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Secret Courts: Email your MP

February 18th, 2013 by

Is this the end of the principle that no one is above the law? The government are currently pushing drastic changes to our justice system through parliament, which would allow trials to take place in secret. If they’re successful, it could mean serious abuses like torture, or detention without trial, never come to light. This would make government cover ups much easier, and make it much harder to get a truly fair trial.

Your MP could be voting on secret courts as early as the 25th February. And it looks like the vote could be very close. There’s already been a massive rebellion in the House of Lords, key Liberal Democrats, Labour and top Conservatives have all spoken out against the government’s plans. With some pressure from us, their voters, we might just persuade enough MPs to stop this attack on British justice.

Time is running out to stop these changes. Click here to email your MP to stand up for justice and vote against secret courts now.

Of course, the state has an interest in keeping the cases against it quiet. From Iraqi torture claims against the Ministry of Defence to the long-running cover-up of the Hillsborough disaster, and from the silence over the Jimmy Savile abuse allegations to phone-hacking at News International, it’s clear that when things aren’t out in the open abuse is more likely.

But the government’s proposals are more than simply a way to dodge responsibility. Our British legal system isn’t flawless – but these new measures are an attack on its founding principles. Secret courts have no place in a truly just legal system. Email your MP now to make sure they vote the right way.

Isabella Sankey, Director of Policy at Liberty, said: “This Bill would overturn 400 proud years of open justice and equality before the law in Britain and allow for grave state errors and abuses to be covered up for good.

“Opposition to secret courts is growing and MPs will soon vote on the plans – now is the time to apply real pressure and 38 Degrees members can make all the difference by coming together and taking action.”

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  • http://www.facebook.com/icswatson Ian Watson

    Open justice? Has anyone at 38 degrees ever gone through the family courts and realised that what goes on there is a curtain raiser for what would happen everywhere?

    In family courts, social workers regularly lie with impunity, accord secret deals with the courts behind parents backs, liaise outside of judicial policies with other agencies and remove children on a factless, evidenceless series of opinions that at some future point a parent may or may not be a risk to a child.

    None of this is backed up by any proven research, in fact the real research out there is showing that adoption and long term fostering is actually harming children terribly.

    I spent 17 years fighting this system, they didn’t get my daughter so they paid me back by stealing my grandson who’s custody I should have got, its about time people really woke up to what is going on in this land already, child protection has become a multibillion pound industry that benefits everyone except the child and the family concerned, when an expert gets paid £8,200 for 2 short sessions and a highly useless and contradictive “expert” report, when foster care home owners are being paid upwards of 24,000 pounds a WEEK and some children in specialist care are being paid for at 10,000 per week per child, councils are using forced adoption to top up their budgets and there is fraud all the way down the line too.

  • wakeuptheworld

    Not only are secreat courts abad idea, but having the EU dictate our laws is a disaster. There used to be away the public could sway politicians, the will of the people has been silenced, partly by apathy and the press has dramatised crisis and scandle so politicians can hide their sins behind these smoke screans.
    We need to change our politicians on avery regular basis so they understand thet the work for the public amd do not have freedom to do what they want by getting elected every four years.

  • Anonymous

    Although I have the greatest sympathy for your situation, your comment reveals that you don’t understand what is meant by secret courts. The Tories want to introduce them to cover up the fact that MI5 & MI6 knew about torture (via information from the CIA). Please do a bit of research because 38 Degrees aren’t passionate about this subject enough to inform you.