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2014 New Year poll results

February 3rd, 2014 by

At the beginning of the year thousands of 38 Degrees members completed a short survey to look at the year ahead.

What would be the big issues? What do people value about living in the UK? and what 38 Degrees members should do during elections?

Here are the results from that survey:

The last question was asked before the final vote on the gagging law took place.  Until the law comes into effect, in a few months time, there will be big questions to ask about how 38 Degrees members can campaign on issues, especially around the upcoming election.

However as you can see from the results, 38 Degrees members strongly believe that we should be campaigning on the issues that are important to us all, and making sure we hold MPs and candidates to account on pre-election promises.

So watch this space to help us all decide together on our next moves.

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  • graham

    All of the big issues are fine ,but until we can stop corporate lobbying our democracy will not be effective, thousands may vote to elect an MP but one effective well heeled lobbyist can change his/her mind and not necessarily for the benefit of the majority.This also applies to our civil servants who are not voted into office.

  • Anonymous

    As a woman, I find it frustrating that gendered violence and its effects on mine and my family’s life is not featured by any of the political parties or in your poll above. I have endured numerous sexist attacks, both in my own home and from men I should have been able to trust. I have lost two babies to violent attack and my daughter has just had to move school aged 6 because of gender based violence including a sexual assault which the headmaster covered up and referenced as ‘rough play’. Neither the school’s governors, the police, social services, Ofsted or the Dept of Education was willing to take action, and this is the experience of 1 in 3 schoolgirls in the UK. Until political groups like yourselves start taking sexist violence seriously, there is no real political group that seems to offer basic safety to half of the UKs population with campaigns that target the contempt and hatred being directed towards women and children in the men’s media dressed up as erotica.