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December 11th, 2012 by


38 Degrees members get involved

The 38 Degrees Save Your Local NHS petition has been spreading far and wide, with hundreds and thousands of us signing it, and many 38 Degrees members organising local get-togethers to discuss how to make sure NHS services where they live are protected.

This coming week is key for 38 Degrees members living in the Redditch and Bromsgrove CCG, as they will have the opportunity to meet the doctors who will be in charge of managing the borough’s NHS from next spring! The meeting will be taking place on Wednesday the 12th of December. This is a great chance to sit down and find out more about what the CCG will be responsible for and let the CCG know what 38 Degrees members will be expecting from them.

In an article in the Redditch Standard, Dr Jonathan Wells, Redditch GP and chair of Redditch and Bromsgrove CCG, said: “To do the job well, we need to involve local people in important decisions about their healthcare, which is why we are encouraging residents to come along to the public launch and meet us. We hope the event will help people to understand who we are and what our aims and priorities are for the future.” Anyone who would like to attend should book a place by contacting Bethan Flynn, executive administrator by emailing bethan.flynn@worcestershire.nhs.uk or calling 01527 488746 to find out more.

New opposition to CCG’s from the National Health Action Party

Also in the news has been the announcement that the new political party, National Health Action Party, wants to challenge the governments recent health care reforms according to This is Sussex – an online news site. According to their website, Crawley CCG has scrapped the low cost Crawley health service to save money. There are fears a withdrawal of the service will increase demand on GPs and lead to poorer health among disadvantaged families.

Mark Donaghy, of Kamsons Pharmacy, which offers the service at its branches in Broadfield, Pound Hill and Southgate, said: “It seems even when it has been deemed as needed, a service is taken away to save money. In other parts of the country, pharmacists are paid £4 per consultation plus the retail price of the medication. In Crawley, the pharmacy is only paid £1 plus the medication cost. The Crawley scheme is therefore cost-effective and cheap. It doesn’t make sense to scrap it.”

Brian Quinn, a Labour councillor for Broadfield North, where the service is most widely used, has written to Dr Amit Bhargava, head of Crawley CCG, to request a rethink.

Erewash CCG wins Health Service Journal Award for saving money

The Ilkeston Advertiser has reported that the group about to take charge of health services in Ilkeston, Long Eaton and surrounding villages has won the Quality and Productivity award for saving money.

The NHS Erewash Clinical Commissioning Group, made up of GPs and clinicians from 13 practices across the borough, takes charge of spending on health services in Erewash in April next year.

The Quality and Productivity award rewards organisations for improving the quality of care while also saving money.

The organisation, which has come under fire for planning to close one of the two wards at Ilkeston Community Hospital in a bid to increase the number of patients cared for at home, was praised for dropping unnecessary admissions to hospital by three per cent.

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  • Josie

    Staffordshire CCG Presentation. On Friday 7th December, myself and four other supporters were invited to present on behalf of Staffordshire, four CCG presentation packs to Ms Tracey Shewan, Assistant Director of CCG Communications and Engagement Team, at their offices in Stafford. We presented for areas, North Staffs, Stoke-on-Trent, Cannock Chase and Stafford & Surrounds. Ms Shewan, was very helpful, and we were given quite a long time to discuss our concerns, which she duly noted. She will now pass these packs to the appropriate CCG board members, and we should get some feed back early in the New Year. We have asked for future public meeting dates, and if necessary will ask them to include our ideas into their next Agenda Meetings. We must keep up our efforts, join patient participation groups etc, and one other suggestion, get some cards you can give into your doctor, which say you want NHS treatment, you can get these from Keep Our NHS Public, they do ask for a small donations, but these are a realy good idea. Good luck to everyone.

  • Workflow

    our CCG (Warwickshire) has a patient and public participation group that has been running for some time now. It’s core membership is the chairs for the GP patient forums. However it is open to all including providers and is chaired by the CCG member responsible for patient and public involvement. They have and are having a big impact on the Devts within the CCG. We need more people to sign up with their GP forums and thus impact the GP services etc and help drive the CCG Devts.
    We need better faster cheaper health care services not try to protect inefficient poor quality old services. We need to drive for better healthcare which means making better use of the limited resources. Patients can see where the opportunities are and are best placed to advise the CCG where to invest/disinvest. The care demands are escalating thus the NHS must drive forward with substantial productivity improvements.

  • Anonymous

    I have written to Virgin Care and asked it about conflict of interest in partnerships between GPs and Assura, as it still calls itself on its website.
    One sentence of the response is “Virgin Care is not involved in the commissioning of services and so does not occupy a position in which a conflict of interest can occur.”
    These are weasel words to me. In commissioning there must be two sides, one asking and the other offering. Therefore, if Virgin Care bids for a service, it must be involved.
    One of my local GPs is on the Clinical Management Board of Assura, and another is the chair of the CCG. I cannot see how this does not constitute a conflict of interest.
    Can any of you enlighten me?

  • ecclesbourne

    I concur with your concerns re. conflict of interest jendurham, but I believe the constitution prescribed by the Commissioning Board does require that all CCG Board Members to make a public declaration of any personal/collective interest (stake holding) in any related business or organisation. However it will be difficult, if not impossible, to enforce any similar code when it comes to personal relationships. I suppose this would also have applied to PCT’s though? I guess the CCG’s will need to develop a high level of trust with the patients they serve. Pesonally I believe they are between a rock and a very hard place!!

  • ecclesbourne

    This is all very well Workflow but the person elected by the cluster PRG (PPG Chair Groups) to represent the patient body to sit on a CCG Board may be heard but will not be divest of any legislative power to influence decisions. However, I guess there is more opportunity for patient involvement in clinical commissioning than there has been to date.
    But in my opinion, the real answer is to place the financial burden upon the DoH who should divvie out the public fund based upon an annual audit of all clinical establishment overheads, facilities and outcomes. It seems rediculous to have a health service which is forced to buy services from itself let alone third party private providers! If a local private provider meets all the criteria as laid down by the QCA and can beat the NHS tarrif for any clinical proceedure the DoH should make the decision to procure them and agree the contracts, not those clinitians working at the ‘coal face’ !

  • Anonymous

    You all need to ask your MPs to sign up to early day motion number 773.
    It’s concerning the fact that private healthcare companies can hide behind commercial confidentiality clauses when asked to divulge financial information, and to make them respond as any public health company has to under the freedom of information act.
    Find the info on theyworkforyou.com. You will be able to find out if your MP has signed up to it already.