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Getting together in Scotland

February 6th, 2012 by

38 Degrees members get together in Glasgow

At the start of last year, 38 Degrees members helped make sure some people in Aberdeenshire weren’t evicted from their homes to make way for Donald Trump’s giant golf course.

Since then, a few of 38 Degrees biggest campaigns have been about issues that directly affect only England, like the Save the NHS campaign, and the successful campaign to stop England’s woodlands from being sold off.

With this in mind, David and Marie from the office team decided to head north to meet up with 38 Degrees members in Scotland, as well as some people from Scottish charities like Poverty Alliance and Friends of the Earth Scotland, and Members of the Scottish Parliament.

The idea was to get an idea of the kind of things that are happening in Scotland that 38 Degrees members might want to take action on in 2012.

Quite a few 38 Degrees members from Glasgow agreed to come along for a curry and to chat about what matters to them and what kind of change they want to see.

Re-nationalising the railways, saving Glasgow’s Accord Centre for people with learning disabilities, making sure there’s a second question about giving more powers to the Scottish Parliament in the independence referendum, the Scottish Government’s plans for gay marriage, and a possible new coal power plant at Hunterston – it was great to chew over some ideas.

This conversation’s only just getting started.  What do you think? Should 38 Degrees do more campaigning in Scotland?  If so what do you think we should work on together?

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  • Ljjmartin

    I would like to draw attention to the plight of one Stephen Gough (aka “The Naked Rambler”) who is currently in prison in Scotland for doing nothing more than walking naked in public.  I have written to my MSP several times and I’ve had no reply (something which the Scottish Parliament’s Presiding Officer is aware of and which she is investigating as a separate matter), but I don’t hold out much hope that I can make much progress there anyway. 
    What I would like to show the people who are treating Mr Gough in this heavy-handed, authoritarian way is that there is a lot of support for him if only people were aware of his plight and they knew they had somewhere, like 38 degrees, to make their feelings known and register a protest on his behalf.
    All Mr Gough wants to do is complete his walk from Lands End to John
    O’Groats.  He managed to walk naked all the way through England without
    incident.  It was only when he got to Scotland that his troubles began.
    It seems to me like there are some very narrow-minded people in positions of authority here in Scotland who believe that they are protecting us from something that resides almost entirely in their own imaginations and for that Mr Gough is paying a very high price to remain true to his principles.

  • EuniceCloverWormald

    If the scots want us to muscle in on their issues. It is interesting that their are 38 degree members in Scotland.

    By the by Avaaz did not think there wa not enough people who wanted to support The Welfare bill and had a great demo with disabled campaigner who thought it was SO important they came miles and had to take shed loads of medication to just get to London.

    38 degrees really let us all down by not campaigning on this issue. But you can give time to the scots but not your own and The Welfare bill affects everyone not just the disabled.

    Its a sort of’ ‘when I needed help there was no one left to help me’

    Eunice Wormald

  • Tony198

    I believe that the real issues are largely international. Perhaps universal.

    For example, the virtual erosion of anything resembling democracy. Does it really make any difference who you vote for? Ask the folks who voted for the so-called liberals because of their stance on university tuition fees. What a surprise, eh. They got precisely the same as if they had voted for anyone else. A bit like Russians voting for anyone except Mr Putin. Guess who they are going to get anyway? 

    And then there is the total extinction of freedom of speech. Except if you are very careful and keep to a very politically correct agenda. Or speak in rhyming slang as they do in Cockney areas of London to get around the same problem. Then it doesn’t matter who hears you. Does anyone know where I can learn rhyming slang?

    If the greater interest in this group results in a growth of activism in all areas of Britain, to support the many campaigns, well and good.

    But if this is a nationalistic hijacking to serve the narrow ends of a nationalistic agenda it will alienate a broad section of our membership, I believe. 

    As a Scottish person, I support some (many) of the aims of this group. Like the Donald Trump issue. But I also support the issue if he threatened my fellow citizens in Wales with even more bloody horrible wind turbines. Or Cockneys banned from their wonderful means of communication which is outwith the understanding of the snoopers listening intently for anything non PC to report to the authorities. Great, they can say what they like. Brilliant.

    I see very few issues affecting Scotland which do not also blight the entire country. 

  • Donald

    Expose the plans to make Dumfries & Galloway the site of nuclear waste storage AND take the lion’s share of wind turbines. This is disproportionate, and also the agenda of nuclear lobbyists, some of whose clients also own the turbine companies.

  • Auri

    Hi 38 Degrees,Just look what I’ve found in the Wall Street Journa on 20th Februaryl! To find it, access the WSJ website and click on ‘Market Data’ then on ‘Financial News Online’.'Industry gives £2.4m to MPs over two yearsGiles Turner20 Feb 2012 Banks, asset managers, hedge funds and financial consultants have given nearly £2.5m in gifts and payments to UK Members of Parliament over the past two years. The gifts range from first class flights to football tickets’.The buggers have learned NOTHING!They are still receiving gifts from men with money.Kind regards,Auri Stephenson