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Gagging law: we’re in ping pong!

January 26th, 2014 by

A quick update on the Parliamentary process:

The government’s plan to clamp down on what charities and campaigning groups and ordinary people can speak out about at elections (the gagging law) is almost UK law – almost. It’s been through the House of Commons once, and through the House of Lords once, and now it’s bouncing back and forth between MPs and Lords in a process known as ‘ping pong’.

For draft laws to become part of the UK’s statute book, MPs and Lords have to agree. Over the last few months, Lords have made substantial and important changes to the gagging law – fixing lots of the worst bits. Last Tuesday 21st Jan, they sent an improved version of the gagging law back to MPs. But on Wednesday 22nd, MPs overturned their two most critical decisions (on how much staff costs would count towards reduced spending limits, and on what kind of activity could be regulated in individual constituencies).

So this week, on Tuesday 28th January, Lords have the chance to decide whether or not to overturn MPs and put their improvements back in.

To find out more about the ping pong process, click here.

And to find out what 38 Degrees members, hundreds of thousands of people and a huge coalition of charities are doing to help ensure Lords do decide to overturn MPs and fix the gagging law again, check back on this blog on Monday 27th Jan.

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  • Dr Omar Selim

    Gagging free speech is a sign of INSECURITY on the part of any government. gagginbg free speech is also a trade mark of many underdeveloped countries ruled by DICTATORS and THUGS.

  • Dr Omar Selim

    It’s time for the British people to get rid of the VICTORIAN ESTABLISHMENT with its antiquated PARTY SYSTEM and set up a modern EQUITABLE administration emerging from an INDEPENDENT PARLIAMENT whose members are INDEPENDENT and do not belong to any CLAN, CLUB or PARTY.

  • Pete Rowberry

    The laws on charities speaking up in defence of their charitable objectives are already too stringent. If the Lords do not do the will of the people and stick to their principled changes to the law they have no value as a reforming chamber and must be replaced with an elected second house.

    We do not live in a democracy, we do live in an elected dictatorship!

  • Johnny Aitken

    THe gagging law is all about GOVERNMENT CONTROL time the people had more power to say NO enough is enough.

  • ivan beavis

    I see you want to advertise the Campaign in tomorrows newspapers. Great1 Do not forget the Morning Star which always backs your campaigns. Our ad rates are very competitive and the money spent with us will assist 38 Degrees not some reclusive shareholders in Sark or whatever. Go to http://www.morningstaronline.co.uk and get your ad in

  • john clare

    Its no wonder the government want to gag people, they are fearful of the truth and things being drawn into the public domain . A gagging law of any sort is a sure sign that they have and intend to do things that the electorate would not agree with, and proves that they are unworthy of being political leaders. They must be removed from a position of making laws that hurt this country, the three main parties have all shown beyond any dought that they are NOT FIT TO GOVERN. We should therefore all make sure we vote for an alternative be it ukip or whatever, the GOVERNMENT at the very least must be given A BLOODY NOSE or we the people of this country will be choked with laws and red tape that will suffocate us all. not doing anything is to surrender to a fate worse than an invasion by an evil oppressor. DON`T LET IT HAPPEN

  • Sazz

    Hello – where can I find the latest on this issue? Thanks