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Update: selling Quantock Hills

March 5th, 2012 by

Recently, our people powered petition to prevent the sale of nearly 2000 acres of Quantocks Hills land was delivered.

The plan to sell the land would mean that vast expanses of beautiful woodland and open countryside would leave public ownership. Lots of 38 Degrees members spoke out against the proposal and over 30,000 people added their names to the petition against the sale.

Mike Rigby delivered the petition to Somerset County Council along with some of Somerset-based 38 Degrees members. He explained that it was the petition itself which helped to force an official debate on the issue amongst members of the council.

Unfortunately the debate was lost by just eight votes, but the result was much tighter than expected. Lots of councillors chose not to vote at all, partly as a result of the huge petition being presented to the Council, proving that when we work together, we can make sure our message is heard.

Despite the disappointing outcome, without the members of 38 Degrees signing the petition the debate would never have taken place. Now, local campaigners are working out what more can be done to stop the sale going ahead.

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  • JanetEds

    Never mind the hills, concentrate on the NHS.  Hills are not going to disappear forever if the campaign isn’t sucessful.

  • Peter Rose

     Possibly. But you won’t be able to see them when they are covered in Barratt homes!

  • Michael Warr

    We still need to keep campaigning on this one, if one goes they’ll find it easier to sell the rest

  • Michael warr

    I do agree howevr that our main effort should be on the NHS. However we should keep a close eye on our other campaigns

  • Carl Holmes

    stop wasting your time on NHS campaign the NHS needs reforming simple i work in a hospital and seen for myself the inefficencies and waste

  • Zoho

    QUANTOCKS IS SAVED….check with lawyers first,,,,,but they are wards of state so rarely help people win……….NEW WORK STATE HAD 20,000 complaints to save nature they made an ordinance law to protect nature after the outrage! you have 30,000 people…! inter law ties us in to u.s law is the laws are good and not bad ones……………,i’d say quanctocks is safe…..


    WE MUST REMEMBER 100,000 plus via other petitons ect,,,,and 38 degrees don’t want nature wrecked….,the bible says destruction is satan….!he ain’t legal…! developers should know that when i looked at map of england its all hedged of blocks of land most of it,,,,,de natured  for agriculture and greenfield, pastures!,where have al the meadows gone,fauna,nice athestic rolling hills,,ect,all we have left is national parks as a reminder of how nature used to look! before it was all deforested for farming………..its worrying..! look on a map youu”ll see alot of fields flat not rolling hills covered in grasss thats been ploughed or grazing areas….,,shouldn’t they be building on that instead of qaulity nature areas wether in nationl parks or not! you need some expert to gather info as alot is worth protecting……….and should never be built on….,i guess its how it looks to locals….is it pleasing or provides outdoor walks ect……..the countryside commision made a map its on nature,it shows how precoius england is for varing nature types,the fells ect,,,when its gone its gone!!!!!!!!!!!!!  life ceases if nature dies according to indian supreme court ruling………she says its a national treasure and needs protecting……..all of it…

  • Zoho

    IF YOU HAVE A CAR,,TELL OTHERS TO PROTECT local nature,also fauna made the atmosphere……..! the tories are already trying to build on areas already keep your eyes open for concrete towers…………in all areas of u.k………

  • Zoho

    print hand out’s b+w photocopies……….cheap ink headed me……tell others…

  • http://twitter.com/paulinerigby Pauline Rigby

    Local councils are no longer a safe pair of hands for our national heritage and countryside.

  • guest

     I don’t think anyone is campaigning agsinst improvements in efficiency. They are campaigning against making our health a matter of profit for private companies.