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Read all about it! NHS Campaign Update

December 20th, 2012 by

A quick scan of local newspapers reveals that 38 Degrees members are fighting all over England to support the campaign in their communities and get their neighbours onside. Take a look at some great examples from the past week below:


A 38 Degrees member from West Cheshire wrote to the Chester Chronicle with their concerns about the changes to NHS. As the article explains 38 Degrees members come from different walks of life with different levels of knowledge: “members including a retired GP, health workers, patients and trade unionists…”. They managed to contact the Chairman of the West Cheshire CCG to discuss how patients could be better represented.

38 Degrees members in Huddersfield wrote to the The Huddersfield Daily Examiner to ask CCG Board members to implement constitutional amendments designed to protect the NHS: “CCGs should protect the NHS by adopting the 38 Degrees amendments to their constitutions”. Publicity like this is really important to make sure that the new CCG constitutions are under public scrutiny from day one.

In Buckingham, 38 Degrees members raised awareness about services that had been outsourced in the area in a letter to the Bucks Free Press: “the county’s out-of-hours GP service andWycombe Hospital’s new Minor Injury and Illnesses Unit are also run by a private firm, called Bucks Urgent Care.” The Buckinghamshire group also took the opportunity to publicise the 38 Degrees petition, attracting more signatures.

These are just 3 examples and they’re all very different styles. Local publicity like this is essential in bringing the debate to a wider audience, and to ask the public to consider what’s happening to their local NHS.

Why not update your local newspaper about what 38 Degrees members are up to in your area? The 38 Degrees website makes it very easy – take a look at our suggested wording and make sure your local news desk runs the story soon.

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  • Jason Smith

    The fact that doctors are supporting this campaign is a really worrying development.

    They cannot be trusted at all. Their salaries are obscene, their power and arrogance unbelievable.

    Offer them a pay rise of a few grand and watch them vanish from sight! Into the arms of the paymaster.

    They should be regarded as our employees, because that’s what they actually are. Employees of the taxpayers.

    I know they are supposed to be ever-so-clever and have built up the medical “professional” smokescreen” to hide behind. To me they are a ruthless, power hungry industry, eager to gain what various advantages they can. Over people.

    They actually do get away with almost anything. The most powerful elite in the land.

    I wouldn’t trust these chancers with a dead baby.

    Their titles include “medical professionals”, “caregivers”, etc.

    They are treated like, and acknowledge, their status as gods on earth.

    Please do not be deluded. Instead of celebrating the participation of yet one more “GP” (another of their euphemisms), we should wonder out loud what financial, social, power benefits in the heirarchy they might derive. For sure, principles do not come into it. Does anyone actually take seriously The “Hypocratic” Oath? The Hypocrites’ Oath if you ask me.

    Well worth avoiding like the plague.

    Damn them all. Yes I know they are all very, very clever!

  • Anonymous

    There are still only 48 MPs signed up to early day motion number 773, which wants to have private healthcare companies open to FOI requests like all public companies are.
    How many of you have not asked your MPs to sign up?
    Obviously if you live in a Tory constituency, your MP is unlikely to sign, but Libdems could, and all Labour MPs should want to sign it.
    Please ask your MP to sign it. If he/she will not, ask why not?

  • Tony Amis

    I would not seek to tar ( in any profession ) all those with one brush

  • Tony Amis

    Just remember that there are some really good dedicated Health Professionals working in the OOH trying to make this the service it needs to be.

    Locally we appear to have a relatively good service, it has fines in place for failure in meeting contract targets

    etc for staffing response etc.

    Calls all need to be prioritized appropriately and this should then help prevent any problems but nothing is perfect.

    OOHs should probably be run by a national company with set standards across the board to ensure that all areas are receiving the same standard/quality of care with agreed national levelsof cover

    !!!! but this will never happen!!!.

  • ian

    using a foi i discovered that the lincolnshire community health service who run the ooh gp service had for the months of oct/nov/dec 2012 made no gp visits to any patients homes on the lincolnshire coast. 90 people received an emergency care paramedic visit. The eldery population of the area is around 12000 people. does anyone seriously believe that in these winter months no one deserved a gp ooh visit. The ooh gp service should be renamed the out of bounds gp service

  • ClearBell

    The Early Day Motion reflects a campaign idea elsewhere on 38 degrees. Please ask your MP to join the other signatories asap. This is a key extension to FoI – and if the providers having nothing to hide should be welcomed by all. Could someone keep returning this to the head of the NHS campaign update – otherwise I will have to:


    This will let you see if your MP has signed this. My feeling is if an EDM fails then the idea should become cross -party policy (or at least Labour and Liberals and Greens and the various nationalist parties too).