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Climate bust-up

August 1st, 2012 by

Right now, there’s a big political fight raging about the government’s plans on climate change. George Osborne is trying to tear up vital climate targets. Unless someone stops him, he could make it almost impossible for the UK to play our part in tackling climate change.

Nick Clegg could speak up and stop this happening. He’s made countless public commitments on climate. And he’s the only Lib Dem who might have enough power to block George Osborne. Together, we need to convince him to act.

So let’s move fast, and flood Nick Clegg’s office with messages telling him to do the right thing. We can prove that thousands of us want him to stand up to George Osborne and hold firm on tackling climate change.

New businesses have been waiting years for the government’s green light to fund more jobs and cleaner, safer energy. Now, they could be sidelined by George Osborne’s demand to fund more polluting gas plants. The decision could go either way – but if enough of us back Nick Clegg, we can make sure the government makes the right choice for future generations.

Since 38 Degrees started, we’ve been telling politicians to protect our climate. Back in 2009, 1000 38 Degrees members had a conference call with Ed Miliband to tell him we wanted real progress at the Copenhagen climate summit. And just last week, we emailed MPs on the climate change committee and persuaded them to speak out about the latest government plans.

So far, our pressure has paid off. So now let’s do the same again to stop George Osborne tearing up our climate targets.

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  • Anonymous

    38 degrees. You really need to look at the bigger picture on this one. Whatever we do won’t change the worldwide problem at all as we are one of the least polluters. All we are doing right now is forcing our industries abroad, thereby weakening our economy and EXPORTING our carbon emissions to places like China, India etc who are busy building coal fired power stations by the dozen. George needs to protect our economy. How are we going to save the world when we will need saving ourselves.

  • Anonymous

    Could you be a bit more specific?! I’m sure many of us could manage a little more detail.

    We could simply urge Clegg and Cameron (and Miliband!) to back DECC, the Committee on Climate Change, and the Energy Select Committee over Osborne and Treasury interference.

    More specifically, you could mention the existence of the Energy Bill and ask for it to be made as strong as possible.

    Or we could campaign for specific details like including a decarbonisation target in that bill.

    While not everyone has the time to learn the details that NGOs are aware of, 38 Degrees should make some effort to tell its members what policies their efforts are in support of (and how the parliamentary process works).

  • Sinned

    Well said losingthewilltolive, in addition to this the public will pay much more for its energy and that further squeezes the wider economy. If as usual GB toes the line we suffer because others do not contribute or follow the rules, in any case some studies say our carbon target is unrealistic may be even unattainable.

  • Anonymous

     This was reported earlier this week http://www.telegraph.co.uk/comment/columnists/christopherbooker/9434114/The-Government-plans-to-break-its-own-climate-change-law.html
    They are keeping it very quiet but they haven’t a clue really.
    Also, http://www.telegraph.co.uk/comment/9416805/MPs-have-no-idea-what-the-Climate-Change-Act-means.html
    It is amazing that a whole government department was formed on very shaky so-called science. No wonder DECC are trying to hang on desperately to what they have now – they want to save their jobs! Explains why they are deeply influenced by the likes of RenewableUK. Since when should our energy policy be decided by Greenpeace and the wind industry? Surely engineers and people who really know what they are talking about should be up there in the decision box!  It is integral to our whole economy and no matter what we do to cut carbon emissions it will not effect the rest of the world.
    Trouble is, our wonderful government has gone so far down the line of backing so-called green projects that they risk being taken to court if they put a step wrong. We are being held to ransom by people who really don’t know what they are talking about.

  • Jorgen

    It is unbelievable how it has become “standard knowledge” that the climate change is humanly generated. More than likely: it is NOT! And who says Gas plants are polluting? They are the least polluting of all energy plants! Our attempts to change all energy production to “green energy” is a disaster that will cost the UK its competitiveness through pushing industry into countries that don’t care about green energy and result in all of us paying 3-4 times as much for energy (heating!!) in 5-6 years as compared with today. You are welcome to look at my blog with some interesting data on
    http://saeftinghe.blogspot.co.uk/ May and June 2012 and Dec 2009.
    38Degrees campaign to support Clegg and green energy shows exactly when “People Power” becomes dangerous.