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Cameron Promise on Energy Tariffs

October 18th, 2012 by

“I can announce… that we will be legislating so that energy companies have to give the lowest tariff to their customers.”
David Cameron, 18th October 2012

Is this a breakthrough? Yesterday David Cameron promised to force gas and electricity companies to give all their customers the cheapest deal. Now we need to work together to turn these warm words into real action.

It’s a scam that 38 Degrees members have been highlighting for ages. The gas and electricity companies lure you in with a good deal – but then your rates go up, and the companies start offering way better deals to newer customers.

Thanks to popular pressure, David Cameron has finally promised new laws to end this dodgy behaviour. But we all know we can’t take politicians promises for granted. If thousands of us contact our MPs now, demanding the new laws are brought in fast, we are much more likely to see this promise kept.

It’s quick and easy to email your MP – just click here to get started.

The companies who profit from this scam are already fighting back. Some are even claiming that it will be bad for customers if the companies are forced to give them the cheapest deal! They’ll be aiming to get this promise watered down. We can stop that happening if enough of us move fast to tell MPs to bring in the new laws now.

We can make MPs realise that David Cameron’s promise is a popular one – especially with the weather getting colder. That will make it less likely for government MPs to support the promise being watered down. And it’ll reduce the risk that opposition MPs oppose this just because David Cameron announced it.

38 Degrees members first voted to challenge rip-off gas and electricity bills back in 2011. We teamed up with Which? on the UK’s first collective switch saving thousands of people hundreds of pounds on their energy bills. We can’t allow our bills to keep spiralling at a time when so many of us are feeling the pinch, or even struggling to keep our homes warm. If Cameron keeps yesterday’s promise it would be a big step in the right direction – so let’s put pressure on MPs to follow through and bring in the new law fast.

Please email your MP now.

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  • Anonymous

    Cameron is just trying to be a friendly to the voters PM. There isn’t such a thing as a single cheapest tarrif. A low user is better of with one and high user, another.
    It just demonstrates that Cameron hasn’t got a clue how it all works. He’s never had to look at a gas bill in his life. He probably thinks they simply show how much gas you used and a simple figure, like a receipt from a supermarket, period. They are designed to be as confusing as possible.