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Poll results are in! 38 Degrees campaign priorities

July 25th, 2011 by

38 Degrees members decide together what we campaign on. Polling enables us to get a clear picture of what the priorities are. Last month, thousands of us voted on the next set of campaign priorities for 38 Degrees.  The results are now in.

We started off suggesting ideas on our Facebook group, Twitter, our Blog, on the website and by email. Then volunteers in the office worked though the thousands of ideas .

Volunteers analysing the suggestions

Photograph by 38 Degrees

Once a picture started to emerge, we drew up a list of the most popular. Then we all had the chance to vote on the campaigns we thought were most important. In the last few days volunteers in the office have been working through the responses.

The results 

The top results are:

  • NHS: Make sure the NHS isn’t run down or privatised
  • Banks: Push for taxpayers to get a fair deal from bailed-out banks
  • Fuel Bills: Stop energy companies imposing rip-off increases to gas and electricity bills
  • Foreign Arms Dealing: Stop UK arms companies selling weapons to oppressive governments
  • Forests: Keep speaking up for our forests and challenge future attempts to sell them
  • Tax-dodging: Demand a clamp down on tax dodging

People who voted ‘a lot’ for each of the campaigns. Click the image for the full data.
The poll results

What next? 

These results will determine where we put most of our efforts over the coming months. The give the staff team a clear steer as to where to focus their efforts researching campaign opportunities and developing ideas for action. We won’t be able to do everything immediately. Sometimes we have to wait for the moment when we can effectively create change by moving together. For some campaigns, a lot of members voted that we shouldn’t campaign on them at all.

It’s clear that the NHS is still a big priority for us, so we’ll carry on working to protect it from privatisation and other threats. Already we’re getting some independent legal advice to see exactly what Lansley’s new plans for the NHS mean.

On forests, we’re currently collecting everyone’s answers to the Independent Panel on Forestry’s questions. We’re going to hand them over, so that the panel knows the sheer number of us who are passionate about protecting England’s forests.

The next few months might be a little quieter with summer holidays and parliament in recess. Some new campaigns might also emerge as a reaction to things that pop up in the outside world and taking action can’t wait.

What do you think? 

What do you think of the results and are there any campaigns you think should be on the list?

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  • Anonymous

    I think the issue of ritual slaughter of animals needs airing. The exemption needs to be removed (why have an exemption when it comes to laws preventing suffering?) – as recommended by the British Veterinary Association, RSPCA and others – or else a labelling scheme introduced to let consumers know when meat comes from animals that weren’t stunned unconscious before being killed.

    Banning the use of animals in circuses scored well but that only affects a dozen or two animals; the conditions for slaughtering affect tens of millions each year.

  • veganpanda

    “…let consumers know when meat comes from animals that weren’t stunned unconscious before being killed.”
    Very interesting that on the one hand you’re talking about animals not suffering so much “stunned unconscious”,  while on the other hand you’re talking about “killing” them. How can killing & caring be used in the same sentence? That is the problem in this world! 

    With the fight against the slavery (& killing) of black people, there were those who said that we needed to care for them better while still keeping them as slaves, just as the same is happening with non-human animals. ALL slavery (& killing) is wrong in a truly caring world, whether it’s people or animals!

  • Anonymous

    It’s called pragmatism. I can see 38 degrees pushing the government into introducing a labelling scheme, while removing the exemption entirely is vaguely plausible. Are 38 degrees going to successfully campaign to outlaw meat (and meat-produce) eating? You try that!, and in the meantime I’ll work on minimising unnecessary suffering.

  • Trish200

    The priorities seem pretty spot on to me. Keep on doing what you have to and I’m sure you will be rewarded with positive results. As a 38 Degrees followerI feel together we do make a difference.
     Thank you to all the volunteers and every one involved for giving me and many other people a voice. More importantly a voice which is listened to.

  • Chris Speedy

    Have just discovered 38 degrees and am very impressed with the whole concept.  One issue that could definitely benefit from your assistance is the current plan of the government to decimate the current free advice and guidance service for school and college students.  Lots of people throughout England are campaigning hard to stop this but gaining media coverage is very tough at present due to the huge focus on Murdoch-gate,  the arab revolutions etc.  This vital service consumes a tiny proportion of the public purse and yet Michael Gove and his friends seem hell bent on cutting most of the public funding.  The result will be that young people who are not well-connected and whose parents are not able to seek out the correct information and advice will be left floundering over vital decisions about things like choosing courses etc.

  • Sagesaucer

    I agree and so do nearly 3000 people on facebook – http://www.facebook.com/groups/108686792515084/?ap=1

  • Veganpanda

    “Are 38 degrees going to successfully campaign to outlaw meat (and
    meat-produce) eating? You try that!, and in the meantime I’ll work on
    minimising unnecessary suffering.”

    To begin with I’m Vegan, which means for over the last 10 years I’ve not used/consumed ANY animal products. I will never campaign against consuming the flesh (meat) from animals alone, as that doesn’t even touch the full extent of the enslavement, use, murder, abuse they have to endure, due of course to human greed!

    The phrase “unnecessary suffering” always makes me think that it means there’s ‘necessary suffering’ too! I’m more interested in the abolition of the slavery & use of thinking, feeling animals (human & non). It’s not at all difficult to become Vegan, to break the habits most of us were brainwashed to believe :)

  • http://twitter.com/morgeo George Morley

    Campaign against the government for driving pensioners into poverty would be a positive move to relieve stress and reliance on family for support for the pensioners in the commonwealth countries that have their old age pensions frozen for no valid reason, having paid the same as everyone who does get the full uprated pension. This affects future retirees as well. National insurance – there is no insurance which would be a criminal offence if you or I did the same.  Sympathetic voices before the election but now deaf ears, much like the referendum over Europe. When is this country going to get an honest, trustworthy Prime Minister who will keep his word and stop waffling and giving non answers and stop this blatant discrimination against the weakest section of society. Many are too proud to complain and we should all be working for them. They worked for us.  Make this your next campaign !

  • Gorsemaggie

    Just on 7500 votes for the unfreezing of pensions for people living in countries on a government ‘black’ list but this doesn’t count as a priority?  Shame on 38º.  You’ve led on a lot of old people (and in some cases gladly taken their contributions to you) who have paid their dues to NI and are now being screwed by their fellow citizens.  Shame on them too.

  • Vida Henning

    You haven’t included on the list outlawing nuclear weapons presumably because not enough people thought that was important enough so I have to accept that decision. To Vegpanda I will say obviously you hold your views about killing animals just as passionately as I hold mine about nuclear weapons but having had the opportunity to express our views we now have to accept the majority verdict because only then can the 38Degrees as a peoples’ voice be viable. it is necessary to be realistic. 

  • veganpanda

    “To Vegpanda I will say obviously you hold your views about killing animals just as passionately as I hold mine about nuclear weapons…”
    I’m veganpanda & by the way I’m ALSO against nuclear weapons, I care just as much about human animals as nonhuman animals, ALL need protecting equally. Human Rights & Animal Rights are interlinked, I just wish people weren’t so greedy & selfish!