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Recall – Put Voters in Charge of MPs

January 19th, 2012 by

Tomorrow, we have the chance to persuade MPs to back a new law that would give voters the power to sack MPs who don’t do their job properly. It could be a massive step forward for people power: just imagine if we’d been able to fire the MPs who abused the expenses system.

This new law- proposed by Zac Goldsmith MP- would give voters in each constituency the power to call a fresh vote if 10% of them sign a petition. Most MPs will still be deciding what to do about the debate Friday. A well-attended, noisy debate about giving voters the right to sack MPs is just what’s needed to get the government to stick to their promises.

The government will be hoping that hardly any MPs bother to show up. That way, they can stick to their plan for a much weaker recall law that would end up giving MPs even more power. They might even try to quietly drop the idea altogether.

But if thousands of us email our MPs and ask them to back a new “recall” law, we can make sure loads of MPs turn up to the debate on Friday. Lots of us talking about plans for a powerful new recall law will build the pressure on the government to toughen up their own weak plans.

Back in May 2009, a recall law was the first thing 38 Degrees members decided to work on together. Even though there were just a few thousand of us back then, we helped to persuade key MPs to back the idea. Now we’ve teamed up with Unlock Democracy, who’ve been working with Zac Goldsmith MP to get the recall law back on the agenda.

Once you’ve got in touch with your MP, it would be great if you could share your MP’s reply in the comments section below, so that other 38 Degrees members can see where our MPs stand.

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  • Terry Franks

    I have had to stop using the 38 Degrees “Email Your MP” facility as my MP (Chris Grayling) has said that he will refuse to answer any emails sent through this web site. I have therefore copied the basic text and emailed it direct to him. It will be interesting to see whether Mr Grayling will answer this (personal) email!

  • Mike Thomas

    to my email to Alistair Burt; my MP.

    Unfortunately he will not be attending
    the debate on Friday as he already has engagements in the constituency.

    Thank you for taking the time to email us.

    Kind regards.

    Although polite and not dismissive to me this gives credence to the fact that
    the government is trying to bury this Bill with the Government probably
    claiming that Ministers / MPs have more important constituency work!

    Manifesto’s, Cleaning up Politics, Democracy? Huh

  • Jaine Ellis

    Response from Steve Rotherham MP to my email:

    JaineI am one of the sponsors of the original EDM and support the concept of recall. However, I will wait to see the details of any proposed new legislation.CheersSteveSteve Rotheram MPMember of Parliament for Liverpool Walton330 Rice Lane, Walton, Liverpool. L9 2BLLiverpool Office: 0151 525 5025London Office: 0207 219 1082twitter: @SteveRotheramMPwww.steverotherammp.org.uk

  • Roger

    Dear Mr & Mrs Kinsey,


    Thank you for writing to Louise about the Recall of Elected Representatives Bill.


    Louise will be in her
    constituency this coming Friday, where she spends every Friday holding
    surgeries, meetings and events. I am afraid for this reason she will not
    be voting in the debate though she will be following the issues raised
    and the Government’s response to the debate closely.


    Thank you again for getting in touch.


    Kind regards,


    Andrew Wagstaff

     So no wonder the scheduling of this Bill has been set for a Friday !!!

  • Gavin

    What was the outcome of the debate?

  • Matter of Principal

    I do not sign Early Day Motions as a matter of principal (Jackie Doyle-Price MP)

  • anon

    I do not sign Early Day Motions as a matter of principal (Jackie Doyle-Price MP)

  • Anon

    I do not sign Early Day Motions as a matter of principal (Jackie Price MP)

  • Anonymous

    Hi Terry. Chris Grayling is bluffing you. He knows full well that he has a DUTY TO RESPOND to any communication from his constituents even if they come via 38 Degrees or any other campaign group. One MP shut down his email address because he was overwhelmed with emails on certain issues. He was informed that he had a DUTY TO RESPOND and was ordered to make his email address available to his constituents. Never forget that they work for you. I would recommend that you send an email via “Email Your MP” and send a separate letter to Chris Grayling pointing out that he has a duty to respond and if he fails to do so then you will contact the parliamentary ombudsman and the media. That should put him in his place!