.
    The essence of it is that if you put anything good but corruptible (due to living in the system you are corruptible on the whole) into a corrupt-by-design system then it will be corrupted … hence George Orwell was in fact suggesting that the entire system needs to be replaced otherwise you’ll keep on turning out wolves. Simple :-)

  • Flavious

    Robert is substantially correct, I could not have put it better myself. trying to water
    down any ACT of Parliament made by ACTORS with no real experience in the field
    they occupy is pure comedy, I’m afraid by responding in such a way by your actions only gives them credibility, when they don’t deserve any at all on such matters, surely a better approach for consideration is Common Law (the law of the land), and your recourse (REMEDY), please think about it.

  • Frann Leach

    A theocracy is rule by divine guidance (from theos, God). What we have is an oligarchy, a power structure where power rests with a small section of people, in our case because of wealth and the schools they went to.

  • Mrs Stevie Hobbs

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  • williamkimmet

    this want stop the bnp from talking out to the british pepole