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Jeremy Hunt: Protect our NHS

September 5th, 2012 by

Breaking news: Jeremy Hunt has just been given the job of Health Secretary, replacing Andrew Lansley as the government minister responsible for the NHS.

From day one, let’s make sure he knows how important our NHS is. Let’s deliver him a huge open letter, signed by thousands of us, telling him that we’ll stand strong to protect our NHS. Let’s make it clear we’ll challenge him every step of the way if we need to.

When we reach 100,000 signatures, we’ll take out a full page ad in The Times – Hunt’s favourite newspaper – reprinting the letter in full:

“Our NHS is precious, and worth protecting. We want Britain to always have a public health service we can all rely on.

As you begin your new job as Health Secretary, we want you to know that we’re watching you. We’ll challenge you every step of the way if you try to do our NHS any further harm.”

Jeremy Hunt has heard of people power before. He’ll remember 38 Degrees members as having helped stop Rupert Murdoch’s takeover of BSkyB.  He’ll know that he should take us seriously. But he might not know yet how determined we are to protect our NHS.

Hunt’s track record as a cheerleader for Rupert Murdoch and enemy of the BBC doesn’t inspire confidence! But Hunt also knows from his previous job that people power is a force to be reckoned with – so let’s remind him that now he’s health minister we’re watching him even more closely. 


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  • Rob


  • Anonymous

    The statement is not nearly strong enough. You are asking him not to do any more harm, when most of the harm has already been done by Lansley.
    We want to get rid of competition in the NHS; we want it to be free to everyone at the point of need. We want to get rid of CCGs and keep PCTs so no money is wasted unnecessarily on reorganisation.

  • Scott

    Did you know that our new health secretary believes in homeopathy?
    Have a look at http://moteprime.org/article.php?id=31 for an updated piece of blogging on this.

    This needs to be watched as well.

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  • Gay Lee

    Have a look at this from the latest email from nhsManagers.net – it gives some very constructive ideas which JH should be persuaded to use. While we continue campaigning for the return of our NHS, we need to mitigate what’s going on right now with these suggestions -
    ‘It’s impossible for him to unpick the Health and Social Care Act but he might try and make sense of it. If I may have the temerity; four pieces of advice come to mind.

    First, persuade GPs it is their own interests to form bigger CCG groupings. They won’t like it but it is obvious to us all; they are too small, CSS’s will suck power away from them and the Carbuncle’s outposts will jump all over them. Explain to the GPs there is nothing to stop locality commissioning. If you can get to 50 CCGs, the management cost allowance cap will neuter ideas of bureaucratic sprawl. Ensure Docs are in the driving seat, with a proper strategic board. It will give you a chance to dump Carbuncle outposts and CCSs and stop power being sucked into the centre. It makes sense and saves money. Don’t be bounced, take your time. Get it right.

    Second; get a grip of Monitor. It is turning into a small country with a budget to match. I am by no means satisfied they know what they are supposed to be doing. Their consultation documents wander into areas of health insurance and other stuff that is none of their business. (Here’s an analysis of a hopelessly complicated example provided by a reader, they are clearly floundering). Get them in; read the riot act, slash their budget and change the Chief Executive, he looks bewildered.

    Third; tear up the draft Mandate and try again. It is too detailed, too cumbersome and definitely too long. Try the ‘one side of a piece of A4′ rule. Focus on quality, quality and quality – the rest will fall into place. Almost all quality improvement comes from simplification of design, processes and procedures

    Fourth; write to every NHS employee and tell them the three things you really want to achieve. Kill the stories about you on homeopathy, abortion and hospital closures by having the courage to say what you really believe in. That way people will believe in you. ‘

  • Anonymous

    It’s not impossible to unpick it. All we need is a referendum to restore the NHS to pre Lansley ideals.

  • Alan

    Much as I think it is important give Mr. Hunt a heads-up that many people would view his elevation to Minister of Health with some suspicion, I do worry that much of the damage to the framework of the NHS has already been done. Opening all areas of the NHS to bids from “any willing provider” mean that we already have examples of what I see as fragmentation – For instance, Virgin Care Ltd running an Oxfordshire GP centre. I am feeling rather at a loss as to what to do to reverse these what I see as detrimental changes….

  • 3arn0wl

    The thing that worries me the most is, in the style of
    “The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel”, the CCGs will start farming out
    procedures to other countries, as a cheap, readily available
    alternative. I’ve seen nothing to stop them… If so, it really will
    be the thin of the surgery wedge in the UK.

    The pressure really has to be kept on the government regarding the NHS.