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Save our Bees petition hand-in

October 23rd, 2012 by

On Monday some of the 38 Degrees office team delivered our ‘Save Our Bees’ petition to Owen Paterson the Environment Secretary at the Department for Environment Food & Rural Affairs (DEFRA). Over 75,000 38 Degrees members have signed the petition demanding the government protect our bees.

Our bees are in danger, three species of bees are already extinct and others are in rapid decline. Strong evidence points to particular pesticides being to blame for killing them and DEFRA had been running a consultation into the use of these pesticides.  France and several other European countries have already started banning these pesticides, but the UK government is yet to be convinced.

The 38 Degrees petition called on the government to immediately halt the use of the nerve-agent pesticides, which are being blamed across the world for the sharp decline in bee numbers.  Within a couple of days of setting it up it had gained thousands of names wanting to protect our bees.

Backed up by the signatures of tens of thousands of 38 degrees members, some of the 38 Degrees office team headed down to hand in the petition to the consultation. Along with the petition we handed in a big basket of fruit and veg all pollinated by bees as a reminder of quite how important to our lives the bees are.

Let’s keep an eye on how the consultation reports back and keep up the pressure on our government to protect our bees.

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  • jimrubbers


  • http://www.facebook.com/michael.hargreavemawson Michael Hargreave Mawson

    Oh, dear. You meant “complimentary,” not “complementary”. 75,000 signatures, and not one of us can spell?

  • douglas for bees

    Great and very important work! As a beekeeper I know what our bees do for us! Spread the word about pollination as many people don’t understand what is at stake.

  • http://twitter.com/biobee biobee

    Pity you didn’t spell ‘complimentary’ correctly… but well done.

  • Mrs Honey

    Thanks for the update! brilliant work.

  • Beekeeper

    Nice, apart from the spelling and punctuation. That should be “complimentary”. Fullstop after bees. Capital N for “no”.

    Sorry to be pedantic.

    But on the petition: well done and keep it up!

  • http://www.facebook.com/ozworthy Andrew Varley


  • Mary

    Excellent work as usual,

  • Beelovely

    I think this is a disgrace, poor little bees. Why do people see little creatures such as these as unimportant. I think it is a disgrace and everything should be doe to prevent a further decline.

  • Michael

    Looks like it was a real buzz

  • Nick

    Actually, complementary also works, in the sense of completing. Let’s hope there isn’t a full stop after bees!

  • Anni

    I’m not too fussed about your spelling – WELL DONE 38 Degrees and everyone who signed the partition. Onwards and upwards!

  • Anonymous

    Don’t you understand? They don’t care about fruit and veg. They’re monsters.

  • Jackie

    Wonderful – well done as usual! Keep up the good work – we are all in your debt.
    Thank you.

  • John J

    It seems strange that people are getting hung up on a spelling, maybe you should volunteer to proof read in the future?

    On the contrary, I think the basket complements the petition rather well.
    Good work!

  • Annie

    Scottish wildlife is also fighting for the ban of these pesticides in Scotland and are recieving quite a bit of publicity. The Scottish Government has promised to investigate and consider a ban. Lets see what happens. If Scotland sets a presedent then there will be more pressure on England to follow suit.

  • Brian

    Well done, good work

  • Kevin Nicholas

    Well done as a lapsed bee keeper I know the problems of pesticide mortality that and the Varoa mite invasion has definitely weakened our domestic bee population to the point where ferral bee colonies do not survive so we are totally dependent on kept bees bumble bees and other flying insects for pollination.

  • Christine

    I was delighted to be part of this campaign and today I was asked by the Scottish Wildlife Trust for Scotland to support a similar campaign for Scotland and was happy to add my name to the petition being sent to the Scottish Government.

  • Annie

    Oops sorry beekeeper. I’m tired and mispelt two words.

  • Gordon Wakley

    The petition was all about Beeze, not the spelling, thanks for getting the message across.

  • Jill

    Lovely basket of fruit and veg!. But we must not forget that it is not only bees that are pollinators but other flying things . But bea the et envoys for the petition.

  • Bee Kind

    Looks like the spelling bee is out in force…

  • John

    Thank you for this effort with the bees and all the good work you do.

  • Victoria

    Fabulous, if we keep it up I might be able to grow some tomatoes next year. Well done.

  • Kenif1946

    Forget spelling it’s meaning that matters here. Bees are an important part of our welfare and way of life, even if we don’t all realise it !
    I have had dealings with DEFRA and like the organisation they were spawned by [MAFF] are a law unto themselves and once, having ‘pronounced’ upon a subject, it seems they need the direction of Government to change their direction !
    Well done for all your good work thus far.

  • theboldramie

    It is indeed arguable whether the use of “complementary” was incorrect in this instance, as its presence was complementary to the submission of the petition. However, I suspect not! :-)

  • SteveM

    How come no-one’s mentioned spelling bees? Well done 38 Degrees and 75,000 otherts!

  • http://twitter.com/ToolWielder TOOLWIELDER

    Great work .. Monsanto need to stay away from our bee’s in fact since they bought Beeologics firm back in September 2011 they would know better ….

  • Anonymous

    A Coalition in favour of bees can boost the bee population,promote the wonders of LOCAL honey-I know where to find the best but the bees have not been producing because they are eating the honey they have produced as their natural plant food has been reduced.The bee-keepers are having a tough time like the milk farmers.
    Love bees,eat local honey.

    Did you know honey is the only substance that never goes off-it is eternal and lasts forever,magical,mystical stuff-good for wound-healing too.

  • Pedant Sue – and happy to bee

    Theez commenz get uh bit repetutiv – but I liked the one about the spelling bee, in the context. Compliements from me.

  • gail

    Forget the spelling it is the petition that’s important. I think the basket of food really tells the story.

  • Scoot 617

    Let’s hope we can get through to the people who have the power to make the change. Good work 38 Degrees.

  • http://twitter.com/trishastanton11 Patricia Stanton

    Can’t believe that the ‘EXPERTS’ at DEFRA do not perceive what the future without bees means for the world! Are they really so blind? It’s not as if it’s just a few bees we have lost and in America they are losing the battle! Pray God they see sense and treat this with the urgency it demands!…and thank God for organizations an supporters like this, Well done to you all!

  • John

    Do not get too “hung up” about the spelling and grammar – the basic message is the important thing, “Nobeso?”

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=644275522 John Walker

    Nice touch! Let’s hope the minister is a whiz at knocking up a good salad!

  • judy

    Thanks so much for your work on trying to save bees. Please work lots with Friends of the Earth and other friends of bees, to make these pesty pesticide people understand the fragility of the ecosystem and the interdependence of all living things. Judy

  • http://twitter.com/ewanhenderson Ann Rosenberg

    Its heartening to know that 75,000 people have bothered to think about the impact that the decline of bees will cause a serious food shortage, and that the cause is probably pesticides and possibly even magnetic fields generated by technology. There has been no meaningful research into the cause of bee decline – but I read somewhere that someone is working on ‘robot bees’. What madness! Like bees we need to live in an healthy environment – if its good for insects its good for us. Congratulations 38 Degrees!

  • Brena

    Well done with the bees petition – badly needed. May I suggest a petition regarding the importance of spelling in our schools?!

  • Karyn Bee

    Thank you and well done !!

  • Beelover

    Thank you so much, where would we bee without people like you?

  • Jerry Cox

    The Advisory Committee on Pesticides (ACP) is stuffed full of experts with vested interests in Bayer and Syngenta, makers of the offending substances that DEFRA goes out of its way to defend. Panel members Prof Colin Brown and Dr Martin Hare supervise studentships funded by Syngenta. Scientific consultant Dr Caroline Harris works for both Bayer CropScience and Syngenta. ACP’s latest recruit, Prof Ted Lock, retired from, er, Syngenta in 2003, All as straight as a 45p-piece! HM Govt up to its usual tricks – greed before green, all the way.

  • Jenks

    Brilliant work! Nice touch with the fruit hamper.

  • liquidphantom

    Like-minded with many others on thirty-eight degrees I add, ‘All congratulations to everyone who made this petition go’. Meanwhile, I’m still wishing to understand why some garden bees appear to be killing each other. (I’ve seen this happening in my back garden).
    Is this a usual occurrence that I haven’t bee…n aware of ’til this year?
    Or, is it the pesticides are bringing in ‘mutant-bees’ that are killers?
    Could it be something like a ‘bee-cull’ carried out by the bees themselves (?) – as was the case I believe with Dolphins that practiced their killing technique on baby Sturgeons before finding out which killing method was the optimum killing method – and after that began to kill their own young?

  • collywobbles

    Yes, the spelling is important but we can live with bad spelling; I doubt we can live without bees. Good work. Keep it up

  • Raymond Langford Jones

    Very well done! Raymond

  • Suzie

    Yes, well done! It’s a sad reflection on Defra that it has to be reminded that bees are important..

    I know some people think the spelling pedants are just being pedantic and it’s the message that counts, but I do think a message, especially to those supposedly in authority has a greater chance of being taken seriously if it is presented with correct spelling and grammar – and by the way, Annie, sorry to say it, but you’ve misspelt your apology for two misspellings (you mis-spelt them, not mis-pelt them!

  • Lynne

    Excellent work! Good to know there a people out there like you, thank you.

  • Catalanbrian

    Well done. I have a small farm here in Catalunya where I grow almonds and olives plus a few other things such as cherries and peaches. Bees and other pollinating insects are critical to my crops and those of everyone else and this pesticide ban needs to be implemented NOW! No Bees = NO FOOD

  • Alan

    Well done lets keep up the pressure

  • Albanov

    Nice one, Robin. Well done 38 degrees.

  • Rencia

    good job :) ) well done !

  • Rencia

    True! Glad many of those on the top can’t either.

  • Rencia

    at* :)

  • http://www.facebook.com/tegwyn.hill Tegwyn Hill

    Well said, unfortunately it is all about making money without any insight to the future. DEFRA are probably making money hand over fist and will ignore the pleas of the people. Perhaps we should find a way of targetting the farmers to come to their senses and stop buying this “destroyer of life”. Maybe the next campaign could be to raise money to insert large announcements in the newspapers and hoardings aimed at the farmers and a step further to the government to provide farmers with information about friendly insects that actually destroy naturally the harmful ones, I’m sure they know what these are but to push it into their faces might make them think twice about companion planting, wild and meadow flowers etc., personally I find Fennel a good companian plant which attracts hoards of hover flies and ladybirds as well as Olde English Marigold.

  • June

    I thought J Cox’s point would bear repeating, just in case people don’t page down to all the comments: ‘The Advisory Committee on Pesticides (ACP) is stuffed full of experts
    with vested interests in Bayer and Syngenta, makers of the offending
    substances that DEFRA goes out of its way to defend. Panel members Prof
    Colin Brown and Dr Martin Hare supervise studentships funded by
    Syngenta. Scientific consultant Dr Caroline Harris works for both Bayer
    CropScience and Syngenta. ACP’s latest recruit, Prof Ted Lock, retired
    from, er, Syngenta in 2003…’ Can we now have a petition to get government to start to change these structures that clearly do not act in the interest of the electorate, but over and over are shown to be on the side of the corporates?

  • B – Line

    Well done! ‘Bee’s means hives!’

  • http://www.facebook.com/barriel1 Barrie Linning

    Well done Robin to you and your team 75000 signatures shows how much we all care about the Bees

  • Small West Country Farmer

    Great collective effort! Shame about the plethora of petty comments though. Let us hope the message does not fall on deaf ears, even though, as a texter might say, it is highly likely that DEFRA (anag) r deaf! Yes, I am aware that “texter” is not a proper word.

  • earthsnail

    It is not Defra, it is folk like the NFU who should know better but who’s members want easy ways to control ‘pests’ and believe what the likes of Monsanto spin them Maybe all farmers should study ecology before they get any grants.

  • Graham Damant

    Excellent effort , keep up the pressure

  • Verdi

    Thank you for helping to transform our world for the better

  • Vonder

    Well done. I, for one, am so grateful to and for the 38 Degrees Organisation.

  • michael johnson

    Well done – bees might be tiny but its demise would have a devastating effect.

  • Drakman

    Great lets just hope they get the message and do something to protect our bees, which are a vital part of the food chain in more ways than many realise

  • Amy Lemmon

    Terrific! re Mr Mawson’s comment, these are obviously not spelling bees!

  • Annie

    Well done on getting the point over. I was first made aware of this concern some 30 years ago at a social gathering and wonder now whether there is a correlation between the use of these pesticides and the fast rise in cancer – the quotation given then was 1 in 12 persons would have cancer, now we are told it is 1 in 3 – I rest my case.

  • ernie

    don’t worry to much about the poor spelling , just keep your eyes on the bees
    as someone who grow his own veg and as just invested in a polytunnel
    i know how much we need bees , and who sits and watches the bees going from flower to flower doing what we will have to do if we lose our bees,
    keep up the good work

  • Marjorie Rantoul

    Congratulations to 38 degrees and all 75000 who signed the petition to save our bees
    and literally “put a bee in their ear” Marjorie

  • Ioonah

    Thank you for representing us and all those who know nature is more important than industry and money

  • Frances

    Well done: The Government must surely listen before its too late and we start seeing food prices rise….maybe this is what the food industry actually wants? derrrr

  • Mark

    The dolphins were practising on small porpoises to kill ‘first hit’ so that they could terminate their own offspring if born with a disability and minimise any suffering to their own kin. NOT cull their own colony! It was initially thought to be man’s marine activities (such as sonic surveying) that were killing these porpoise – until a holiday maker’s video caught this ‘practise’ in practice!

  • Richard Copeland

    Nice work. The part bees have to play in our lives may be easy to overlook or take for granted, but they are vitally important to us. Well done.

  • Liz727


    PS: What is this, a spelling bee? ;-) lol

  • Linda

    Great you should be very proud each and every one of you who on our behalf, do such a fantastic job. we must look after the busy Bees, without them we would be in a very very poor state. is the government really so short sighted?

  • Stefanie Armbrust

    I think you could argue that the basket and the signatures were complementary. Although complimentary was probably what was meant… ;-)

  • Terry.

    U iz the knees.

  • Linda Hughes

    As a family who have kept Bees for the past 15 years, we have gone from six hives down to one ….. we are deeply concerned about our Bees and hugely proud of 38 degrees and the 75,000 people who took the time to sign the petition!! Our Bees are vital for the wellbeing of each and every one of us.

  • mum of 3

    splendid work. really glad I was one of those names. Thanks to you all

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Robin-Lambert/100001237090419 Robin Lambert

    Excellent…The Bees’ Knees…

  • Shoveller

    There were no big problems before they were introduced so why can’t DEFRA civil servants not use their common sense, ignore all other considerations and agro-chem advocates, ban these poisons for 2 years, as a precaution, then see what the outcome is?

  • Gilly D.

    I do wonder what is happening to our natural world. Dutch Elm Disease some years ago now a disease set to wipe out Ash trees, and also the pesticide manufactures doing their best to wipe out bees. Without trees and bees we will struggle to survive. We are putting our planet under too much strain. Taking so much and giving back so little.
    Thank goodness for 38 Degrees. It gives those of us who care deeply about our Planet a voice.

  • http://www.facebook.com/jan.funnell Jan Funnell

    The message was the important issue, not the spelling! Keep up the good work.

  • barbara

    Thank you all so much for this; I am sure there was much work involved. Would it be possible to also petition the companies which make these insecticides? I love honey and I love watching the bees buzzing around my lavender in summer. The honey in the south of france, especially the chestnut honey, is like a medicine, You can feel it doing you good. Living in London, I do’t know where you can buy local honey but I would love to give it a try.

  • Dorset Dave

    Very well done everyone.

  • Jay

    Excellent news!! makes me feel very proud to bee part of it all!!

  • Shaz

    Brilliant. Thank you so much for doing this, it can’t have been easy…..but is well worth it…..well done xx

  • Rod Smith

    No doubt the chemical companies will have bought off our legislators, we may have to wait until neonicotinoids are banned by the European Union. Should anyone think that DEFRA are not dragging their feet just look at http://www.defra.gov.uk/news/2012/09/19/neonicotinoids-bees. There is evidence that these insecticides don’t kill bees they disable their navigation system, hence hives without foraging bees and colony collapse disorder. Solitary bees and bumble bees have the same problem. Ban these chemicals now on a temporary basis if you like then if thought necessary conduct further research. The situation is serious, better safe than sorry.

  • Anonymous

    Good work! Would just like to add that you might also have given them a bunch of flowering plants. Trees and shrubs – whether fruit or nut bearing, all contribute to the planet by replenishing our oxygen supplies. Without bees to pollinate them these plants would die out ………………and so would we.

  • http://www.facebook.com/bevely.lawrence Bevely Lawrence

    Thanks for all your hard work. Where would we be without the bees!

  • Gez

    In China they have even attempted to pollinate by hand. Can you imagine us trying to do that? IMHO Monsanto is the last group I would trust with any wildlife. They are dangerous enough with vegetables. Good work 38 Degrees.

  • mrGrumpy

    Although we should not jump to conclusions it has always seemed fairly obvious that there was a causal link between the deaths of bees and insecticides. It also seems fairly obvious that the pesticide companies know their products are responsible but don’t give a damn, there is always their back-up solution to all of our troubles .. their cancer causing GMO crops.

  • Elmo

    Excellent news, well done to everyone who signed the petition and the 38 Degrees Team for taking it forward – as ever.

  • mrGrumpy

    owning the opposition is a good way of controlling it.

  • Peter

    Well done, thank you for your efforts to get those responsible for our welfare to take notice.
    I have noticed this year how few bees (and wasps) there have been visiting my garden, and the relatively poor tomato and other crops I (and my friends) have had is an indicator of how important the bees and other polinators are. I guess the severe winter and cold wet summer has made it difficult for them, so they can do without being slaughtered by insecticides.

  • http://www.facebook.com/linda.hudson.503 Linda Hudson

    thanks all you busy little bees!

  • janette

    thank you

  • Beesallgone

    I am an Ex-Beekeeper because I lost all my hives to this lot. I haven’t the heart to start again. Thank you for all your efforts.

  • http://www.facebook.com/chris.wainwright.142 Chris Wainwright

    I hope that the contents of the basket were UK produced. DEFRA need to understand that bees are essential to food security that isn’t reliant on high-carbon, fossil fuel imports.

  • mark

    well done everyone. next step anyone?

  • Kay

    Thank God there are people such as yourselves bringing the plight of the bees to the attention of DEFRA. They surely must know that without bees life would soon die on this planet. Let us hope our petition bears fruit!

  • Polly

    Never mind the spelling, i think he has got the message. United we stand.

  • Ila Scotland

    Amazing how gullible Government Ministers and Committeess appear to be, or other factors being brought to bare. Does exerercise ones imagination. But, great stuff Robin and co.

  • Ila Scotland

    Droll – well done to you!

  • Ila Scotland

    ACP- another candidate for Private Eye?

  • Mrs Bee

    Well done 38 degrees and to everyone who signed the petition!

  • Marcia

    Excellent ,well done ,hope we will see more bees about next spring to pollinate our apple tree – not one apple on it this year- not a bee in sight

  • Gruntphuttock

    Thank you, 38 Degrees!


    Please save our Bees

  • Jane

    Excellent work thank you and thanks to our precious bees! Keep the pressure on!

  • Helen

    Fantastic!! Well done to all involved and a big thank you for keeping everyone informed,

  • Anonymous

    Go get ‘em!
    Monsanto will be hard to convince since they front up GM crops that are not fertile.
    DEFRA must be made to understand our feelings…. we must keep shouting loudly!

  • Queenie

    Bees, spelling, quite a buzz.
    Keep up the good work.

  • scottish lass

    Well done and very stylish presentation too, with the basket of fresh fruit and veg pollinated by bees. Please keep us briefed on what the response was and any further actions it may be needed to take on this subject.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=530895465 Jerome Brown

    Geat that the bees have a lot of friends. We all need the bees, and each other!

  • http://twitter.com/Chris_K62 Chris K

    Well done and good work to date. Sadly DEFRA and the UK government have their heads in the sand or prefer to listen to the persuasive poison of the chemical industry so by the time they get their act together a great percentage of agricultural land will have been poisoned for many years to come.

  • http://twitter.com/Vodkatini1 Joan Sammons

    I agree, forget the spelling, the BEES are the important factor here. They are our future life.

  • Sally

    Here is a link to a short film about neonicotinoid pesticides: http://www.linktv.org/video/8123/killing-bees-are-government-and-industry-responsible

  • Anna

    I have read that the reason why the chemical industry has invented a pesticide that kills bees is because the same chemical industry is also developing GMO (genetically modified organisms) that reproduce without the intervention of bees. If that is true they are trying to completely monopolize food production: only their GMO will then be possible. And since chemical industry is the same that produce farmaceutics for health then by feeding modified food that causes desease they will have more market…I believe it is not a coincidence that US, which has allowed GMO to be produced, is also losing dramatically it’s bees. In Europe we are more resistant, we are fighting to prevent GMO to be allowed. We even had US wanting to force us to allow in their GMO products to “respect” free market. As if to allow free market we should accept no matter what. we need to stand together to stop this insanity! If they have lost their brain, we need to keep ours fully functioning!

  • Jill

    Very worthwhile campaign. Loss of bees will have disasterous consequences.

  • Angela Valentine

    When the last tree is felled, the last fish is caught, the bees exterminated, and man continues to exploit the Earth and pollutes our environment with harmful chemicals, they will find that they can’t eat money.

  • The Honey Dripper

    Bee-autifully done!It’s a huge BUZZ to be involved with an organisation like 38 Degrees and other like minded people who care.Thank you.

  • Rodney Noon

    Well done everyone. The politicians often seem to have a strange idea about what it means to represent people. It means trying to get what the people who elected you want. That is not always the same as what the whip’s office want or what the people buying you lunch are after!

  • Anonymous

    Hopefully, the British government will act pro-actively, making the future of farming, and fruit-growing, sustainable!

  • Joan

    Brilliant!!! Well done to you all!

    Just to let you know – not to put a downer on it. Nearly all that fruit & veg is summer fruit. So would of been imported and no doubt covered in all sorts of yuckie stuff. I know living in the UK it´s hard to know what season is what with the supermarkets. Just a tip for next time, why not go local and seasonal for more impact.

  • Georgina

    This is great but there are things we can all do. I am trying to persuade my local council to have Bee friendly plants put in the public gardens. (no luck so far) and my own garden is totally insect friendly.

  • Barry

    A great big ‘Thanks guys’. You really are helping to make things happen! Fantastic!!!

  • Richard

    Good stuff. As a beekeeper I know the importance of bee pollination. At least Wales has made the first step in takingg the issue seriously, now it’s time the rest of the UK caught up with most of Europe in banning neonicotinoids.

  • Boots

    Bees are so important to our countryside and food production

  • Gary

    Great, lets hope they see sense, and act with anymore delays, for all our sakes!

  • Phil Trayhorn

    Very well done! Really good news for once! Lets keep up the pressure!

  • Mike Walmsley

    Tegwyn Hill has got it spot on, he has voiced more or less what I was going to say, advertising in the press and on hoardings is the way to go, get in their faces and fetch home to the general public what the real dangers are concerning the Bee population, because most people in the UK are unaware of what they see buzzing about in the summer months are in danger of being wiped out and what the implications will be.
    Well said Tegwyn.

  • David

    Well done. You could also send to DEFRA a copy of the late Rachel Carson’s book- Silent Spring ; a very compelling account of the damage caused to wild life and the environment by the irresponsible use of pesticides in previous decades.

  • http://www.facebook.com/ian.thorsyf Ian Thorsyf

    The hive will certainly lose bees because of poisoning, be it not returning or returning and being disposed of by guard bees.
    But I think CCD is more related to the neonicotinoids actually being bought into the hive in small quantities (getting past the guards) which builds until the hive realises it has been poisoned – this is because the normal invasion by other insects (carpet beetles etc.) does not occur post evacuation. Other insecticides on the market are more destructive to bees, but these are sprayed on to crops and the spraying times can be tailored to reduce the damage to pollinators – Systemic insecticides are always in the plant – there is no escape for pollinators – it is a steady drip drip of poison and this is the new mechanism at play, one which is being steadfastly overlooked.

  • http://www.facebook.com/ian.thorsyf Ian Thorsyf

    I believe Systemic insecticide is the real issue here. Let’s not overlook this factor when forming our arguments.

  • http://www.facebook.com/ian.thorsyf Ian Thorsyf

    If you can find a local honey, you will build up a resistance to local pollen if you suffer from hayfever :D

  • Anonymous

    Well done from Louth Festival of the Bees http://www.bit.ly/LouthBees

  • Colin Cross

    Bees honey is good for a lot of chest complaints, and other medical cares, and to help get you back on your feet i speak of experience. so remember save our bees they do make a diffrence to our lives,GET RID OF LIFE THREATENING PESTICIDES NOW.

  • http://www.facebook.com/heinrich.geistreich Heinrich Geistreich

    Very nice idea with the fruit & veg basket!

  • georg

    DEFRA, unfortunately, are not blind, they know, but as they receive “silence money” from the chemical industries, for …”RESEARCH” … They are misleading the Bee Keepers Association! The earth, the plants and seeds, the water household, the animals, and humans are slowly poisoned – and that has gone on for decades!! With every year all kinds of new deseases, strange ‘symtoms’ with food intollerances – skin and astmatic conditions – - – What is DEFRA waiting for?? has anybody been prosecuted for the entirely man made ‘mad cow desease’?? and then 1000ss of healthy cows were slaughtered. Has the greed for money made our society so blind that the immoral use of pesticides continues? 38 degrees please do go on with the fight to save our children’s future – and not only the bees.

  • YingYang

    I love 38 Degrees. You enable us to have a say on issues that the profiteers would prefer to be carried out behind closed doors, without the voice of moral responsibility to curb their greed. Thank you for inviting me to be heard.

  • Martin Jackson

    Great stuff..well done.

  • Trevor

    Glad to help, keep putting on the pressure.

  • Anonymous

    For me this isn’t just a general ethical issue, important though that aspect is. I’ve grown my own veg since the 1960s, and have witnessed first-hand the decline in the number of bees – honey bees particularly; hereabouts (Gtr Manchester/Cheshire/Derbyshire border) numbers of bumble bees seem to have kept up better.

    This year, I noticed for the first time a clear reduction of the number of beans in broad bean pods. The cause of that is inadequate pollination. The cool, cloudy and soaking summer was of course one factor – keeps the bees from doing their stuff. But even on the few sunny days, the numbers of honey (hive) bees were the lowest that I can ever remember. We need to be doing what we can to turn this around.

    Appropriate changes of policy can make a big difference in a relatively short time. Even here on the Greater Manchester urban fringe, we have buzzards flourishing locally – sometimes as many as half a dozen soaring on the thermals. Not many years ago they were absent, diminished by shooting, poisoning and other methods of human intervention. Once they were protected, their numbers revived. We need to extend what protections we can to ensure a similar revival in the numbers of bees.

  • Son of Bee keeper LLD

    Br Adam of Buckfastleigh and his work can been seen a:-http://www.buckfast.org.uk/site.php?use=bees

    Buckfast queens are now kept by beekeepers all over the world. Brother Adam wrote three books about the Buckfast Bee™, including “In Search of the Best Strains of Bees” (1983), and “Beekeeping at Buckfast” (1975). In 1974, he was awarded the O.B.E. for his work.

    Br. Adam resigned from the Bee Department at the age of 93. He died in 1996 in his 99th year. >>> Find out why?

  • Paulie

    I wholeheartedly agree that bees need protection, but your representations must be credible. When you present a basket of fruit and vegetables, it is COMPLIMENTARY, that is with compliments, not COMPLEMENTARY. This is the kind of thing which would make an official treat you less seriously, which is a real shame.
    However, keep up the good work!!!

  • Abie Keeper

    How blind can mankind be? It is not just altruistic to cease slaying bees, our species has a vested interest in their future as, without pollinating insects, there would be many more hungry mouths across the world. Let’s keep up the pressure – and very well done for your efforts

  • Ray Hill

    brilliant, keep up the pressure!

  • florencebelle


  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Marta-Falco-Ainley/100000212236545 Marta Falco Ainley

    I’ve written twice to my MP, Mark Harper, over a period of nearly 2 yrs and warned him about Monsanto Ready Roundup and asked for this to be banned. No, came back the answer. The French then banned it about 9 months ago but DEFRA seems to think it knows better.

  • Marion Lock

    Excellent work. Great to hear what becomes of our signatures and petitions. I do so hope DEFRA and the government will take immediate notice and DO THE RIGHT THING – BAN THESE PESTICIDES! Meanwhile we can do something ourselves to repair the damage by keeping bees ourselves, or if this is not possible, by planting bee and insect loving plants in our gardens. We did it this year, and were amazed at the increase in the number of bees, butterflies and other insects we saw in the garden. Thanks for all your work. Marion Lock

  • Ali

    Well done for speaking for all of us bee-friendly people and for our friends the bees, who do so much for us. If anyone in the UK is interested I am a member of a bee-friendly bee-keeping group called YABeeP. If you Google us you will find that we are interested in all bees, not just the honey-making variety and there are lots of simple and easy things everybody can do to help our little friends. Enjoy!

  • Granny Sue

    When will politicians think of the futures of my, your, and their own children and grand-children?

  • http://www.facebook.com/robaskew01 Rob Askew

    A quote from Darwin: “If the bee disappeared off the surface of the globe, then man would only have four years of life left.”

  • http://gowerhoney.co.uk/2012/10/save-our-bees-petition/ Save our bees petition » Gower Honey

    [...] Visit petition news [...]

  • http://twitter.com/fosseferret Lynda Johnson

    Thanks to all organising and supporting this petition

  • Francisca Reinoso

    We should learn of their selfless work for their colony, the environment and above all
    man, so we need to help them to survive for our own wellbeing.

  • Coyley

    Thanks for letting us know. Hope our petition does some good.

  • HyppyByker

    I do my bit to help the bees in my garden by not using pesticides or herbicides and providing nectar-rich flowers all year – it’s about time the government did their bit and took note of what the people they repesent think, not what big business dictates. Once again, well done to 38degrees for giving us a voice

  • Krys

    We’d mostly be dead if it wasn’t for bees. And, honey is quiet nice on shredded wheat!

  • Sidney Harvey

    I would like to keep bees. Not for honey; but to help them survive.
    Unfortunately my wife is unreasonably scared of bees. Try as I might I cannot convince her that there is little likelihood that she will be attacked by them. How can I allay her frars?


  • Sidney Harvey

    Our Govt. spends billions on foreign aid. Much of it being syphoned off into private funds.
    Why not use some of that money to subsidise new bee keepers in our towns?

    To become a bee-keeper is a very expensive business. One must find several hundred pounds
    A little Govt. aid would surely vastly increase the number of bee keepers across this land

  • The Drone

    Bayer have a web-site based in the US (home of Colony Collapse Syndone) that was set up to offer advice to bee keepers. How bare faced is that! Naturally it has links to all the peasticides etc. that they produce.

  • VAL K


  • jonnain’twrong

    destroying life in any form breaks many laws locally and internationally…. including in nature laws………,,poisions are proved to destroy bee’s ,destroy life ! – don’t hold much hope from nwo laws though..and the goons who make them.

  • http://www.kennethcyoung.com/heres-why-we-are-losing-the-bee/ My Blogsite Here’s Why We Are Losing The Bee | My Blogsite

    [...] 38 Degrees | Blog | Save our Bees petition hand-in [...]

  • beehaveyourselfhoney

    I came across your name from Carol Drinkwater. For three years I’ve been preparing for a Kickstarter project with a BIG idea on how to help save the honey bees. Because it’s such a worthy project and I’ve done so much already on my own, I thought people would be lining up and we’d easily pass our goal. That’s not been the case. I’m running out of time and was hoping you could look at my project and give a shout out to your crowd to take a look. Anything you could do would be most appreciated!

    Gene Wall Cole

    It’s called God Save the Queen and the link is:



    Check out the video on this page. I doubt you’ll ever see anything like it again. It’s amazing at 6:54!