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Police and Crime Commissioner Elections: Can you help?

November 13th, 2012 by

** UPDATE ** Thanks to the hard work of thousands of 38 Degrees members we’ve got responses from nearly every candidate. Click here to see them and share with your friends and family.

In a few days private security companies like G4S could move one step closer to taking over large parts of our police service. This Thursday new police and crime commissioners are being elected. Proposals to privatise big bits of local police services could be one of the first things on their desks.

Privatising the police should be a matter of huge public concern – particularly after the G4S Olympics fiasco. But the police elections are incredibly low-key. Pro-privatisation candidates could sneak in under the radar. There’s a risk voters could only find out plans to privatise their local police service when it’s too late to stop them.

Together we can help voters find out in time about plans to privatise our police. If we each ask our local candidates where they stand on privatisation, we can build up a national picture. Then on the day of the election we can spread this information far and wide. We can sound the alarm about pro-privatisation candidates and give voters the info they need to choose who to vote for.

Can you take a few minutes to help gather the information? Due to the fantastic effort of thousands of 38 Degrees members, we’ve already got information about most candidates, but there are still a few missing. There’s a list at the bottom of this blog. If these are your local candidates, can you email them and ask them where they stand on privatising the police?

If you’re stuck, here are a couple of the questions you could include:

    • Can you promise not to privatise our local police services?
    • Will you allow companies like G4S to get involved in the running of our local police?
    • Do you have any connection to companies that might be interested in police contracts?

Once you’ve got a reply, please copy it into an email so it can be added into a database. That way we can publicise the responses far and wide next week.

38 Degrees members have voted to make it a priority to oppose plans to privatise the police. So let’s get our campaign going, and stand up for policing focused on protecting the public rather than on profits.

Police and Crime Commissioner Candidates we don’t have information on yet:

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  • Chris M Evans

    Has the police blockade in the photo been set up in order for police commsiioners to cash their pay-cheques? At £100K PA, I can see which establishment on the street in question they’re heading for!!

  • Stuart Rambridge

    Vote N.O.T.A. in these Police commissioner elections

    None Of The Above

    This Veto is a none event to many awaken electorate that
    will read this

    Many of us will be not voting due to the Following

    1 We the people do not Politian’s for police officers

    2 A popularity contest is no way to choose someone for a professional

    3 We trust no party with something as socially & ethnically
    sensitive as the police force

    (BNP and EDL Candidate are could happen)

    4 Wrong time of year (Cold,
    Dark & Wet) the people in low crime area will have a better attendance

    5 You don’t trust the system especially this new part of the
    system not part of any political manifesto or referendum

    Some of you will vote on party line out of Habit but STOP

    You know it’s wrong the current ConDem party has no Mandate
    on this no party has

    So don’t waste you vote down mistrusted party line or give
    up your right to make your onion heard

    Go to the polls And Scratch you card, ruin the you vote, abstain
    from choosing

    Make it Obvious that that you vote but do not want this to

    Attendance might be as low as 20% naturally but if 25 % vote
    and of them 5% where NOTA no candidate would have any legitimacy. This I think
    is the True Will off the people

    Send a message

    Be the Anarchist to save the Police

    (A very novel thought)

    Vote N.O.T.A.

    None Of The Above

  • Chris

    So, by implication you have information on the candidates in my area… Where can I check this out please?? I have no idea who to pick!!

  • http://godlessfaith.blogspot.com/ Sam Barnett-Cormack

    So, when will you be letting us know about the data you already have – you apparently have it all for my area.

  • jane stead

    Can we see the info you have? Very keen to vote properly. Thank you.

  • teeria

    I have sent you information about the people running in my area. I see that you must have information on some already. But where can I find this information? Where is it collated, if you are asking for it, shouldn’t you make it available so we can make our decision? If it is available, it isn’t found in any link on this page (the logical place for it) nor can it be found by using the search button on the top of the site. So where is it? We need that information as a matter of urgency, the election is tomorrow!

  • natalie
  • natalie

    Hi, the place to look for the info we do have on candidates is here: https://secure.38degrees.org.uk/pages/police_commissioners_vote_tomorrow

  • natalie
  • natalie
  • natalie
  • natalie
  • Anonymous

    If 38 Degrees is “non-party political” why are they emailing and texting messages to members encouraging them to vote for police commissioners? They all represent political parties. Voting for any of them (even the independents) is a party political action.

  • Chris Hawkes

    I live in Darlington in County Durham and to vote to elect a Crime Commissioner with the limited amount of information or to be more accurate the non-existant information would have being a waste of my vote and time. Chris. J. H. Hawkes.