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NHS: where does your MP stand?

April 28th, 2011 by

Thousands of us have now shared the replies we’ve received from our MPs in response to our e-mails about Andrew Lansley’s NHS plan. Volunteers in the 38 Degrees office have been processing all the replies, and have started to analyse in detail the content of responses, this week – gruelling work, but hugely important.

In total we now have online replies from around 80% of MPs. That’s brilliant – it means we will be able to target the next stages of our campaign on the basis of really detailed information about what MPs currently saying.

Check out the full database of MP replies here. And if you haven’t shared reply from your MP yet, please upload it here.

That still leaves 20% of MPs who we don’t have to reply for yet. What’s going on here? Of these how many are actually refusing to say where they stand? For these MPs in particular, arranging a visit to hand in a copy of our petition to them and challenge them in person will be crucial.

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  • Jen Williams204

    We have just had a referendum over AV when only 40% of the population were bothered.
    I think more than that would care about the NHS. Could we ask for a referendum about the NHS?

  • cwilliams

    I don’t agree that a referendum would be a good idea. The Tories would just continue to publish misleading and inaccurate information as justification for their reforms.