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NHS Campaign: Posters and Leaflets

March 9th, 2012 by


The deadline for ordering hard copy NHS campaign leaflets and posters has now passed.

However, if you still want to share the campaign to protect our NHS with your friends, family or neighbours you can download posters and leaflets below.

Click on one of the images above to download an A4 size poster.

And click here to download your colour leaflet or here for a black and white leaflet.

Politicians up and down the country have already seen our billboard ads calling David Cameron to account. And thousands of people marched through London to stop the NHS plans this week – but Cameron is still determined to push these plans through.

Just imagine the government’s reaction now that posters are going up in windows and leaflets are popping through people’s doors across the country!

Together we’re continuing to ramp up the pressure and show Cameron and Lansley just how much the public is against their plans that doctors have called “complex, incoherent and not fit for purpose.”

Stay tuned for more NHS campaign updates!

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  • R Bates100

     Prepare to petition the queen to refuse royal assent for the NHS and social care bill
    See John Langleys proposal under campaigns suggestions, apparantly it is not quite as simple as emailing or writing to her so will need rather more prepartion.

  • Zoho

    FOR COME REASON….. you cannot comment on quantocks   hills under news!  20,000 is enough to stop people plouging up cities the new work state used this….20,000 people to get an ordinance protecting state wide nature………..so legally via inter law quantocks is saved…..!

  • Zoho

    keep an eye on your local nature areas..medaows,marshes,,,,grass types,,, all nature,as the tories are crafty…….nppf planning  laws! if ya have a car great tell others….to love and protect nature they like……………keep eye out for developers…….

  • Tony Goldman

    Dear Mr Goldman,
    Thanks for your email. The Information Commissioner has now ordered the Health Secretary to release this report. I very much hope this means we will finally be able to see this report and the details it contains as to the significant effects of the Health and Social Care Bill.
    Once the report is finally public, I would be interested to hear your thoughts.
    Thanks again,
    Chuka Umunna
    Chuka Umunna MP
    Member of Parliament for Streatham
    covering Streatham and parts of Clapham, Balham, Tulse Hill and BrixtonShadow Secretary of State for Business, Innovation &Skills

  • Clare

    This idea
    to get out there locally is great, (I hope the leaflets contained some factual
    info about what is wrong with the bill and how it will mean privatization), but
    we need an update in the blog.  How about discussing the massive appetite
    out there for a national demo? The unions have let us down, so will 38 Degrees
    do it? Time is running out, we need to convert online activism into real-life
    action. Is 38 Degrees up to the challenge? If so, 38 Degrees must go all out to
    publicise it, working hand-in-hand with other organisations. We must remember
    the bigger picture, the aim here is too save the NHS, not promote particular
    interest groups. The survival of the NHS must come before all other political considerations.

  • Pat Cross

    i come across this article earlier………..38 degrees is the left’s most successful campaigning force to date.  It has far more achievements to its name than Ed Milliband, or his Shadow Cabinet. Unlike some, I don’t see 38 degrees as an irritant, or dismiss it because it is run by Labour activists.  The organisation has created a powerful campaigning force with hundreds of thousands of email addresses.  Forests, the NHS, energy prices are examples of serious activity.on conservative home , well done 38 degrees for all of your hard work you have become a big threat to the torys …………… link to read full article is…….http://conservativehome.blogs.com/platform/2012/03/from-halfon4harlowmp-the-left-are-winning-the-internet-battle-its-time-to-fight-back.html

  • James

    Hi people,

    Time is running out, the bill is still a nightmare (despite all the liberal flannel) see these two really informative links:

    WHAT we NEED to do NOW is organize marches in every highstreet, which will grow in number EVERY day until the govmnt gets the message. 
    But it needs coordinating (national) and it need doing ASAP so please contact the 38 degrees team and ask the to help coordinate it. 
    I suggest each lunchtime so as many people as poss can join in then the hopeless media can’t ignore it.



  • James

    Dont know why those links didn’t work but google Ben Goldacre and look for his ‘secondary blog on the NHS Bill, especially the bit on why we aren’t worried enough!
    also http://www.allysonpollock.co.uk/



  • http://twitter.com/crownstsurgery Crown Street Surgery

    Mr Cameron, Mr Lansley & Co repeatedly state in the media that the majority of GPs support the Health & Social Care Bill. They try to give the impression that the BMA, Royal College of General Practitioners and other professional expert bodies do not represent the opinion of their members.
    I sent a questionnaure to the GP’s involved in Primary Care Commissioning in Ealing PCT area and the results were overwhelmingly against the bill. 120 GP’s supported the BMA and RCGP, only 28 did not support their stance. So Mr Cameron and Mr Lansley your assertions are incorrect.
    The majority of GPs do NOT support the bill.

  • Ukcitizien

    Petition the Queen … she has the powers to stop Cameron in his tracks and it is in her interests and her people’s to do so … Cameron and his clan are behaivng as if our Country were a Dictatorship … we are not , we are a Democracy …. the Government is elected by the people to Govern ‘in the interests of the people’….Clearly this Governemnt is failing in it’s duty.  Her Majesty’s Governement is failing the majority of  her people ….. the majority have no confindence in the curent British Governement.  The Queen is not ‘just a pretty face’ … she has some very significant powers and it may well be time that we asked her use them.

  • Ukcitizien

    The power to withhold royal assent to legislation passed by the Houses of Parliament

    No Bill can become a legally binding Act of Parliament unless and until it receives the royal assent. This means that the Queen has a veto on all legislation passed by Parliament. She has the power to withhold her assent to any legislation for any reason or for none. Were she to exercise this power no court could hold it illegal. This is an astonishing power. It was last exercised in the United Kingdom by Queen Anne in 1708 but has been threatened to be exercised several times in the twentieth century, not least, it is reported, by the current heir to the throne, Prince Charles
    Despite what many members of the public have been lead to believe, The Queen is not just a pretty face … she has some vital powers up the Royal Sleeve …. Is it time we asked her to use them …. my vote would be ‘yes it is’ …… We could peacefully petition The Queen to stop this Bill by using her reserve powers. ‘There is a possible 20th century precedent of a Monarch using his reserve powers to address a constitutional crisis: In the 1910/11 controversy over the People’s Budget / Home Rule For Ireland Bill / Parliament Act, Kings Edward VII and George V insisted on the then Prime Minister appealing to the people, before indicating that they would create a sufficient number of pro-government peers to break the opposition of the House of Lords’

  • Anonymous

    Please ask Lords to support Lord Owen’s amendment to pause the NHS Bill until the Risk Register has been published. The vote is to take place on Monday.


  • joe
  • John

    As a number of members have suggested (below), can 38 Degrees petition the queen in the names of more than half-a-million of her subjects who have signed the 38 Degrees petition? We would be adding our names to the NHS Consultants and others http://liberalconspiracy.org/2012/03/16/queen-petitioned-to-reject-nhs-bill/

  • Liz

    Just received my poster and leaflets – poster up in my window already, and leaflets being delivered this afternoon. Thanks for being so efficient at getting them out so quickly – hope they do the job!

  • Quinn61

    For anyone in  or near Tavistock, Devon I have organised a public meeting  to campaign against Devon’s privatisation of health services for vulnerable children ( this privatisation has been as exposed by the Guardian and  details on the their website. http://www.guardian.co.uk/society/2012/mar/15/devon-nhs-childrens-services-privatisation)

    The meeting will take place on 22nd March at Kingdon House, Pym Street, Tavistock,7.30-9.30pm . Please pass this message on to anyone you know in the area.
    Thank you ,
    Margaret Quinn

  • Rich

    Demo this Saturday at the Department of Health 2.30pm called for by Hackney Keep Our NHS Public. The facebook event is here.


  • Almamaygreene

    you people are doing a wonderful job,
    in my oppinion you all should be in
    parliment,and the so called big cats
    be under yourthumb thanks for all
    the good work wonderful alma.

  • http://twitter.com/laurevans311 SRSH Laur

    Southampton ‘Drop the NHS Bill’ Vigil:http://tinyurl.com/SotonSaveNHS - Monday 8pm #SaveOurNHS#NHS999

  • T Fairminer

    Fantastic work, thank you all so much. You would get my vote ;)

  • Terry

    38 Degrees its time for Medical Professionals set up a Political party like “Medical Alliance Party” to take on Tories in Marginal Seats that voted for the Government NHS break up…………The British people love their NHS and most trust their Doctor than a their MP’s!!

  • surl’autremain…

    I have competing companies for power, ‘phone, broadband, food. The only bit of the NHS that’s reasonably OK is the GP service where there is competition between practices. Pretending that the only choice is between the current relic of war socialism and a caricature US private system does no good – other countries do well with a mix of private, charitable even TU service providers. The relatives of those – how many -  1,600 people who died in N Staffordshire probably wish there had been some sort of competition. After a dirty NHS hospital killed my father, I certainly do.

  • Bradshaw_martyn

    I’m very
    sorry to hear about your experience of the NHS.

    No one is
    saying nothing should be done; quite the opposite in fact. But, it should be
    done with our – the electorates consent. There is no denying the NHS helps
    millions of people every year. For example:

    The NHS
    saved the life of our 1 year old daughter when she was born. She had to be resuscitated.
    The professionals – of which there were many – simply did their job. She ended
    up in intensive care but is now a healthy, bubby, energetic and fun little
    girl. I will never forget what those people did for my family.

    My wife is
    only here today because of the NHS. She has severe Crohn’s disease and has had much
    major surgery over the years. She also has been in intensive care. No private
    company would entertain her, because she is far too risky for them. So, who
    would look after her and the thousands like her? Charity? No thanks.

    I too have
    had surgery in hospital. I was cared for and look after well, in a very clean
    and efficient hospital. I also have had an experience with BUPA in the past. I
    won’t ever go back there. My dad’s insurance, being used to cover me as a
    teenager, ran out. I was dumped by BUPA and handed over to the NHS. That is the
    reality of where competing healthcare providers lead. They will take the money
    up to a point then couldn’t care less.

    I want
    medical institutions to work together for the best interests of patients. I
    want them to co-operate. I want doctors to share information. I don’t want them
    to be trying to beat their colleagues next door. I don’t want to become some
    ping pong ball being batted between competing egos.

    Reform the
    NHS sure. Work with health professional, of course. Drive up standards, who
    would argue with that.

    But destroy the
    NHS…..no. But that is what is on the cards, I fear.

  • surl’autremain…

     Thank you very much for your thoughtful reply.I would have replied earlier but we had a 4-hour power cut last night. (So much for privatised utilities!)                I haven’t spent a night in an NHS bed since literally the day I was born 50+ years ago, and I’ve spent a lot of time abroad, so I had underestimated the love people have for the NHS, but also don’t see it as unreformable. In brief answer to your points – (1) you underestimate I think how much charities are doing in the NHS in, eg end-of-life and cancer care. (2) In most European countries health insurance is compulsory on both sides, insurers cannot “cherry-pick”
    healthy clients only. (3) What is wrong in the NHS is that some specialisms
    are under-resourced; as you can guess from my comments about my father, dementia and geriatrics are prime examples. This is a result of a “politicised”
    service, again unknown in Europe. I don’t see competition as trying to beat colleagues, I see it as being stretched to do the best for patients.
      I’m glad that you and your family have had good outcomes from the NHS, and
    I’m in a minority here, so best wishes, and let’s see how it all turns out. Few things are as bad as they are painted by any  opp[osition,
    Best wishes,

  • Anonymous

     Interesting idea, but she can’t be seen to be overriding the ‘elected’ and ‘democratic’ ‘representatives of the electorate’.

  • Anonymous

    I got some replies from Lord Avebury including the following comment:-

    “Owen’s motion will fail, and I hope that now the Bill is leaving the Lords we will no longer be on the receiving end of absurd and apocalyptic fantasies about the destruction of the NHS by privatisation, but rather that our correspondents will bend their energies to making the changes work, for the benefit of patients, the cause they profess to serve.”

    ‘Nuff said!

  • Anonymous

    Lord Avebury said this to me too:-

    “My own experience over the last half century is that LibDems, and Liberals before them, give a much better quality of service to their constituents than the other two parties, and that’s the way we have made a bit of headway against the two-party system. I recognise that the Party has lost ground because we are blamed for all the misdeeds of the coalition, but I’m sure it was the right thing to do to go into coalition to rescue the country from the appalling mess left by Blair and Brown.”

    Not in Stockport –  the  flippin’ LibDems here  don’t give a much better quality of service!  They are rubbish.

  • Anonymous

    it doesn’t matter what is said to the Liberal democrats and the Tories they have made up their minds that the NHS is going to be privatised. Come the may elections and the next general election, I amongst others will ensure that the public is informed that without the support of the Liberal Democrats this insane bill could not have been passed.

  • Anonymous

    No other countries do not do well with a mixture, that is their system they have no choice but to use it, if they had a choice they would opt for a system like ours. The UK is the only country to have such a brilliant primary care system, the only other comparable is Switzerland.
    The NHS is the most comprehensive cost effect health service in the world and the improvements it has chalked up over the past 13 years are unprecedented. 
    Since this hideous coalition government and the Tories managed to get their hands on the NHS, already waiting times for operations are rising sharply, as are waiting times to see a consultant etc
    This government have scrapped the previous government’s 5% cap on treating private patients and now hospitals will be able to treat 49% private patients. That means that if you have the money you will be able to buy healthcare over NHS patients and jump the queue to see consultants, for diagnostic tests like Ultra sound and MRI and CAT scans etc, if you have the money you will be able to buy your operation date, if you are a NHS patient you will be put on a long list, a list that is already increasing in time waiting.
    You mention Staffordshire this is about the worse example you could mention and I understand that hospital is now under scrutiny it will improve, there will always be hospitals that buck the trend, this is not to say that this is not important because obviously it is, but Staffordshire is one hospital against so many that have been rebuilt, refurbished and improved beyond all recognition. In fact use Staffordshire of a model that we do NOT want to return to, because under the Tories ALL hospitals were like that and some much worse!
    We will be seeing more hospitals like that under the new reforms and it will not be long before the rich all have their nice expensive health cover while the poor wait in their hundreds in poor hospitals for basic treatments.

    In fact a few miles away from Stafford we have the brand new QEH hospital with an average of 1213 beds – each main ward housing approx 36 beds, 23 operating theatres, 6900 hospital staff and 3800 car parking spaces. The QEH also includes Europes largest organ transplant programme and has a specialised military wing. Let’s not forget the good things happening in Birmingham
    (under labour).

  • Anonymous

    What do you mean underestimate what charities are doing in end of life care? What a bizarre thing to write. We should not have an NHS dependant on charity especially end of life care. 2) Health insurance do cherry pick in any country and nowhere is this more prominent than in the US, they are not obliged to take on anyone on their books, so they certainly can cherry pick. Where is health insurance compulsory? How can yo make it compulsory if people have no money to pay the premiums? Do you even know the colossal amount of private health care on offer and how difficult it is to choose a suitable premium? And even when you choose a premium it NEVER covers every thing, you need to take out additional cover for medicines etc. NO insurance company will take on anyone needing an organ transplant on their books.3) Even if what you say is true about some areas being under resourced this is not need to change the entire health system, just fix what is wrong, the UK NHS has never had such high satisfaction ratings. Please tell us how cutting £20 billion from the health budget is going to cure under resourced areas?

    Are you serious health care un-politicised in Europe? You are having a laugh. TBH from what you have written you do not know an awful lot about the health care system in any country let alone the NHS and I think before you give your opinions further you should try and do some research. I am not doubting you know about your father’s circumstances, but you knowledge on the NHS in general is pretty poor and I suspect is political in itself.

  • Jim Moores

    Never is a long time but I really do think that no-one will trust the Liberals/Lib Dems ever again -student fees, EMA, taxing the poor, social services, adult care, workfare, NHS – lies, lies, lies.

  • Jim Moores

    The Tories introduced “private” cleaning companies in to the NHS; Blair carried on with foundation trusts. Both have prepared the way for privatisation. We, in the UK, pay less than half of that which they do in the USA and mortality rates in the USA are much higher. In 2010 reported medical errors in the UK were 8% compared to the USA’s 18%; France 14%; Australia 14% and Germany 10%. There are always improvements to be made but do we want to go backwards?

  • Anonymous

    So, in the light of today’s Sunday Times story, it would seem obvious – as we all knew all along – that bungs have been paid to flog off the NHS.  I have written to Lord Avebury for his comments and my local Tory councillor – Syd Lloyd. Any decent councillor would resign from this Coalition.

  • Phil Sullivan

    Privatisation or not, the fact is the the changes will fail. 

  • Anonymous

    Do you mean they won’t get their evil way with the NHS?  I do hope so.  How will they fail?

    I am hoping in six weeks’ time the Tories and LibDems will have a severe kicking in their electoral nuts from which they never recover.  You have no idea (maybe you do) what wheedling, self obsessed, lazy, otherwise unemployable poodles the majority of local councillors are.  They need those allowances, they need those free meals otherwise they might be forced to buy a sandwich, and they need the prestige because sooooo many of them are planks.

    They are the ones who leaflet for the MPs come general election time.  We need to take out their footsoldiers.

  • surl’autremain

     I only came to this site in error, thinking it was a general discussion site. My last message was a farewell, and a reminder that “oranges are not the only fruit”. I had not expected the site to be so gleichanschaltet.Or ignorant.
    In a working life of thirty years spent mostly in Europe I have paid into THREE compulsory insurance schemes (France, Germany and Switzerland), so I have more knowledge than you. The points I made about non-discrimination were also true – you can read all about them on Wikipedia, if you are interested. Which you obviously aren’t, because five minutes research would have stopped you from looking such a prat. You think there are no transplants in FR, DE or CH?
    I realise that it suits the left to pretend that there is no choice between our wonderful NHS and an American-style “taxi-meter at the end of the bed” free-market system: but there is. Even in the good ol’ US of A if the Supreme Court agrees (and I hope they do, because healthcare in the States is a disgrace), President Obama’s new Healthcare bill means thirty million Americans not covered by Federal, state or private schemes will have to take out compulsory insurance. It will, of course, be subject again to non-discrimination clauses.
    I also realise it suits the left to pretend that the Tories are plotting to privatise the NHS. About as likely as introducing droit de seigneur, little boys as chimney-sweeps and making it illegal for proles to wear top hats on pain of death. Churchill didn’t, Thatcher didn’t – Cameron has not 25% of the cojones of either. Just read Thatcher’s memoirs (not that you will) to see how scared even she was of looking as if she was moving towards scrapping it.
    Can I end on a friendlier note? Yes, I am not used to being a full-time Englishman yet, and I realise now the depth of feeling the NHS can engender. That is unique – take my word for it. So I wouldn’t have written quite as sharply
    now as I did two weeks ago, near the anniversary of my father’s death. I’m glad about your new hospital – but I have a new hospital near me (Peterborough) which is suffering from its PFI repayments. There is a scandal waiting to happen; I think capitalists should take the risks, not the NHS. Do a petition to re-write or renege on PFI contracts and I might well sign up!
    Best wishes

  • Pauldemure

    Don’t really understand why you don’t join the tories? What does your ‘liberalism’ consist of? Not quite sure what ‘appalling’ mess you are referring to.Nothing nearly as appalling as the effective abolition of the NHS.

  • surl’autremain

     Reply to myself – should also have pointed out that everywhere  except the UK, healthcare is provided by state, for-profit and charitable entities.
    Unique in Europe.

  • Anonymous

    I asked Lord Avebury if he was going to pop out of his teapot over the official snooping on us all issue. This was his reply. News of my drinking habits must have reached London:-

    “I am not familiar with the expression ‘popping out of your teapot’, so I can’t answer your question. Will you be popping out of your cocktail shaker?”

  • Anonymous

    This was my reply to Lord Avebury:-

    The Mad Hatter’s Teaparty.  The dormouse dozed and dozed, but sometimes he woke up to what was going on around him.  I am giving you a gentle nudge;  I am rattling the teapot lid.
    Stockport was a hatting town and the workers went mad, poisoned by the Mercury used in the industrial process.  It might go some way to explain why we have repeatedly elected LibDem councillors and MPs.