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Dinner with David Cameron? Another reason to ban secret lobbying

March 26th, 2012 by

Paying for dinner with David Cameron: "awesome for your business".

Yesterday, we got yet another glimpse of how corrupt our political system is. The co-treasurer of the Conservatives was filmed giving a rare honest account of how lobbying can work. Donate enough money and you get to have dinner with the Prime Minister.

That’s probably not most people’s idea of a great night out, but the Tory treasurer was in no doubt it would pay off. “It’ll be awesome for your business”, he said.

A ban on secret lobbying would help weed out this kind of sleaze. New rules could force politicians to reveal who they’re meeting and what they talked about. That’s why 38 Degrees members have been campaigning to bring in these rules for ages.

After the MP expenses scandal, public pressure pushed all the parties to make big promises about tackling lobbying. But now it’s time to write the new rules, Cameron has come up with weak rules that won’t solve the problem.

If we speak up together now, we can push him to go much further and bring in a real ban, not just a token gesture.

We know David Cameron is worried about public anger about secret lobbying. Back when a Labour government was the main culprit, he described it as a “scandal waiting to happen”. Now it’s his own reputation on the line. A big petition will show him that the anger will just keep on growing if he doesn’t introduce a proper legal ban.

38 Degrees members have voted to make it a priority to ban secret lobbying because we know the harm it does on other issues we care about. How many secret dinners with private health lobbyists did Cameron have whilst pushing through his NHS changes?

Help stop the rich and powerful whispering in the ears of MPs who are meant to be working for us – please add your name to the petition now.

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  • Kevin King

    Fairly obviously, I support the general principle of this petition. But I am concerned about one aspect, and that is in the area of seeking government assistance for persecuted minorities in countries where there are repressive regimes. Such discussions may well have to be conducted in secret for the protection of the parties involved. How would such situations be handled?

  • Zoho

    THE POLITICIANS do not talk about the unpaid dinners or talks  inparliament yesterday,im mean vistors to members of parliament who don’t pay for policy influence….but get there goon ideas into power….,david caemron step father is an astor,,,a well connected family,,,includes the rothxchilds,,and in total 17 families,13 are on u.s dollar bill as 13 stones that build the triangle…it  means according to an expert amidst the fire……beast logo also his official  tau….these serpent brotherhoods come from india and spread across the planet,they build civilizations,babylon,then egytpt,the druids worshipped them,bad druids,not good ones…..,ive heard todays politicians are all of history’s evil kings and evil leaders to in ther bloodlines…..EMM NICE….these mystery schools are part of mason philosophy,the police join masons,lower lodges….,mi6 is build using mason degree drawings…,the queen family is involved in masonry too,the tunnel where diana was killed was used in medival times as a sacrificial cross over point to kill people on…to isis,,,aka diana…,horus is on there u.s dollar bill satan…..,george washington a mason sits with saturn,as satan,and neptune,mercury in congress painting on ceiling…..this family includes saturn…,add in caine from eden and nehpalim we have an nice evil ruled planet ARRRHHHHH

  • Zoho

    horus is one of the mystery school king pins as satan…..! of course masons deny all this,i watched a video where they even had an expert say there is no conspiracy,its just fun mystery school like games and puzzles,money talks i guess! by the weay i was shocked to find out the close friends of queen elizabeth 2 are rothchilds and they run the ROYAL MINT ILLEGAL!  OUR MONEY,NOT THERE’S….

  • Zoho

    nagas city…..in india,,,,pandu empire…..ssshhh nsnaskes

  • Zoho

    ON NHS ITS NOT OVER YET! i recent judgement two students lost there law case as they complied with new tutiton fee law, it only takes one nurse not to comply and the thing is dead….gone…

  • Lutra

    I’d quite like a ban on all DIRECT lobbying, not just the secret sort. Let vested interests CAMPAIGN – fair enough – but in the media, and new media. All that elected representatives with voting rights (such as Conservative peer Virginia Bottomburp et al) have to do is declare “members’ interests” before they blithely vote away the public’s hard-won institutions.

  • Alexander

    Could we raise £50k and join the leader’s circle? 38 Degrees are a lobbying group of sorts and are certainly philanthropically minded enough to make a donation.

    Wouldn’t it be super if we could attend these dinners,share our opinions and have an influence over policy decisions? We can also get to meet like-minded people who are passionate about politics and having their voice heard. All donors could be put into a tombola and the first name out attends the dinner and they can bring a member of the 38 Degree team as their partner/friend/guest.

    Can’t think of a historical precedent for this but my history got as far as page 2 of the Iliad so might be wrong. Anyway, just an idea.

    Keep up the fine work,


  • mnewm

    How are you proposing to stop Dave’s mates buttonholing him down at the pub? Or his family and old friends over the Sunday roast? Maybe nobody should be allowed to speak to him without a member of the Press recording the conversation? Is Samantha to be allowed to remind him to do his zip up, or is that deemed undue influence?
    All politicians of all colours are susceptible to people trying to influence them from all directions. The key is for the politicians to be smart enough to check out surprising opinions before acting. Unfortunately, because democracy hopefully brings a wide variety of people into public office, not all politicians may be smart enough to resist. However Dave seems quite a smart chap, so too even Nick and Ed.

  • Johncharlesdyer

    E-petition calling for an Independent Prosecutor to investigate a number of allegations of ministerial misconduct by various ministers is now up. Please sign:  http://epetitions.direct.gov.uk/petitions/32062

  • Paul Thornton
  • Anonymous

    The government consultation on lobbying ends this Friday, 13th April.  Lots of info from Unlock Democracy and their views on why the government’s proposals are not good enough.



    Also, letter to co-sign:



  • Carl Holmes

    38 degrees should team up with http://action.unlockdemocracy.org.uk/page/s/lobbying-take-part-in-the-government-consultation 38 degrees should team up on other campaigns for example the badger trust stopping cull of badgers,