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Breaking News: Climate change decisions being made now

November 16th, 2012 by


It looks like crucial decisions about climate change are being hammered out right now. We’ve just been tipped off by our friends at Greenpeace that Nick Clegg, David Cameron, George Osborne and the Climate Minister Ed Davey are sitting down to decide whether or not to cut the carbon from electricity.

Greenpeace have told us that George Osborne wants to kill off plans for low-carbon electricity and instead build a load of new gas power plants burning imported fossil fuels.

Things could go either way in the next few hours. If Osborne wins, it will be a huge set back. It looks like our best bet is to pressure Nick Clegg, asking him to hold firm for carbon-free electricity.

Can you send Nick Clegg an email right away?

So let’s move fast, and flood Nick Clegg’s office with messages telling him to do the right thing and ensure our electricity is carbon free. We can let him know that if he stands up to Osborne, he’ll have thousands of us standing behind him.

If climate change is something that you are worried about then please take 30 seconds to send a message to Nick Clegg, asking him to protect his vision for a “clean, green economy, powered by new low-carbon technologies“.

Nick Clegg and the Lib Dems have said in public that they want to do the right thing on climate change – thanks in no small part to encouragement from thousands of us!  But Osborne and Cameron are good at getting their own way. And we know from past experience that Nick Clegg is far less likely to cave in if he knows we’re watching.

New businesses have been waiting years for the government’s green light to fund more jobs and cleaner, safer energy. Let’s tell Nick Clegg that we need targets that make our electricity carbon free, which will give industry the certainty it needs to invest and create jobs in a new green economy. If we are going to overcome the power of fossil fuel lobbyists and George Osborne, people power from thousands of us is going to be crucial.


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  • barrycash

    There is a book out called “The Carbon Crunch” by Dieter Helm, Yale University Press. Has anyone read it? I haven’t but the review describes it as a book that will “anger many environmentalists”. apparently it explains why opposing the use of shale gas is misguided and will only make CO2 emmissions worse by encouraging the use of more coal.
    He could be right. What matters is is the science right?

  • Anonymous

    I would like to comment on this recent action, aimed at Nick Clegg. Your template message was :-

    “I understand that you are currently deciding about whether or not to cut the carbon from electricity. Please hold firm on ensuring carbon free electricity.
    New businesses have been waiting years for the government’s green light to fund more jobs and cleaner, safer energy. We need targets to make our electricity carbon free, which will give industry the certainty it needs to invest and create jobs in a new green economy.”

    Whilst I am very pleased you are taking this issue seriously, can I suggest that it would have been much better to add the sentence “On the other hand, continuing to rely on fossil fuels will put us on a path towards prospect of climate catastophe.” I am well aware there is a feeling that mentioning the consequences of “business as usual” to the general public may frighten them into a state of denial. However, we currently have a much greater problem in that we are now firmly on track to climate catastrophe and not only politicians but increasing numbers of campaigners seem afraid to discuss the life-changing nature of that threat. I would suggest that those with little knowledge of climate change will read your message as advocating a “green economy” as an alternative to something similar to what we have now. It isn’t – it is an alternative to disaster of far greater magnitude than the current recession. Now is no time to understate the scale of the threat we are facing.

    Best Regards,
    Chris Broome
    Sheffield Campaign Against Climate Change

  • Radical Rodent

    Let me offer an Anglicised quote re climate change:

    “I’m still waiting for anyone in the Global Warming Cult to explain the roles
    of gravity and solar core fusion operations in their effect on the earth’s
    orbital path focal points in relation to the sun and its fluctuation within the
    Habitable Zone – and its overall effect on global climate. Why? Because they
    don’t understand astrophysics, gravitational and nuclear physics,
    electromagnetism, or any true science field that impacts this planet from
    outside the atmosphere. The No.1 cause of global warming is and always will
    be… the Sun! Space weather matters, too.

    That and the cultists simply don’t understand that the natural way of
    climate is cycles within cycles within cycles, and the earth is hardly a closed

    One last thing: the No.1 global greenhouse gas is not carbon dioxide; it is
    water vapour, which is only about 95% of the greenhouse gases, CO2 is about
    0.039% (Nitrogen and Oxygen are the top two, comprising about 99% of the
    atmosphere). (The cultists ignore the water vapour in their calculations,
    because if they didn’t, they go off the rails immediately!)

    Of greenhouse gases, water vapour is 95%, CO2 is 3.6%. Of that 3.6%, 3.2% of
    that total is man-made, the other 96.8% is naturally-occurring from such things
    as respiration, volcanoes, and similar, so roughly 0.12% of the greenhouse
    gasses are man-made CO2.

    Back on atmospheric planes, 3.2% of the .039% is 0.001248%.

    So simple maths shows that 99.998752% of all atmospheric gases and 99.88% of
    all greenhouse gases are NOT man-made CO2. Therefore it’s unlikely to
    impossible that man-made CO2 has anything to do with global temperature

    Figures from http://www.geocraft.com/WVFossils/greenhouse_data.html

    I, too, was suckered into believing Al Gore and his acolytes, but decided to do my own research. Nothing I have yet found has convinced me that there is much that humans have done to significantly effect any climate change, nor that there is much that humans can do to affect any climate change. We might as well try to change the length of days as to change the climate.