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NHS event: our video

May 3rd, 2012 by

Last week, Capita and United Healthcare set up a conference with the doctors who’ll be leading on delivering the government’s NHS changes.  Together, thousands of 38 Degrees members chipped in to pay for a patient-sponsored evening reception in central London, just around the corner from the conference during the day.

Here’s the video showing how the event went on the day – look out for the scrolling list of 38 Degrees sponsors in the background:



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  • Roma Tearne

      Team Cameron and his BIG society are at it again. They don’t want us to know about the NHS Risk To Services, assessment. It will not be made public.
    Why do we the British public not have the right to know what risks are being posed to our health service or how it is being placed in danger? Why can we, the very people who elected Team Cameron not have any say about that which affects our lives? What is the Team’s thin excuse this time?

    Take the pregnant mothers in Britain for instance, they’d like to know what’s happening, wouldn’t they?

    Parents with small families, wouldn’t they want to know what Risky cuts are ahead?

    Student living away from home. They might not, but their parents surely will want to know whether their children, at universities around the country, have good access to medical care. Or dodgy ones.

    And what about the elderly? Or perhaps they don’t matter? Ah yes! It’s the grave for them, I guess.

    Make no mistake of it, this government does not care about any of the above. Obviously.
    Obviously they are only interested in their Big Society. By that they mean, the Society for the Big, well paid, elite, non-pasty eaters, cushioned, pampered well-heeled, etc: those in fact who can and do use the private sector ranging from schools to medical care.
    Compassion and Cameron are not two words that go together.
    What is happening to our schools and our universities is a disgrace; what is happening to the transport system is a shambles. But what is happening to this country’s Health Service could be a matter of life and death. For some.
    Still why should Team Cameron bother? They know that we will have forgotten all about this by the time the next General Election comes around. By then we will have been distracted by all sorts of things from the Olympics to celebrity gossip. Won’t we?

    We the electorate are not idiots. But we do need to wake up to what is being done in the name of austerity.We should refuse to be distracted by Mr Hype and his sister Trivia and instead, develop that old fashioned sense that is our collective memory.

    Otherwise Team Cameron and all the other Teams that follow in his wake will slowly and surely return us once more to the poverty and deprivation of the 19th century.


  • Soho

    NHS is not done yet ! a nhs poll asking is new nhs in your interest ! if its not langlsey’s law is dead !  an national pollis needed too ! not in public interest….means bye bye langsley……

  • Soho

    polling AGENCIES are not trolls they see good causes ! like charity campigning…..they might help for fre with 38 degree’s……on two polling….things…