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Victory: climate change will stay in the curriculum

July 9th, 2013 by

Margaret Hunter, a geography teacher and 38 Degrees member from Oxfordshire, started a campaign back in March calling on the government to keep climate change in the national curriculum. Over 37,000 of us joined her – and four months later, we’ve won.

Read Margaret’s message below, and if you’ve been inspired to start your own campaign, click here.

“Brilliant news – Michael Gove has abandoned his plans to drop climate change from the curriculum! And the papers are reporting that it was the “widespread support” for our campaign that persuaded him to change his mind.

As a teacher, it means so much to me to know that young people will have the opportunity to understand climate change and how it will affect their lives. It’s only by educating children about what their future will look like that we can give them the chance to shape it for the better.

The outpouring of support for our campaign was incredible. More than 37,000 of us came together with campaigners from the UK Youth Climate Coalition and People & Planet. We signed petitions, wrote letters and took our campaign right to Gove’s Department for Education.

Today proves that when we work together, we can do incredible things. And often all it takes is for one person to step up and take the lead. If there’s something you want to change – whether it’s your local library closing down or something you read in the news today – why not take the lead and start a petition? It only takes a couple of minutes – click here to get started.

Thank you so much for standing with me to do this. It couldn’t have happened without you.

Margaret Hunter,
38 Degrees member and teacher from Oxfordshire”

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  • BG!

    Well if they’re going to keep Climate Change in the curriculum let’s hope that what’s taught is based on FACTS rather than on SPIN. At least one generation has been led astray by politically-influenced scaremongering masquerading as hard science.

  • Blarg

    Nobody is scared. The science behind it is taught and it should stay that way.

  • Bobbins

    The current government doesn’t seem to give two hoots about the environment so I’m not sure where you’re coming from. The government ignores and downplays the the dangers of climate change because it only cares about money.

  • BG!

    “The current government doesn’t seem to give two hoots about the environment…”

    Couldn’t agree more, Bobbins.

    “so I’m not sure where you’re coming from.”

    From a place where it’s OK to have turbines that release more CO2 than they purport to save, where turbines often consume more electricity than they produce, where climate has been constantly changing since the planet’s creation.

    Personally I thing that they overplay the dangers of climate-change in order to further the influx of money to fight an imaginary foe whilst lining the pockets of those involved.

    Climate-change. Yes, it should be taught. Totally agree. But let’s not teach that we’re responsible for all of it.

  • BG!

    “Nobody is scared.”

    Sweeping statement. Ask school-kids what they think.

    Even the world’s most eminent climate scientists can’t agree, not just on the effects but also on the mechanisms, so on whose science is the curriculum based? I suspect that there’ll be some “guidance” from the Secretary of State for Education or someone like that, hence the “spin” reference in my OP.

  • Blarg

    I am a school kid. It’s not just DOOMDOOMDOOM like you’re making it out to be. They teach us of consequences of climate change on places like LEDC’s, and also the basic science as to what happens to CO2 in the atmosphere.

  • Anonymous

    Agree with BG. The caption photo undelines one of the key problems with teaching environmentalism, that relatively trivial issues such as the type of lighting we use will take centre stage. There is also the concern that the lessons will be used as an advertising platform for commercial ‘renewable energy’ products, products whose benefit is in any case questionable, climate change or no. Basically, commercial sales pitches of this kind -or possibly any kind- have no place in a school curriculum.

  • BG!

    That’s a good reply, Blarg.

    I believe that there will be DOOM. Financial doom, not only for LEDCs (no apostrophe) but for all nations, when we’ve all gone bust due to unnecessary spending on futile attempts to shepherd a climate that’s clearly beyond the control of our technology and resources.

    Enjoy school and learn well! We’ll all look to the next generations (folk like you) to lead us to salvation. Our future will be in your hands!

  • Anonymous

    I hope that any teaching regarding climate change is evidence based science and not relying on computer models that are not representative of reality so far.