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Clean energy VS George Osborne: Email your MP

February 18th, 2013 by

We’ve got a chance. A cleaner, greener economy is possible. Right now, plans are going through parliament which could set us on the right track for climate-friendly energy production. But George Osborne is blocking a key part: a watertight target for the UK to produce carbon-free electricity by 2030.

Tim Yeo MP, the former Conservative environment minister, has put down a green amendment to the government’s draft plans. It’s exactly what is needed to make sure a firm target is in place. Now we need to get enough MPs to back it.

MPs have a choice. Do they stand up for a cleaner, greener Britain, or do they side with Osborne and his dirty fossil fuels? It’s up to us to persuade them to side with Tim Yeo.

Can you email your MP now to make sure they support the amendment?

38 Degrees members, working together with green groups like Greenpeace, can make this happen. Here’s the plan. Thousands of us email our MPs to support the amendment. Then we work together to put extra pressure on the MPs who could swing the vote. For the next few weeks, we’ll be working online and in constituencies. This is a big opportunity, and we can’t miss it.

If we work together now, we could be part of making sure we have clean, thriving, low-carbon economy - a huge win for our household bills, jobs and our planet. Clean-energy companies like Siemens are even lined up to invest in the UK if we get this amendment as part of the government’s plans.

But they won’t if George Osborne gets his way. And we’ll have lost our chance to end our dependence on fossil fuels for electricity. Let’s not let that happen!

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  • Martin Scurlock


    Your campaign to reach a notional target of ‘carbon free electricity by 2030′ is very misguided. Perhaps you should be campaigning to make sure UK citizens are not deprived of energy ( from any source ) in view of the dire warnings made by Ofgem yesterday.

    Wind turbines do not produce power when there is no wind.

    Which is worse, a slight increase in so-called global warming or the spectre of the poor and the elderly ( usually in the same group ) freezing to death because they can’t afford to both heat and eat.

  • Louise

    It costs 3 times more to burn waste
    through mass burn incineration than by treating it with anaerobic digestion and
    in vessel composting.68 % of our waste could be treated this way. In spite of
    knowing that this carbon tax is coming, the Government is supporting a tranche
    of PFI mass burn incinerators which will release thousands of tonnes of carbon
    emissions per annum. Not only does this mean that local communities in these
    areas will be saddled with the huge PFI debt for 25 years. They will also be
    paying the carbon tax.NOT THE GOVERNMENT. There is no need for these incinerators, due to
    over existing over capacity. Carbon neutral technologies are being
    used successfully in other areas. It’s up to you council and if they won’t listen you’ve had it. We will be burning plastics, instead of
    recycling them RELEASING DIOXINS into the atmosphere.Each incinerator will cots
    in excess of £1 billion in capitol and running costs, not to mention potential
    health effects. This will affect over 7 million people nationally! It’s all being done in the name of ‘renewable energy’ and a need for infrastructure. DON’T BE FOOLED!
    WAKE UP TO MASS BURN INCINERATION 38 degrees, you could make the difference.