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NHS poll: the results are in!

February 14th, 2012 by

Over the last week, tens of thousands of us voted and made new suggestions on what to do together next to save the NHS.

The 38 Degrees office has looked at every single response to the poll using the techniques and tools normally used when 38 Degrees members are asked what they want to do next (there’s an in-depth look at how this works here, here and here).

The result of the vote leaves us with no doubt that the 38 Degrees members who voted want to show the Government the public want Lansley’s plans to be withdrawn and rethought.

We have also agreed on some winning tactics, which are (in order of preference):

1) Build a petition asking MPs to hold a fresh debate on the reforms in the House of Commons.
2) Build a petition calling for Lansley’s secret ‘risk register’ to be released so we can understand the dangers of his plans.
3) Send emails to MPs, Lords and Baronesses to ask them to rein in competition and privatisation plans.
4) Make the NHS changes an issue in the London Mayoral elections.

38 Degrees members' preferences

What next?
We start putting all our winning tactics in motion over the next couple of weeks. We can start now by signing the epetition calling for a debate in the Commons on whether Lansley’s plans should be dropped.

What do you think?
What do you think of these results? Are there any other priorities that you think should be on the list?

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  • Janet Edmonds

    There is already an epetition, started by Dr Chand: 


    All of us sign this one, not start another.

    We’ve got half a million clicks on the ‘Save the NHS’ petition – what’s happened to them?

  • Brenda Flynn

    Well done! PLEASE continue all your work. Did you see Lansley’s arrogant reaction to Ed Milliband’s criticisms in the House last week – he was laughing , not listening and had his colleagues laughing along with him.  the NHS is not a laughing matter. thanks for all you are doing. Brenda Flynn

  • Lucy N

    No worries. The 38 degrees link is simply referring everyone directly to Dr Chand’s e-petition.

  • Lucy N

    I’ve signed the e-petition for dropping the bill already.

    The poll suggest 38 degree-ers are saying that there should be an additional e-petition for a fresh debate as well. Is this right?

    And if so, do we mean a new e-petition on this site (and knowing that most of us will sign it)  or are we proposing to use the parliamentary e-petition site instead?

  • Davidseyforth

    I’ve also signed the petition

  • Joy Leigh

    PIP implants and NHS reforms

    “I went back to the private cosmetic clinic
    [where I had my PIP implants] only they’d gone into liquidation. They’d
    dissolved and opened up as another company. [The new clinic] said they can’t do
    anything about it [replacing my PIPs] because they’re now a new company, the
    old one’s gone into administration. I’ve nowhere else to turn.” Newsnight
    (7/2/12) panelist

    For me, this comment pinpoints the central
    weakness of the proposed Health and Social Care Bill. The reforms are just a
    few parliamentary amendments and votes from opening the way for National Health
    Services (from mole removal to mastectomies) to be contracted out (like
    hospital cleaning services) to private providers (like the PIP clinics).

    Hopefully, the 38 Degrees campaign will force MPs to hold a fresh debate on whether to scrap Andrew Lansley’s dangerous plans for our health service. Otherwise, we’ll all be saying “I’ve nowhere else to turn”.

  • Jeanbob63

    Personal letters are also difficult to ignore – especially if they arrive in torrents at No 10 , Clegg’s Parliamentary office and you MP’s office. Some Tories are happy to dismiss online petitions as if they are somehow ‘easy to sign up to’. but backed by personal letters, they’ll find it harder to dismiss the objections. 

    But please keep the pressure up in every way. Billboards speak loudly.

  • Robinson35

    I signed the ‘Save the NHS’  e-petition last week.  Let’s do a petition calling for Lansley’s secret risk register to be released so that the dangers of the NHS reforms can be understood by the public.  In addition, we should make a billboard (or newspaper) advertisement highlighting the fact that Lansley is hiding the secret risk register.  

  • Joecatlin

    Just signed up to the Petiton

  • Rmwmac67

    Can’t sign e-petition  because of the capcha !    
    finding it impossible to negotiate !

  • Public4 Jbh

    Rmwmac67  I think you can ask for a fresh capcha if you don’t like the one you see. Otherwise you just have to be persistent. I’ve had the same problem. 

  • jaswant jessy

    just ask him to resign 

  • Anonymous

    What about Lansley’s financial links to CareUK?  This needs to be publicised as well, surely.  Raises serious questions about his motivations and integrity, not to mention fitness for office.

  • Rwdm

    I really think that we should all write individually to David Cameron to show him the strength of feeling about this Bill; he hasn’t got it yet, it seems, but he needs to know how dangerous this bill is to the future of the NHS, and to hear from voters. It will not put the patient at the centre of things, nor will GPs be making all the decisions about services. It is creating a huge and complicated new bureaucracy, and undermining integrated care by promoting competition between NHS & non-NHS organisations. I lived and worked in the NHS through at least 8 reorganisations, but now that I’m retired, with no job to protect or anything like that, I worry more about the effects of this Bill than of anything that has gone before. We must let David Cameron realise what harm will be laid at his door.

  • Lucy N

    We don’t really have much time to expose the myriad web of connections between politicians and corporate healthcare companies. He’s not the only one – I reckon none of the parties (apart from the Greens)  would come out of such an exposure smelling of roses.

    Time is short. We have to focus on the main thing – which is trashing the bill, delaying it, holing it beneath the waterline —- then pile in with all the dubious connections when/if sinking begins.

  • Anonymous

    Understood.  Thank you.  I guess we need to get cracking on the secret risk petition – has anyone set this up yet?

  • Lucy N

    You need to contact your MP and ask them to support the Early Day Motion for this. Here is link to those who have already signed this.


    It’s pathetic how few out of the hundreds of MPs out there in opposition have done so. Shame on them.

  • Anonymous

    Downing Street e-petition for disclosing Lansley’s secret risk register is here: http://epetitions.direct.gov.uk/petitions/27426

  • Pankhurst

    I am delighted 38 degrees are supporting the e petition by Doctor Chand it has been gathering momentum over the past week with more media coverage about this pernicious bill but this will help us to exceed all expectations. 

  • Pankhurst

    It is not just Lanlsey, the green benches published a paper that says Michael Fallon  has also benefited financially from a private company called Attendos which has a very dubious reputation in Scandanavia with lack of care and neglect being laid at their front door. Should be more aptly called NONATTENDOS and I somehow suspect they are joining the queue to deliver care somewhere at a NHS hospital very near you!

  • Justjames

    It seems this scheme was planned well in advance.
    The Daily Telegraph Jan
    2010:- Andrew Lansley, the shadow health secretary, is being
    bankrolled by the head of one of the biggest private health providers to the
    John Nash, the chairman of Care UK, gave £21,000 to fund Andrew
    Lansley’s personal office in November 2009.
    Mr Nash, a private equity
    tycoon, also manages several other businesses providing services to the NHS and
    stands to be one of the biggest beneficiaries of Conservative policies to
    increase the use of private health providers.

  • cwilliams

    What will be done with the half a million signatures on the 38 degrees petition?  Although it doesn’t specifically ask for the Bill to be dropped, it shows that the public is concerned about privatisation of the health service.

  • Janet Edmonds

    I’ve just been looking at a LibDem website: 


    It describes the ‘Parliamentary Act’ which enables the Government to overule the Lords. That’s what these arrogant Tories are likely to do.  Shame on the LibDems.

    The 38degrees website is all over the place.  I can’t find the last blog I posted on.  Let’s get our comments together.  Safety in numbers eh?

  • Mary Mc

    e-petition is over 90,000 – keep it up !!

  • Westvaler

    I watched Lansley on BBC News stating that his reasons for doing this was to remove them from “Political Interference”, in this respect I will call him a “Liar” .
    That being the case ,Why has has it taken Eight years for him to plan the destruction of Our NHS from the Back Benches  ?  (none of this is mentioned unless you research it ) 
    And Why if He wants it freeing from Political Interference is He Involved  ?
    Or is He not a Politician ?           Why All the Rush ?
    Also,it would’nt have anything to do with Him wanting to Privatise it for His Tory chums would it ?  so many questions but dont expect any answers from any of this Disingenuous Lot.
    He doesnt state that He himself has Private Interests in the Health Care Profession, this would indicate He has Ulterior Motives or Conflict of Interests.
    Persons can be prosecuted for Malfeasance or Misfeasance in Public Life, if found to be doing such things, perhaps someone should inform him of this .
    If People keep on telling Lies then at some stage will be found out  !

  • Berylswords

    Still think Billboards emphasising dangers of Bill are a good idea also articles in local newspapers 

  • Janet Edmonds

    I was planned out well in advance, years.  Everything we were sold at the Election was blatant fiction.

    No surprise that Andy Landy has vested interests.   

    Emails are very easy for us to write and them to delete.  We were all happy to write Christmas cards, could we not all pop a note in the post to Dave/Andrew, even if it just wrote, ‘Kill the Bill’ etc on notepaper?  Would they see them if adressed to No 10? 

    What about the LibDems?  Plenty of them must be disgusted at what their leader has done and didn’t become MPs to doff their caps at the Tories.  Remind them they are supposed to be enemies. 

    Plus, Doctors tend to be wealthy people – traditional Conservative Voters, who’ll never forgive the loss of the NHS.  Remind them. 

  • Justjames

    from the Daily Mirror 6th feb 2011 – “A Private
    health firm with close Tory links has won a £53million prison hospitals
    contract… ­despite an NHS bid offer-ing a better service.
    Care UK’s then
    boss John Nash and wife Caroline donated £200,000 to the Conservatives before
    the general election, including £21,000 to Health Secretary Andrew Lansley’s
    ­private office.
    Now the company has won the huge contract to run health
    services for 5,000 prisoners at eight jails in north east England – with its
    cheaper, lower quality bid.
    It means about 200 nurses’ jobs and pay could be
    under threat while tens of millions in taxpayers’ cash is funnelled to fatcats

  • Janet Edmonds

    Make a request to the Department of Health asking for the Risk Register to be released under the Freedom of Information Act.

    http://www.whatdotheyknow.com/new/dh or

    The Guardian Newspaper seems quite ‘friendly’ compared with some media.  The Conservative Home is anti Health Bill.  Unfortuately the BBC is quaking in its boots – probably because it’s next in the Govt’s sights.

  • Janet Edmonds

    Brilliant.  And it’s filling up.

  • Anonymous

    Suggestion:  Co-ordinated mass download of the NxtGen Lansley Rap from iTunes, starting 12.01 am on a Sunday night.  Idea being to get it to chart and have to be on the radio.  Charting is based on no. of downloads in a given week, so if a lot of people did it the same week, I think it’s only in the 10s of thousands you need to get it in top 40.  Someone with more inside knowledge may know better but what do people think?  And if approached by 38degrees, maybe the guy would consider donating some part of the proceeds to the campaign?  Just a thought.

  • Janet Edmonds

    Queen, (Freddie Mercury group) had a track called ‘Liar’.  “You suck my blood like a leech…Liar…Liar….”

    The private Companies will suck the blood all right. 

    I’ve just written one note to No 10 and another to No 11.  Took a few seconds. 

  • Nick Brown

    The NHS is not perfect but healthcare in the US for example
    is very very much worse, unless you have a lot of money.

    Real problems exist due to the aging population and the way people ill treat
    their bodies.  Parliament should be leading a national debate about how
    the population wants to handle these and other problems.  Destroying the publicly
    funded NHS is not going to help.


    See http://www.guardian.co.uk/society/2012/jan/20/where-the-nhs-is-heading?INTCMP=SRCH

    Nicholas Brown

  • Graham

    very good now lets get on with it and stop the bill from becoming law

  • Pswapriverside

    I just made a standing order to 38 Degrees, not a lot, but as much as I can spare. Hope tyou gave me the right bank details, because I don’t do direct debits. Thank you for your hard work.

  • vic_55

    government e-petition reached 100,000 signatures and rising. What do you say Mr Camewrong?

  • Westvaler

    About the Best way to bring this to closure is not through e-petitions but taking action.
    The Only way of getting things sorted out in this Country, is to take Parliamentary Privileges off the Politicians, and make Them Responsible for Their Actions/Inactions  !
    I’m working on doing this but it wont be done through petitions

  • Didi5

    All politians, should be held responsible for their actions, why should they be Privileged!
    Yes we need to take action, thats the only way things get done in the uk

  • Didi5

    signed e petition minutes ago, i thought i saw it had reached the 100.000, and counting, way to go, hey!

  • Tonjemap

    why stop now, keep the polls rolling  and show parliament that they are there for us and not to ignore  our wishes. Our mistakes could never be as great as their own.. Where a profit can be made those on millionaires row are never satisfied.


    Why doesnt the government rethink the council tax and put money into the NHS from this. our money seems to be going into the wrong departments.

  • Anonymous

    Write to David Cameron the PM asking him to drop the Bill. This is what Keep Our NHS Public suggest on the Claire Rayner poster.
    The second thing is to ask MPs to sign the EDM 2659 asking for the Risk Register to be published but that is less urgent than a cascade of letters to Downing.Street.
    Two million letters landing on Downing Street’s door mat would not go un-noticed.
    Think of the time and effort to answer them all.
    Two millon people marching anonymously down Whitehall did not stop Tony Blair invading Iraq. Perhaps if he had had letters with names and addresses and post codes, from known voters,  would he have changed his mind?

  • Marty J.

    Just glad that 38 Degrees is finally getting their act together on this one. Please keep this campaign focused. The only issue is to get the Health and Social Care Bill dropped in its entirety. It Lansley’s vanity project which he took 8 years dreaming up as a way to privatise the NHS once he had the chance to be Health Secretary. There was a good reason why it was never mentioned in the 2010 General Election -the public would have been outraged. Lansley is dangerous. He is the grim reaper of the NHS as we know it and should be depicted as such.

    I work in a large NHS hospital. Not one doctor colleague, nurse, physio, OT, HCA, admin staff at ANY level of seniority or patient has ever said anything other than that this horrendous bill should be dropped.

    The momentum is with us, the e-petition added tens of thousands yesterday after 38 degrees emailed its members to support it (a bit too late in my opinion) but still we’re at where we’re at.

    I plead with everyone not to get complacent. Lansley is intent in getting his bill through, whatever it takes -remember he has spent 8 YEARS on his pet project.

    Thanks for everything that you all are doing, but keep it going.

  • Tamsin

    There’s already a Direct Gov petition on this – sign that one and spread the word.

  • Tamsin

    Don’t need to there is already a Direct Gov one.  Sign that and spread the word

  • Tamsin

    And sign the Direct Gov petition about it.

  • Tamsin

    People have referred to it below – but to bring it to the top again.  As well as the basic “Drop the Bill” Direct Gov petition – 116000 and going up by 1000 every quarter of an hour or so – there’s another one on the Risk Register.  Worth signing that one too and passing it on to friends and relatives.

  • cwilliams

    I agree that we have to keep up the pressure and continue writing to our MPs and David Cameron.  Some useful information from Keep our NHS Public.  This is the scary bit:

    would be legally but not politically possible to repeal the law later. Because of European Competition Laws and because there is so much money
    to be made from health, if a different
    government tried to re-nationalise the
    NHS, multinational companies would be very easily able and very keen to sue it
    for breach of competition law. The damages would be so huge that the government
    could not afford to repeal it.


    (see ‘Points to Make in a Letter’)

  • Malcolm at Berwick

    Keep reminding our esteemed and loved PM of his election promise that the NHS was safe with him!!!!

  • Polly

    Professor Allyson Pollock




  • Pam Flynn

    Looks like  there are more than 122k  signatories as I  type.  

  • Nim

    The power of the people is so much greater than we think…together we CAN make a difference…and a better life for the next generation, instaed of a life of virtual slavery.

  • Tamsin

    It has been so encouraging the way the petition is now going.  The organisation I’m involved with had a meeting this afternoon and I might as well share here the list that we did of useful and ineresting links – starting with the two Direct Gov petitions and going on to some reports:

    The risk register Direct Gov. Petition http://epetitions.direct.gov.uk/petitions/27426
    The “drop the Bill” Direct Gov. Petition http://epetitions.direct.gov.uk/petitions/22670
    The 15 minute London Health Emergency video Dr. Louise Irvine, the New Cross GP and campaigner http://vimeo.com/22384946 (a short and simple way of convincing doubters).
    Two NHS Federation Reports – Destabilising the NHS and The Unreported NHS http://issuu.com/nhs_supporters/docs
    The Lewisham SOS NHS report just written – a fully referenced and detailed exposé of the risks inherent in the current proposals http://www.scribd.com/doc/81678939/Breaking-the-Nhs

  • Paul

    Its important that this Government e-petition is signed not just by 38 Degrees supporters but forwarded to friends,families and contacts. There is no reason bearing in mind the feelings against this Bill that the petition should not carry 1 Million signatures. ENSURE YOU CIRCULATE this petition. 

  • Grunebird

    NHS Support Federation newsletter: Saw news about  Wednesday about 7th March – mass lobby of Parliament, 2 – 7 p.m.,  followed by evening rally at Central Methodist Hall, Westminster either in person or on line.  Details to be firmed up but they ask that the day is penned in as definite..
    Thanks to Tamsin for the latest on e petitions and other info.  Well done to 38 degrees for the analysis of supporters’ ideas.

    Earlier research on the Internet shows that Alan Milburn is up his neck in links with health care, too. He was one of the drivers of PFI when he was Health Minister. He’s angling to get in on the Health Bill.
    He is non exec. director of Diaverum AB, Swedish based company, formerly Gambro Healthcare. This company offers renal care services - dialysis, transplants - 15 counties in Europe; Australia; Uruguay; entering Middle East. 
    On Healthcare Advisory Board of Lloyds Pharmacy Ltd.
    On advisory board of Bridgepoint, a venture capital firm heavily involved in financing private health care firms moving into the NHS.
    Adviser to Covidien, a Dublin-based private health company which employs APCO Worldwide lobbying firm to lobby in UK.

    I seem to recall that last year I read he was adviser to a U.S. health care firm but I could see anything about that last night.

  • Zoho

    nhs MANAGERS .NET says commisining suppourt groups will be rationing out private healthcare….thus this kills off any PUBLIC HEALTH SERVICE THERE EVER WAS!  gas off langsley…..,and they are taking 3 layers of beureucracy and putting in 7!

  • Zoho

    fact is the idiot is a dictator…,petitons already done….,various proffessional polls even  one poll say 97% don’t want privatised health care in nhs…! WAKE UP LANGSLEY…EVEN DR’S,NURSE DON’T WANT IT…..oh and public….,yet heatlhcare mintsr says he’s been up and down country and he says g’p's want it….lies lies lies man,,thats not what the stats,data says!  THEY ARE DICTATORS…the army can have them out just like cromwell did……pure maggots

  • Zoho

    there needs to  be a guarantee in the bill that it won’t be privatised…..the NHS! THE COMMISIONING suppourt groups are not in the bill…..emmm wonder why?

  • Zoho

    A DIFFFERENT TOPIC:-!  WE NEED A CAMPAIGN TO STOP ANIMAL TESTING,PUPPY FARMS ARE TRYING TO BE BOUGHT IN BY E.U AND INCREASE TESTING animals….!.1.facts  its illegal to expose patients to pharmcesticals that might cause harm,yet they test this crap on animals! 2. there are ethical mimits to test on humans,why are there none on animals? as you don’t see us drugging humans to test chemicals on them,some that will send them mad…ill ect,or even kill them!…..3.animals are prperty mnot people,a lie as animals have almost identical organs….systems inside to us……ITS IMPERATIVE 38 DEGREE’S CAMPAINGS ON THIS AND wins!

  • JanetEds

    The Ministers aren’t idiots.  They have had this planned out for years. 

    Anything that benefits the people as a whole is toxic to the Tory ethos – kill it, (and us – who cares?).

    Captain Lansley is deliberately steering NHS Titanic, (Healthcare) into the Iceberg (disaster) to be rescued by the private lifeboats. 

    The Public need to be educated in the negative aspects of this but the BBC is scared of the Govt, it’s giving very no details of expert reports etc.

    BBC – 49% to Private Healthcare disappeared overnight – that would horrify the General Public but they don’t know about it. 

    Can we remind the Liberals that they didn’t become MPs to doff their caps at the Master, Sir?

    I recieved a questionaire from the Dept of Health re. cancer treatment.  Tick box answers to give a negative report on what people think.  My real opinion didn’t have a tick box – I don’t want to choose my own treatment – I want the Dr to do it. 

    This is being billed as ‘patient choice’.  An appointment request saying “Do you still want your operation?”  (Nobody ‘wants’ an op.)

  • JanetEds

    Yep.  In the future the GPs we visit will be saying they don’t like the system their Commissioning Group has brought in but there’s nowt they can do about it. 

    We all know the score but what to do?  Can’t we join forces with the BMA/GP/Midwives&Nurses Colleges?  They can’t/shouldn’t be written off by the MPs.

  • M Pattinson

    Our esteemed PM will do as he always does and probably find some foreign part to visit.
    Here, wherever the foreign part is, he will he ignored by the head of state who will refuse  
    to shake his hand. As he fails to listen to anyone, except himself of course, he will return home and report to the British public how fabulous the foreign part he visited was and how well they are doing. ( He’s forgotten our media reports on his comings and goings when they can find him.) You’ve just got to love Mr Camewrong and be fair to the man. He shows what a first class education can do. You get to run a country and screw everyone. 

  • JanetEds

    What organization is that?  We need safety in numbers. 

    Looking at the http://www.scribd.com/doc/8167… - there’s a lot of it – should I/we print it and sent it to places?  Where?  My MP is a Conservative Firewall. 

  • Jan

    Direct question to 38 Degrees – are you allowed to email links to your members? If so then these two need to be prioritised;


    We are going to have to do the media’s job for them! Given the rapid response to the sign the petition email it was proven to be the most effective way to disseminate information. If you can’t email then at least put both links on your home page.

  • cwilliams

     Can you check your link above?  It doesn’t seem to be the same as Tamsin’s.

  • JanetEds

    Yeah, I see what you mean.  I don’t know how that happened.

    Just copied and pasted this one from, hopefully, the site with the report: 


    Emailed it to my MP but I doubt if he’ll even see it. 

    Sorry, keep saying it but the 38 degrees site is still all over the place.  Click on campaigns, news etc and it leads to different blogs.  We should be together. 

  • Ali B

    For anyone who wants to take some action against the Bill 2 events in the next few weeks:

    Sat 25th Feb. LEEDS.
    Save Our NHS contingent on the Demonstation outside Tory local government conference, 10.30 at Woodhouse Moor, 12.30 Rally outside Queens Hotel

    Wed 29th Feb LONDON.
    Action outside the Selling to the new NHS conference, Kings Fund. 8am 143 Cavandish Square.

  • Mary Mc

    e-petition now second on the list, over 138,000.  The only mention I’ve seen of the surge in the signatures was in The Guardian.  No mention by BBC.  There was a question on Question Time about NHS but nobody mentioned the petition – very disappointing

  • Peter Harbour

    I have worked hard via the Guardian website to make the petition succeed and was delighted it reached 100,000 soon after 7 pm on 14th.  I forecast the time of achieving the target and I forewarned Channel 4 News of a potential scoop for them.  I wrote at 4 pm (told of 77000 at 2pm, 83000 at 3pm and 87343 at 3 minutes to 4pm) then again at 6.43 pm(97000) and at 7.25 pm (100041).  I suggested from the start they contacted Mr Zombie himself, Simon Burns, to comment.  They didn’t respond or act.

    I sent a strongly worded email to BBC asking why they had nothing in their news about the achievement, and I posted the email on the Guardian website, threatening that if they ignored the result there might be a petition to government forcing the BBC to publish petition successes.  Of course they have done nothing, preferring to fall for Cameron’s last minute decision to discuss alcohol minimum prices, something he will never do and doesn’t want to do.  So they showed the beaming man who loves the NHS and will never do top down reorganisation, but they ignored your success. 

    Still, 138,000 now and climbing.

  • anne cassidy

    I am a registered nurse of 25 years.  49% cap = 49% NHS patients waiting at the back door.  These tory spivs have lied and decieved the UK citizens who may know nothing of what is going on behind the scenes which suits the unelected torys just fine.  If you said to the torys ‘i’m not as stupid as you think they would probably answer in their arrogance ‘no you couldn’t possibly be.  I am seeing wards closing, staff redeployed at an alarming rate, they are certainly going at it like a bull in a china shop behind the scenes. Our society will go down the tubes once healthcare becomes money orientated rather than people lives centred.  No-one should remain neutral on this if they care about our society.

  • anne cassidy

    7 March London rally organised by TUC.  Be there!

  • anne cassidy

    Have you seen/heard the ‘Lansley Rap’ on you tube.  How can we get this out to the public?

  • Bobby Dobbins

    Share it on Facebook, Twitter etc.

  • JanetEds

    Well done.  

    I’ve complained to the BBC and started a thread to moan about the lack of coverage:  http://www.bbc.co.uk/dna/mbpointsofview/NF1951574?thread=8322706

    but all I’ve got is a pretty email and scorn poured on the board. 

    Host of the Message Board wrote:  ” If you think the BBC news site should remove the “Is it too late to save the NHS” link and should have kept the ’49% link’ (the page is probably still available on the BBC news site) please contact BBC Newswatch through this page news.bbc.co.uk/newsw… explaining why you have issues with the links and pages.”

     BBC is keeping its nose clean because it’s got to obey the Master – Government. 

    Now the Paediatricians are joining in saying “No”.

    Question Time on 16th, a question asked if the Bill was ”Political Suicide”, little about the possible results. Ken Clarke (Cons) mentioned the BMA as if they were the Miners’ Union, nothing about any other organizations anti-Bill. 

    Have the BMA, Colleges of Midwives & Midwives, and GPs been sent details of the e petition?   

    Will the epetition make any differnce to anything as the Bill has already been through the Houseof Commons?  Lords can only delay things.  It’s already being implimented. 

  • JanetEds

    Huh, he’d smile sweetly and say it IS safe with him; that it’s all about Patient choice and…    That’s what my MP keeps doing. 

  • JanetEds

    Because the Conservative Ethos is that doing something for the benefit of the people is toxic!

    They have no intention of making the NHS efficient.  Sell sell sell to make the rich richer…  As far as the Tories are concerned, only people with plenty of money deserve quality of life. 

    I expect Lansey has already promised too much to his pals to go back. 

    Like selling discounted Council Houses, (to buy to lets), never mind if people can’t afford to buy – let them starve and die. 

    We’re a subspecies to the Public School Boys.  (Big School in my town – they don’t look at you.)

  • JanetEds

    They couldn’t care less if proven to be liars.   They have no shame. 

  • Csosseh

    ok second in the poll was about getting the risk register published, there is already an e-petition about this and this is the link, we have shorter time to get this done as it finishes in April.  So please start signing and sharing 

  • Csosseh

    sorry forgot to post the link http://epetitions.direct.gov.uk/petitions/27426

  • Ruthwederell

    What is it in the Risk Register that makes the Government afraid to publish it.  This is not an ‘Open Government’

  • Peter Harbour

     Where is the link?

  • anne cassidy

    Bobby please could you share it for me as i don’t do face book.  Guess I need to get up to speed. I am going on the london rally and am rallying my colleagues at work to come with me.  Enough is enough!

  • anne cassidy

    someone said that if you want to perpetrate a big rip off you do it with ‘misdirection and speed’ this is certainly what is happening with these so called NHS reforms.  They are an unelected government who have been plotting this since the last torys were in power andnow are taking this oportunity to do it before they lose office.  As Anuerin Bevin said about the tories i hate them with a passion.  They want to turn our society into the ‘haves and the have nots’.  They said the NHS is safe in OUR HANDS.   I have nothing against people receiving private care but not at the destruction of OUR NHS.  Make sure you get your private healthcare insurance whilst you are healthy because you will not be able to afford the premiums if you have any pre existing condtions or a chronic illness.  The private sector will be cherry picking the least risky patients for insurance.  It doesn’t matter what the americans or another country do, our NHS is the best system for any society who cares about its vulnerable.  I could afford probably afford private treatment if push came to shove but that does not mean i don’t give a damn for those who can’t.  What these lying, wheeling, dealing, cheating, immoral tories are tying to do with OUR NHS behind our backs is line their own pockets from all the private healthcare firms they are already involved with and make sure they have their pensions nicely lined up whilst the rest of our nation can go to hell.  Lansley sinister health minister.

  • anne cassidy
  • anne cassidy

    this government are seeking the private consulting company Mckinsey to do a report for them on the NHS at a cost of millions.   Mckinsey advise ’deleveraging’ apparently a process whereby if a company is not making a profit then you get rid of it or sell it to the private sector.  Doesn’t all this sound a bit like what has already happened to us via the bankers now they want to do the same with OUR NHS.   

  • JanetEds

    So David is meeting the meds on Monday, but only the ones that agree with him.  No GPs - the very people who are supposed to run things. 

    Is he just going to bulldozer on with this or is there a way of stopping it? 

  • anne cassidy

    Had a chat with a GP on our ward today saying GP’s are already asking some patients if they have private health insurance for procedures that were previously carried out on the NHS, these include hernias, only now operated on if strangulated, certain heart conditions, cataract surgery, hip replacements and others i can’t remember as was busy running the ward at the same time as telling him about the NHS rally on 7 March.  He says more frontline services are being targeted for closure and many cutbacks have also been made in community care.  It just keeps getting worse and worse from the sounds of it. Like myself he says the managers of these budgets are not going to sack themselves are they but are they so shortsighted to not realise that soon they won’t have a service to manage and they will also be out of a job.  Probably.

  • no middle class no economy

    38 Degrees, as a result of the above poll you promoted the e-petition for a fresh debate in the commons. This resulted in 1,000 signatories per hour, and the required 100,000 milestone.  
    PLEASE now promote the e-petition calling for the risk register to be published:  
    You have the mandate for this from the poll, and it is your second stated aim.

  • Jen Williams

    It also closes before the Stop the NHS Bill, so needs to be signed up for quickly.

  • Premises

    Cameron stated recently that his aim was to remove paperwork from overworked nurses and pass it to the ward clerks however a local ward which is already understaffed has made 2 ward clerks redundant. Fine words but they do not tally with reality

  • anne cassidy


    Fiesty lady, we love you.  If only there were more like you.  Had to laugh at the policeman behind her not really doing that much to stop her giving lansley a good poke, he probably feels the same way, seeing the police service decimated and the prospect of having to work into his 70′s

  • anne cassidy

    Dear Anne

    Thank you for your email.

    I did contact Andrew Lansley back in 2011 expressing my concern that the
    Department of Health refused to make public the ‘risk register’ on the proposed
    NHS health reforms. I asked for the Department to consider releasing immediately
    those parts of the ‘risk register’ that do not relate to sensitive commercial
    and contractual risks. Please find attached a letter I received in response to
    my enquiries.

    Mr Lansley appealed against the Information Commissioner’s ruling that he
    must reveal the risk register. While the Department remains of the view that
    there is information contained within the risk register that should not be
    disclosed for the reasons set out in the letter, I know it is aware of the
    public and parliamentary interest in this issue and has acknowledged that
    arriving at an early solution would be beneficial to all concerned. I am pleased
    that the Tribunal has brought the hearing forward from its initial date in
    April, to a date in early March.

    I do not think it appropriate to comment further on this issue until the
    outcome of the Tribunal is known. The Department will respond when the Tribunal
    has made its decision. Meanwhile, I will do my best to attend the Opposition Day
    debate on the publication of the risk register dependant on my other diary

    Thank you again for contacting me with regards to this issue.




  • anne cassidy

    Below is the reply i received from my MP re Risk Register.

  • David

    38 Degrees, you really need to get your act together on this issue. There has been one mail out with regards to the e-petition to Drop the Bill, which took it over the 100,000 mark, but is still far less than the 500,000 signatures on your own petition- you need to keep reminding people.

    This issue has been voted the number one priority by your members- why isn’t it at the top of the campaign list?

    Let’s get creative about how to apply pressure to the Lib Dems on this issue (I fear the Tories are a lost cause). Their main support in the media comes from The Guardian. The Guardian has clearly come out against these dangerous reforms to the NHS, so why don’t we lobby them put forward an ultimatum to the Liberal Democrats: either vote down the Health and Social Care Bill or this paper will completely withdraw its support? That would leave them with 0 backers in the mainstream media. Ask The Guardian to run headlines about their cowardice every day of their conference.

    How about organizing a demonstration outside the Lib Dem conference? How about a series of
    co-ordinated strikes in the NHS to show the Government that they do not have the support of the medical professionals (although this is already abundantly clear to those paying attention)?

    For 38 Degrees members, keep writing to your MP, run Save the NHS protests and stalls and encourage everyone you can to sign the e-petition to Drop the Health Bill (currently at 162,317):


  • anne cassidy

    David totally agree.  We really need to make this top priority to SAVE OUR NHS.  Let’s give it some wellie.  Donate to the ad campaign, so much cheaper to donate now, save OUR NHS, than pay for private healthcare insurance we may not be able to afford and which may not cover us or our loved ones anyway because of the small print.

  • Daniel Faux

    When it’s gone it’s gone. Because monetarism is amoral and believes in the anarchy of the free-market which is just a sponge to mop up the money you give the government to manage your health. Would you trust this government with the your life or the life of your child? No! They have other priorities, mainly one of staying in power, regardless of the consequences.  Shameful, deceitful, unworkable!   

  • Anthony Pitt

    I agree with you entirly Ann, I also hate the tories with a passion
    they were not called the nasty party for nothing,
    and they are trying to devide the country in to the haves and have nots,
    people were hoodwinked in to voting for the lieing tories last time,
    they said the nhs would be safe in their hands, which was a blatant lie,
    I just hope that this bill is defeated for all our sakes, and that the tories are out of power
    for decades.

  • Laura James

    I’m afraid that most of Lib Dem mps are a lost cause as well. Myself and members of my family wrote to each Lib Dem mp before the early day motion debate last week asking for the risk register to be published. so far most of the responses have been remarkably similar (few exceptions) but mostly along the lines of if we publish civil servants in future will be unable to be honest about the risks …… just how patronising can politicians get? I feel the only help we will get from the Lib Dems are the ordinary lib dem voters and activists,(because they know what real life is like) so support the idea of representation at the conference.

  • Ian Braznell

    These are Andrew Lansley contact detailsfeel free to contact him we pay him as do others?153 St Neots RoadHardwickCambridgeCB23 7QJEmail:lansleya@parliament.ukTelephone:01954 212 707

  • anne cassidy

    I have worked as a registered nurse in both the NHS and private sector.  I can assure you that in the private sector once your insurance runs out you are uncerimoniously booted out the door.  WIth all its faults OUR NHS has a heart at the core of it and an altruistic concern for all regardless of race, creed or colour.  These tory spivs want to turn it into a money making machine for the rich.  It is a SERVICE not a business and money should not be made out of those who cannot afford to be treated, because that is exactly what will happen they won’t be treated and may have to mortgage their homes, if they have one, to pay for their health care costs of themselves or loved ones.  It will certainly turn into the have nots and the have yachts.

  • anne cassidy

    just emailed him and asked if a 49% privatisation cap means 49% NHS patients left waiting.

  • Davelongly

    2 reports have emerged recently demonstrating firstly; that an enprmous number of MPs ( and heavily predominantly Tory MPs) are employed in some capacity by private health firms and secondly; that the  Tory party has received at least 333 donations from those same sources. This is clearly the driving motive behind this bill but I am surprised and seriously disappointed that the BBC are staying clear of this story as they did for so long on the Murdoch story. Can anybody suggest how this might be changed.

  • anne cassidy

    yes it is the driving force behind bulldozing these changes in as quickly as possible, even if not re elected the tories will have these investments to fall back on when they retire.  Kerching!

  • anne cassidy

    i have emailed lansley sinister minister and asked if he can explain the 49% privatisation cap and how it will affect NHS patients.  WIll not, of course, receive any reply, but if on the slightest off chance i do will keep you posted.

  • anne cassidy

    Our ward visiting GP said he is not for these changes and they are one of the reasons he is retiring. He said the implementation and continuation of these changes are proving to be a  bureaucratic nightmare, they will spend more time doing this than with their patients and he’s had enough of it.