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Remind your neighbours to vote

May 1st, 2012 by

Download leaflets and a template letter to pop through your neighbours doors

In just two days, Londoners will have to the chance to vote for their next mayor. Some experts are saying it’s “too close to call”. This election each person could make a big difference to the final result.

Every election, hundreds of thousands of people don’t vote. Some people might have decided they don’t want to. But for tens of thousands of others, it’s because they just forgot.

Together, 38 Degrees members in London can help spread the word and remind friends and neighbours to use their vote. By putting leaflets through our neighbours’ doors and signing up for voting reminders by text message, we can make sure that no one forgets it’s voting day on Thursday.

Here are some leaflets and a template letter you can print out and pop through your neighbours doors.

Click here to download leaflets
Click here to download a template letter

Please do not modify the ‘Don’t forget to vote’ leaflet

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  • Anonymous

    i will be voting UKIP ……ex labour voter till 1987 when kinnock sold out to EU,and Blu-Labour…….Political class are dead…two derby labour councillors defected this week..hope they get re-elected…Never waste an election

  • JanEds

    I don’t see the point of this. 
    38 degrees is not supposed to be a political organization and the reminder does not promote any body against the other.  People know there’s an election, but it’s up to them to use their vote if they have anybody they want to see elected. 
    I understand someone turning to the UKIP because there is nobody else to vote for but as I understand it, the UKIP is even more extreme right than the Tories, but as I wrote, this is not a politicial forum. 
    A ballot is secret, vote as your conscience tells you. 

  • Johnbraggins

    Leave elections to politicians and political parties. Do something useful instead.

  • Desishortt

     Politics is too important to be left to politicians.
    People have felt so disenfranchised from politics that many do not bother to vote.
    How does a poor electoral turnout keep career politicians focussing on the voters wishes?

  • Chrissj

    I vote because I despise Tories.

  • Carl Holmes

    i vote beacause i despise all three elite partys and everyone should vote for either bnp or green party

    why is it that the bbc doesnt let these partys bnp or greenparty join televised debates at election times

    and why is always down to the same three lib,lab,con we need to give another party a chance and end this threesome

  • Bob

    It’s time to say adiós to the establishment parties, give the independents a chance, we need some new ideas in politics.