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3rd May Elections – Can You Vote?

April 5th, 2012 by

Polling Station

Photograph by t0msk (Flickr)

Next month, 38 Degrees members living across England, Scotland and Wales will have the chance to vote in local elections. Lots of council seats are up for grabs all over the country, while the election for the Mayor of London is still too close to call. Liverpool and Salford will also be electing a Mayor for the first time too.

Whoever wins these votes will be making decisions which will have a massive effect on all our lives: where we live, how we travel and how safe we are on our streets. But for thousands of people, there’s a risk they won’t get a say because they haven’t registered to vote by 18th April – that’s less than two weeks from today!

Could you have forgotten to register to vote? It’s easy to overlook it if you’ve recently moved house or become an EU citizen. But registering is easy. It takes 5 minutes on the About My Vote website – just fill in, print out and post the form before the deadline.

It’s not always easy to decide who to vote for. Some people have already decided. Others are still making up their minds, and some people might decide not to vote at all. But being registered doesn’t mean you have to vote. It just means that you’ve got the choice when election day arrives.

The registration form doesn’t ask for loads of details. It just needs your name, address and nationality.

People power is the engine that drives 38 Degrees. Lots of 38 Degrees members say that voting is a really important part of living in a democracy. Making sure as many of us as possible have the chance to vote is one way of making sure politicians know they answer to us.

Let’s make sure that every one of us gets the chance to have their say – make sure you’re registered to vote, then ask your friends and family to do the same by April 18th.


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  • Jill Parkinson1

    I can vote but this time I will not.  My only allegiance is to the Women’s Suffragette Movement, a brave band of women who won the right for females to vote.  Unfortunately, in my locality, it will be a ‘choice’ between the usual suspects, to allow them to continue back-biting and arguing at tax-payer’s expense.   That is not a democracy.  I have decided to mark my ballot-paper – ’38 Degrees’!

  • Carl Holmes

    i dont bother voting as i will not vote for the three main parties and so if i were to vote for say BNP,ukip, or greenparty  it would basically be a wasted vote as our corrupt voting system is set up to benifit the torie labour libdem cronys we need PR personal representation
    maybe another campaign for 38 degrees then all parties wud deffinitly have to work hard for us

  • Carl Holmes

    i fully support the BNP im not racist but proud to be british and want to protect my country surely u all agree , so why are we scared to speak up against immigration, extremist muslims chanting burn in hell to our soldiers or the fact that their is now more mosques in the uk than catholic churches, or that their are now muslim schools that if a british family live nearby cant enter their child or the fact that we have lost our free speech were not allowed to speak up against this as if we do etheir on twitter or on the street well be arrested but muslims can do what they like as police are now scared what type of country have we become . all the soldiers who fought for this country must now be turning in their graves they didnt fight risk there live for this oh and another halal meat disgusting slaughterslow and painful death why is 38 degrees scared to campaign on important issues like these does anyone agree

  • Sheila Oliver

    This is what my Tory local election candidate Sally Bennett in Romiley, Stockport said when I asked her her views on the Healthcare Bill. I won’t be voting for her, then:-

    “Thank you for your email,  I am an absolute 100% supporter of the NHS and its wonderful hard working and dedicated staff. I have personally benefitted from it and bear testimony to the care I have personally received.  As our population gets older and many new drugs and treatments become available we need to look at how best we can care for all of our people and what methods of delivery will do that best. I am sure that you will agree that the best possible health care is what people need.

    Doing nothing is simply a recipe for declining health care. We see that in Wales where Labour have actually cut spending on the Health Service and waiting times have increased, treatments have been delayed and the service to patients has suffered.

    In England the proposal is to give responsibility to the Clinicians. This I hope will deliver better services to patients which is what I want see. I am pleased that the Conservative Government wants to put patients first, deliver better medical outcomes and to have a healthier population. Aspirations I hope you would also share.
    With Best Wishes
    Sally Bennett”

  • Carl Holmes

     please watch this video on the very real threat to britian http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qnhfGGEiwE0&feature=player_embedded

  • Carl Holmes

    shocking isnt it