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£25 million of savings

May 11th, 2012 by

Some good news. We’ve just got the results for our people-powered bid to get cheaper gas and electricity prices. The Co-op has come forward with the cheapest offer. And it looks like those of us taking part could save a grand total of £25 million.

The winning tariffs from Co-operative Energy will be £1,048 a year for the average household if they pay by Direct Debit, and £1,144 a year if they pay by cash or cheque. This means that on average people who have signed up could save £119 if they pay by Direct Debit, or £182 for those who pay by cash or cheque.

200,000 households will be offered an average saving of £123 a year. An estimated 35,000 households, currently on the worst value tariffs, could reduce their bills by over £200.

This proves our plan to use our shared buying power to drive a harder bargain can work. But it’s also great news that Co-operative Energy – a newer, smaller and more ethical supplier – managed to offer the cheapest deal.

The Co-op offered us a better price than giants like British Gas. Maybe that’s got something to do with their different business model – they don’t pay their bosses whopping bonuses, and they’re keener on green energy. When thousands of us switch over, we’ll send a signal to the huge, profit-hungry companies: gas and electricity customers are taking their power back!

This all started last autumn, when 38 Degrees members first voted to challenge spiraling gas and electricity bills. Thousands of us discussed what we should do. Together we came up with the idea of using our power as customers to try to get a cheaper deal. So we teamed up with consumer experts Which? and “The Big Switch” was born!

Since then we’ve worked together to build momentum. We’ve signed petitions. We’ve forwarded e-mails to our friends. We wrote to our MPs and local papers. And thousands of us signed up to take part and switch supplier. [4] It looks like all this hard work has paid off.

This is a great step forward – and a real challenge to the power of the gas and electricity giants. But let’s hope it’s just the start. This is about more than some of us saving money – it’s about making sure that everyone can afford to heat their homes. For now the weather might be getting (at least a little bit) warmer. But there’s still a risk that too many families will struggle next winter.

So next time someone tries to tell us there is nothing we can do about gas and electricity prices, we’ve got a very convincing answer! We know that by working together in the last few months we’ve saved UK energy customers up to £25 million. And we know that if we keep working together, we can do much more in the future.

Do you have any ideas about what we should be doing next to help bring down gas and electricity bills? Share your ideas and see what other members are suggesting below.

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  • David Ivens

    Well done on the Energy initiative. On a different note, I think we need to be very suspicious of the move towards a cashless society. The recent initiative to introduce a patch to go on one’s mobile whereby one can pay for small cash items, is to my mind the beginning of a bad trend. I don’t want a society where every transaction is monitored by someone, and more importantly, will eventually no doubt cost me a transaction fee. Trust in the morality of our banks is rightly at an all time low, and I no longer trust them in their headlong greed to control every aspect of the money system.

  • Sylvie

    I missed out on the gas and electricity – BUT I would love to do something about the insurance for driving for the elderly.  I am 87 yrs. with no claims.  My husband who now doesn’t drive did claim.   I have tried to have him taken off the policy but Saga says it is best to leave him on – so his claim goes against me. They charge me £690 per yr. for the 12.00cc I run now BUT I have to change to automatic because I have snapped the tnedon in my shoulder – They are asking for £900 now.   I am having to look round before July but don’t know where to turn.

  • Douglas_mccormack

    The best way of reducing our Gas & Electricity prices would be to stop subsidising useless windmills and pointless carbon capture technologies. We need to get a real energy policy and not pursue a ridiculous CO2 mitigation policy that will, even if you accept there is any meaningful truth to Climate Change alarm, have absolutely zero effect on global emissions.

  • Kevin Ceney

    The co-op may be cheeper with a good buisness model (i support the co-op in many ways) but they are not green at all . In fact the % of money they re- invest on renewables is one of the lowest. where as Ecotricty is by far the highest.
    CHEEP IS NOT ALWAYS THE BEST. Its time we started looking at real long term issues and not just money in pockets.

  • Nihola

    Great work on battling with the energy giants and having some results.. however the next question on how can we bring gas and electricity bills lower still.. is to not accept this as the final deal- 123GBP is not that great a saving in total bills for a year. We either need more people join in to bargain a further reduced price or hope that the big companies start to miss the revenue coming in from 200.000 households and thus reduce their prices in bid for customers to return to them.. here’s hoping that by sticking together we can cause a stir in prices being lowered further.

    My next thought is to what it is going to cost each household to transfer energy supplier.. are there hidden fees to change from one supplier to another?

  • Christine

    Great work! For the next step, how about forcing private landlords to insulate their properties? Private tenants suffer from the most poorly insulated homes (compared to social tenants and home owners), and there is nothing to make their landlords (many of whom are charging huge rents) insulate them to a reasonable standard. We won’t tackle fuel poverty or climate change without addressing this.

  • Paul Smith

    the best way of saving energy is NOT to consume it. I would suggest a campaign to improve awareness of the value of insulation in the home. Perhaps, like here in France, a system of tax credits for the installation of domestic insulation and solar water heating and more efficient boilers could be promoted as a means of encouraging less profligate energy use.

  • John Sensei

    How about us doing the same for petrol & diesel prices?
    Something has to be done, it’s the biggest rip off ever!

  • SJO

    Turn to Solar panels and the mass generation of electricity.  Capture resources that are natural and already in production.   Perhaps that is the reason the government turned its back on this idea and made companies who had invested heavily in its installation suffer trauma and loss by cancelled ordersd due to reduction in tarifs paid out.   Each house hold benefits by solar power and its electriciity bill reduction even in the winter.  This enpowers people to make changes and cut their bills.   Governments seem to like people on benefits asking for help and handouts.

  • Teresajohnstone24

    Does this also mean that it will benefit people on prepayment meters? I’ve looked into this so many times and been told that, sorry but we can’t help you. To have the meters removed will cost a lot of money so it’s a catch 22. Any ideas?

  • SJO

    Totally agree with you.

  • Andrew Stothard

    This is a great result, I’d love to see as part of it a commitment from the Co-Op NOT to charge a standing charge for electricity. This impacts single- and two- person households in particular; before I moved to EBICO over a third of my monthly electricity payments were taken by standing charge!

  • Ville

    It would be great if you could include Ecotricity in the bunch (disclosure: I’m their customer). They invest heavily in building new wind turbines, they are a small and ethical company, and although they have to match prices with “the big six” in order to be able to invest in building green energy sources, I doubt they would pass the opportunity to offer a good deal for thousands of new customers.

  • Nigel Hewett

    I am interested in the fuel costs for my parents both who are in their 80′s. My concern is, like other energy supliers and in fact every company that offers these super-duper whooppee-Do ‘deals’ is, is the ‘cheaper’ bills just a six month tempter and the after the six months it then is more expensive than your last supplier?
    In regards to the comment by David Ivens about a cashless society – I like the idea but am against it. I like it becasue the elderly and the vulnerable will not get mugged for their cash, but the elderly either do not understand or have access to online banking and shops. Why does society assume that every household has access has all these fandangled things. My parents are fortunate as I do a lot for them online but not all elderly have that luxury.

  • Ghb359

    What happened to your NHS campaign ? – It is incredible that the government is refusing to publish the NHS assessment of Health and Social care Risk Register. How dictatorial and opaque and secretive is this government. Everyone must campaign to have this published. Please organise the action and us.
    Godela v. Xylander 

  • Peter Hutchinson

    One simple thing that could be done would be to require all energy companies to display their predicted costs in a standard, simple common format so that we could compare prices properly. Currently it is a massive exercise to try to see if savings are available, and this means people don’t risk moving their supplier.

  • Tim Melville

    Big companies like Tesco don’t pay tax in this country which is immoral. Employees are having to work longer and have reduced pensions. I would like 38 Degrees to campaign for companies like Tesco to pay thier taxes in the UK.

    Tim Melville

  • Mr J.T. Arthur

    I am already a Co-op customer and pay by direct debit but haven’t been notified of any price deduction yet or does it only apply to new customers?

  • Clivejones

    If you want good pure ‘green’ renewable energy try GOOD ENERGY, they claim to only sell the real thing.

  • Auriol

    You could negotiate, if not with Co op, then with someone else for a home insulation scheme based upon a schedule of rates that would be very advantageous to the house holder.

  • D Cross

    Let’s build on the success of this campaign. Let’s stop gas companies hydraulic fracturing for shale gas. GAS FRACKING WASTES AND POISONS OUR DRINKING WATER.

  • gerald

    How about getting Dale Vince to stop taking advantage of the good will of all us people who care enough to use renewable energy. If Ecotricity can afford to spend £k’s on propping up a football club, they can lower prices and put their product in the reach of more people.
    To the person on a pre-payment meter: when changing suppliers you can sometimes persuade them to take it away in order to get your business.  If you are moving to a premises that already has one, make clear you don’t want it when you choose your supplier and tariff.  They ALWAYS cost more – avoid switching to them.  

  • R. Griffiths

    The first tier of gas and electric prices should be at a level low enough for people to heat, light and cook for their families in financial comfort.  Successive tiers should be at dramatically higher and higher prices to discourage waste and to make those causing damage to our environment pay dearly for their selfishness. 

  • http://profiles.google.com/nickson.martin Martin Nickson

    Insulation is the key. The problem is that insulation can be expernsive, and some people dont like the ‘disruption’ it causes. This often puzzles me, as people will put up with weeks of ‘disruption’ to decorate (paint, wallpaper etc)  but wont insulate. You can insulate in stages.  We   internally insulated a 120 year old Victorian house that had no cavity walls and did it room by room. The savings and comfort are spectacular and it cost about 120 pounds per room, which we have saved in bills in under two years.

    However, I know there are people who cannot afford to insulate fully or live in rented accom. The ideal situation would be for 38 degrees to launch a campaign to get landlords to insulate to an acceptable standard (somewhere above current new build regulations) or for Govt to start a really effective project to insulate our housing stock house by house(which would create jobs and reduce carbon and help lower income families and individuals). However in the absence of this at the moment,  the key is in remembering that insulation is about layering and controlling air flow (not eliminating!) . So draft excluders, wall hangings and curtains can all help. Also things like tinfoil behind radiators can help (although in some houses its better to let a wall become heated as it acts as a heat sink). Caulking windows and that plastic shrink wrap stuff also work (although using plastic is problematic).. …

    But the real key lies in action on a massive scale by Government, so I would suggest another 38 degrees campaign!

  • R H Wright

    Well done. But it shouldn’t be necessary shoould it? Why should people have to band together to get a proper price. Companies must be made to treat their customers fairly. Charging extra to pay by cash doesn’t seem very ethical. I am a co-operative member and it seems to me that the mistake they make is getting people with supermarket or energy experiece and trying to turn them into co-operators ratherthan getting co-operators and teaching them the business. Thus you still get many of the same old marketing and pricing tricks. The only company I know that charges the same rate to all customers no matter how they pay is Ebico (Equigas etc). Unfortunately they may use Southern Electric as their provider. By the way who do the co-op use? Wouldn’t it be better to deal dirctly with them?

  • mbrindley

    great news – guessing we’ll get an email in due course to tell us how to sign up / breakdown of the kwh charges etc. in due course? thanks for your hard work 38 degrees!

  • Mark

    No, I support Dale Vince on this one.  I already purchase both electricity and gas from Ecotricity.  I’d be mightily miffed if they started offering cheaper rates to people signing up to a ‘switch’ scheme, especially when they also would have to pay £40 to the scheme to fund that.  I would be the one being ripped off to fund others savings and to fund the Consumers Association.  Hell – I already subscribe to Which? and that’s expensive enough.

    My supplier has always promised to make their rates simple and transparent.  If they joined this scheme then they would no longer be simple & transparent.  Simple.

  • Nicholas Dove

    It is possible with some suppliers, to elect for electricity generated from renewable sources, which I have done, but the price I pay for electricity still goes up when the price of gas to generate it goes up. As my electricity comes from wind power or other renewable sources, why does my bill go up? Surely there is a possibility of challenging this in the courts, when the justification for the price rise is the increased price of fuel. The cost of wind does not increase, so surely there is fraud, or at least misrepresentation. Is it possible to get a judicial review of this?

  • Margaret

    Very good news. Perhaps you could start a campaign to encourage people to dry line the outside walls that can’t be cavity filled? The other thing you could do to encourage less use of gas and electricity is to do what the Japanese do, i.e. warm the body, not the room. More Sarah Lundt jumpers and thermals in winter. 

  • Teresajohnstone24

     Hi Gerald, I’ve tried several companies over the years and always get the same response when it comes to removal of the meters. One company said that they’d replace the electric meter free of charge but wanted in excess of £200 for the gas meter. I’m a loan parent who works full time but I’m on a low wage and simply don’t have that kind of money lying around. I’d certainly never choose to have these meters…they’re a rip off! Thanks for your advice though..hopefully it’ll help somebody else along the way :)

  • Mikehendle

    I would like to switch but British Gas say I will have to pay them £70.00 per utility to cancel,that’s a total for me of a £140,00,being a pensioner that is to much for me.

    So I’m sorry I will not be able to take part in your campaign for cheaper electricity and gas

    M Hendle

  • http://twitter.com/mentalese Howard Noble

    until now, price is just about the only device we have to persuade people to consume less energy. price is of course a very bad tool for persuading people to consume less since it tames  the poorest and barely touches the richest. i am not 100% convinced this is a worthy campaign for these reasons. if you’d campaigned for a supplier that would offer increasing block tariffs i.e. the more you consume the more you pay (you could even give energy away free to say 10% of the lowest energy consumers (by house type and occupancy)), then I think we’d see progress on equitable sustainability. as it stands it just looks like consumers demanding yet more. there needs to be give and take on this issue. sure, let’s hammer the freeloading fat cats who’ve cornered a captive market but we are all complicit in this over-consumption game.

  • Alis Hobbs

    I wonder what the impact would be if every south facing roof had photovoltaic panels on it? Since so much energy is lost during the transmission process, using myriads of homes generating  a least a proportion of their own electricity could only be a positive step forward. Sure, we’d still need large power stations and a national grid, but both in terms of ensuring a continuity of power supply, and in terms of providing employment at the moment, this would make sense?
    I’d much rather see public finance being used to do this, which supports individuals AND wider society, than having money spent on yet more motorway widening….. This could really make an impact on families energy costs!

  • melmel

    Could try going on a fuel strike.  If everyone decided to not use their gas or electric for 2 days a week that would hit them in their own pockets.

  • Robert Stephens

    Hurrah for the Co-op could they or another company do the same for Solar Panels now that the Government have decided that the feed in tariff was too generous or was it too successful.
    My recent quotes (April) for a 4kw system £8500 – £9800 are far too expensive to be affordable.
    There must be a company out  there who would like to fit 150000 to 200000 systems at a much reduced rate not to mention other sources of renewable energy, windmills, ground heat source etc.

  • John

    Excellent. Everyone qualifies for loft and cavity wall insulation, but not if they have a flat roof. I’m an architect and have had a reply from the Minister of State, via my MP, which confirms that the government is not considering financial help to fit board insulation to flat roofs. A large proportion of post WW2 property has them. ‘Upside-down’ insulation is effective, applied from outside and extends the life of existing roofing: Corning make a board made from ground-up glass. Factories and warehouses could also benefit. Can we take up the cause? 

  • Boozomatic

    Could you please post your data to support your statement for UK based fracking operations ?

  • Robert Parkhill

    How about setting up a 38 Degrees investment fund for the development of alternative energy sources, especially wave power?  It would work like a co-operative unit trust and 38 degrees subscribers would commit to £10, £20, £100 per year for, say 10 years.  This should build substantial funds for research.  Co-op Bank could administer the fund and the direction of research could be put in the hands of academics who are beyond the influence of politicians.

  • 492christine

    Our next bid should be to get something for consumers that will help us to drop consumption. That’s the quickest way to cut your bill so could we get a mass deal for electricity monitors? I already do as much as I can but I don’t have a monitor. I borrowed one from the library and it’s a real eye opener to how much you can save by turning things off. It should be obvious but there’s something about watching a monitor that really helps to focus the attention. The whole family went around switching off different things to see what happened. My halogen spots in the kitchen have just got to go…..

  • David Llewellyn Foster

    I’d like to see unequivocal (local) government support for methane capture from landfill, cooperative biodigesters for farm waste, green waste and food waste, all as part of an integral cycle including composting and coppicing, together with small scale wind generation systems, microturbines on all water systems, wherever the potential exists and more solar tiles…a lot of small scale efficient renewable technologies will be not just equivalent to but better than large scale centralised plants that are really out of date.    Moreover those technologies are part of the global nuclear weapons complex and the excessively destructive extraction and waste storage complex.   Renewables are better, cheaper and more efficient, and less likely to destroy lives and environments.   The other related challenge is to reduce coal use worldwide.

  • David Fradgley

    We’ve been using Utility Warehouse for our energy (and phone and broadband) for over 10 years now. They have been and are consistently better than other suppliers and give us more than any others for our FIT. We would be mad to change. See ‘Which?’ if you don’t believe me. For your pensioner – they also give up to £200 towards termination fees.

  • Colin

    Perhaps 38 degrees will now consider encouraging supporters to sign up to a mass moving of bank accounts to the Co-op (with a donation to whatever good cause supporters deem appropriate by the Co-op for each new account opened)? The Co-ops’ ethical policies and business model put all the major banks to shame.

  • guest

    Why isn’t this available in Northern Ireland? I’m forced to deal with Calor Gas, a monopoly supplier of LPG who charge in the region of £800 to fill a tank. If I have central heating on for an hour in the morning and evening and occasional one-hour “boost” (which is never long enough to heat the house and keep it warm) I’m lucky if the tank lasts me eight weeks. And their customer service is appalling. 

  • Barry Hammond10

    This might upset some of the greenies in here but remember I also support the vast majority of green causes. There is one cause however that I do not support. Paying extra for CO2 emmissions. The debate does appear to be over on this one, not because the sceptics have lost the argument, but because they gave been silenced. Ever hear a sceptical scientists on prime time TV lately? I can assure you there are thousands of them waiting in the wings, far more qualified than those who are guilty of perpetuating the greatest scientific fraud in human history. I appreciate that when someone has bought into the notion that rising CO2 levels will cause a major catastrophe it becomes difficult to accept any other view. But think hard about where those views came from. Did they come from Richard Lindzen, probably the top climatologist on the planet, or did they come from the Met and the BBC?

    We could help to save thousands of old folk from dying in the future by exposing this fraud and in the process cut our energy bills dramatically.

  • Kenhaslam69

    organise a petition to renationalise energy and water companys to stop the foriegn banks and companys from ripping us off

  • Visitor

    Interesting that I noticed Co-op energy was absent from the Which? survey of top companies.??? And also there were different numbers of people questioned for each company in the survey, so not exactly a fair comparison. The top one having the least number of people questioned! Hmm…    But I am with Utility Warehouse for gas + electric and don’t pay a standing charge, which works well as away quite often.

  • ProstheticHead

    These anticompetitive lock-in fees are something that really should be a priority for the 38D campaign in my opinion. They keep prices high by removing competition and damage collective bargaining such as this project.

  • Christina Palfrey

    There is a special tariff for people who are old or sick, but this is not, I think, generally known. It needs to be publicised more!

  • Stella

    I agree with GBH359 that we still have a lot to do on the NHS campaign. From personal experience I can tell you that the NHS is going downhill rapidly and the privatisation is now going ahead.

  • Gkwaling

    I amn glad you were successful in getting a better deal for gas and electric supplies but I live in a village were there is no gas supply could you consider getting a deal for electric only  suppliers ?

  • Tmbrady36

    i would like to see a campaign to build more council homes 3 million to combat the greedy landlords.
    this would also bring some sence to the private sector to get more stable mortgages for those who wish to buy.
    councils are the best way to house the lowpaid.
    this will also help the welfare bill by keeping the cost low.(rents under control)
    remember everyone can afford to rent a council home but not everyone can afford private renting or to buy

    mick b.

  • Wenda Sturrock

    I am not happy with this campaign. It has just encouraged the idea that a specific group of new customers can benefit from a low price offer. It does not help the most vulnerable people. Why are you not campaigning for a low cost for the people least able to pay. ”
    £1,048 a year for the average household if they pay by Direct Debit, and £1,144 a year if they pay by cash or cheque”. Who pays by cash or cheque? My guess is the old and those with no bank accounts – i.e the vulnerable and the poor.

    What are you priorities? You seem to be helping the people who can help themselves.

  • Scorpiogayle

    Congratulations on demonstrating the  power of the people!

    Now for those of us who live in rural areas and through no fault of their own cannot take advantage of the Gas and electricity reductions, can we now concentrate on domestic OIL prices which have doubled in the last 3 years!

    In February 2009 domestic heating oil was 34.5 pence per litre, and in March 2012
    it was 69.5 pence per litre.
    Please help us too!  We don’t have gas here in rural Cumbria!

  • Concerned Scientist

    Well done 38 degrees!
    As a scientist I am extremely concerned about the intentions to increase the use of Fracking in the UK. This is a fithy process that can and has in other parts of the world, caused huge environmental problems. Not only may it cause earth tremors as reported but the bigger unreported problem may well be the contamination of the UKs water table. Once it is contaminated that is it, there is no going back. To me this is madness especially in the light of the fact that the UK is apparently suffering a water shortage due to a low water table. Once again I feel the big companies/corporations are being allowed free run without proper long term considerations that are extremely important to the UK public. Is it possible for 38 degrees to get an independant review on this matter?

  • Jurgen Schnafflehauer

    Fantastic news.  How about targeting Banks & Insurance companies with a similar campaign next?

  • Joy

    I live in a small village with no gas. We use propane bottles (not suitable for tank) for hot water and very limited heating, due to cost now. Calor have taken over all the suppliers in my area, and unable to find any other supplier. Our cost has gone up by 40% in last 20 months.
    Does anyone know if anything is being done to look at this, as they have a complete monopoly and unregulated as far as I know?

  • Marjorie arnold

    we signed up with the co-op 1 year ago after sickening price rises and LIES and CONS with scottish power. we did this because we reasoned that even if our bills turned out not to be much cheaper we were at least with an ethical company who didn`t pay huge bonus`s to directors and also because it was BRITISH OWNED.. WE THINK IT IS APPALLING THAT ALL OF OUR ENERGY IS IN THE HANDS OF FOREIGN COMPANNIES . we have over the years slowly had our country stolen from us and put in the hands of overseas giants who do not have our welfare at heart.
    i hope that this will send a message to our government, but i doubt it, they will trumpet it as their achievement.
    by the way, at the same time as we transferred our energy to the co-op, we also tranferred our banking to them and are totally satisfied.

  • Leevanjackson

    This is all very good, but money isn’t the whole point. I just used the savings checker and it showed a possible saving of £123 annually. Trouble is I am currently on OVOs green energy plan – this is 100% renewably sourced electric, once that’s factored in this tarrif is the cheapest to the planet!

    Lee Jackson ( Waterlooville, Hampshire)

  • Concerned Scientist

     Would you please post your data to support your inference that this method is NOT a hazard. Where in the world has it NOT caused problems?

  • Concerned Scientist

     Wow that is outrageous! If that IS the case we should get onto this asap as it would bring in huge revenue for the British public. I

  • http://www.facebook.com/ewa.lee Ewa Lee

    Could you post the actual price per unit you have negotited with the Co-op  please? I haven’t signed up to the original campaign and I would liek to know if it is beneficial for me to switch. Quoting “average savings” per household is not really eanough information to make an assessment.
    Thank you 

  • Concerned Scientist

     I totally agree. This is SO important. This again infers the Govt is more about doing right by private health care/pharmaceutical corporations than the UK people

  • Ziggy

    O hear, hear! I see British Gas are already warning of an increase in prices for next winter – and this is partly to take into account the cost of CO2 emissions & the subsidies to wind farms. Wind is NOT the way forward – another fraud which despoils beautiful landscapes. Let’s hear it from the sceptics, and let’s have an informed debate.

  • Ziggy

    Engergy prices increasing, despite your current campaigning – partly to pay for the rip-off that is wind. Why has no-one turned their attention to building regs? builders won’t build energy-efficient homes until they must; but where’s the legislation to make them? Photovoltaic panels should be standard; lo-flush toilets also; a system to trap rainwater for re-use, and recycling ‘grey’ water. And that’s aside from insulating new-build properties! ALL new council homes should be built thus.

  • Saddlecrazy

    Insulate, insulate, insulate.  Install heat recovery ventilation.  Afterwards, no bills!

  • Hel

    Re keeping energy costs down……I’m fortunate to have a woodburner, and usually a free supply of wood, so have been relying on that rather than my central heating for the past two winters. Even so, the npower gas bill is still too high !  In addition, I am currently arguing with them about /kw price, as they reduced their price(token!) mid-quarter, but did not read meters, so they have randomly apportioned more kw at the old, higher price for that quarter’s bill….. I will be very relieved and glad to switch.  
    Thank you 38Degree Team, but I do agree with other postings and think there is some danger of the 38Degree campaigns becoming a bit “elitist” or maybe “specific” would be a better adjective.  

  • Nemo

     did you sign anything that stated this?
    I had to have a BT lind line in order to switch onto talk talk. BT would only agree to give me a line if i stayed with them for a year.
    A month after joining i switched to talk talk, BT sent letters moaning & saying they’ll take me to court.
    i asked, did i sign any agreement…& after a bit more moaning, they’ve left me alone.

  • Bob Hill2cv

    I suggest that everybody goes to Mail Online look up Alex Brummer’s article on the way both our political parties have sold off all our power to American owned equity funds and their huge rip off salaries.The same applies to nuclear power E.D.F. , Eon etc. etc.
    It’s not just pricing ,we know it’s a rip off ,basically because the price regulatory system is not fit for purpose, a sham.
    The power and gas companies in the States are so tightly regulated that most states have had prices frozen since the mid ’90′s,and it’s only recently that the New York Public Services Commission increased prices between 4 – 8 %. The N.Y.P.S.C. was established in 1907.We need a similar system here with that kind of power,excuse the pun ! That’s why the American power companies are here, no real control here at all.Again it’s one of the reasons why two of our power companies are having a poor time there,because they can’t do what they do hear in hikeing up prices willy nilly without any public discussion,justification,build ups etc.etc.
    Check out N.Y.P.S.C.’s procedures,it’s applicable to power and water etc. all public authorities, well worth it ,it shows how retarded out systems are here ! and nothing in the public interest !

  • John

    Exactly.  Average Savings means nothing.  How much per unit or gas kwh? Is it comparable with dual supply?  The talk about larger proportion of electricity from renewables is guff — we get the same supply whoever we are invoiced from.

  • Sue G

    We would have participated but are on a business tarrif.  Is there nothing that businesses could do help reduce power costs?  We’ll be checking out the Coop’s business deals anyway, just in case they are better then our present supplier.
    Keep up the good work!

  • ed

    We did participate but can’t see a link to this new tariff anywhere…. anyone have any ideas how we actually switch?

  • Stanthea

    What about the likes of folk like me, that don`t have Gas and have to rely on Heating Oil is there no way of bringing the price of that down?

  • Anonymous

    Good news – my arse.

    recieved your email this morning regarding the big switch.

    checked with EDF  and it turns out the edf tarrif is 15% more expensive
    than the one im on at the moment if this is a close second i cant see
    myself saving any money at all.

    How is this good news ?

    While any effort to stop customers being ripped off is to be aplauded.
    I had put great hopes in the 38 degrees / Which campaign.

    I sit here utterly disappointed by the result and by the way you have chosen to package this as a victory.

    Think you might have blown your own trumpet a bit early.

    I saw on whichs blog they were using terms  like
    a market-leading energy deal
    something that was cheaper than anything else on offer
    we succeded- because im guessing both 38 degrees and which  have’nt succeded at all .

    The figures dont lie and using our
    time and energy to now treat us like idiots  it just makes you seem as
    dishonest as the energy companies themselves.

    If people are as annoyed as i am,
    once they get their tarrif details on sunday 38 degrees will have lost a
    lot of good will – mine included. 

  • Tom

    Yes, the people who can be bothered to find cheaper prices and work to get them. Too many “something for nothing” people out there that expect everything handed on a plate and done for them.

  • Tom

    We have enough council houses and privately rented houses given to lazy dole dossers! We certainly do NOT need anymore council houses, we need people getting off their backsides and getting a job, any job, and not buying things or having children until they know they can afford it. People need to learn to be sensible and bear the brunt, not have everything handed to them on a plate.

  • And baba makes 6…

    Oh is THAT why I didn’t get an email (even though I participated and thought I was included), because I am unfortunate enough to only be on electricity here, same as you there is no gas supply to our village, which obviously is not under my control…. Thats not good or fair!

  • Ria Brennan

    I’m not old but am sick (well disabled), I don’t know anything about it so totally agree!!

  • Jinny Thomas

    Congratulations to the Co-op for this initiative, and obviously the Co-op is a good ethical company. But why not just go with the firm “Good Energy”, which sells both electricity and gas, and whose electricity is 100% renewable, and defiinitely with NO NUCLEAR ENERGY used ?

  • http://www.facebook.com/alison.allan1 Alison Allan

    Well done 38degrees! 
    What happens now? Do we contact them or do they contact us?
    My suggestion for the next initiative is water.

  • Anonymous

    the plot thickens ……..

    “Which? has admitted it will charge the winning energy companies £40 for each customer that switches to the deals on offer – a figure based on the need to cover financial risk and campaign costs. If 30,000 customers switch to the Co-op, Which? will make £1.2m.”


    ever feel you’ve been had ? i do 

  • Colinandjb

    No Email about this yet! what is the price per kwh?

  • Sharon

    Hi Joy,  Like you we live in a rural area (Cumbria) and same applies.   I think we are just not even thought of and also works for things like Broadband etc!!  I would love to know if anyone is in our corner and if they even recognise we exist?

    Happy to become an Ambassador – that seems to be it …………….

    Best Wishes

  • margaret higgins

    i still feel that the goverment should consider the british people for a change and not give money away to other countrys, the money that they give away should be used to  set up a gas and electic company for british people.  All the opitions we have for gas and electric is owned by other countrys all over the world so once again our money is going out of this country

  • Sharon

    Hi,  Have now just responded to Joy re same thing.  We also live in rural Cumbria and all of this does not even work for us – anyone listening out there please?

    My other half is also our Voluntary Rural Broadband Champion and same thing applies, needs and reality of Rural places – we are NOT London – thank goodness.


  • Mariesblades

    I have just purchased a ‘Wonderbag’, a marvellous idea similar to the hay boxes our forebears used to cook the Christmas Ham in. It cost £30 plus postage and packing and for every one that is bought the company gives one free to a family in Africa. It is claimed to save a household 30% in energy bills To save my going on I will give you the link to the website so you can check it out http://nb_wonderbag.com .  I hope you will all agree with me that it is great.  So far I have used it in several recipes for casseroled, soups, chilli, bolognaise. See for yourself. 

  • Bp0

    I’m all for switching to the Coop- they’re good company and although not the greenest, they’re better than many others. But the whole premise of the campaign was wrong- the big 6 and the small suppliers all buy their gas from the same international market, and price rises are driven by the fact that gas is expensive now that we’re importing (because the North Sea is running out). The real switch we need is out of expensive gas and into efficiency and renewables: onshore wind is as cheap as gas and solar costs have fallen by 75% since 2008. Efficiency is even cheaper, at about a third of the price of coal, gas, etc. We need to switch to energy suppliers that help us cut our energy use to keep bills down!

  • Tim Redding

    Been a member of the co-op energy nearly 12 months already and initial savings of about £70.

  • John

    “Onshore wind is as cheap as gas”  what a joke. There is only enough wind strength for between 25 and 30% of the time and at unpredictable times at that.  It needs a force 7 wind to give the claimed power and that doesn’t happen.  Hourly charts are available on the Met Office website under Observations.  And the cost of these things which are desecrating the countryside are charged on your electricity bill — not itemised and for whichever invoicing company you choose.  And you get the same electricity who ever you pay for it — you don’t get a personal supplier to your house!

  • Grasbys

    My supplier is Ebico, cheaper than the CO-OP offer.  The CO-OP site is typical in that it refuses to reveal the price per unit, why?

  • guest

    I don’t want to mess about with changing my supplier and always looking for a better deal.  If someone gets a ‘good’ deal – someone else is paying for it with a higher tariff. I just want to pay a fair price.  I have picked what I consider the most ethical suppliers and am sticking with them.  

  • Andy Wheeler

    I’m a supporter of the Co-operative and think they are great, so please don’t take the following as a criticism of them.  You have over-egged this win 38degrees.  According to the Co-operative Energy website the tarriff that won this “inverse auction” is a special “Pioneer” rate which they have limited to the first 30,000 switchers.  20,000 on fixed and 10,000 on variable.  Would you like to recalculate the total saving based on this?

    I’m not surprised they capped the offer, because they wanted to win to provide good publicity, but also needed to protect their business from a huge influx of switchers.  They are still good value at their other tarriffs, but not as good as that.  I would encourage everyone to compare and switch anyway if it looks OK to you.


  • Eden de Vizes

    “Onshore wind is as cheap as gas – what a joke.” Well said, John. I am amazed at the ignorance of people who remain conned by the wind power story. Don’t they know by now that this is a super inefficient market – especially onshore – ‘gamed’ by (in some cases fairly undesirable) players manipulating profits from subsidies. Insulate your loft. Put in a heat pump. Turn down the central heating. Take your foot off the accelerator. But don’t be fooled by the nonsense that is the wind power.

  • Boccadileone

    I agree that this is one risk register that should be published. A way should ideally be found. But it does 38Degrees no favours for the organisation to be in a moralising tizzy about the matter. Risk registers are not usually published – by governments of any stripe – precisely because, if they were, no civil servant would tell his/her minister the whole truth. Come on guys, let’s all grow up a little here.

  • Lee Slaughter

    Maybe we should look to buy gas and electricity on the EU market place to get continental prices rather than the ‘ Treasure Island’ prices we are normally subjected too…?
    Can we do this? and is there an EU law which makes it possible? or an European or American energy provider who we can buy from and have piped and cabled to our homes…?

    I have no idea if this can be done but thought I would float the concept.

  • Vblack

    Been with Co-op Energy for over a year, part of their first customer base, and have been very happy. In fact, when 38 deg asked me to sign up for this campaign, said I couldn’t as I had already switched to an ethical supplier. Feel really chuffed to have been proved right!

  • Paul Bailey

    Hi Stanthea

    there are loads of community oil buying schemes
    just search for “community oil buying scheme” – or if you want a not for profit one search for not for profit community oil buying

  • Setmurthy1

    Well done Co-op. Of course, the best way to reduce your bills is still to use less energy…

  • Paul Bailey

    there are community oil buying schemes!

    just do a search for them – add in not for profit if you want a non commercial organiser

  • PL

    I totally agree with John and Eden. I am a professional engineer with some experience in the power generation industry. Wind turbines are highly ineffiicient (only producing when the wind blows at the right strength which is only occasional), very expensive and disfigure the land and seascape. People who believe differently have been conned, along with a majority of MPs who support them. I personally object to the tariffs added to our energy bills by the government to pay for these white elephants.

  • Fretless5

    the worst value tariffs are those with prepayment meters ,often the poorest in society and they’re not included in this ! No use going on about ethically run companies when you are overlooking the most needy

  • T Daly

    I think it would be a good idea to campaign for the fuel companies to be required to state clearly the cost per kw hour and their standing charge.  This would make it much easier to see which was the best deal.

  • Donald

    I wonder if we could engage an industrial economist to analyse the cost structures and the margins of the sector to expose the profligate profiteering and the opportunity for real cost reductions and maybe set the groundwork for a return to public ownership

  • Robinmatheson

    Inspiring work by 38. I would like to see real development in energy users access to information about the energy consumed in £s by individual machines/activities in the home and access to simple, clear provider price comparisons. The current proposals are still far too complicated and opaque. And if we can see and let our children see in real time that a full boiled kettle costs more than a half full one and by how much and if we can compare the cost of boiling a kettle with friends with different providers it would be a step towards being able to compare costs for sustainable and non sustainable sources and help enable informed action.

  • J E Dinsdale

    to lower future bills, have household lamps made using LED`s, assistance with 4kw solar panels, that helps the green environment. how`s that?

  • Hazelaiken

    British Gas and EDF amongst other companies have a Warm Front scheme whereby pensioners on Pension Credit get £120 off their Winter fuel bill.  British Gas extend this offer further to include those pensioners on Savings Credit as well.  You have to be sure to register your interest in March.  British Gas are running the scheme for four years starting this year but you must register every year in early March to get the rebate. 

  • Alan Thomson

    It would be good if 38 degrees could draw attention to the absurd subsidies which we are all forced to pay through our fuel bills which are paid to landowners,developers and power companies for building useless wind farms. These monstrosities will save next to nothing in Co2 and they need constant back-up from other, more reliable sources of generation. The whole scam needs to be exposed. Don’t listen to the politricians, they are sold on it for political expediency. don’t listen to the environmental movements, they have been sold a pup by the vested interests, and don’t listen to the industry. Listen only to the independent scientists such as Nobel Prize winning director of CERN Proffessor Jack Steinberger who described it as ‘An allusory technology’

  • Jeff Betts

    Why weren’t prepayment meter customers included? They’re the least well off and pay the most for gas & electric!

  • Tim Redding

    Price per unit was available on the Co-op energy web site when I joined up, and I downloaded the prices for the various regions. The West Midlands is the cheapest area with electricity at 10.31p/kWh and gas at 3.57p/kWh There is a service charge of £60/year for each. Even now I am still saving about £60 on what I was paying for dual fuel from EDF energy. There is no exit charge for switching out of Co-op energy for anyone who is not happy with their service. There are also various incentives to receive Co-op points on the energy used and for submitting meter readings online.

  • Janet Cox

    For those of us in rural areas, gas is not an option and we have to buy expensive oil for our boilers.  How about a bulk-buying deal for us?

  • MickB

    Great result ! Can you do anything similar with LPG ?

  • mogwilover

     So the news is in, 30,000 0f us get this great new deal and the rest of
    us don’t – we get EDF. I went and entered my details into the EDF site
    and they gave me a quote . It looked really good in the yearly savings
    until you realise a) they do not add the 365 x the daily standing charge
    for either gas or electricity nor b) do they add the 5% VAT. So you
    need to do that to compare accurately with your current supplier. I
    suggest everyone reads what EDF quote most carefully!!

  • Elaine Naughten

    Lobby the government for them to do another campaign to save power – turn of lights, computers,lag lofts ,showers instead of baths etc etc.  They need to keep reminding us as many of us  are so power greedy.

  • Gill Johnston

    Many Conservation Officers do not allow photovoltaic panels to be put on the roofs of listed buildings, even though in many cases these cannot be seen.  There seems to be no consistency of opinion; in Northamptonshire a church has been given permission, yet another ex-chapel in the same town is not allowed, even though the roof is not easily visible.  We need to get real about energy saving and generation.

  • Consella

    I signed up with Co-op Energy when they first started and have saved money.  I bank with them and they are really great to deal with.  They have always been incredibly courteous and efficient.  AND no shareholder’s pockets to line.  What’s not to like?

  • Boozomatic

    @ Concerned Scientist

    Are you so bone idle that you want me to do your research for you ?

    WRT my original query to D Cross, I’ve already researched the subject, but would appreciate cross reference UK data from D Cross.

    Data from unregulated NON-UK sources about operations in NON-UK countries is irrelevant to my query.

    Perhaps you should re-read my original query. If you cannot provide a serious response containing relevant data, please do not spam this thread any more.

  • http://www.thepeoplespower.co.uk/energy/which-co-op-energy-collective-switch Co-operative energy win Which? Big Switch : thePeoplesPower

    [...] 38 Degrees blog on Big switch results, possibly with even more comments (opens in a new window) Share now [...]

  • G Marks

    I’d like 38 degrees to ask the government  and/or the energy suppliers one simple question.
    Can they give any reason why they cannot  immediately put old age pensioners who are in receipt of state pensions/benefits on the cheapest available tariffs?

  • Carol

    We would have solar panels on the roof but can’t afford the outlay charges.   

  • Bob

    I understand that new deregulation laws will apply to the water companies soon, allowing consumers to choose which water company they want.  Perhaps we get the water companies to bid for our custom?

  • John

    Could we get the petrol companies and giant food retailers to bid for our custom as well?  Perhaps we could insist that the food retailers set up free food banks for those in need if they want our custom. 

  • Tmbrill

    I bank with the Coop and am very happy with them – didnt know they did energy

  • Michaelmary1998

    A message to Carol who says she would like solar panels but can’t afford the outlay. Contact Homesun. Their system of 16 panels giving 3.2Kw is completely free. They get the feed in tariff you get free energy. I have the system and I am saving a lot of money. P.S. I don’t work for them! 

  • Jaquilwilliams

    My landlord has just had our lofts insulated, but it would be even better if we could have solar panelling up

  • Wiggle87

    I presume by your comments that you have an alternative campaign to help the vulnerable? Very easy to moan, harder to do something yourself!

  • Wiggle87

    Everyone who owns a council house is unemployed and lazy? Oh and private rent is affordable is it?

  • Maggie

    Already with the Co-op, couldn’t agree more. Go Co-op!

  • Patinow

    Campaign to remove price differences between electricity suppliers and for the government to require all energy companies to supply electricity at the same price with easily understood tarriffs.

    The removal of competition would save the consumer from having to pay for advertising costs and the costs of switching between suppliers.  It would also dampen the greed of market speculators, hopefully.

  • Hel

    Recently had friends visiting from France. They tell me that they only switch on washing machines, dryers and dishwashers after a certain time of night, when the tariff drops to an off peak rate.  Why the hell don’t we have that option. This is definitely something we should be campaigning for.

  • Wendy Lowe

    I would like to see energy companies forced to clearly publish their prices per KWH. Getting this basic info can be so hard among all the tariffs. A ‘like for like’ comparison is often

    Renationalisation would be my dream. But I cannot imagine this ever being possible.

  • Susankeane


  • limegreen

    1)  One simple, understandable, quarterly tariff to be used by all energy suppliers

    2)  A discounted rate for the FIRST number of Units/KW/Hr used, rising to a standard rate after that – this would reduce bills for people who use the least energy ie the less well-off & those who are energy-efficient, and increase bills for larger users who will tend to have bigger houses & so are able to pay their fair share. 

    I bank with the Co-op & have been very pleased with there service – if they could implement these ideas we could have an energy supplier committed to ethical policies & the energy market would be fairer for everyone.

  • Wendy Lowe

     Here Hear!

  • Martin

    I am in a quandary as I am with Ecotricity which tags its prices to  the big companies but uses it’s profits to build wind and solar farms. The coop also have no objection to nuclear power stations, but i like to support the coop because of it’s ethical policies, and as you say it is cheaper.  Any suggestiions?

  • Limegreen

    One in seven people on this planet don’t have enough to eat & go to bed hungry – that’s now now ONE BILLION PEOPLE!  The paltry sums we give in Overseas Aid is nowhere near enough – those of us lucky enough to live in a rich country like the UK have a moral obligation to help fellow human beings who are suffering.

  • Seeno Evil

    We are currently with Eon, and use the Staywarm offer.  I have a great deal of time for the Coop, and would willingly consider switching to them if they provide Staywarm.  Does anyone know if they do????

  • Donwebb Mail

    The first tranche of units shoukd be charged at a alower price. The more fuel you use, the more you should pay. Pensioners who use very little are hammered by the standing charge and the high price of the first few units. To claim that this covers the installation of meters and cables is rubbish and not at all consonant with the facts.

  • Elizabeth_greiner

    How about campaigning for all new build homes to have solar panels installed as part of the build especially if they have south facing roofs.

  • Cla541

    How about large scale purchase of solar panels and fitting? With upto 200,000 customers surely this could bring in huge savings. Worth a try. Pete

  • http://eyecatchers.co.uk/ Juliet & Keith Knowles Taylor

    BRILLIANT !  Am a little surprised that the total is so small, in our power-hungry country, but ‘Hell’, we can tell all our friends ( I have, er! . . .  6? ) so it may help ? Thank You, for an amazing effort, 38D !!!  It’s a ‘Good Size’ !!!  m m m  !!  Keith Knowles Taylor. Lytham St.Annes. ( Open Golf ! )  Lancashire. xxx!

  • Limegreen

    Unfortunately this isn’t possible as there are 6 or 7 unemployed people for every job vacancy.  Maybe you could have a word with your Posh Boy friends & ask them to create more jobs, in the time-honoured Keynesean manner by increasing public expenditure on infrastructure projects & maybe other useful things like, er, Council Houses . .

  • Keithandjuliet

    Good suggestion, Don !  I am 147 and I could really keep my bill down, this way !!!  Keith Knowles Taylor. Lytham & St.Annes.

  • Roksted

    British Gas, are saying Gas and Electricity prices will go up this winter as Natural gas prices are now 15% higher than last year.
    I am not sure where B.G. buys their gas but the wholesale price of gas is 50% cheaper than last year.

  • Roksted

    We already have it, problem is the energy companies, put up the tariff during the day to claw back some of the money.

  • Limegreen

    Those who share your views certainly haven’t been “silenced”.  This is a free country & you can post your opinions on almost any message-board or blog you choose – and I can point out that you & all other climate-change deniers are at best seriously misinformed & at worst sock-puppets for the energy industry.  Anyone interested in the scientific facts can go here:


    & hit the, “Newcomers, start here” button.

  • JiffyBag

    Well Done 38D, this is in my mind just a start. The next step I would  like to see is that all Gas Energy Reliant homes are offered the opportunity to install mini CHP (Combined Heat & Power) boilers that as a by but useful by product generate electricity that is pumped back into the National Grid.. The technolgy is already out there but few are aware, and the net savings are potentially worth considering.

  • Hector e Idulia Silva

    We would suggest a bulk buy of solar panels. We installed 8 on our south face roof 6 weeks ago. Despite the bad weather, we are saving in CO2, in taking electricity from the grid and after 3 months we will get money back for the selling to the grid. We got 5 quotes, and comparing like for like, one of the last 2 companies from Suffolk, was ABSOLUTE, Solar and Wind South Ltd, more efficient in given date and time of installation, which the did as requested!!
    The Coop is offering £25-00 back from the 1st month if we switch before 17/05/12. Would 38 Degree will have time to take up that offer? would the bulk deal will be better?
    We are free to make the switch a.s.a.p. CONGRATULATIONS FOR YOUR HARD WORK.
    Hector & Idulia

  • Dibevan

    Shut down all useless wind turbines,that would save the 10% we are charged on our bills to please the green energy perverts(Lib.Dems)!

  • AnneThomas

    More use of domestic pv, ground and air source heat pumps, and small  community – scale wind turbines (with the revenue raised going back into the community in the form of funding/grants for other sustainable energy/energy conservation measures ).

  • glen

    Sounds good with the co,op. But i would like to see how much i would save first before i comitted myself to change. Also if we all changed  to the co.op, my only hope is that  they stick to low prices. and dont start putting prices up again like british gas. espeically after people have changed.as its very hard to trust any energy companies; but if they stick to there word. and keep prices low.. and keep a fixed tarrif. I would consider changing. 

  • Spamphrey

    David …good news? surely you spin (and for those in doubt look at the Which? website) 

    Nearly all the ‘winning’ tariffs were already available directly through the respective company websites. The variable Coop Pioneer tariff was their only tariff and came out last May. The edf tariff is currently featured by that well known social activist website moneysupermarket.com. So less piety please. Was 38 degrees hijacked by Which? or in cahoots with Which?. Which is it?


    I had sincerely hoped that 38 degrees wasn’t yet another dollop of N1 flummery
    to be forced down the nation’s neck; heaven knows we’ve had a decade and a half of that. What is worse, I encouraged others to join.  The campaign achieved precisely nothing other than to embarrass me and others like me. 

  • morepropaganda

    Spot on Spamphrey…so the campaign achieved what exaclty…access to a tariff already on the market…the biggest threat to our energy bills are the green measures being forced upon us by the govt…who do you think is paying for ‘free’ cavity wall insulation, ‘discounted’ long term loans solid wall cladding, smart metering…the customers who else!!

  • John

    “Energy companies say the use of fracking will lead to cheaper supplies.”

    If the only objective is to bring down prices there might be unacceptable consequences for some of us.

    For myself, I’m reducing my bills by reducing my consumption and staying with Good Energy because they are committed to investing in clean, renewable energy.

  • Patricia Appleton

    How about thousands of us switch off our central heating – lights tv, radios infact all heating and lighting for 1 hour at a certain arranged time each week (all at the same time) unless people have a serious health problem. We could save something on our bills, but more importantly wouldn’t we  also deny the energy companies  their profits.

  • Allenjonah

    This is great news.  Well done 38 degrees!

  • Carl Holmes

    we need to demand this goverment commits us to a clean renewable energy future, investing in wave, tidal, wind, solar and energy efficentcy measures this would craete 100,000s of jobs, reduce our bills in the long term as fossil fuels are very expensive,

    no dash for gas, or expensive nuclear both would keep us locked into higher bills in future and high carbon

  • Carl Holmes

    this goverment has caused a massive slump in solar installments by slashing subsidies and cutting them further still from july

    what i dont get is fossil fuels have and continue to get billions every year in subsidies when clearly they dont need it as they make massive profits so how can they justify cutting support to solar when it hasnt even been running a year and clearly brings more benifit to consumers from reduced bills

    what it is fossil fuel lobbists have seen the huge public demand for solar which could hurt thjeir profits so have lobbied goverment ministers like mr osbourne into slashing subsidies to solar trying to keep us using expensive coal and gas and lining their pockets

    we must tell goverment we wont more support for solar by ending all subsidies to fossil fuels and tiverting the money over to solar , reduce our bills and reduce our emissions create more jobs and more money into our economy a win win

  • Visitor

    Interesting…I just filled in a compare prices on the Co-op website and I entered my total usage over the last nine months, as have only been with my current supplier that length of time. It came back saying ‘ we are only £84 a year MORE than your current supplier’. So this is £84 over nine months, so propotionally more over the year. I shall stay with Utility Warehouse then, as the Co-op certainly isn’t cheaper.

  • John Rippon

    Just go all out for the cleanest and most sustainable power available to us: NUCLEAR POWER!!
    Coal-fired, Gas fired Power is impossible to sustain, especially since NOBODY has yet come up with a long-term (Like FOREVER??) commercially viable CO2 Sequestration method.

    And what about all the GCH households spewing CO2 into the atmosphere: nobody has dared suggest dealing with this because it would be a political death-wish!



  • Eninja

    Couldn’t we lobby the government to make domestic electricity 0% rated?

  • Tom

    I am doing some research into how a private company can put up our charges at the flick of a hat without a lawfull contract between us, as we are ”Human Beings” NOT persons.

  • morepropaganda

    Tom – there is a lawful contract, when you sign up to an energy supply you sign a contract. You are supplied on a 28 day rolling contract. If you don’t like it enter in to a fixed term contract where prices are fixed. The level of emotional argument on here is really quite disturbing. The power compaines are no different to markets that sell carrots…prices fluctuate because of supply and demand and they aim to make a profit. If we don’t like the idea of energy companies making a profit, then the answer is to renationalise them, not come up with daft ideas. It’s straightforward – run them as private for profit organisations or take them under state control

  • GabrielleD

    I went to the Co-op website to compare prices and they are £50 a year dearer than Atlantic, who are my current supplier. I won’t be switching. Anyone who gives their business to ‘British’ Gas is crazy – they are hugely expensive. I also get a month’s direct debit back from Atlantic every January as a ‘loyalty bonus’, currently £150. It’s handy after Christmas! So I’d be forking out an extra £200 a year with Co-op – just can’t do it. I shop at Co-op and bank with them, as I like their business model, but why are they more expensive than Atlantic?

  • GabrielleD

    My tariff doesn’t include a standing charge. It’s a pity so many pensioners don’t have access to or understanding of the internet.

  • Maggoo

    I`m sure i heard on the tele,the prime minister saying the government have had an idea very similar to this deal.They are working on a scheme,and i strongly suspect it will have one or two rules which will cover all other schemes to the benefit of their buddys the energy barons.

  • GabrielleD

    I think the URL might be wrong, Marie? It’s a bad link. Possibly http://nb-wonderbag.com ?

  • DickyMint

     Congratulations o securing the deal with the Co-op,not checked it out yet, I am with Atlantic so the Co-op will have to be good to beat them. I hope they can as prices for Gas and Electricitity are crazy.

  • Ardieuk

    do you really think nuclear power is cheaper, and should we be promoting it? 
    EDF INTRODUCING NUCLEARHow much will they save?EDF Energy, one of the major suppliers, came a close second by offering its ‘Blue +Price Promise tariff’. To enable smaller suppliers to take part in the auction, Co-operative Energy was allowed to cap the number of customers that it can take at 30,000. Subsequent switchers will be offered the EDF Energy deal, which works out at £1,054 per year for the average household.This means that the first 30,000 to accept the switch will go to Co-operative, and the rest will be offered the chance to switch to EDF Energy.Which? and 38 Degrees will email all those who completed their registration for The Big Switch and give them a personalised estimate letting them know how much they could save with the new deal. People will have until 28 May to decide whether they will make the switch.

    Read more: http://www.which.co.uk/news/2012/05/the-big-switch-secures-savings-of-123-285826/#ixzz1ue7gO2Wi 
    Consumer Champions Which? 

  • Clayton Vera

    Why dont people know about energy saving? I for one never knew anything about the Coop doing energy let alone being cheaper than anyone else. Why dont they advertise the fact.?
    Keep up the great work.

  • Guest


  • John Berridge

    Great news on electricity and gas. How do more of us join ? On a separate point I believe 38 degreesshould now be campaigning for the renationalisation of the water industry. Since privatisation they have failed to 1. put in the necessary infrastructure to effectively collect rainfall 2. reduce leakage from existing pipes 3. develop the infrastructure of a water grid. In short they have wasted their income on excessive profiteering.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=639697704 Valen Cook

    I hope that you make sure that pre-payment meter owners also get a good deal.  I know that some people elect to have one but I inherited mine when I moved in.  I don’t want to change to an ordinary meter as a pre-payment meter allows you to keep a close eye on how much you are spending and is better for electricity providers as it means that their customers don’t end up with huge bills that they end up not being able to pay thereby defaulting on their payments.  Pre-payment meters allow customers to pay-as-they-go and thereby not get into any financial difficulties; this being the case, it is rather annoying that owners of pre-payment meters are doubly screwed both on price and on a high daily standing charge.  This is where your campaign should be concentrating its efforts now – giving a good deal for all customers, not just those with regular meters.

  • Reinhard Huss

    Co-operative Energy may have offered the cheapest deal but includes nuclear energy. Nuclear power is neither renewable nor sustainable nor ethical. It puts a huge burden on our children to guard nuclear waste for many generations. We have just witnessed Fukushima. Do we really want to wait for the next nuclear disaster?

  • Pamela Kelly

    I didn’t know about the Co-op doing fuel either even though I’ve looked at several switching possibilities in the last month while waiting for the Big Switch outcome.(I am a member and it wasn’t in stuff they send me but don’t look at their website, if it’s there)  I am a member because of their ethical stance so am worried now about the news on nuclear.

    Anyway apart from the actual fuel costs there should be a big move to make people realize how much more power is used by digital stuff e.g.watching TV on a computer. It is irresponsible of TV companies to keep promoting this.

  • Dave Hoyle

    How about we tackle the government and shell/bp to bring down these outrageous diesel and petrol prices we are all paying? Power to the people!!

  • Carlosmol

    How about making public the earnings (salaries, bonuses, etc) of the CEOs of British Gas and the main companies and adding a question about how much of our money goes to inflate these people’s accounts.

  • Anonymous

    Energy Prices.. 38 Degrees should email everyone on their database with the advertising listings for a given week ( say 1st week in June). When big companies such as British Gas have an advert on a terestial channel everyone should switch their TV’s off for that period. This would hit these companies two fold, less power being used for that period of time and less people seeing their stupid adverts. 

  • Scollocollins04


  • Rob

    “The winning tariffs from Co-operative Energy will be £1,048 a year for the average household if they pay by Direct Debit” – blimey, I don’t spend that on powering the farm for a year, with Good Energy!

  • Helen Cox

    We should lobby the Treasury to reduce the subsidies given to renewables, especially wind which has to be backed up by power stations, that ultimately gets passed on to the consumer through their bills.
    The annual renewables subsidy in 2020 is predicted to be £8 BILLION (Source: Renewable Energy Foundation – Ref.org.uk). The Country/Treasury cannot afford this, WE cannot afford this!
    More cost efficient ways must be explored to generate the energy we need, we should subsidise and commit some finance to this. We also must be incentivised to use less.

  • D_w_charlton

    I have requester in the pass that you should look into Cartels, I balieve this is another attemped to keep us quiet,
    It is aginst eupean law to have Cartels as it doest help for fair trading.
    That is why we have rip off britian.
    yours sincerely
    David Charlton 

  • Brian Frost

    Let us become independent and build not windmills but power stations of our own, this brings work and shows the greedy top nobs that privatisation looses customers through greed and
    when they sit in their manor houses think of the people frightened to put any electric on.
     I worked when nationalised power CEGB stations were on the go, mines were closed too soon
    buy coal from Poland and others plus our open casts or become brave and use nuclear.

  • Isobelumwilson

    Join in the ‘shareholders’ revolt’. Tell your pension provider etc to vote against excessive executive pay. 

  • http://www.talesofbrickkilnbrook.co.uk/ Ryta Lyndley

    0nly have a bath weekly, as we are all seduced by the advertisers to sell their bubble bath products that we need to bath daily. Wrong! 
    Electric kettles are expensive if you have a gas cooker buy a hob kettle.
    When boiling potatoes for roast pots, save the water to cook other veg saving water and energy.
    When boiling eggs use water for making tea.
    Think outside the box, water and energy is not going to reduce in price any time soon.

  • J Smawfield

    what about LPG users????

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Liz-Smith/100000873100745 Liz Smith

    Hello Pamela
    Could you send me any information on how to change to the co op or any other power suppliers that you receommend…I would be very grateful.Thank you

    Liz Smith

  • A Norman

    Energy company’s should use discarded cooking oil from the catering industry and wood off of skips and maybe even refuse or methane gas extracted from the sewers to burn in the boilers to power the generators with air filters to protect the enviroment    

  • Meter Powered

    I am really thrilled to hear this. Well done, 38degrees! I’ve been agitating about this issue for ages and will continue to do so. It’s great that the Co-op have joined the campaign proactively :) … But. I rang them today as a pre-payment customer. Was told flatly that the Co-op doesn’t accept payg meter fuel customers. Yet we are the ones paying the highest rates, while logically being in the greatest need.

    That dilutes your community awareness message quite significantly, Co-Op. What are you going to do about it?

  • UKFreeNews

    I am awaiting the new deal to review.

  • olddreamer

    I had already checked out Cop Op prices on single fuel (electricity) supply and although difficult to work out they appear to be more expensive than my current supplier British Gas (standard tariff with energy smart ) using same payment method. 

  • Saj Povey

    Sadly it appears this energy deal is not the great success that we hoped for….see article in The Independent 12 May under ‘Your Money’ titled…”..Does Co-op deal look tempting to energy switchers?..”  With the power of 200,000 people I would have thought the energy companies would have been more interested.  The Co-op deal will be offered only to 30,000 of us with the rest getting an already generally available tariff from EDF.  I feel used and disappointed.  Is this really the best we could do…?

  • Ann B

    I live in a rural area in a Housing Association bungalow. We have no gas in our village – my bungalow has Night Storage Heaters which are useless. Although lovely and warm in the daytime the heating starts decreasing about 4pm so by the early evening the bungalow (detached) is quite cold. We have double glazed windows, cavity wall insulation and loft insulation, which is up to date. We try not to put on the electric wall fire, but sometimes in the very cold weather have had to. Even on the Essentials Tariff with British Gas (for electricity) my bills are still high. We wear extra clothing in the evenings in the winter and I make sure all the curtains are drawn about 4pm to try to keep the heat in. Even with filling out yearly Housing Association forms as to how we feel about our homes and stating to them that the heating is inadequate, it makes no difference. I was told by a Solar Panel Company, after I enquired about their deal, that as a Housing Association Tenant I would not be allowed to have them. So how about helping Housing Association Tenants who would like to be ‘green’ but are held back by their Landlords.

  • Wilf Brown

    I switched Coop Energy last year from Scottish Power, I am a member now not a customer and I am able to assist in the decision making process, this is what is shold be about.

    I have saved a considerable amount in the past year by switching, switch and join and take part you will be better off.


  • http://profile.yahoo.com/BORQ2FS2WXVIWDSLKPAENMGJAE frosty

    I must comment on the CO-OPERATIVE I worked for them as a an insurance agent and
    found this a family company with like their divident schemes on food etc,the way they treat their customers as a family concern and recomend they show the greed of these other electrical
    company firms up, instead of the greed to lower the income of the average worker more to fill
    their own pockets so they can wave their stupid windmills.

  • John H21

    if the power companies want to put their prices up they should be made to apply to the government of the day  with their price increase, if the government then gave them the ok the government could then be held responsible for the increase .i would like to bet you would not be getting huge price increases then,just dreaming because it will never happen.

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/XMH3UCE6SND7SODZMW5AS5MTA4 KIRK

    Please 38degrees, don’t try to spin the wool over my eyes.  The Big Switch cannot possibly be considered a success unless you’ve spent a lifetime in PR!  

    Which? did not negotiate anything special for us that was not available to all UK citizen last week.  DON’T YOU AGREE? The Co-op didn’t really stick their neck out either – 50p per month cheaper than EDF for the first 30,000 people… You and I know full well they’ll make this up in a flash when their 30,000 new customers don’t switch again the second the Co-op becomes uncompetitive. 

    An interesting exercise but it has accomplished no more than the comparison sites.  I would have had more respect for our 38degree team if they had come out and said this.  As it is they’ve led many to belive that this collective approach works - they might instead have asked the better question “Why on earth did this collective approach not work?”. 

    Sorry for the downer – I respect our 38degree community too much not to speak out.      

  • Dave ray

    This was a really great idea, but it had one flaw that I could see, (I hope I just missed it) you worked out a deal for all the people that pay there power quarterly bills by cheque, cash or direct debit, what about the thousands of low income families that actually pay for there gas and electricity up front by prepaid meter, they are on the highest tariffs, and yet they are the ones that pay there bills before they have even used the power, looks to me like the people who are the worse off are still the worse off…come on 38 if your working for the people you need to include all the people.

  • Carl Holmes

     we need to demand this goverment commits us to a clean renewable
    energy future, investing in wave, tidal, wind, solar and energy
    efficentcy measures this would craete 100,000s of jobs, reduce our bills
    in the long term as fossil fuels are very expensive,

    no dash for gas, or expensive nuclear both would keep us locked into higher bills in future and high carbon

  • Carl Holmes

    switch to ecotricty 100 % clean renewable energy

  • Carl Holmes

    end subsidies to fossil fuels like gas

  • Carl Holmes

    demand more support for solar 

  • Carolfruitbatstevens

    I wanted to apply for solar pannels on a free Government scheme. I was told by the company that I couldn’t have them as there was a shade problem (they looked a a Google Earth photo). The shade problem would be caused by my perfectly average chimney? Does this mean just about everyone with a house with a chimney can’t have solsr or is this Government plan a con?

  • Marnie Sweet

    Great news! Could not join the Big Switch as I don’t have gas BUT I do get electricity from Good Energy and I have solar panells on the roof. After six, mostly winter months, I’ve  clocked up over 1,000 Kw generated and my bill will be minimal. True, I was lucky to sign up while the feed- in tarriff was generous But it really isn’t just the money. I get a tremendous boost from knowing that the sun has boiled my kettle and operated my washing machine…
    Campaign for more support for Solar!

  • Cag

    Do we contact Cooperative Energy direct to sign upwith themor or will they contact us with a personal estimate?


  • Carl Holmes

     totally agree surely the goverment can find the money to finance solar
    how about diverting the billions that we give to fossil fuels towards solar
    or use money generated from existing solar ie, taxes

    this goverment should commit to fitting solar onto all public buildings and council housing and all new builds

  • Carl Holmes

     dont bother with co op ,ECOTRICITY is the one maybe not the cheapest but not the dearest as their a price match with big six and only invests in clean british renewable electricty and gas

    this is were 38 degrees got it wrong it should’nt be about price  it should have focused on supporting a clean british rwenewable revolution

    co op invests in gas and nuclear which are very expensive and wont lower our bills only increase them further, and gas is a fossil fuel

  • Pappabear

    Since you asked for new ideas perhaps those of us wo have a smaller voice can be helped to bring down the rip-off prices of LPG to heat our homes and for cooking. Those of us who live in the country do not have the luxury of being connected to a gas main and, if we want to have gas, we have a tank in the garden and pay huge prices for the LPG to fill it. Can 38 degrees folks help this forgotten section of consumers?

  • Lin

    Is sit true that the offer will only apply to the first 30,000 people who accept it?

  • Zeke

    All the current utility companies should be brought back into public hands, when the Thatchet government give them out to tender they made a comment that the utilities would eventualy become cheaper, as commercial concerns, even taking in world events since 2007, I think if these gas and electricity co. was run in the manner as Welsh Water with no shareholders to care for, and operated to a standard with minimum managment and customers sevice, it can be achieved, some would say the cost would be to expensive, yes so did going to war and saving the butts of the Bankers, and with their still bonuses that in it self it would pay for the whole construct, we are being led for a long time by the nose as a society that there can’t be different alternatives, as a collective it is supprising what can be achieved.

  • Meter Powered

    I rang Co-Operative Energy the other day, as they’ve been leafletting my area. They don’t accept pre-payment customers. That’s me scuppered, then. As we are the customers in GREATEST need, paying the HIGHEST fuel prices, a provider who genuinely was socially concerned would tackle our problems. I’m disappointed.

  • Pmdennis

    I too am a pre-payment customer and EDF do not charge extra for this facility.  The charges are in line with metered costs.

    A suggestion to further reduce demand on the power companies is to have solar panels installed on all new builds whether it be industrial, commercial or residential.  The cost of installation would be reduced by the volume of panels ordered.

  • Rural Dweller

    Remove the 5% VAT from heating fuel
    It’s a basic right to be able to heat our homes and cook our food
    It’s disgusting that the Government profit from an unavoidable domestic expenditure

  • http://twitter.com/f3simon Simon Michaels

    How is Co-op’s nuclear energy ethical?

  • Johnbeese

    It seems that Amazon.com enjoy an unfair tax advantage over high street shops, making much of what they sell much cheaper. While an avid customer of Amazon we are also concerned to support high street retailers and feel that competition in retail should be an even playing field with each company operating in that market being required to pay tax at the same level. Does anyone else think this would be sensible for the long term survival of high street outlets?

  • J Christopher Ashton

    Thank you v much for your efforts! I look forward to your email. We run a small business too for which energy costs are rising. Re domestic supply could you challenge Offgen? TV news item on Brit gas’ planned price hike stated they didn’t wish to act! E.g. they could extract the facts of B Gas’/Centrica’s claim of x % rising wholesale market cost.

    C Ashton 

  • R30ane

    So you are offering us deals that are already available and one deal is with edf who have the worst customer service on the market and are a French company owned by their government, electricity de France, can’t see that this is good for any British companies, the only people that will benefit are which who will get £40 per switch, will this be donated to good causes, Stick to British companies with customer service, I have been with SSE a British company with the highest use of renewables through Marks & Spencer and found that they are good on price but look after their customers with the right balance of service and price

  • Keith Goodred

    There is only one way to reduce energy and other utility bills and that is to reinstate public ownership of all utility services. There would then be no share holders or fat-cats to pay and therefore no need for excessive profits to be made. The end result will be cheaper utility bills.

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/BORQ2FS2WXVIWDSLKPAENMGJAE frosty

    I  am a AMAZON customer and find they are like the supermarkets taking our small
    shops off the streets and they should be a standard rate for them to support by taxing
    them  to the amount they should pay plus not be greedy and donate to these shops because everyone cannot get to a supermarket or have a computer.

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/BORQ2FS2WXVIWDSLKPAENMGJAE frosty

    My wording is if we do not go nuc.we will rely always on foriegn companies to rule over us,if any dispute by goverments they could go price up to their content or cut us off at
    least the co-op energy is trying to bring down greedy companies that charge some as
    much as it costs them their mortgage.

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/BORQ2FS2WXVIWDSLKPAENMGJAE frosty

    The co-op I have changed to and is £14 cheaper than EDF

  • Meserra

    Thanks for this successful campaign.
    Br. Gas is at present advertising £1 per month to landlords for their 200 Homecare Agreement and private householders have to pay £25 p.m. for the same cover. I will be phoning them separately about this.

  • Nelljpursey

    Great news, but I just heard that British Gas (via Centrica) are at it again ie. going to increase gas prices by a whopping 15% – we here this but Centrica have failed to tell us WHY? AND WHY NOW – British Gas should be strongly denounced at yet another customer price rip-off!

  • Nelljpursey

    British Gas and Centrica are nothing but greed rip-off merchants

  • Carl Holmes


    Tell Centrica to end the energy rip-off – get off gas and invest in renewables!

    British Gas owner Centrica is the biggest UK energy supplier and are
    currently trying to keep us hooked on expensive, imported gas – recently
    identified as the major driver of energy price hikes.

    Centrica needs to end its dangerous addiction to expensive and
    polluting fossil fuels – get off gas invest in clean, renewable energy
    and energy efficiency to bring bills under control and tackle climate

    Email Centrica boss Sam Laidlaw to demand they end the energy rip off!

  • S Wright360

    great news, well done 38 degrees. I would like to know more about the free sola pannels I have seen advertised. I missed out on the deal offered by government as I could not afford to replace my odl roof in time. This should be done soon but no money let to buy sola pannels now. I’ve heard if you have the free sola pannels where you get free electricity when they are are generating but the company gets what you cant use can cause problems when you come to sell your house. Is this true and if so why or is it a scam because the electricity companies dont want us all to get sola pannels ?   

  • Carl Holmes

     the goverment and big six dont want us to take up solar as if majority of houses and businesses had solar fitted they wud lose their gigantic prifits of course they dont want solar thats why the gov have slashed the subsidy  and want to cut it further from july they’ve seen its too popular we need 38 degrees to campaign for more support for solar ecpesially for poorer households

    the way it works is you rent ur roof off to the company , they then fit the solar panels on your roof, you get free electricity and any surplus energy is then put into the grid were the company then gets money from the goverment,

    you can buy the panels yourself and get them fitted which costs a few thousand but then the reward you will get both free electricity and payed for the surplus instead of the company getting it

    depends on how much money you have

    sadly though with the goverment seems commited to destroying this industry even when this industry was growing fast and already had craeted10,000s of jobs installing pannels and manufacture,

    soalr  brings communinities together and dramatically reduces our bills and provides us with clean secure energy with the goverment fully backed solar could easily provide hundreds of thousands of jobs across the country

    we must fight vested interests as all they care about is their ever increasing profits

  • Josie

    Great effort, thanks for all your hard work, and I will wait to see what the Co-op offer.  However, I believe the only true way the people of this country will benefit is to take the utility companies back into public ownership.  We are just going to get ripped off at every turn if things stay as they are, but this is just a pipe dream unless we get a political party brave enough to take it on – very unlikely!  So, at least with this big switch effort,  we have tried and got some result, and if we could do this again and get more people involved it may have more effect each time?

  • Smeed

    excellent, what about bulk purchasing of domestic oil, or indeed petrol/diesel ?????????????

  • Irene Kyffin

    Great news and well done……….but:

    this is not about utilities but perhaps someone will tell me who I should write to. The problem is:  I go to Denver each year.  Both last year and this year I had to change my flight back to London. On each occasion I was charged about £200 for the privilege.  I think It’s outrageous.
    Can we do something about this overcharging?

  • Chris

    Thanks for your efforts. It is very pleasing that this deal has been reached by a company with some ethical credentials and that profits (from our pockets) do not go on fat-cat fodder. Next best thing to nationalisation.
    Welcome as lower energy prices are, though, we must remember that it is far more important that we minimise our energy use. Lower prices can seduce us into being less careful than if they were higher.
    We have just had solar panels and solar thermal heating fitted by SafeSolar – a wonderful job done. Since March we have only had to use the gas boiler to heat hot water about 4 times. The rest of the time it is sunlight doing the job.
    Enjoy your lower energy prices and put the money saved into micro-generation and other energy saving operationos.

  • LizaMay

    Does anybody know what happens to your solar feed in tariff if you change suppliers?  I would consider changing but I don’t know if I am tied into a feed in tariff with my present supplier or how I would go about changing to a new one.  I had enough trouble setting up this one with Scottish Gas but it’s now working and I don’t want another hoo-hah if I change suppliers.

  • Sam Seal

    If we all boycott one of the big fuel companies like BP or Esso they would have to give in.

  • Wyattpeter

    I have just been called by NPower to try to get me to switch Supplier. Told him I will be going with 38 Degrees Big Switch & he reckons he can better the deal. He is calling back end of next week!

  • Brianhurst49

    now tell the big companies just how many have switched up to now…they and their shareholders can see a meltdown of customers…and they will smell fear

  • Brianhurst49

    and that previous commeny about bulk buying of petrol and diesel..is this possible and practicle as a team?

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/BORQ2FS2WXVIWDSLKPAENMGJAE frosty

    I was told my electric was going to be £103 then knocked down to £93 then to £84
    they are holing to their customers that are struggling to get a decent payment
    because they know not only in winters we are having, but they can lift the price anytime
    they like, their should be more complaints and we will get fairer deals with no catches.



  • Carl Holmes

    we need to campaign to get goverment to commit us to a clean renewable energy future, ending fossil fuel subsidies

    more support for solar wind, and wave and tidal

    also just as important is reducing demand this goverment needs to invest in energy efficency measures, improving our public transport , introduce green taxation but invest every penny generated into helping those in feul poverty

    investing in the green economy will bring 100,000s of jobs and we need them
    reduce our bills in the long term which is what 38 degrees wants
    provide us with a clean secure energy supply

    its a no brainner or are we goin to continue as normal, lining the pockets of big oil and gas executives while we struggle to make ends meat and polluting our enviroment

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/BORQ2FS2WXVIWDSLKPAENMGJAE frosty

    Maybe that many trrying to change over,too get out of the rut they are in.

  • Mark Oliff

    How about a gas and electricity strike for a week? Along the lines of as many people as possible do not use their gas and electricity by BBQ’ing for seven days and having salads. Not cooking breakfast but having cereal. Turning off as much electric as possible i.e. clocks, stand by buttons, lights off and going to bed earlier one week seven days! It can’t be that hard.

  • SuellaP

     The Co-op website will be citing prices different than the deal that we now have via 38 degrees and Which. If you look at Which’s switching site neither the co-op or Atlantic were mentioned when I did my search earlier today. This didn’t help me to feel all that confident about Which’s impartiality/completeness I’m afraid.

  • Carl Holmes

    william hauge has even told other ministers in a recent letter that we need to support green economic growth
    saying david cameron needs to make a speech well now its time to educate Mr osbourne investing in our green economy is where most growth will come from not a burden as some would have you believe

    and as for the new energy market reform well renewable companys are worried as saying it will be a train wreak and make it more costly for consumers

    basically this reform is hiding support for new nuclear and will make it harder for renewables to please the nuclear indutry

  • Sadal

    Hi Gang Just to let you know that many supplyers do offer  maintainance  on gas boilers and sometimes the whole installation  as a free or greatly reduced rate.This can be quite an amount of saving in the overall cost of fuel. So I do hope that the Co-op have taken this into consideration in there costing, or will negotiate a maintainance packet with some organisation

  • Sadal

    Hi Carl where I live we have a masive ugly wind farm. It tends to be very windy here how ever.  I have kept a log over the last 2 years , and on average they do not turn 1 day a week. when the wind does not blow ,the waves do not wave they just lay on the suface of the sea. So now no wind power, no wave power. This is hardly the sun drenched Med, and so if the sun dont shine the waves dont wave and the ugly wind mills dont turn No electricity. So we have to have a secondry back up system capable of taking over the entire load at the drop of a hat . Get real Carl roll on NUCLEAR POWER .  OH by the way we have 3 nuclear power plants with in 50 miles as the radiation flies of my home

  • Bigbloke44

    My reasons for changing. It’s cheaper. It’s the Co-op, an ethical company. EDF were crap administrators (a company that takes a year to sort out it’s website????) and, very importantly, 38 Degrees (and sites like Amnesty, They work for you etc) are the future. And the future is consumer/people  power. At last, we have a voice that achieves results

  • Peteh

    Fair enough, CO-OP may be the cheapest, but what is this based on?. Whats the criteria?

  • Ryta Lyndley

    Well done and neatly explained.  Let’s push forward with people power!!!

    Ryta the writer

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/BORQ2FS2WXVIWDSLKPAENMGJAE frosty

    IT would be hard to do but the anyway to bring them off their high horses,
    lets invite them to our homes and ask DO YOU RATION YOUR ELECTRIC LIKE THIS?

  • Phil

     I have to say that I’m rather disappointed by the outcome of this. Basically, for most of the people who signed up, they’re being offered something that is already freely available on all price comparison websites. Rather than wait for the 38Deg offer to come through I’d already signed up to the EDF offer anyway. I rather hoped that we would be offered something a bit more unique. And that fact that Which will benefit from 40 quid per switch isn’t a huge motivation either. I’m expecting nearly that amount back myself after arranging through Quidco.

  • Ken

    Geothermal energy is a viable option in this country, if you check with the british geological society, they have a completed feasability study that shows geothermal
    would work over most of the country, investment now would pay dividends later. nuclear energy is expensive to build, manage and maintain, harmful to the environment and waste disposal is a nightmare, geo energy doesn’t require sun, tides or wind to be efficient enough for as long as the planets interior remains hot, i am not a geo physicist so am going on what i have read, and this seems to be a real contender, so…why isn’t more being done by our government to push this to more R&D and testing out what they know, imagine if this government of ours instead of giving away billions that we can’t or SORRY CAN afford (we are all in it together…LOL) invested in british companies to make this happen, investment, jobs in tons of sectors, energy security at affordable prices, not being held to ransom at the hands of the fatcat energy moguls, it could and should be a reality as fossil fuels diminish and demand outstrips supply, just some food for thought.

  • Carl Holmes

     we need to campaign to get goverment to commit us to a clean renewable energy future, ending fossil fuel subsidies

    more support for solar wind, and wave and tidal

    also just as important is reducing demand this goverment needs to
    invest in energy efficency measures, improving our public transport ,
    introduce green taxation but invest every penny generated into helping
    those in feul poverty

    investing in the green economy will bring 100,000s of jobs and we need themreduce our bills in the long term which is what 38 degrees wantsprovide us with a clean secure energy supply

    its a no brainner or are we goin to continue as normal, lining the
    pockets of big oil and gas executives while we struggle to make ends
    meat and polluting our enviroment

  • disappointed

    hmmm, the big switch doenst look so good to me, i found better deals online using price comparison websites on my own. So much for the big discounts for bulk buying.

  • Aiddy

    Well If that’s the big saving you can keep it, £18 a year, what a waste of time & effort not to mention my details now being passed around, can hear the tele sales any moment now, annoyed! In fact boiling angry!!!

  • Rob

    Hi , we live in rural lincolnshire and have LPG as there is no alternative. The companies have an agreement and regulate themselves, Oftel cant be bothered. there are 1000s of households who have no alternative but use Oil or LPG and there is no regulation so come on 38 degrees give us a helping hand.

  • Rob

    Hi you can add LPG to that please and the Oil and LPG companies self regulate and seem to make it up as they go along.

  • Anonymous

    Looks good BUT there is  history of good offers by smaller firms relying on the spot price rather than buying ahead and coming to grief with big problems for their customers – governments under political pressure can be short term too!

    BUT came to the site with a reference about fracking and cannot find a  a campaign either way, although one of the signatories chaired a meeting at which it was clear most objectors information was based on American experience and horror stories of dubious provenance in entirely different circumstances.

    Gas prices low enough to meet climate change targets without coal or nuclear (the only alternatives available all year round whatever the weather) are the key to lowering our energy costs.

    We need more gas as fast as we can get it and not sure whether 38 Degrees can provide a balanced forum when there are strong feelings both ways?

  • Not fooled

    The Big Switch offers no better savings than are available from other comparison sites, so I’d say it was a lot of effort and hot air for nothing.  I think we’ve all been duped.

  • http://twitter.com/Openbabel Openbabel

    The gravy train of contracts in the DWP must be terminated asap.The cost in direct and indirect costs will cost the taxpayer 200 billion over the next ten years.Rising to 300 billion if the DWP is not muzzled and prosecuted.

    Clearly failure boils down to core failure.

    Central procurement
    Zero intellectual capital within the DWP for outsourcing and management
    sale or closure of the failed job centre plus this year instead of five years time.

    Use the money to provide quotas and grants to take on longterm unemployed aged 45-65 in industry

    Provide structured externally examined apprentice schemes for school leavers

    make human rights of vunerable or unemployed abuse a criminal offense


  • http://profile.yahoo.com/BORQ2FS2WXVIWDSLKPAENMGJAE frosty

    If this country would stop selling all our busines abroad uneployment would drop
    I think this is why our banks have so much invested abroad with that money.

  • Nathan Hulse

     Remember that Which? is a registered charity – nominally. Whether their actions here can be considered charitable is another matter. As a not-for-profit, they’ll plough the fees back into their service. But who benefits from Which? Savvy middle classes consumers. The less savvy, poorer household will pay for Which’s fees by staying with less competitive tariffs. One could say these people have only themselves to blame – Which? probably do – but thats definitely not a charitable attitude, quite the opposite.

    £40 per contract is obviously no small fee; we’re talking £1.2m in total here. Which? are exploiting supplier switching in much the same way the other comparison services do, and its the poor that pay the price.

  • Nathan Hulse


  • Nathan Hulse

    If you think the accident at Fukushima was a disaster, just wait until you see what happens global warming begins to make itself felt. Our children may look back and curse us for our irrational and unpragmatic attitude to nuclear energy. Emerging fission technology is a different kettle of fish. Only a fool would discount nuclear energy on the basis on sensationalised, relatively minor event at a facility that uses technology that is no longer being pursued.

  • Brynogwy

    The big switch is a joke, the same prices are available for everyone on comparison sites.
    A good idea, but if it too difficult to carry out, say so, instead of trying to look as if something has been achieved.

  • Herbalist

    Hi. We would love to switch to Co Op for our electricity.  We have solar panels though and the last time we checked they did not deal with feed in tariffs.  Any one got more upto date info on this……please.

  • Jane Sweeney

    I pay for gas & electricity by direct debit but have no idea what I am being charged per.unit for either. How can I know for certain that I am changing to a cheaper supplier when I don’t know what each energy product will cost per unit?
    I hope that we can get more clear information in future so that we can make our own judgement and decide accordingly. At present and during last winter I froze because of fear that my bill would increase, Although I used much less than the previous winter my direct debit stayed the same and although I have had my Gas Aga turned off since last Easter my direct Debit is sstill unchanged, this simply can’t be right. Scottish Power are my present suppliers, what can I do to get fuller information as to how I am being charged per unit/therm etc.

  • Mark


    If your consumption has fallen then you should be able to go back to your supplier and request that your monthly direct debit payment is reduced. It helps if you have taken regular meter readings to show what your actual consumption is, as monthly payments are normally based on estimated consumption for the previous year. 

    You can get free and impartial advice on tariffs, suppliers, energy efficiency measures etc from your local EST Advice Centre. Tel: 0800 512 012. 

    Hope this helps. 

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1360416780 Martin Farrell

    when will i be offered the deal? im ready to sign up now!

  • Mjm2


  • mjm

    i have phoned the Energy advise line and they said they no nothing of the Co-op Deal so your blogger Jane has got it wrong

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/BORQ2FS2WXVIWDSLKPAENMGJAE frosty

    Contact them as soon as you can I think they are limiting the amount of people taken
    you can get them on your computer.

  • Howard

    I checked with my current supplier & prices for me go up on 1st Aug. So I
    then compared detailed usage figures for 1 year against my current supplier
    NPower & your recommended Co-Op & the difference is now £199.70p in
    favour of Co-Op. To switch I have to pay a penalty of £40.00 to NPower as my
    contract runs until 31 July. So this is a no brainer………..I have signed up
    to switch

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1360416780 Martin Farrell

    is this cheaper than the new EDF blue+ price promise?
    iv not had my email telling me to click to take the co-op offer & just rang them & been told i can only take the offer once iv had the email. when is the email coming?

  • Joycedebb

    all 4 of my supplies are through Utility Warehouse who always are cheaper than the big six. i take gas, electric, land-line and broadband to get the best deal. therefore I do not need to change. thank you.

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/WXGUL7E4VROHBQTRKFXDPSK7TY Carl

       we need to campaign to get goverment to commit us to a clean renewable energy future, ending fossil fuel subsidies

    more support for solar wind, and wave and tidal

    also just as important is reducing demand this goverment needs to invest in energy efficency measures, improving our public transport , introduce green taxation but invest every penny generated into helping those in feul poverty

    investing in the green economy will bring 100,000s of jobs and we
    need themreduce our bills in the long term which is what 38 degrees
    wantsprovide us with a clean secure energy supply

    its a no brainner or are we goin to continue as normal, lining the pockets of big oil and gas executives while we struggle to make ends meat and polluting our enviroment

  • Keith

    What a disappointment. The Co-op can’t beat the price I get from Scottish Power. But more importantly, they are only offering some half-hearted limited offer. It’s just a bit of hype and publicity for them, and far from a serious effort to give people a fair deal.
    This campaign is a complete failure.
    Let’s face it, you can’t beat big business by asking them to give you a better deal.
    When this campaign was first suggested, I thought that a seperate company would be set up to  oppose the current energy suppliers. Anything else is a waste of time.
    What a let down.

  • Anonymous

    I have just received a very disturbing email regarding Sharia Law. I think we should be doing something to stop this abhorrent law.  It’s just a way of making it easier for men to subjugate women. No disrespect to men in general. We all hear the stories of so called honour killings. That is just bloody murder. We need to be doing more to stop this happening. Sharia law must NEVER be allowed in our country.  Remember the Hollocaust;
    all it takes is for people to do nothing!

  • Kawhra

    As an Npower v LOW user, £500 a year for a 4 bed roomed house, my saving is £50 so hardly worth the hassle of changing. I prefer something like EBICO simple basic charges, no stepped or split charges and PERMANENT. Does anyone have experience of Ebico

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/WXGUL7E4VROHBQTRKFXDPSK7TY Carl

     you are so right its scares me, its not just that , what about halal meat which is 20% of meat market now, or muslim gang rings raping our clidren labeling them as easy meat ,

    thing i hate the most is the way the media and police are scared of being classed racist so allow them to continue

    however this is about energy not islamification of britian have you visited britians first website their are a multitude of campaigns their

    i too wish 38 degrees would step up and campaign on issues regarding the islamification of britian although i think they too are scared of being classed as racist although its not about being black or white its standing up for our british way of life, values and our christian belief

  • I Carolan

    This was a waste of time.
    Just checked on coop site and they say”Congratulations we are just £55.00 more expensive per year”

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/BORQ2FS2WXVIWDSLKPAENMGJAE frosty

    A lot of people forget this caculated for a year, today in the west of Cumbria the weather was good very sunny do we get a rebate from their yearly estimates NO they will increase it if we get a good summer they are making sure they do not loose out you watch.

  • Lin

    I am sorry to say that I have heard nothing at all from the Co operative about the fantastic savings they are going to bring to us.  I was expecting an email from them within a few days, but nothing at all has arrived in my in-box.  What is going on? 

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/WXGUL7E4VROHBQTRKFXDPSK7TY Carl

    switch to http://www.ecotricity.co.uk/ not the cheapest but has a price match with the big six
    most importantly invests in 100% clean renewable electricty and now even gas,  no dirty fossil fuels or expensive nuclear, like the co op its time to ditch the big six altogether andsupport our clean energy revolution

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/BORQ2FS2WXVIWDSLKPAENMGJAE frosty

    I do not know wether this as anything to do with it but they require your co-number just found out after documents arrived sorry if anyone as been misled but it seems you must be a member of the co-op this could change ,

  • Lin

    On the matter of having to be a member of the Co op in order to get the cheap fuel deal, I feel this should have been made clear.  I have been waiting weeks and getting very excited about the whole idea of the negotiation, now feel very let down.  I am surprised to be honest with you that it seems (for me anyway) to have gone so wrong.

  • Lin

    I rang Co operative Energy who told me I had to be a member of Which in order to qualify. I asked her if this meant taking out a subscription to the magazine and she said yes. I then rang Which to check this out and they said this was wrong. I just had to have registered with 38 Degrees and Which to qualify!  Some confusion obviously!

  • Denise

    i too have been eagerly awaiting an email and have received nothing.

  • simon

     Hello, I received an email on 11 May stating that

     ”As you’ve signed up and told us about your gas and electricity use, in the next few days you’ll get an email with your chance to switch. You’ll be able to see what the best deal is for you and, if you like it, switch easily using the Big Switch website.”

    and then I’ve heard nothing since.  Anyone else here has not heard anything?

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/BORQ2FS2WXVIWDSLKPAENMGJAE frosty

    IT COMES THROUGH THE POST maybe that many signing up hold up?

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/BORQ2FS2WXVIWDSLKPAENMGJAE frosty

    A LOT OF tommy rot this is dealt with by the suppliers

  • Philter

    I HAVE received my offer and far from saving me any money, Co-operative Energy proposes charging me an additional £35.00 per month over my current supplier nPower! I have turned down their offer. If the Big Switch fails so spectacularly to produce any savings, I wonder why I bothered with it.

  • D Martyn

     Yes, been with them about 5 years. They use Southern for their billing and were cheaper than EDF when I changed.

    My last bills arrived last week and based on the Coop website prices I could have saved £41 on the winter quarter.

  • D Martyn

    Quite a few have made favourable comments on ecotricity, ie.no dirty fossil fuels,  no nuclear etc.
    Can someone enlighten me as to how they can buy and distribute only green electricity?????

  • http://www.pocketinfo.net/ Robert Latchford

    My wife left because she thinks I have an obsession with electricity.

    I was like, “Watt, I’m shocked…. it hertz me when you say stuff like
    that. Currently I’ve not been myself I admit, but it would help if you
    had some positive input in my life instead of being negative. But none
    of that matters any more, I’m going ohm.” 

  • Dee Weaver


    I’m disappointed.

    Like others, I had been expecting some major change – a get-back-to-basics
    approach – but it’s just been a massive price comparison search. I had an email
    from 38Degrees saying I could save around £120 a year by switching to the Co-op,
    but the quote I got from them was £14 a month more expensive than my current
    supplier! When I rang Co-op to query this, they re-calculated and came up with
    a new best offer which was even more expensive!

    I contacted my current energy provider and they told me that
    another company could offer me the same tariff they could, but for £257  less than I’m paying at the moment. No

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Stuart-Lane/684660069 Stuart Lane

    Registered with The Big Switch got my estimate, a saving of £67 a year, not much more than I could get through a cashback site but not too bad either.  I tried to call twice, was left on hold for 10 minutes each time.  Finally got through explained I would be moving soon and told in no uncertain terms that they couldn’t help me – try again next year was the advice….no thanks.  Massive savings – No.  Massive waste of time – for me yes.

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/WXGUL7E4VROHBQTRKFXDPSK7TY Carl

     they simply invest your bills into widmills and solar parks,

  • John V Denley

    I would be interested to know what the actual offer that Coop made was per KwH, as a Utilities Warehouse customer (and distributor), I would love to be able compare what we provide to this deal, given that they guarantee to be cheaper for the 12 months following switch over….

  • Anonymous

    The offer I received claimed to save me £71 for the year with Co-Op, but they made an error in calculating what I am currently paying.  My actual saving by switching to Co-Op (if I were one of the first 20,000) would be 77p for the year!  Oh I nearly forgot – I’m getting 10% back after a year, so I’m much better off staying where I am.

  • Sally

    The main problem is that the Co-op supports nuclear energy – so how is that a step forward? It will need billions of pounds of investment to build new nuclear power plants as the existing ones are getting to the end of their ‘shelf life’. Who will pay? The Great British public of course so savings now may be short lived? And anyway who wants to rely on nuclear power?

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/BORQ2FS2WXVIWDSLKPAENMGJAE frosty

    Sorry buy if we do not turn to nuclear energy help us, because will be relying on the foriegners to supply electric to us with the chance they could stop supplying  anytime they wished, plus
    our land would be smuthered also with more of those stupid windmills, also think of the employement it would bring it’s in the news that China wants to build them for us,I disagree with
    this when we have so many of our own people out of work and loosing trades everyday from
    our skilled workers,nuclear bombs in this world are more danger to us.

  • Anonymous

    Give some thought to the pensioners who are frozen and get 38 degrees to do something about it .  They have been dragging their heels over this campaign suggestion and we are talking about British citizens who are denied their rightful paid up pension because the government withold any annual increases – their pension never increases and they have done no wrong but move to a country like Canada but pay the uprating to those in the USA. Stupid and Illogical ?
    Yes.   Discriminatory and Injust ? Yes. You can help by asking 38 degrees why they feel that pensioners are not worth campaigning for ! 

  • RobtheFox

    It seems that a considerable number of people fell for this Co-op power supply switch and,upon further investigation, actually would be out of pocket. Seems like 38 Degrees rather got their sums wrong!
    I am not surprised!
    When you realise that the forum campaigning for Fairness, Justice and Equality for all UK Pensioners has bee the TOP one for over a year but has never made it to the full status it seems clear to me that 38 Degrees method of selection is radically flawed. Oh yes, they will come up with it being a people powered organisation but ignore the numbers who have supported this forum.
    One hopes that now the Save the NHS campaign is effectively dead in the water and this Power Switch being torn to shreds because comment posters are not getting what was proposed that 38 degrees will stop wasting their time and turn their attention to the “Frozen Pensioners” as described by Morgeo; something they should have done months ago. 

  • Janedavies54

    It would seem 38 have hyped this up and it has been a disappointment to the posters below. So you see 38 team maybe taking on the most voted for campaign suggestion for the past year would restore your credibility. Yes the most voted and most commented on suggestion is the injustice of the frozen pensions…this is theft and discrimination by this and past governments…how much longer are vulnerable seniors going to suffer until someone takes on the government?

  • Calgarian

    38 Degrees are clearly clutching at straws to justify their continued unrealistic selection of campaigns when they take such pride saying people “could” save £119 and £200 by taking their advice.   As always, they completely avoid the fact that the leading campaign on their forum is “Fairness, Justice and Equality for all UK State Pensioners”, calling for the restoration of  the rightful, fully-aid up  pensions of over half a million pensioners which are being unscrupulously stolen by the British government.   Questions to David Babbs and his team have, over several months, received evasive, incomprehensible, replies and now correspondence on the subject remains unanswered.   38 Degrees, cowardly, only take on campaigns that they feel are actually self-resolving.  Wake up, David Babbs & Co, read your own forum facts and figures, you have the opportunity not only to help resolve an unjust situation but to enhance your own pathetic reputation.  

  • Morlege

    Surely if the governent paid ALL pensioners the uprated pension, then they would not have the cash to increase their own again. They are looking after number 1 as usual and anyway you lot abandoned the UK so forfeited your pension increases. They took away your vote so that you would not be able to vote against them in the future and so have no recourse through the ballot box – smart Labour thinking. Do you think that Cameron and Clegg are any better ?

  • Janedavies54

    Morlege, I realise your comment is said with tongue in cheek, but I will point out that we do not forfeit our rightful uprating just because we retire abroad. The list of frozen countries is totaly illogical. Canada frozen USA not frozen, Thailand frozen, Phillipines not frozen, Australia frozen Israel not frozen, the list goes on. Why are 96% of the pensioner population allowed to enjoy their rightful uprating and the 4% penalised? This is blatent discrimination and when Cameron, Webb et al spout on about “Fairness…. and work hard and you will be rewarded” makes me very angry all the while they ignore the elephant in the room. Just so as you know before some idiot says it….we are still taxpayers, and have paid taxes for 40 odd years and paid into the NI fund just the same as those other state pensioners  who live overseas and still get annual increases. If anyone reading this cannot join the dots and cannot see the unfairness and injustice of this then go and look up the meaning of those words online or the old fashioned way….in a dictionary.

  • RobtheFox

    Morlege – like Janedavies54 I take your remarks to be very firmly tongue in cheek in suggesting the frozen pensioner has abandoned the UK and forfeited the right to the annual pension uprate…sadly there are some who actually believe this to be true and that includes the odd (some might say very odd) MP. There is no legal, moral, financial or administrative justification for this policy. Follow through the forum comments and this is emphasised time and again and this is why 38 Degreees should stop sitting on the fence and really promote a campaign to support some of the most vulnerable of the UK’s citizens.

  • Anonymous

    Tell me , do they freeze the pensioners living in Iceland as well ? I have no idea.  But seriously, I don’t know much about financial matters, but if you pay your premiums then surely you should collect your insurance ?  Today I see many people of different colour here in the UK, from all parts of the globe, so if they spend their working life in the UK and then return to their native land to retire, do you mean to say that they will not get necessarily get their full pension ? Is’nt that illegal ?  I guess I’ll be staying here then and as I am not married it’s just my choice otherwise it could be twice as bad..

  • RobtheFox

    Nail on the head there I think Freda. I think I can say with confidence that there are a considerable number of immigrants working in the UK at the present time who plan to return to their native land to retire and who have no idea about pension freezing. I would hazard a guess that many of those hailing from the Asian sub continent will also fall foul of this discrimination, as, of course, many UK citizens already do. It is on record that already some who would have returned to their native land have had to abandon those plans because of the freeze. Of course, the government is saying it cannot afford it (only got a surplus in the ring fenced NI Fund of £38 Billion) but hasn’t got the nous to realise that uprating pensions for all pensioners world wide would enable them to do so and boost the UK economy in the longer term.  

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/WXGUL7E4VROHBQTRKFXDPSK7TY Carl

    join friends of the earth and demand a clean renewable energy future

  • Golg

    i came across gas-generation.com today,they make platium catalysts with heating up co2 it produces pure clean air ! there are cheaper ways and cheaper materials,where is the urgency ! catalyts are cheap with correct materials….

  • Golg

    co2 is at 395 ppm  they found today above danger levels ! this is most pressing,38 DEGREE’SSHOULD CAMPAIGN ON THIS !

  • http://thegreenreviewblog.com/2012/06/05/sign-today-to-preserve-the-power-of-the-epetition/ Sign Today to Preserve the Power of the ePetition « The Green Review

    [...] the Amazon, protecting the bees, Syrian atrocities (twice), climate change, the NHS, plastic bags, energy prices, bankers bonuses, fracking, ousting Jeremy Hunt, saving the Rhino, saving this and saving that. [...]

  • Barry R Jones

    I am annoyed and disappointed that the Big Switch took data from over 100,000 sources, held  a reverse auction and then only offered the deal to first 30,000 customers. I failed to get through to the Coop to check the alleged savings and by the time I could try again the offer had closed. Big Switch :( (

  • Soho

    NHS is not dead yet !,,,,,but langleys law will be ! if found to be not in public interest! a poll asking nhs workers is new nhs in your interest! and national poll……polling agenices  know good causes like charity campaining…..might do it for free working with 38 degree’s….

  • Ady

    Due to the size of the Co-op they could not take on too many new customers in a short space of time, however plenty of other suppliers had offers that were within a few pounds of the Co-op offer. So although you could not get the “cheapest” offer, you could still get an offer that saved you about £15 per month without doing lots of searching yourself and trying to understand the different options available.

  • mattinbristol

    Some facts needed here I think. The reason that 38 degrees don’t campaign on these issues is that 7% of prisoners in jail for sex offences against children are black/asian whilst they make up 14% of the population. Statistically, white people are more likely to be paedophiles. 

    You say “standing up for our British way of life”… only 1 in 10 Brits go to a place of worship on a weekly basis (and quite a few of them will be attending mosques and synagogues) so “our” Christian beliefs are not as widespread as you might think.

    As for the police being scared of being classed as racist, I should hope they are. That doesn’t however seem to stop them acting in incredibly racist fashion:  if you would like to look at the number of unexplained deaths of black men in police custody, I’ve included a link here for you 


    We (ethnically white Britons) are by far the largest group in this country. We dominate the wealth, politics and culture of the country. Please don’t believe the rubbish the right-wing press are feeding you about the country becoming some Islamic state.

    Finally, I happen to be a Religious Education teacher and can assure you that Islam is no more violent or malicious than any other world religion.

  • Mashud Haque

    DO NOT DESPARE. EDF has as good a tariff. Just contaCT THEM

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/BORQ2FS2WXVIWDSLKPAENMGJAE frosty

    I agree Jane you cannot make head or tales of the bills when they come they do not want you to know I hate the fact that the one I am leaving sends a part time man who
    is a postman to read my metre every six months…….discrace.

  • Nic

    395 ppm. You just said it and then contradicted yourself by saying “above danger levels”, “this is most pressing”. Eh?  Co2 is a trace gas and it has nothing to do with so called ‘climate change’. It is a lie, plain and simple. It’s a bit like comparing it with a bee fart in a skyscraper. Co2 in NOT a problem. It’s a scam!

  • Fluffy

    Have had a nightmare trying to switch, with EDF Energy (The Big Switch’s recommendation) totally screwing up the process, leaving us with two bills for gas and two bills for electricity and threats to cut us off from both.  And EDF is blaming the whole problem on the Big Switch, not their own inadequacies.

    A short trawl around the internet has found an even bigger saving to be had elsewhere…so my advice is keep shopping around and don’t go anywhere near EDF Energy – a bigger load of incompetent charlatans I have never encountered.

  • H Brewin

    Please start a campaign to oust Judge Gareth Hawkesworth.  He did not use appropriate judgement when he heard the case of 14 year male who raped a girl of 4.

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/BORQ2FS2WXVIWDSLKPAENMGJAE frosty

    Our laws on rape are passed too easy bt judges the public notes short sentences everyday
    rape is a serious thing the sick minded person should stand a long time serve in jail,but I think some of those in jail who have children of their own will make his life not worth while.

  • Bazwheatley

    How about a list of all the suppliers and their prices/savings?

  • http://twitter.com/jontycampbell Jonty H. Campbell

     ”The Co-op offered a better price than giants like British Gas.” Anyone can find a better deal by using the comparison tools highlighted by MoneySavingExpert.com 

  • Rich

    The following is response from Labour MP regarding the financial situation:                             “a few years back I was dealing with the mis selling of endowment mortgages, and now it is the growing scandal of ‘interest rate swap’ mis selling to hundreds of small and mediums sized t businesses across the country. The banks offer loans to these firms, but often it appeared made a condition of the loan that they also take out a form of insurance against interest rates rising or falling. With the economy as it is, the interest rates have been low and many businesses with these interest rate swap products are at risk of liquidation because of punitive costs of the interest rate swaps products. Labour mp Chris Leslie as called for the regulators to rapidly intervene and help prevent firms from going under. Prior to this it was the bad debts and toxic products selling of mortgages to people who could not afford them. Now my letter bag is full again only this time it is the libor rate which is in the media with the City regulator fining Barclays a £290 million penalty for manipulating this key rate at which banks lend to each other. So while some banks were using our money to bail them out, they were also manipulating the libor rate to inflate their profits and the mortgage payments of millions of hard working tax payers. It is important to stress that this is not just scandal; it is not just a single disgraceful event. Rather it reflects fundamental defects in our financial system, and that these defects will not be solved by a few people resigning or scapegoating others. There’s been considerable publicity about the £290 million fine Barclays have paid. Labour mp Steve McCabe points out £59 million of that will go to the British FSA. To put it in perspective, Barclays made £5.9 billion profits last year with a bonus pool of £1.5 billion reserved for their investment division. In 2009, in of the years covered by the investigation, their profits were up 92% at £11.6 billion http://labour list.org/2012/06/labourers-hands-arent-clean-on-libor/. Ed Miliband in an interview with Libby Wiener on an inquiry into the culture and practices of the banking industry acknowledges that labour did preside over a ‘light touch’ regime which allowed such scandals to flourish. It is for this reason that the leader of the labour party is calling for this judge led inquiry. He said that “and of course it will ask questions about the last labour government, we didn’t get the regulation right, just like the Conservative opposition was wrong to be saying our our regulation was too tough. So , of course any inquiry will have to look at those issues but also, more importantly, look at the future and how we can change things for the future. I think the last thing the public want is a sense that the establishment is going to cover this up, and try and sweep it under the carpet. Let’s have that full judge led open inquiry which can get to the bottom of what happened”. We have acknowledged that we, along with governments and regulators around the world got the regulation wrong. But the Conservatives have a selective memory, in opposition they called for an even lighter regulation. In 2008, after the start of the financial crisis, David Cameron complained to a City audience that “a significant part of Labour’s economic failure” had been “too much regulation” http://labour.org.uk/culture-and-practices-of-the-banking-industry.2012-07-03. He continued … “as a free marketeer by conviction, it will not surprise you to hear mr say that a significant part of Labour’s economic failure has been the excessive bureaucratic interventionism of the past decade too much tax, too much regulation, too little understanding of what our businesses need to compete in the modern world” David Cameron speech to the City of London 28 March 2008. The Government has announced a parliamentary inquiry into the banking sector following the recent findings of Barclays fixing rates, and a review which will run alongside specifically looking into the libor market. It is being debated whether the Serious Fraud Office could bring criminal charges. Labour is calling for a two part inquiry, with the first part reporting by the end of 2012 on the scandal surrounding libor, and the second part looking at wider questions about the culture and practices within the banking inquiry. David Cameron has previously said that a judge led inquiry is the best way of getting to the truth “I don’t believe there is any better process than an inquiry led by a judge where people give evidence under oath” David Cameron BBC Andrew Marr 29 April 2012. It is worth noting that the final report from Sir John Vickers’ Independent Commission on Banking, which the Tories have made so much off, recommended that derivatives trading except where necessary for the retail bank to manage its own risk should not be permitted within the ring fence. “So the following activities should not be carried on inside the ring fence : services to non EEA customers, services (other than payments services) resulting in exposure to financial customers, ‘trading book’ activities, services relating to secondary markets activity (including the purchases of loans or securities) and derivatives trading (except ad necessary for the retail bank prudently to manage its own risk (Independent Banking Commission final report p 11). However in its recent white paper the Treasury has argued that ring fenced banks should be allowed to sell ‘simple’ derivatives products to their customers. “It is the Government’s view that a ring fenced bank may be permitted to provide ‘simple’ derivatives products to its customers, provided that a number of conditions are met” HM Treasury financial regulation white paper June 2012 p 22. Permitted products would include those “whose purpose is to fix or cap client market exposures to interest rate or foreign exchange rate risk related to the business of the ring fenced bank”(HM Treasury financial regulation white paper p22). These ee similar to the products which banks Barclays, HSBC, Lloyds, and RBS were found to have mis sold previously to the FSA banks sold around 28,0000 interest rate protection products to customers between 2001 and 2012. We believe we really need a judge led enquiry of the banking sector. If we look at the Leveson inquiry it delves into the professional and cultural standards of the British media and looks at the relationship that exists between the political establishment and the Media. I believe it needs to be this wide to restore the confidence back into the financial sector. These banks are huge;an investigation into the financial sector interviewing dozens of people working in finance in London over a ten month period concluded, “If I had to name one thing that this investigation did not do, it is restore confidence. External accountants explained how nobody at the major banks can have a complete overview any more they have become simply too big. Well before the RBS ran into deep trouble, IT consultants painted a truly terrifying picture of banks’ software operations. Forget too big to fail or too big to rescue, IT and accountancy interviewees said. We need to talk about too big to even manage” this former IT expert asked: “Are so called chief information officers, the top executives responsible for IT, aware of this? I doubt if they are and if they care. They are managers, skilled in office politics, not technical experts. Most CIOs rarely stay in their post more than a few years.” Going over the 70 interviews, ….. a picture emerges of major banks whose CEO admiral is really a really well paid PR operative, tasked with convincing the outside world that he is in charge of his fleet when in reality nobody any longer ishttp://guardian.co.uk/commentisfree/joris-luyendijk-banking-blog/2012/jul/03/banking-inquiry-sector-out-of-control. A real banking inquiry would and needs to expose this sector; an inquiry led by mps does not go far enough. This inquiry that is proposed is not wide enough in its remit because as Ed Miliband commented “it is very narrowly focused around the interest rate fixing issue, it needs to be more forensic and I think that is much easier if you have a judge led inquiry we have not seen that with the Leveson inquiry into the press and I also think the last thing we need is this descending into party politics. I think of you want to guarantee that doesn’t happen the best way we can do it is having it independent of a politician. Because if the politicians are investigating the bankers there is always a danger it will descend into party politics that is the last thing the country wants to see” http://labour.org.uk/culture-and-practices-of-the-banking-industry.2012-07-03. This goes to the core of how we can build a better, more responsible and productive form of capitalism. We need to regulate these financial institutions, to change its practices and culture;to have legal trading, but more importantly to establish honesty. It is not enough to propose a list of comprehensive rules and regulations, we cannot police every transaction and I fear if the culture that exists now remains the toughest of regulators such as Financial Conduct Authority will not be enough. There is what one can a moral blindness. There is an interesting book ‘Wilful Blindness’ Margaret Heffnan which I feel illustrates this point. In one on the chapters, Money Blindness, she cites an experiment where a nursery, fed up with parents picking up their children late, introduces a fine, a penalty for lateness. However the parents saw this as a price for extra time and the experiment failed. The nursery reverted back, but once money had entered into the relationship it blinded the parents to the moral relationship. We have just come out of a phase, where there has been a price tag on everything. Now we want to go back and resume these moral relationships, which have been fundamentally scattered. Money blinds our relationship with each other, because money appears to offer us the ultimate freedom in which we can buy anything. Therefore you get s measurement where everything is valued by money and this blinds us to the moral, social and ethical consequences of who we are and what we owe to whom (interview BBC radio 4). There’s now a widespread sense that markets have become detached from fundamental values, that we need to reconnect markets and values. In his book Michael Sandel’s ‘What money can’t buy: The moral limits of markets argues there is a need to rethink where market principles are applied, what areas of life should be left to the market forces. Sandel makes references to what he refers to as ‘the common good’. It appears that he his arguing for a frame of reference by which or through which we can make the judgement, the decision on which policy options to choose. Economic advisers, statisticians and all manner of advisers can inform us about possible implications of policy choices, but they can’t tell us what’s right and wrong, what’s just and unjust. Rather it is ur frame of reference that determines this. “We need to recognise that there are some things that money can’t buy and other things that money can buy but shouldn’t” His point is that some things “in life are corrupted or degraded if turned into commodities, so to decide when to use markets, it’s not enough to think about efficiency; we have also to decide how to value the goods in question” (Michael Sandel). We need to create structures and institutions that drive behavioural change, making people both accountable for their action and aware of their implications on others. Sir George Young the leader of the Commons has told the mps that there will be a debate on the proposed banking inquiry on Thursday (5th July). This gave mps the chance to vote on our call for a full judiciary inquiry and the government’s plans for a parliamentary inquiry. As expected, we failed to get others to appreciate the importance of a full judicial enquiry despite the poor performance of the treasury select committee in ascertaining information from Bob Diamond. As labour mp John Mann said “he saw nothing, he heard nothing”. His evidence was hard to believe he was either in there doing it deliberately, turned a blind eye, or he was so useless that he couldn’t see fiddling on his own trading floor. Th example that this committee gave illustrates why a parliamentary inquiry is an inadequate response to the scale of problems in our finance industry. We need a full Leveson style inquiry to examine how the financial system is working, and to examine the network of patronage, lobbying and what appears to be the corruptness that has allowed our finance industry to trade with impunity.”

  • CriticalObserver

    Has it not occurred to you that the government might just possibly be softening up the public to accept whopping tax and fuel price increases?  As China now nurns 100 tonnes of coal per second (and rising) and is building 2 new coal-fired power stations each week, I think that even one were to accept the climate change theory one would have to be very credulous to believe that anything we do in Britain will make any difference whatever except to bankrupt us!

  • Cynic

    And we should start by boycotting everything that is made in and shipped from China, who according to an earlier comment now burn 100 tonnes of coal EVERY SECOND!!!! I’ve checked this out on the net and in fact it’s true – and that takes no account of their gas, petrol, diesel……

  • Rollo

    Well, despite all the comments, I still reckon that as I get to retirement age (I’m now approaching 62) my best policy will be to spend everything I’ve got on a first class round the world cruise (which my wife and I have always fancied) leaving only the smallest amount in our savings.  Then we reckon we can claim just about everything going in terms of benefits.  Seems a pretty sound strategy to me – not for the taxpayer of course, but then again I’ve done my fair share of paying taxes and I reckon a lot more besides.  Roll on retirement!

  • Brianfrost10

    I read the comments from the gentleman refering to his retirement and taking a cruise and spending what is left,?
    I agree to the point BUT lets see if the present  Goverment carries out its promise, that as been
    started by Duncan Smith already taking many off the benifits that were running our countrydownhill that as been a hard line to those who work, plus pensioners that pay tax on their pension that they had worked for.Also to get the ones claiming disability they do not have
    doctors should be more precise on writing sick notes  so as to discourage patients lies.

  • Dr-J

     When you go to see Your doctor, do you want that doctor to have your health needs as their top priority, do you want them to believe what you say to them, or do you want their main concern to be policing the benefits system? Do you have the medical knowledge to be certain when someone is genuine, particularly within the time constraints of the current NHS? Because after 25 years, I cannot often be certain. Perhaps that means I am a bad doctor, perhaps it means I am wiser that those who do not recognise their limitations. In fact, the longer I have done the job, the more times I have seen patients who I might have had some suspicions about turn out to have been absolutely genuine.
    And, with that experience, I am certain that, thanks to Duncan Smith and those who support him, many genuine patients are having their benefits stopped – which is why so many decisions are being overturned on appeal. Targets to get people off benefits are even more unreliable than the GPs view.
    If it was You being assesed, would you want to be given the benefit of the doubt if things were not certain? If so, do you not think that everyone else deserves the same?

  • Matthew_normans

    Ironic really how French company EDF increases electricity prices in UK by 10% yet decreases French bills by the same amount!

  • anne graham

    i would like to know what the top  man for british gas and top man for the electric    the exact amout of wages  they get    because i dont know why they are putting the charges up again  .

  • Duncanthomascardiff

    why has it not been reported that the co-op have backed out of this deal! They realised that offering these savings to this amount of people would bankrupt their energy company! It has been left to other companies to step in and offer competitive tariffs. surprisingly the Co- op and 38 Degrees havent been shouting about this epic fail!!!

  • Anonymous

     What an absolute waste of time this has turned out to be! I joined the big switch, changed to the Co-op and within days of the change being completed got an email to say they are increasing prices by 2%. I’ve saved precisely nothing and may as well go back to my previous supplier. The big switch – the big swindle more like.

  • sjwills

    A gloomy Autumn is on the horizon, reading in the paper today, gas and electricity bills estimated going up 9%, Santander just raised their mortgage rate by 0.5%, plus rail fares going up 6%….Are we still all in this together….it would be funny if it were not true, roll on Christmas

  • http://twitter.com/CutYourBillsNow Reducethatbill.com

    I am glad to see that we can now get cheaper gas and electricity deals in the UK.

    Its a shame that many people never even compare their energy rates to find out which deal is the cheapest and end up paying way too much for their gas and electricity.

    The first time I ever compared my gas and electric bills I was shocked that I was paying more that what I should have been paying if I had transferred to another company. I switched supplies and my old energy company even had the cheek to call me and ask me to stay with them . I suppose they loved my money

  • Andy

    I signed up for this deal but have never received any details from 38 Degrees of the Co-operative about how to access it. If it’s true that the Co-op have backed out why haven’t we been told about it?

  • schuga

    I don’t know if that has been mentioned before, but: Rather than looking for the cheapest, I like to look the most sustainable energy provider. Ecotricity pledges to match the prices of the big companies (so, not cheaper), but the money you pay there, goes towards a safer energy future rather than to the rich and the dirty.

  • DavidH

    Except that state and quasi-state organisations still pay huge salaries and bonuses to executives – look at Network Rail, for one.

  • C

    Came to this page to see what was happening with the “Big Switch” cheaper energy as since I signed up I have heard nothing more. Now I find out from the comments that it’s not even happening now – would’ve been nice to be notified, whatever the reason! I find it interesting that this has fallen through and the only other time I know of that someone tried to provide cheaper energy – well that went very quiet and had also fallen through. Can’t help wondering if there is some behind the scenes bullying going on from those who stand to lose most from these campaigns – probably backed by their friends in high places?!

  • Zack

    I don’t think its very good that 38 degrees is championing the cause of persuit of the cheapist – “ecotricity” and “good energy” aren’t very expensive and are more ethical/environmental than the coop.

  • teresa

    Public ownership. I was totally against privatisation in the first place. It was said competition would bring down prices. It was said private enterprise would give the people choice plus ensure a better and more efficient service. All lies. BUT I tried to switch to Coop [not through here] and it was more expensive than my current supplier. In truth, we have no choice, because all their prices are grossly inflated and they make BILLIONS in profits – out of essential services. Water being the most offensively privatised, in my opinion, knowing how essential to life it indubitably is.

  • tony

    I’m surprised that consideration wasn’t given to the utility warehouse. UK company, UK call centre, guaranteed cheaper, offers savings not only on gas & electric but also phone broadband and mobile, the cashback card dramatically reduces bills, they can pay cancellation charges from previous suppliers and you can get further reductions by spreading the word throughout the community and Which have given them numerous awards. David, please take a look at http://www.utilitywarehouse.org.uk/teamgb and tell me any of the above isn’t true, surely this would be a better option for reducing the cost of all utilities?

  • MrSceptical

    save this!

    European MPs at work in Brussels 12.000 euros per month
    12.000 per month
    12.000 per month
    12.000 per month
    12.000 per month
    12.000 per month

    12.000 per month12.000 per month12.000 per month


  • Old Timer

    All our utilities should be taken out of the private sector. Most people don’t want to play games or be mini-financial wizards. Most of us just want to live our lives and be able to trust the elected government to do it’s best for us. We do,after all, help to pay their wages don’t we? Correct me if I am wrong…

  • Sally

    It’s December now. Eon has just raised the price of electricity again. In 2009 it cost me 12 quid a week to heat my whole flat; this year it costs 50 quid a week -and I only heat one room. I hope all those Eon executives are enjoying a cozy Christmas. This year I can’t afford to have my heat on.

  • Anonymous

    Yes, RobtheFox, and I don’t see any comment from 38 saying that this is a good campaign to follow upon even though it has held top place on their website- go figure everyone !

  • cameron curse

    Network rail get away with big bonuses and huge salaries because our government let them get away with it. its the old school tie trick.

  • cameron curse

    take water gas electricity and rail back into public ownership too many foreign companies now own British energy and water suppliers. we need to reopen the coal mines start producing steel in this country open the ship yards create British cars and stop selling off our car manufacturers its the only way to get Britain working again. Its been proved you can not rely on banks to make money!

  • cameron curse

    Network rail get away with big bonuses and huge salaries because our
    government let them get away with it. its the old school tie trick. Means test MP’s expenses.

  • cameron curse

    Stop messing around just do it lets have it in public ownership. we already know how much profit they are making that would be going back into the exchequer instead of share holders and bonuses.

  • CrustyOldtimer

    I switched from Eon to Co-op Energy even though the predicted savings weren’t as big as I was led to believe they would be … £6 a month less isn’t so much, but every little helps and Co-op Energy is more ethical. Unfortunately, any savings I might have made have been wiped out by the long cold winter – and then some !

  • http://www.facebook.com/judi.mooreMK Judi Moore

    Unfortunately ‘the big switch’ switched at least some of us straight into the path of a different scam. Co-op were dynamic in picking up disgruntled utilities customers from other suppliers. But because of the way they bill (in their very small print) I have yet to see a saving. I await the end of the first year with some trepidation: what will their so-called ‘fixed price’ turn out to comprise? Whatever it is I am locked into it for 2 years with a swingeing penalty for deciding I’ve had enough. Big business is red in tooth and claw – it isn’t interested in providing a service (even good old Co-op with its apparently ethical approach to business). It just wants to get every last drop out of the customer in any way it can.

  • olopocram

    The so-called “plot” comes from where? TCO? Troll la la

  • olopocram

    Troll la la….

  • Jenny Star

    I had no knowlegde about energy deals but I wanted to lower my bills so I used one of the websites that compare prices.
    You just need to give them information about your current bills and they will
    find you a cheaper deal. I used Tower Utility.

  • William G

    I switched because of the 38 degrees/Which plan last July. They increased my direct debit by 15%. After a year they wrote to me (June 22nd) to say that they were refunding me £522 and reducing my DD from £206 to £139 a month. After numerous phone calls and emails my DD has remained the same and my refund has yet to be paid. This has to be the worst company I have ever been with and so today, despite telling them I would leave by Friday if they didn’t refund my overpayment they sent an e mail today saying they could now only refund me 2 months DD money. They have £810 of my money at 0% interest rate but not for long. I have signed up for 12 months with someone else.

  • David

    Take a look at Equipower. It is the UK’s only not for profit supplier.
    My family have been with them for years. No hidden charges, just charge per unit of power. I have not checked lately how competitive they remain. But I have certainly never had ANY complaints. Good Luck.

  • Sarah

    I would recommend looking up Good Energy, I saved over £53 for three months of electric and have much cheaper rates compared to Scottish Power and their so called “money saving deal”. I don’t think it’s right millions are getting charged even more for their prices, only to fatten the greedy pockets of the Big Six. I have to ask one thing, how comes other companies charge much cheaper rates manage to keep going and charge far less? Says it all really.

  • B and M Henderson

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  • Rossyjordin

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  • Nick

    Go to your bank and cancel the direct debit. It’s a great way to get their attention since they will be dying to get in touch with you as soon as you miss your first payment. This method also saves you the cost of a phone call. When they do get in touch, simply refuse to reinstate the DD until the money they owe you is cleared and as soon as it’s cleared, SWITCH! Really easy.

  • Anthony cotton

    I joined EDF about ten years ago and they have proved to me beyond a reasonable doubt that I am getting a good deal from them,and still do.
    I have never known how cheap the bills are evan in Winter.
    I just look at the pound signs.