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Energy Bill: 24 hours to go

June 3rd, 2013 by

24 hours. That’s all the time we have left til MPs vote for the final time on the Energy Bill – and on a clean energy target.

A 2030 clean energy target is crucial, and it’s crucial that we commit to it now. The government want to delay setting one til 2015 at the earliest, but they’re just ducking the responsibility. If the vote for a clean target passes tomorrow, we’ll be committing to £25 billion in savings, creating thousands of green jobs and saving the atmosphere from 400 million tonnes of damaging carbon emissions. Not only that, but we’ll be back on track to meet our climate change targets.

If the vote doesn’t go the right way, none of that will happen.

The choice is stark and immediate: either we stand up and tackle climate change head on, creating jobs and making savings along the way – or we duck the chance, and rush headlong towards gas and other dirty fuels.

17 wavering MPs have bowed to the pressure and said they’ll vote for clean energy after outcries in their constituencies – but for a majority to vote the right way tomorrow, we need 25 more Lib Dem and Conservative MPs to switch sides. If your MP is a Tory or a Lib Dem, you can email them now by clicking here.

Alternatively, call your MP’s office or join in on Twitter. The hashtag is #vote4cleanpower – and the debate is hotting up.

One last time, here’s the link to email your MP: https://secure.38degrees.org.uk/urgent-clean-energy

Together, we can make sure that when MPs walk into the House of Commons tomorrow, they’re feeling the weight of expectation to vote the right way.


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  • Gary Lines

    My MP Karl McCartney is refusing to answer my email on this as it came from you 38 Degrees, he should and must be made to reply to any emails from yourselves or any other group like yours.

  • Malcolm O’Connor

    Gary, there seems to be little we can do about our MPs. Mine, Andrew Percy, has accused me of being “rude”, aggressive”, “ill informed”, “ill educated” and “brainwashed” amongst other put-downs because my views are opposed to his.
    I suppose I should be grateful that he condescends to reply, as , like your MP he sees anything originating from 38 degrees as coming from the devil himself.
    As to why you can never MAKE him reply, Not long ago, when a bill to give MPs (absolutely minimal) accountability for their actions,the debate was tabled for a Friday. Percy told me that he would not be attending the debate as he had better things to do. When I questioned him on this, he told me that very few MPs bothered to turn up for Friday sessions as they only tabled bills that had absolutely no chance of ever becoming legislation on Fridays. In other words, anything the government/Mps don’t like gets tabled for a Friday. It’s like a self fulfilling prophecy.

  • Malcolm O’Connor

    Last night on “look North,” my MP, Andrew Percy, defended his stance against Co2 emission targets by saying he didn’t want to see the countryside blighted by onshore windfarms everywhere. This is despite part of his consituency -a triangle of roughly 20 miles per side between Scunthorpe, Goole and Thorne, having the greatest concentration of wind factories in Europe passed through planning. This currently amounts to over 140 turbines with more planning permissios in the pipe-line. which Mr Percy has done nothing to combat.
    I would have thought that with his constituency being one of those that would benefit most from the new “green sector” jobs, that he would have been one of the ammendments staunchest supporters, but instead he has decided that short term cheaper (In comparison to green) power, the other defence he gave, is a better vote winner than leaving an environment fit for purpose for future generations.

  • Gary Lines

    Malcolm, you are right in what you say, i am against wind farms as they are a blight on the landscape and i do not believe they produce the energy claimed, if they do then i want erected on the roof of my high rise as the wind we get around it is strong, and would reduce my electricity bill greatly.

    I was so angry at Karl McCartney’s attitude, i rang his parliamnetry office to be told as he gets on average 250 + emails via 398 degrees or similar, they did not have the time or resources to respond to them. The Secretary went on to say whilst i was talking to him he noticed 20 emails came through via 38 degrees on Badger cull.

    The thing i made clear to his secretary was he was there to represent me and should listen to my views and respond.I have been told i will get a reply as i had taken the time to phone,

    I do not hold any hope of this happening and as my home phone rang said sorry have to cut you short that’s the call from the times i am expecting and hung up on my mobile.

  • Malcolm O’Connor

    Gary, it doesn’t make any difference at all that your MP is there to represent your views or opinions. After you have made your mark on the ballot paper your choices disappear and your valued insights/views etc are ignored until your support is again required
    I looked up the stats and although Percy received just under half the vote, (about 45% I think it was) he polled about 10 people less than 1/3rd of those eligible to vote. Many didn’t vote as a protest against New Labour who really were little better than the Tories anyway. Hardly a ringing endorsement of his popularity!
    Percy has only 1 (part time) assistant and despite my dislike for the man, his attitude and politics, I have to hand it to him that (so far anyway) I have always received a reply to my e-mails, from either him or his assisatant, even if it is a put-down.