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Save The NHS: The campaign so far

June 7th, 2011 by

Three months ago – just after we won our campaign to stop England’s forests being sold off – 38 Degrees members decided what we should campaign on next. There was a clear top priority: save the NHS from the dangerous plans being forced through by health minister Andrew Lansley.

Back in February, Lansley thought his plans would be law by now. But they’re not, because we’ve worked together to make sure that didn’t happen. Lansley was forced to delay his plans and launch a “listening exercise”.

Here are some of the highlights of the campaign so far:
- 420,000 signatures on the biggest-ever petition about the NHS
- local 38 Degrees members have delivered the petition to key decision makers, including Nick Clegg and the Department of Health
- 38 Degrees members have organised over 100 petition deliveries to MPs around the country, with more to come!
- thousands of us chipped in to raise £90,000 for newspaper adverts which were seen by over five million people, showing health minister Andrew Lansley with his fingers in his ears.
- tens of thousands of us have emailed our MPs, telling them to oppose the dangerous NHS plans.

What shall we do next? http://www.38degrees.org.uk/NHS-what-next

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  • C Ostrer

    I like the priorities elected by members for actions on the NHS campaign.  I am surprised though that no-one has suggested joining up with otherlike minded people – to give more power to the campaign, and share ideas, strategy etc. we dont have to do everything the same, but there is some amazing talent and experience out there if we pool resources.  we could join togethere on particular actions, lend support to each other  – it doesn’t have to be a merger, but solidarity goes a long way. I cant bear the idea that we will be fobbed off with little concessions that wont fundamentally change anything.

  • Monika Garratt

    *Instead of going ahead with the PLANNED changes to the NHS it is
    vitally important that the access to medicine and care is the SAME ALL
    OVER THE COUNTRY and not dependent on the WHIM OF A DOCTOR AT ANY GIVEN

    The POSTCODE DIVIDE  IN CARE  is frightening  as it  is.  We are ALL
    contributing  by  paying NATIONAL INSURANCE  during our working life.
    Is the money only there to be used by