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We’re in the papers!

January 28th, 2014 by

Full page ads are running in The Telegraph, The Independent, The Guardian and the i today. They ask MPs and Lords to fix the worst bits of the gagging law – and they look great!

Together, the papers have a circulation of over 1 million – and copies of all of them will be lying in tea rooms and offices all over Parliament today.

The number of organisations behind these ads means they’re uniquely powerful. How often do we see that many logos together?

Thousands of 38 Degrees members chipped in to make these ads possible. It’s another reminder of what we can accomplish together.

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  • http://ralphanomics.blogspot.com/ Ralph Musgrave

    How about showing an image of the actual advert?

  • A Penny

    Please show a larger image of the text, or quote the text in your article, so that we can see what the ad actually says.

  • A.C.E.

    We are all aware that the Mafia are running this country, and changing laws to make it easier to be unchallenged in their destruction of any semblance of democracy.

  • geoff.brace

    Many of the MPs who voted for this legislation will be in marginal seats.
    Come the next election, don’t get mad – get even; vote them out!

  • Anna

    Maybe the sad death of singer and activist Pete seeger Will be timely for his songs to inspire our people before its too late and it Will sadly be against the law in the UK to sing a song or read a poem! while the west fuels conflict in the middle east in the name of of democracy at home our state is becoming more and more like a regime every day! .”If i had a hammer”! can we not run national and international full page news articles on this? very best regards Anna

  • Scott, Cumbria

    I concur with your sentiment. The only people engaged in
    politics today other than the politicians themselves are charities and
    lobbyists. The government has just gagged them!

    It’s no
    co-incidence that 2 weeks previous to yesterdays bill vote that the
    powers that be were looking to procure water cannons.
    When people can’t lobby anymore they’ll be forced to take to the streets
    and we can’t have anti-government protests before an election can we…

    Politics is doomed we’re returning to feudalism!

  • Anonymous

    If we are not to be allowed a say on what this government does through lobbying groups like 38 Degrees, perhaps anyone who wants our NHS back should join the National Health Action Party. That way we can carry on lobbying.
    They are putting up candidates in London for the European elections in May and want all the help they can get. GPs are standing as MEPs and so is Rufus Hound.

  • Anonymous

    I notice that the Citizens Advice Bureau logo is included in the advert. For the past
    3 years I have been nagging 38 Degrees to save civil legal aid, but the team was not interested. As a result legal aid was cut in April 2013 and many CABs have been forced to close all over the country. As a result vulnerable people who need help with debt, domestic violence, filling in forms to appeal the Atos WCA or the ‘Bedroom Tax’ have nowhere to go for legal advice. To the annoyance of many 38 Degrees members with disabilities, the 38 Degrees team lost 50% of the names of 38 Degrees members who voted to campaign against the Atos WCA. As a result many ended their membership.

    “Legal aid exists so that all of us can access legal expertise when we need it most.
    However, recent cuts to legal aid mean more and more people cannot find the help they need.” Continue reading about their Access to Justice Campaign on the CAB website.

    38 Degrees gagged CAB by not campaigning for civil legal aid. There is no point closing the door after the horse bolted on the 1st April 2013!

  • RuskyT

    As I understand it, 38 Degrees ask their members which campaigns they should run and the members can vote for which ones they wish to be prioritised. (Actually I know that to be true since I have participated in such votes.) Since no organisation has infinite resources, such prioritising is necessary. If the 38 Degrees members did not vote for the campaign to help save civil legal aid, then that is because they must have believed that other campaigns were more important or urgent. But don’t blame the “team”, blame the members if you have to blame someone.

  • Anonymous

    Let me repeat: “To the annoyance of many 38 Degrees members with disabilities, the 38 Degrees team lost 50% of the names of 38 Degrees members who voted to campaign against the Atos WCA. ”

    If you think that the “team” was not to blame for the loss of the names of these member voters, then who was?

    Some campaigns like the Gagging campaign were not at the top of the list. Another campaign that was not at the top of the list was about a soldier.

    A legal aid lawyer is paid approximately £25,000 pa. According to a job advert, 38 Degrees employees are paid £45,000 pa.

    The Gagging law will negatively affect 38 Degrees. If 38 Degrees really cared about the charities which includes CAB, then it would have pushed a campaign to save legal aid which keeps them open.

    Even the NHS campaign wasn’t at the top of the list when it was conceived. Support for the NHS campaign was only drummed up as a result of the initial blog. I remember receiving an email asking if I would like to write the blog. This blog made members aware of the urgency of the issue. The same could be done for legal aid or the Atos WCA, but it is not.

  • james

    I never heard anything on radio4 about the gagging bill. Did I miss something or has Aunty put her feet in the air to save its licence fees?


    Shame this add was made far too late. This should have been done much earlier, before the vote went to the Lords and then get the papers to write an article about it. They would if you ask them?