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Chelmsford members meet-up

November 30th, 2011 by

Get together in Chelmsford

Photograph by 38 Degrees

A big group of 38 Degrees members met up in Chelmsford yesterday to discuss how to respond to their local MP Simon Burns comparing us all to zombies.

Some great ideas came up and we’re looking forward to seeing what happens next. Do you have any ideas about how we could get our views across to Simon Burns? Please share them below.

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  • PaulineL

    I would suggest that as many 38degrees members as possible go along to his constituency surgery and, politely and discursively, give him views on the NHS Bill; ask why the Risk Register isn’t being published; give him a copy of the legal advice procured and ask him for a constituency debate on the subject. Perhaps leave him with a picture of a zombie also so he’ll know how to recognise one if he ever comes across any.

  • Barbara Arndt

    Leave a skeleton outside his surgery. A note “Greetings from the Zombies~~~  but we are alive and are your voters”  attached.

  • Jason Leer

    We should all martch to his surgery dressed as zombies, holding sign saying things like “I want your brains – oh wait, you don’t have any”, and then do the thriller dance! :)

  • Bruce

    I once asked a prominent newscaster, best in a competitive trade, what further plans he had to encourage us the tweetosphere etc. At a time when he was already being very supportive, including having replied several times to me personally by email, and starting to use cyberhacks fairly extensively.
    He nicely and gently exploded. No expletives. Great control!
    But the message was clear: everything he could.
    So we need to keep giving opportunities to the media. Perhaps nice ones, like the Murdoch puppets on James Hunt’s ministry steps. With no overt threats, entertaining, impact full, deep messaged. Like Campbell said the media should be, at Leveson last week.

  • Barrycook15

    You may enjoy this …


    One in the eye foir Murdoch if it trends!