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October Member Poll: Results now in!

October 16th, 2012 by

Last week, thousands of us voted on what the next set of campaign priorities for 38 Degrees will be – and now the results are in! For more information on how the team sorts this data have a look at this blog.

First up the poll asked members their views on the campaigns which 38 Degrees is currently running.

It’s clear from the results below that the NHS campaign remains the top priority. Reining in irresponsible bankers and tackling tax-dodging also scored highly. Protecting internet privacy had less strong support but still nearly half of members felt it was something we should campaign on ‘a lot’.

Below is a graph of these initial poll results:

The poll also asked about potential new campaigns that members would like to see.

Campaigns to protect bees from pesticides and to stop companies like G4S taking over our police forces were both very popular with members. The 38 Degrees office team will be looking for opportunities to campaign on these issues.

The percentage of members interested in each campaign is shown below:

Some of the questions in the poll – like “If 38 Degrees had a dream, what could it be?” – gave members an opportunity to express their ideas in more detail, with some great responses! These will be analysed in the coming weeks – so watch this space for an update.


What next?
The results will determine where we put most of our efforts over the coming weeks and months. Sometimes the best opportunity for a campaign takes a while to come along, but these results mean the office team have a clear direction to follow when researching future campaign ideas.

What do you think?
What do you think of the results? Are there any other campaigns you think should be on the list? You can share your ideas in the comments section below or on our Facebook page.

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  • Stephen Mason

    I suggested the following additional campaigns:

    Supporting legislation to allow assisted dying for anybody with a terminal disease or with any condition that in their own opinion makes life not worth living

    Campaign for the controlled legalisation of all drugs – not because we think that taking drugs is a good idea but because the “war against drugs” inflicts untold harm on millions of people worldwide.

    The campaign on the police should prioritise opposition to the politicisation of policing through the elected police commissioners as well as opposing privatisation.

    I didn’t prioritise the football campain but suggested that, If taken up, then it should be widened to read “demand that all sporting authorities properly punish players and spectators who display racist or homophobic behaviour”

  • David

    All the environmental problems that we are facing, water shortages, global warming, desertification, loss of polar ice, extinction of species, pollution and many more are all driven by overpopulation. My suggestion is a petition to the Westminster government to issue a statement of concern and to take steps to limit the human population.

  • Brenda

    Not an earth-shattering problem, but how about tackling the problem of ticket profiteering by a tiny group of powerful agencies? Tickets sell out within minutes online, often to organisations aided and abetted by the primary seller, who will then take their cut of the inflated prices reaped on secondary sites – in which they have a financial interest. The system as it stands is hugely loaded against the ordinary buyer, and can sometimes result in much-wanted tickets being shredded by the secondary seller if they find themselves unable to resell them at a profit. Add in large additional “booking fees” charged for essentially doing nothing, and you have a system built for spivs.

  • Anonymous

    Isn’t it time to ask everyone on 38 degrees to sign my epetition about the links between govt. ministers and private healthcare providers.
    Could you also put an NHS tab on the top of your homepage as the NHS has consistently been the top of your list for action. No point having an action centre that nobody can find.

  • Carol

    Tax dodging is high on our list. Currently in the news is the scandal of Starbucks paying little or no corporation tax. Instead of a petition, how about about asking us to sign a pledge that we will not use Starbucks again until they begin paying their tax. I will be using Costa from now on!! I think, for Starbucks, watching the profits walk would be the most effective thing we could do.

  • Anonymous

    It would be interesting to know how many 38 degrees members use Starbucks. I never have.

  • cal

    Great campaigns. How about we start one demanding an explanation as to all the activity in our skies. Our skies here are criss crossed constantly by aeroplanes and the vapour/contrail/chemtrail stays there all day!!! I have asked the local MP Robin Walker for an explanation, but the answer that I got from parliament was to find out where the planes were coming from and he would investigate!!! How the hell do I find out where the planes are from, they are plain silver with no markings!!! He also stated that they were Atlantic flights, no they are not, no atlantic flight turns a full circle and heads back to where it came from. If they are so concerned about our environment, surely they would be tackling this and giving me a satisfactory answer a least – So, how about it? :)

  • Elle

    Well sadly I do use Starbucks. I don’t actually like coffee at all and theirs is the least painful way of getting my milky caffeine breakfast. Now I do have a dilemma……

  • Elle

    I agree that we should be campaigning for assisted dying as above. This is a great idea. I don’t think we should worry about racism or homophobia in sport. the FA and other sporting bodies should sort it out themselves. They know it happens, they have the millions to throw at the problem. Let them get their own house in order while we support the real important issues in life like bees, assisted dying, privatising parts of the police service.

  • Anonymous

    Oh dear. How about while you are having your Starbucks coffee checking up on the internet to see how little Branson pays in tax!
    Or signing up to my epetition to look at the connections between govt. ministers and private healthcare providers.
    For every Starbucks coffee you have, you have to get one other person to sign up?
    Just ideas…..or you could give up Starbucks cooffee and take a flkask to work?

  • Anonymous

    I agree about assisted dying.
    9 months ago my husband died from a brain tumour. He had been diagnosed in September, operated on in October, had radiotherapy in November/ December and died in January.
    On January 1st he went to bed and never got out again.
    He had signed an advance directive 5 years ago to say if he was in that situation he wanted no intervention. He stopped eating and drinking much as he was choking on food. It took 3 weeks for him to die.
    This sounds like I wanted him to die, but I didn’t. He just did not want to live the way he was, but had to do the same as Tony Nicklinson, just give up eating and drinking. It was horrible to watch.
    The govt. will not have a debate on assisted dying, but on the Department of Health website there is a page asking doctors to identify the 1% of patients they think will die this year. They are then expected to discuss with them if they have all their affairs in order, and if they have or want to sign an advance directive. At the moment the end result of this could mean many old people starving and dehydrating until they die.

  • Anonymous

    Someone on the website said that he did not mind Circle taking over NHS but Virgin was evil. I cannot find the reference as NHS stuff is all over the site.
    Could it please be organised better, as we all think the NHS is the most important campaign.
    On The Green Benches blog, there is mention of Hinchingbrooke and the fact that there have been no accounts put on the website for over 6 months.
    There is also an article about the amount of money spent on locums in each PCT. My own has spent 4.4 million pounds. It is a Virgin PCT. If you look on the GP website, you will find ads for locums to earn up to £1000 per day.
    This is absolutely appalling. GPs are leaving in droves to become locums, because they get the pay without the responsibility.
    Please sign the epetition to examine the links between companies such as Virgin and Circle and govt. Ministers. This is the only way that this will be brought up in parliament. Unless you all know of another way?

  • Anonymous

    38 Degrees sent me an email to say that they could not ask members to sign epetitions about the NHS.
    Yet I have just received an email from them with a link about the epetition to save badgers and saying that 150,000 of us signed this petition.
    Double standards here I think, particularly as over 90% of us want something done about the NHS.

  • Derek Johnson

    How about a campaign against the next large waste of public funds coming shortly to your house, namely the introduction of so-called smart meters. These allow the electricity supplier to remotely disconnect you, and potentially to have even more complex tariffs than we have already. Economy 7 will look like child’s play by comparison. There is also a real possibility that some hacker could black out large areas of the country by cracking the encryption system used to control the meters.

  • Anonymous

    I hope you have all seen the Channel 4 Dispatches program tonight about Virgin Care.

    If not please watch it, then sign up to my epetiton,

    Virgin is not the only company involved in the wholesale destruction of the NHS.

  • John Rowley

    Don’t be ridiculas – it is only frozen water. It is the water in the atmosphere being compressed by the plane that it turns to ice. The ice will stay until it melts. Why make an issue of it

  • cherry pie kid

    What steps is 38 Degrees taking to assure itself and us contributors that it will remain totally separate from any political party, group or affiliation ?
    Also, are you listening out for unusual clicks on your phones ?

  • twinklecad

    why can’t we get a petiton calling for a vote of no confidence in the government, as all they want to do is tax us to death literally and lie to us. we want real people doing real jobs in charge, not lying money grabbing con artists.

  • twinklecad

    wouldn’t it be great if 38degree s became a political party. then the country would be run decently and all the big companies would pay full tax and we realise that increasing fuel duty cost’s jobs something labour and tories can’t understand or won’t.

  • Badger

    Unfortunately, the electorate cannot call for a vote of no confidence. It would have to be by house of commons majority. Even then, there would be no election as the opposition would instantly be given the chance to form a government. Of course, if there is another no confidence vote in 14 days…
    Essentially, you want Cameron out? You will need to get very friendly with a lot of MP’s!

  • twinklecad

    well a few years ago an mp did tell relatives that if 10% of the electorate call for a vote of no confidence then they have to accept it and deal with it, but i am not sure how true this is,

  • Badger

    It’s down to the fixed term parliaments act of 2011.
    Cameron couldn’t even call for a snap election…