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Work for the NHS? Contact your college, association, academy or society

January 30th, 2012 by

The YouGov poll published a few hours ago shows that NHS staff are very unhappy with Andrew Lansley’s plans for our NHS. They think it’ll mean patient care gets worse, the NHS will become less efficient and more bureaucratic. They also think the changes could lead to charges being introduced.

But what can you do if you work for the NHS and are worried?

If you haven’t already don’t forget to sign the Save our NHS petition here. Then why not write to your royal college or professional body and let them know your views.

It’s quick and easy to do. Below is a long list of Associations, Academies, Societies and Colleges. If you’re a member of any of them please write to them now and ask them to highlight the huge opposition within the NHS to Andrew Lansley’s plans.

  • Association of Clinical Scientists (ACS) – Contact: Magali Fontaine, President c/o admin@assclinsci.org
  • British Academy of Audiology – Contact: Mr Gareth Smith, President c/o admin@baaudiology.org
  • British Society of Audiologists – Contact: Dr David Baguley, Chair c/o contactcouncil@thebsa.org.uk
  • British Association of Prosthetists and Orthotists -Contact: Mr Peter Honeycombe, Chair, c/o enquiries@bapo.com
  • British Psychological Society – Contact: Dr Carol Allan, President: thepresident@bps.org.uk
  • British Association of Occupational Therapists and College of Occupational Therapists -Contact: Julia Scott, Chief Executive: CEO@cot.co.uk
  • British Dietetic Association – Contact: Andy Burman, Chief Executive, a.burman@bda.uk.com
  • British and Irish Orthoptic Society -Contact: Lesley-Anne Baxter, Chair: lesleyanne.baxter@btinternet.com
  • Chartered Society of Physiotherapists – Contact: Phil Gray, Chief Executive: grayp@csp.org.uk
  • College of Paramedics - Contact: David Hodge, Chief Executive c/o membership@collegeofparamedics.co.uk
  • College of Operating Department Practitioners - Contact: Bill Kilvington, President: bill.kilvington@codp.org.uk
  • Doctors – Contact your Royal Colleges via: http://callonyourcollege.blogspot.com/
  • Royal College of Speech and Language Therapists -Contact: Kamini Gadhok, President: kamini.gadhok@rcslt.org
  • Royal Pharmaceutical Society – Contact: Martin Astbury, President: president@rpharms.com
  • Society for Chiropodists and Podiatrists -Contact: Joanna Brown, Chief Executive: jb@scpod.org
  • Society of Radiographers – Contact: Richard Evans, Chief Exec c/o info@sor.org
  • Institute of Biomedical Science - Contact: Derek Bishop, President c/o president@ibms.org
  • Association for Perioperative Practice – Contact: Tracy Coates, President: president@afpp.org.uk


If you don’t see a college listed, or get a response from a college, do share it in the comments below.

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  • Jan

    You could do ONE really important thing, sign Dr Chand’s “Drop the Bill” epetition. Just follow this link :-
    It will only take a couple of minutes, but if it gets 100,000 signatures then it has to go back to parliament. Thank you.

  • http://HackneyKONP.org/ HackneyKONP8thFebDemo

    Hackney Keep Our NHS Public:

    Please support the OFFICIAL DEMO on the 8th of February outside parliament – details below

    Supported by  KONP, The National

    Pensioners Convention, The Coalition of Resistance, Greater London

    Pensioners, and we are in discussions with others. Publicise this event as widely as possible

    Where: Wed 8th Feb. Old Palace Yard Westminster SW1P. Opposite The Lords

    When: 2.30 – 8.30 p.m. Bring banners and placards and everyone you know!

    email HackneyKONP8thFebDemo@gmail.com   or visit   HackneyKONP.org

  • Lucy N

    Any point in 38 degreers contacting these organisations if you haven’t heard their views by say, Thursday 2 Feb?

  • John Wattis

    The Royal College of Psycchiatrists has already emailed its members with a questionnaire

  • Unionbird

    There are not only clinically based staff who work for the NHS there are Admin and Clerical, ancillary estates too.  Who play a vital role in such duties as receptionist, medical records, medical secretaries, porters, cooks domestics housekeepers, XRay helpers, OT assistants etc

  • Roz

    Do you have any suggestions for who they should they lobby if they believe this Bill is bad for patient care and should be withdrawn as a result?

  • Sebastian Kraemer

    Royal College of Psychiatrists should be on the list!

  • Jan

    Hello Roz, you can take immediate action by signing Dr Chand’s epetition “Drop the Bill” on this link :- 

    Many of us have been asking 38 Degrees to push this as a priority but they have been strangely quiet on the matter?!

    Please sign & circulate, it needs 100,000 to get the bill sent back to Parliament. Thank you.

  • http://HackneyKONP.org/ HackneyKONP8thFebDemo

    Jan – beware the weasel words framing e petitions. It’s sad but true that we should all take a big pinch of salt whenever our parlaimentarians proclaim they want greater devolution of power to the people. It really would be a great day if they meant it. Getting 100,000 signatures does not automatically mean any issue will be debated in “the house”. It merely means that it might be considered:

    “Ms Engel [MP] explained that e-petitions do not automatically make it into
    the chamber; they must be supported by an MP who has already explored
    other avenues for bringing the issue to the government’s attention.”


    Even if an MP does support the petition that still does not guarantee a debate. This doesn’t mean there is no value in trying.

    Please join our DEMO against the Bill – details here below.

  • Jan

    Know all about the ‘weasel words’ but as you say, there is value in trying. It also sends another ‘ we are not going away’ message & shows the level of disagreement with the reforms.
    Could you please post details of the OFFICIAL DEMO on 38 Degrees Facebook page on this link – http://www.facebook.com/peoplepowerchange
    It has fairly constant traffic whereas I’m not sure these pages reach that many people.

  • Sue Abnett

    I have just returned to nursing as a Staff Nurse after a 22 year break. Life changing events led me to re-evaluate my life and I chose to return to nursing because I want to make a difference despite being told that things have changed so much and I would not like it.  I know I have made the right decision and my belief that the principle of holistic nursing care, or patient centred care  as it is now termed, (based on the principles of activities of daily living), has not changed, its just the language that has changed and the fact that we have to write down everything we do on  a lot more forms which often result in duplication of effort and which takes away time that we can actually give to our patients, so someone else can come along and audit this information for statistical purposes which is a paper exercise and which sometimes is of very little value to the persons we are caring for.. 



  • Jano

    BACP  and  UKCP  should  both  be  included  on  this  list  as  they  are  the  governing  bodies  for  counsellors,  psychotherapists,  psychological  counsellors  etc.  The  mental  health  professionals  are  particulairly  effected  by  the  comissioning  of  services  a  cut  of  75% in  therapeutuic  mental  health  services  in  my  patch  gives  lie  to  the  goverments  supposd  concerns  for  mental  health.  Many  GP’s  are  not  particularly  interested  in  this  less  “sexy  “  aspect  of  GP’s  work  and  are  therefore  not    knowledgeable  in  relation  to  commissioning  services  and  there  is  too  much  emphasis  on  Cognitive  Behavioural  Therapy  being  the  gold  standard  approach.   

  • DrPea

    After working for NHS for 30+ years I am shocked and horrified by what is happening. I left after being a consultant for nearly 20 years to do independent medico-legal work and take steps to set up a charity/non-profit organistaion to address a gap in service provisioon that the NHS will never be able to fill. Sadly the NHS is not always great at looking after staff, and seems to be worse in mental health if my collegaue experiences are anything to go by.
    The NHS is a brilliant service – recent experiences as a patient [following me headbutted by a client!] have taken me  through a number of places in London and Cornwall: 2 overnight admissions
    from A & E, 5 hospital appointments [and counting!], contact with
    neurosurgeons, ENT, max facs and one visit to emergency dentist, telephone
    contact with my optician, loads of drugs [changed three times], a solicitous GP
    with whom I have spoken many times and will see tomorrow. Much of it was exemplary care, and I shall need nasal surgery. The NHS is amazing at looking after patients. There are glitches and feedback should be helpful, although occasionally contact with PALs or a formal complaint is required and these procedures have a purpose. Sadly, fo what it offers, complaints are more common than compliments although I personally try to redress the balance. perhaps we all should and this might help too.Dr SP