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Jeremy Hunt: Adverts

September 6th, 2012 by

Here’s a message he can’t ignore! Jeremy Hunt has only been in charge of the NHS for a couple of days. But already an amazing 105,000 of us have put our names to a people-powered warning for him: we will work together to block any new threats to our health service.

Now let’s prove we really mean business, and put our message where he really won’t want to see it. Can you chip in to splash our warning to Jeremy Hunt across a full-page advert in the Daily Telegraph or Times?

It costs at least £35,000 to get our advert in a prominent full page spot in one of these Conservative-leaning papers. If enough of us donate in the next 24 hours, we can be in the paper on Tuesday morning. Can you make a donation now? Click here to see the powerful advert and to make a secure donation.

Like most politicians, Hunt takes what he sees in the papers very seriously – particularly papers like the Times and Telegraph that support the Conservatives. Checking the papers will be one of the first things he does on Tuesday morning. So if enough of us chip in, we can make sure he comes face to face with us while he’s having his breakfast!

Lots of 38 Degrees members were worried when they heard that Jeremy Hunt was the new Health Secretary. He’s known as an ally of Rupert Murdoch and a fan of privatisation. He may feel tempted to use his new job to do favours for the big private health companies. Our advert will act as a powerful warning: we’re ready to challenge threats to the NHS, and we put our money where our mouth is.

Can you help make it happen? Please donate what you can, and tell the new minister in charge of the health service that our NHS is not for sale.

Would you rather the advert appeared in the Times or Telegraph? Once you’ve donated, you’ll get to vote on which you’d prefer. So please make a secure donation now.

What do you think of the mock-up ad? It’s still being finalised, so please share your comments and feedback below!

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  • Gay Lee

    It’s good but it needs some specific suggestions as to what he should do – see my earlier post.

  • Vicky James

    This comes across as a little bit sinister, and not particularly hard-hitting either. Too unspecific; would be better hinting at where he’s gone wrong in the past – and do we want someone like this in charge of the NHS?

  • Ross

    I like the format but I think the message should specifically appeal to what he actually cares about. Hint: I don’t think he cares about us, the NHS or what we want. I’d like to point out to him that if the conservatives are remembered as the party that abolished the NHS then the british public will never forgive them and they will never be elected again in his lifetime. But pithier, obviously :)

  • Marek Lichtarowicz

    ‘Our NHS is precious and worth protecting’. I also believe that it offers ‘best value’. I would be happy to consider private or other sector alternatives if I thought that nationally they could do any better, but frankly I don’t. Anyone who claims that they do should present their argument for scrutiny.

  • Ruth

    take out the coma between precious and

  • Lizzie

    Because of the image with the hands which is a strong photo then I suggest a comment such as ‘safe in your hands?” and/or ‘We don’t intend to be left empty handed’ Probably the latter because I’m pretty certain it’s not safe in his hands and I wouldn’t like to suggest that it might be…..

  • Andrew

    How much of the money your supporters donate will go directly to the charge for the poster to be published? I get the feeling you started this site off as a genuine method of requesting change in government and now see it as a way to line your own pockets!

  • Francis O’Neill

    Think we should have the Nye Bevan quote if possible in there- the NHS will last as long etc. Don’t think its worth being too specific at this stage though as the devil will be in the detail anyway.

    Thanks for all you are doing to keep up the pressure and preserve what we can until we get rid of this bunch. Will make a contribution to help.

  • Anonymous

    Weak headline.

  • Simon

    Looks like you’ve got a rogue quotation mark after ‘harm’

  • http://www.facebook.com/drew.northcott0365 Drew Northcott

    I would agree with that wholeheartedly

  • Huw

    “We want Britain always to have…”

    Quite a few Times and Telegraph readers will tut over your split infinitive and write you down as ignorant illiterates. Don’t give them the excuse.

  • Ken Fisher

    To be pedantic, and many telegraph readers are, (see letters page!) I don’t think they would approve of “to always have”. They’d call it a split infinitive,I think. Otherwise it’s good.

  • Mark

    Have these right-leaning newspapers indicated that they will accept your advert? If not do we get our crowd-fund back?
    This kind of ‘hey lets all just do this!’ is where cracks open up and in years to come its discovered someones frittered away or run off with a load of dosh. A little hazy I think so I won’t be joining in.

  • Jeceris

    His image is as a shallow, self serving opportunist, as typified by his immediate reaction to his new job – “What a privilege” – I.e. what a feather in my cap. He should be warned that this will not wash where the NHS is concerned . It’s not about his wonderfulness, it’s about the future health and welfare of the nation. So tell him to drop the smug grin and learn how to look, and act, like a proper government minister.

  • gfi

    Use a proper photo. The font/style looks illiterate. Is this a joke or serious? Nye Bevan quote definitely. Please don’t make us look as ridiculous as them Puerile style. THIS IS TOO IMPORTANT

  • Ed Brown

    I agree, I think (as much as I despise the man) the message should be more along the lines of: “listen to what the medical profession and the public have to say and what they think about the NHS. Don’t make the mistakes of your predecessor”.

    I feel that his appointment is a stop-gap move by Cameron and his party until the next election and that legislation is likely to be stalled because they know that going into an election with any sort of NHS angle in their manifesto will be election suicide.

    Also, Telegraph live blog a couple of days ago had this on Hunt’s appointment: “The comments section (see below) suggests that Telegraph readers are largely unimpressed with Jeremy Hunt’s appointment as Health Secretary”.

  • ES

    Hands off the NHS?

  • Kira (brighton)

    Sort out the split infinitive in the second sentence. Add a sentence giving an action point(s) about what he should be doing. If they accept it, have the ad in both worthy organs.
    as opposed to not doing.

  • Kris

    …plus by the looks of it there’s a lone quotation mark at the end (unless it’s a smudge on my pc screen).

  • morpethian

    The image is great but the text is too focussed on 38 degrees and not on the NHS – 100k people watching you isn’t really a massive threat – best to focus on what exactly he’s being warned about – I like the Hands off our NHS below, or if the point is not to privatise then something about that should be said.

  • Kris

    Not high enough impact. If you’re spending £35,000, it needs to be harder hitting/attention grabbing in my opinion, both the headline and narrative.

    Keep up the good work though folks!

  • Paul

    Great cause but my concern is that broadsheets like The Times and Guardian a read mostly by affluent readers who wouldn’t give a damn about the NHS. Jeremy Hunt or any government bod for that matter, will just brush aside such an add. Great cause though, just think the attack might be more effective if the add we’re directed at readers who are more likely to need the NHS. If the people who can’t afford private health care stop voting, the government is screwed! The affluent, those who can afford private health care, will always vote conservative.

  • Pauline

    As I live in the South West I would like to see the word NATIONAL emphasised (for example “… we want Britain to always have a National Public Health Service …” as the health workers in the South west deserve to be paid the same as similar workers (i.e. a national wage/salary), AND the patients & users of the National Health Service deserve their tax payments to be used for a service as good as the rest of the country.

  • Lee

    Agree about the headline – why should he care if we are keeping him under observation – what about something like – “Do you want blood on your hands” or to be less melodramatic, what others have suggested – hands off the NHS. Great idea and I wholeheartedly support the cause, and have donated (though would be interested in what happens to the cash if the ad doesn’t go through, but would agree the emphasis is too much on 38 degrees.

  • Terry Underhill

    Why not suggest he makes a start in the right direction by stopping the plan of regional pay differentials, which is just a way for the treasury to save money by cutting wage bills.

  • Purplejulia

    It should be ‘on which we can all rely’! But I agree it needs to be far more specific – and I like the ideas of using ‘hands’ in the heading.

  • George

    “We want Britain to always have a not-for-profit public health service…[etc]“

  • http://twitter.com/mikegalsworthy mike galsworthy

    I just wish that the letter were more intellectual and hard-hitting from a factual angle. So we don’t come off as passionate but dumb.

    How about something like:

    “Dear Jeremy,

    At a time when the world is increasingly turning to models of universal healthcare due to both moral and economic reasons, fundamentally dismantling the NHS would be both daft and dangerous.

    For 60 years, the NHS has cared for all our citizens, whereas in the States, countless families are economically crippled by health worries and medical bills. That’s why the NHS is a national treasure.

    As you begin your new job as Health Secretary, with no relevant experience and dubious healthcare beliefs, bear in mind the strong bond between healthcare professionals and the public. You are under close observation.

    Signed by xxxxxxx members….”

    Something like that.

  • Toby

    Should we also mention his alleged belief in in the discredited practice of homeopathy? Or is this too divisive an issue?

  • ray

    I support 38 degrees wholeheartedly but strongly dislike this poster. It looks comic, puerile even – the issue is too important to lower the tone is this way. Its lack of specifics suggests we have no argument, just a general sense of grievance. The NHS is profoundly fair, one of Britain’s very finest achievements (as celebrated in the Olympics) and superbly efficient – a fact confirmed by a study published in the journal for the Royal Society of Medicine.
    The medical profession, the actual experts here, are strongly opposed to what is happening. I may be in a minority, but would personally prefer serious, evidence-backed points to emotive fluff.

  • Anonymous

    This government are determined to continue where Thatcher left of -despite promising NHS was safe in their hands what a joke ! They must be stopped or we will end up like America where 50 Million have no health insurance, and if you require treatment for cancer you end up bankrupt before your treatment ends.

  • Lenore.

    I think it is too general. Should point out that this government will be remembered as the government that dismantled the NHS and that the system they are introducing is the one that has failed abysmally in the US.

  • kevin

    Our NHS is……OURS, and not FOR SALE

  • Tom Austin

    -Let us start-up a collection to help keep the Barkley brothers in the manner to which they have become accustomed:kick things off by throwing £35,000 at them and then have the three and a half thousand, or so, donors go out and purchase a copy of this advert as a keep sake, yielding yet more money for the ‘Safe the B-Bros. Fund’
    -Hunt is this, Hunt is that. (??) Hunt is a Conservative, doing what Conservatives do. If we don’t like that, then perhaps we should not vote Conservative. Not that voting for New Labour instead will help the NHS.

    There is an old tale about an employee of a big firm who does no more for his money than walk about, clip-board in hand.
    There certainly is a world of difference between ‘looking busy’ and actually doing something.
    What could £35,000 achieve if it were not chucked into the maw of the Daily Telegraph?
    I have my own answer, but as it is a simple question I shall leave you all with your own notions.

  • http://www.facebook.com/ceri.williams.79 Ceri Williams

    I love 38 Degrees, I really do. However, do we really need to be giving Rupert Murdoch £35k? Wouldn’t that money be better spent elsewhere? Or at least saved for a time when Hunt does something really stupid.

  • http://www.facebook.com/ceri.williams.79 Ceri Williams

    I totally agree.

  • http://www.facebook.com/heather.sidery Heather Sidery

    The adage;”If it works, don’t interfere with it!”, applies to the NHS and the mindless damage done, for some time. Appropriate reforms maybe, but not to this extent. The public is discerning and will certainly act if this interference persists.
    Heather Sidery

  • Anonymous

    Sorry but you are not getting any money from me until you ask all 38 degrees members to sign up to the epetition on an NHS referendum

  • Jim

    I don’t want to give £35,000 to the Murdoch empire, so will not donate money that may go to the Times.

  • Ffinlo

    I agree. If we’re taking out a full page advert, the open letter should really be the central piece — determined, rigorous and popular (as in capturing the ‘common sense’)

  • David

    The ad needs to point out that we are suspicious of him because of his behavior re. BSkyB and the Murdochs. ( Just a thought, why was Cameron prepared to promote him when Leveson’s report might make him regret it? What has Hunt got on Camerron?)

  • Tom Austin

    Thank you CW.
    I do have something in mind that would guarantee success in the short-to-medium term. Success with regard to the ‘struggle’ to free the NHS from the fell hand of Politicians, and in many other ares of present concern.
    -A concerted effort should be made to encourage all those with the right to vote to register to do so and for them to proclaim that they will vote come the next General Election.
    Granted, this would be a difficult end for a particular pressure-group or social-network-activist-grouping to achieve, but it is the one thing that will work.
    Posters on tube station platforms, bus stops:anything and anywhere to get away from the BBC and it’s ‘Public Service’ Guff.

  • D. Fitz

    I agree with the previous remarks criticizing the vagueness of the text & image of the poster. I’d also like to point out that the typeface seems uneven, which creates an impression of immaturity.

  • Les

    Having made a small donation, I would like to add my two-pennyworth. The photo is ideal for Have I got News For You, or some other light entertainment panel show, but not appropriate I think for the serious intent behind this initiative. I also think that the text to go in this advert should be very carefully considered, in order to capture the support of the ‘common’ people of this country, who will potentially be most affected by changes to the NHS. Some useful suggestions have been made by other contributors on the way to go. Can we not aim for meaty content with a little gravitas, rather than throwaway punchlines?

  • Les

    The photo is ideal for Have I got News For You, or some other light
    entertainment panel show, but not appropriate I think for the serious
    intent behind this initiative. I also think that the text to go in this
    advert should be very carefully considered, in order to capture the
    support of the ‘common’ people of this country, who will potentially be
    most affected by changes to the NHS. Some useful suggestions have been
    made by other contributors on the way to go. Can we not aim for meaty
    content with a little gravitas, rather than throwaway punchlines?

  • brendaS

    I like the idea of an ad, but would the money be better spent on
    advertising 38 degrees’ work to attract more members to support the NHS
    in particular.

    I certainly do not want any of my money given to a Murdoch paper – ever!

    The above idea for an ad is too tame, for this supposed ‘listening’
    government. We should focus them on how they act now, not what they may
    be remembered for…it will be too late then. I don’t understand the
    concept of “history will judge us…” we live in the now. After the fact is too late.

    More like, as you start your new job we are going to be permanently on
    your case. Listen to the people, or watch out, you may not keep your job
    for long!

    and with that picture you have you could have a caption that says “that’s right, Mr Hunt, ‘hands off’ our NHS”

  • David Rogers

    1. Add a few of Mike Galsworth’s words … but keep it very short. Every additional word reduces the number of readers who will read to the end and truy get the message.
    2. Use “… always to have” instead of “… to always have”. A grammatical error really would lessen the advert’s weight in old-Etonian (and quite a few other) minds.
    3. Remove “any further”: to the impartial reader it suggests that the writer is pre-judging with a mind already made up.
    4. Sign it simply “102,285 people”, with 38 Degrees mentioned only in small print in a footnote. This should be seen to be a real attempt to communicate, not primarily an advert for 38 Degrees.

  • Lynne Reid Banks

    If in a posh paper it’s important to get the grammar right. “…always to have…” is better than ‘to always have’. That’s called a split infinitive and educated people hate it.

  • corkyjim

    Yes, I agree with many of the comments here. The ad would be appropriate for Have I got news for you or Private Eye, but we need to get across a serious message. I think the ad should be reworded and have a different image. A rethink is in order here.

  • RN

    Great idea. Great ad., But I would like to include some specific reference to our opposition to the creeping (and not so creeping) privatisation currently taking place. I know the ad emphasises ‘public’ but I think it should also, or instead, emphasise our opposition to PRIVATISING the NHS.

  • Doris

    While I support everything you stand for I’m not in a position to make a financial contribution to all causes.

    Might I suggest you put the imagine on the internet for FREE?? Facebook/Reddit/Twitter By paying for printed press are you not lining the pockets of the elite?

  • Barryt Fearn FRCS

    I believe that this advertisement misses an opportunity to make it clear that the present day “business ethic” has no place in the management of the NHS. Competition, doing down the opposition by fair means or foul, is what has been the recent maxim for commerce, as has hoodwinking the customers (viz. banks, loan sharks, building societies, insurance companies and politicians of all parties).
    Please make it clear, in this advertisement, that management, business people and politicians do not understand the altruism that is being lost from the profession of medicine as a consequence of the introduction or profit and commercialism. The NHS should be the sole provider of state-funded medical care..

  • hrs

    I agree wholeheartedly with the comments advocating more gravitas and although there is a place for split infinitives, this is not one of them. “Our country deserves a public health service we can all rely on” sounds fine.

  • Carol

    I agree with many of the comments here. I don’t feel the photo is appropriate and should be something more serious. The ad should emphasise our opposition to the privatisation of the NHS – private companies profiteering at the expense of taxpayers.

  • Steph

    Okay, I can’t donate because of a DNS lookup failure… and the rest of my webpages are opening up just fine? Traffic overload, or something else?

  • Steve

    The image seems a little goofy and frivolous for such a serious message.This is a warning to Hunt that he is under scrutiny – we shouldn’t be encouraging people not to take him seriously. He is a serious threat.

  • Dr. Marta R.Zabaleta

    I have arrived as politcal refugee in 1976 and I would like the NHS to b keep as it was then, for I am most grateful to its staff for looking after me and my family so well on our arrival and everafter…

  • Anonymous

    I’m afraid they can ignore it. The Gov can do exactly as it likes and doesn’t give a toss about us. Hunt – Dracula in charge of the blood bank.
    The 100,000+ epetition re. the sell of the the NHS bill was ignored.

  • alan robinson

    The message should remind him of wipeout at the next election.

  • Glenys

    I am so grateful for what you are doing, but, PLEASE do NOT split an infinitive in something that includes me! “We want Britain always to have” or “we want Britain to have…. always” please.

  • Richard Holt

    “We demand” not “We want” and PLEASE don’t split the infinitive. Always to have. It will make a big difference to a lot of people. Donation to follow.

  • henry parr

    Pointless. It doesn’t say anything. Why should he pay any attention to this? Do you think he doesn’t already know that people will be keeping an eye on anything he does to the health service? Of course he does! Why not have the letter as it is but some statement of policy underneath – some indication of what we want / don’t want him to do. Maybe we think he knows already but it still should be there. (And having a picture of him looking silly is frankly childish, and gives the impression that we havent got any serious point to make). The whole thing looks like the work of a ranting idiot!

  • Hannah B

    It should mention the fact that he has stated his approval for dismantling the NHS and his praise for USA-style insurance schemes. People have to understand what this govt is all about.

  • beeb

    “Hands off Hunt!”

  • Nik Mitev

    Care to make a suggestion of how it should look like?
    I’m sure the team will take up a good idea and use it. Lots of good critique in the comments but no help towards actually putting the text together.

    We should make a contest of sorts – where everyone can suggest a text for the add, and people can vote for their favourites.

  • PTB

    he has stated in the past that he thinks the NHS is irrelevant. Coming from a private health care person that is rich in many ways. The vast majority rely on it for all their health care and cannot afford private care or the insurance needed to buy it.
    I agree with Ross though. we have to make sure he realises that he will never be forgiven for abolishing, or trying to abolish, our NHS. OURS not his or the Tory party’s NHS.
    But after his appalling job as Culture secretary, I am pessimistic if this man will listen to anyone but his Tory buddies.

  • Faith Hope Charity

    “….upon which we can all rely” (along with the other grammatical errors already mentioned).

    However, I agree with the previous comments and do question the wisdom/efficacy of this particular ad campaign.

    I have been extremely shocked by just how many people are STILL blissfully unaware – both before and since the passage of the Act – of the changes that are being, and are yet to be, made to OUR NHS thanks to the ConDem’s NHS Act.

    Too many people are completely oblivious to the reality of what is going on – even distracted by the recent flag-wavery of the Queen’s Jubilee and the Olympics. Unfortunately, many people will become aware that their NHS has been stolen from under their noses only when they find themselves or their loved ones stuck at the back of a very long queue.

    I thoroughly object to supporting the Murdoch Empire – especially as I have signed many petitions to help bring it down. Indeed, I wonder if the ad would be more useful if placed in a newspaper that would actually be read by those whom the changes will directly impact – and who will have the impetus and power to make a difference – rather than by those who can afford not to need to give a toss (and who may pass it off with a guffaw).

    I think that something that would educate the masses and really bring home to them what is actually at stake here AND make them NEED TO VOTE in the next election (and let them know that voting is perhaps the only way to make a difference – unless they join 38 Degrees, of course!! :-P ) – and wonder about another street-ad campaign – or even LOCAL newspapers – which many people do enjoy reading and which might make it seem “closer to home” and, therefore, more “real” (although I do understand that this might have less impact in other ways and an ad in a national newspaper is far more impressive. Maybe there might be enough to run both?).

    I like Nik Mitev’s idea of running a competition for coming up with/voting on the best slogan/text. I saw a brilliant phrase that someone wrote during the lead-up to the NHS Act and I would like to mention it here – with apologies for not remembering the person’s name, giving them credit or being able to ask their permission first: The writer was referring to his dismal, and very moving, experiences of the Health Service in the USA. Placed in slogan format, it could read something like this: “We don’t want a Health Service that checks people’s bank balances before it checks their pulse.”

    Please also remember that Hunt is just the fall-guy. He will be ousted as easily as Lansley was and – with Jeremy’s track record – he has probably already reached the tail end of his useful shelf-life within the Tory party. (Political parties are well renowned for eating their own young, are they not …?)

  • Adrian

    I’m happy to have supported this campaign, but I do think that’s the wrong image to use. Presumably we want a positive response, not a negative one. Jeremy Hunt is almost certainly sick of that picture by now and I cannot imagine that he’ll respond warmly to it. Why not use one that reminds him of something more positive and that shows that we recognise his position, whether we agree with it or not, and are looking for him to do the right thing? Otherwise we’re just throwing him a disrespectful threat. Not particularly in the spirit of the NHS.

  • mike

    Agree about the bad English…

  • Anonymous

    I think I may agrree with most about the giving money to Murdoch angle. I have already donated, but I think perhaps …. how many billboards in central London (and as clsoe to parliment as possible) could we get. Could afford to mix it up a bit with some different messages then, plus we would reach a wider audience (and I like the idea of him seeing them wherever he goes)

  • http://www.facebook.com/michelle.colebourn Michelle Colebourn

    I completely agree… I must be totally out of the loop – 35K? Good grief! I appreciate this advert also tells others in the country that 38 degrees exists… but in this instance, I think it would have been better to land the printed version of the signatures on his desk… than throw that ridiculous sum to a newpaper for a rather weird advert. Sorry 38 degrees… I won’t ever donate for this sort of thing.

  • M3ta

    This man supports homeopathy, and wants to cut the abortion limit from 24 to 12 weeks based on his religious beliefs. This would all be fine, if he wasn’t in charge of the health service, a service which endeavours to improve quality of life based on scientific evidence.

    Either he needs to stop bringing his personal views to bear on the health and liberty of this country’s people, or he needs to find a new job. Is any action being taken along these lines?