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NHS: “If I can do this anyone can!”

November 19th, 2012 by

Here’s a guest blog from 38 Degrees member Helen Greaves who arranged to hand in the local petition to her CCG, Hambleton, Richmond & Whitby.

“Hi I am Helen and we handed in our Save Our Local NHS petition and 38 degrees legal amendment pack to our local CCG, Hambleton Richmondshire & Whitby on 5th November 2012.

I am total novice but found it simple to make a phone call to Hambleton Richmondshire & Whitby to organise a date for the hand in. I explained who we were what we wanted to present. Hambleton Richmondshire & Whitby had heard of 38 degrees and stressed they were keen to meet.

Before the meet a quick call to 38 degrees HQ settled any worries I had about how to present the petition.

On the day, our meeting with Hambleton Richmondshire & Whitby was amicable. I presented the petition stating how much support we’d gathered locally since September for Hambleton Richmondshire & Whitby to adopt 38 degrees legal amendments into their constitution to help safeguard our local NHS.

I urged the CCG to please agree to consider adopting these amendments and to agree to meet us as soon as possible to discuss their considerations.

Finally I thanked Hambleton Richmondshire & Whitby for agreeing to accept our petition and legal pack.

Hambleton Richmondshire & Whitby board member GP Dr Vicky Pleydell accepted the petition and legal pack on behalf of the CCG. They agreed to consider adopting the amendments and promised to meet 38 degrees soon to discuss their considerations.

I raised concerns how soon as Hambleton Richmondshire & Whitby CCG constitution was due to be authorization on November 15th.

Hambleton Richmondshire & Whitby stressed this authorization does not mean the constitution will be set in stone. It is a living thing and can be altered or amended at any point.

After the meeting we felt Hambleton Richmondshire & Whitby had been amenable to 38 degrees petition. That we had successfully delivered the petition and had secured a commitment from Hambleton Richmondshire & Whitby to consider adopting 38 degrees amendments and their agreement to meet again soon to discuss their considerations.

In a follow up call on the 16th November Hambleton Richmondshire & Whitby have stated they would like to organise a meeting with 38 degrees and will ring back later to confirm a date.

If I can do this anyone can. If you care about protecting your local NHS have a go!  The CCG Guide will help GPs safeguard the future of local our NHS and avoid irresponsible companies who put profit ahead of public needs.”

Click here to enter your postcode to check if there’s a petition hand-in already organised in your CCG area. If there is, you can sign up to attend.

If there’s not, click here to sign up to organise a hand-in for your area.

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  • Alex Ashman

    Glad you’re doing this. Hope you’ve heard about the National Health Action party http://www.nationalhealthaction.org.uk/

  • Anonymous

    I have joined the National Health Action Party. I used to be a member of the Labour Party, but Tony Blair put a stop to that. The problem is that the next election is not until 2015. That’s a long time to go.

    I would like to go to my local group but their meeting is a few days before the anniversary of my husband’s death from cancer earlier on this year, and I do not think I could go.

    However, if you haven’t done so already, in the meantime you could sign my petition to look at the connections between govt. ministers and private healthcare companies. The link is


  • josie

    I am all behind this campaign, but we need to spread the word more. Can 38 not try newspapers like The Daily Mirror, who may be more favourable to this cause, they could write a piece on campaign groups and mention what we are aiming to do on the NHS?? Just an idea!

  • Sunil

    Thanks, inspiring!

    One question/point for anyone to answer…

    I’m pretty sure the constitution can’t be altered as you go as the CCG have suggested to you! I’ve been reading the Newcastle constitution and it says that the CCG will have to apply to the national commissioning board to change it:
    Here’s the bit…

    ——————-This constitution can only be varied in two circumstances(9):

    i) Where the CCG agrees applies to the NHS Commissioning Board and that application is granted

    ii) Where in the circumstances set out in legislation the NHS commissioning board varies the CCG’s constitution other than on application by the CCG

    Practices may at any time put forward suggestions to amend the constitution which will then be considered by the Practices Board.

  • Consexec

    You are right- I wrote our local CCG constitution and it can only be changed if the Members (ie the local practices) want to anf the NHS Commissioning Board agrees. This is in line with the national model