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Help design our spoof tax cheat adverts

October 14th, 2010 by

Our campaign against tax dodgers is getting bigger! Lots of 38 Degrees members have already come up with great ideas for what we could do. Now, let’s make sure the message really gets through to politicians.

The idea is to run bus stop ads, spoofing Government benefit cheat ads but targeting tax cheats instead. We can get people to start asking questions about why the Government makes so little effort to tackle tax cheats who cost us all billions each year – lots more than benefit cheats cost. The more ideas we come up with the better the ads will be! Below is an example of the ads we want to spoof and there are more examples on our Flickr group here, which is an easy way to view and share images on the internet. You can add your own ideas for images by joining the group and uploading them for others to see, or by sending them to images@38degrees.org.uk

Are you a designer? If you are, this could be a chance to see your work on billboards and in the media, as well another way to make sure we stop Rupert Murdoch’s media power grab. Please send us your ideas or share them on the group – the more of us come up with the suggestions, the better the final ads will be.

To see other 38 Degrees’ members’ ideas or suggest an ad yourself, visit the Flickr group here to leave feedback, adverts, and suggestions. You can also email any ideas to images@38degrees.org.uk.

There have already been some great ideas on the blog, like jdpoc’s suggestion:

“A image of three varied successful looking business people at an outdoor cafe in a city centre location, being served by a young waitress, with the slogan “Who pays more tax at this table?” Answer: as a percentage, probably the waitress.”

Some of our members suggest focusing on corporations rather than individuals. Simon wrote:

“It’s not just super-rich individuals that this campaign should focus on – it’s the twilight world of semi-legal tax avoidance by multinational corporations… The sums involved massively exceed tax avoidance/evasion by individuals. ”

So get creative and the ads could be coming to a bus stop near you!

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  • Dina

    In the benefits fraud thing, you use an Asian woman, and of an age that suggests an immigrant, and that could well be as bogus as the stupid thinking that all immigrants are on the dole.

    Subliminal racism is still racism.

  • Julia

    It is far more of a concern as to where the taxpayers money is going?!!! Mostly on mass murder, weapons and anything that involves controlling the planet….and that includes YOU!!!

  • Jules

    It is far more of a concern as to where the taxpayers money is going?!!! Mostly on mass murder, weapons and anything that involves controlling the planet….and that includes YOU!!!

  • Alice

    There was a poll about what issue 38 degrees should campaign on. The most popular cause was tax justice. There are lots of other important causes but this was the one that was chosen. Do you email a malaria charity to ask why they aren't doing more to campagin against childhood obesity? Its easy to sit around being self-righteous about all the troubles in the world. We should celebrate 38 Degrees as a fantastic example of grassroots activism and campaigning. But then maybe you like tax cheats?

  • Forester

    Catch rich Tax Dodgers such as Billionaire Sir Philip Greene first and save 19 Billion Pounds and then catch Benefit Cheats and save 3 Billion Pounds.

  • John Thomas

    Abolish off shore accounts. If you earn money in the UK pay the tax. And get the Islands – Cayman, Jersey, I.o.M. etc and above all Switzerland to join the real world!

  • davidbabbs

    Dina, that's the government's ad, not ours…

  • Steve Morris

    Lets not forget the huge amount of VAT fraud that still occurs 'legally' with most major retailers involved. All items under £20 allegedly imported from the channel islands are free from VAT. In effect there is no VAT on CD's and DVD's in this country at the moment. This is an easy loophole to fix and woudl raise billions for the exchecker.

  • http://twitter.com/lorienfee Bethan Williams

    interesting initiative from 38 degrees. deserves more coverage

  • chris gleed-owen

    “But wilfully exploiting tax loopholes to keep my shareholders happy isn't tax dodging!”

  • Franwhi

    BUT not disclosing all my savings and investments to the taxman doesn't make me a benefit thief ….

  • Gleedowen

    “But exploiting tax loopholes to keep my shareholders happy doesn't make me a tax dodger!”

  • Scribe

    A slogan: “Fifteen times for tax-cheat Crimes.”

    That's what I read is the factor difference between tax evasion and benefit fraud.

  • Jacquelinecolley

    Because I live in Monte Carlo and spend the minimum time a month in england to avoid the english tax system doesn't mean I'm a cheat

  • Evan John

    “but pretending to live abroad doesn't make me a tax cheat”

  • Frankie

    The current witch hunt for low level benifit cheats disturbs me in the face of such apalling thievery by the banks, politicians and corporate business. I understand there are still MPs refusing to accept culpability for the expenses scandal, and still being given golden handshakes. All this finger pointing at easy targets (and lets face it, single mothers and immigrants are easily demonised), is actually a smokescreen for a mammoth injustice perpetuated against tax payers. Of all the lies, mendacity, threats and bribes, intimidations and blackmail methods currently employed by this government; to insinuate that benefit scroungers and graft dodgers are the source of this ecenomic collapse is not just irresponsible, but evil. Having someone to blame always makes you feel better, but blaming the ones truly responsible, and then setting out to punish them, would cause the death of capitalism. So benefit scroungers it is then.

  • Philedward

    ….you use…? I think this is a government, Department of Works and Pensions, poster. But I agree with your observation about stereotyping.

  • Philedward

    employing 200 corporate tax avoiders reduces unemployment

    Tax fraud is a business, work the law and get away with it.

  • http://twitter.com/edwardcook Ed Cook

    “but being famous and pretending to live in a tax haven doesn't make me a tax cheat

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_TMBP7R5P7GVJYGVML65MOM6T4U Yariv


    Tax fraud is a crime, break the law and you face a criminal record.*

    *Loopholes and conditions apply. Not applicable to those registered as residents of Belize, the Channel Islands, or other tax havens. Limited to those with insufficient funds to hire tax lawyers. Complaints about current tax laws and requests for further loopholes should be attached to political donations and addressed to: Mutual Backscratching Dept., Coalition Government, London.

  • Outraged

    But putting all my assets in my foreign-domiciled wife's name is just good financial management.

  • Laura B

    Picture of man in suit and man in hoody. Statement over the top of them 'He [suitman] avoids more ££s tax in the year than he [hoodyman] claims, but which one is targeted by DWP for fraud?'

  • Linda

    I like the waitress idea but it needs a call to action. And I agree that multinationals ought to be targeted again with a call to action by members of the public. Don't have any ideas myself but happy to help by giving feedback if required.

  • DWMM

    I don't use services like the NHS*

    * When private healthcare get's it wrong you'll be rushed into the nearest NHS A&E

  • Jacqueline

    What is your top rate of tax? Bankers 50% plus NIC about 11% = 61% but if you are on benefits and start working more hours your top rate of top rate of tax can be over 95%.

  • Tom

    laundering money through the Cayman Islands is our duty to the shareholders.

    Corporate tax evasion isn't a crime, so if you're a large corporation you can let the taxpayer foot the bill.

  • http://www.archipelago.co.uk Joe Jones

    “I pay my accountant – to make sure YOU pay my tax”

  • Sue

    but if I paid all the tax they're expecting, my income would fall less than £1 million

  • Simon Brader

    BUT donating millions to my rich pals in government doesn't make me a tax avoider.

  • Simon Brader

    BUT costing the country 15 times more than benefit thieves doesn't make us tax avoiders.

  • Simon Brader

    BUT avoiding taxes greater than you'll earn in a lifetime doesn't make us tax avoiders

  • Simon Brader


    Our technology could easily track you down and make you pay the £ Billions in tax that you should.

    But you're our pals so we won't. Instead we'll take the money from the winter fuel allowance of little old ladies.

  • Harry Harmer

    Tesco – every little helps. So why not pay your share of taxes Tesco?

  • Simon Brader

    Using some appropriately powerful stats to illustrate:

    (Picture of Cameron) “WE'RE ALL IN IT TOGETHER”

    (Picure of pensioner, nurse, disabled person. etc. etc.) “BUT SOME OF US ARE MORE IN IT THAN OTHERS”

  • Jonhildreth

    The Racial element and the posters implicit evil isnt that subliminal is it….. 'Divide and rule' The motto of every government !

  • Simon Brader

    Spoof TV ad:

    “Tonight on the Revenue & Customs channel, our Cook the Books series continues with


    Watch as teams of rich individuals and multi-national companies use loopholes, lawyers, lies and a lax application of the law to avoid paying £billions in tax. Everyone's a winner! (Except you.)

  • Simon Brader

    Spoof of the Inland Revenue ad:


    (Image of Ashcroft et al)

    “Oh, we know. Thanks a lot UK taxpayers!”

    Tax avoidance costs the country etc etc etc

  • Jparkghills

    I dont fear the man in the hoodie, I fear the banker in the suit !

  • Ferndownaction

    Avoiding paying my tax is very taxing

  • Simon Brader

    Price of tax advisors = £ millions

    Savings by avoiding taxes = £ billions

    Influence through political donations = Priceless!

    No BUTS it's got to be better to butter up the government.

  • Simon Brader

    BUT just because I went to

    any tax, any duty, any levy, any fee

    doesn't make me a tax avoider.

  • Lydiapereira

    I cannot think of anything myself at the moment, but their are some really good ideas that people have put up here, I especially like the one that Laura b and another one similar with the man in a suit and the other in a hoodie. Brilliant ideas Good luck with it, carnt wait to see the posters going up.

  • old taxman

    Laundering money through a Tax Haven? Brilliant! Dick Turpin would be lost in admiration!!

  • Autism_Rights


    `Tax fraud isn't `dodging` tax

    Tax fraud isn't a victimless crime

    Especially when we're told there's not enough money for basic services

    Say “No” to Corporate Crime

    £5.2 billion lost to Benefit Cheats

    £150 billion to Tax Fraud

    You Do the Math

  • Franwhi

    I think the collective name for the group we're spotlighting should be tax cheats and their actions called tax cheating – tax evaders and tax evasion sounds to wishy washy and in my opinion doesn't express these shady practices strongly enough. I think terms like cheats and cheating would be more straightforward, direct and easily understood and ok legalistically because it covers both technically legal but questionable as well as illegal practice. Using the term cheats and cheating sums up the spirit as well as the substance of the issue . Thoughts ?

  • I hate tax CHEATS.

    Name and shame all the tax CHEATS. What about the big FAIR society Cameron/Osborne huh?

  • http://www.sizersthings.com tommysize1

    i want to buy some posters when ur done making them.

    hurry up!

  • Kyle

    But Gideon's my mate, so I don't have to pay tax.

  • city2city

    Images of people leaving shops with goods and being stopped by security guards. a larger image of someone in a suit walking out of a shop unchallenged (perhaps with the lights on the theft detectors flashing) with boxes with images and words – Police service, NHS, Schools, Libraries, Roads etc. Wording – Normally when people don't pay for something they are prosecuted and jailed, but every year tax dodgers steal ……………. from our economy unchallenged.

  • Jackie Carmichael

    Ronald Biggs was sentenced to 30 years imprisonment for his involvement in the Great Train Robbery where £2.6m was stolen worth a little over £40 million in 2010.
    Barclays' Bob Diamond, Britain's highest paid banker, declined the 2009 cash bonus but still had a bumper harvest worth £63million – he was handed a new three-year shares incentive scheme which could earn the American another £18million, he was awarded a performance-related package of up to 5.56 million shares, which were worth nearly £20million, more than £16million in stocks from previous incentive agreements and nearly £27million for his stake in Barclays Global Investors when it was sold to BlackRock.

  • David

    Great to have some hard-hitting ads, and there have already been several good ideas for punch-lines. If there is a campaign, though, it has to be a campaign to change some of the tax laws, so that some activities currently classed as tax avoidance [legal] become classed as tax evasion [illegal]. This is hard to do in an ad campaign! Anyway, I suggest slogans such as, 'tax dodgers cheat all taxpayers', 'make tax cheating history', 'use British services, pay British taxes', 'no police protection unless you've paid for the police service' [I particularly like the idea of showing people taking away services they haven't paid for, and the one saying 'tax fraud is a crime … loopholes and conditions apply'.

  • Austrianfox

    If you penalise just UK individuals and companies you drive them out of the country and their money with it. Unfortunately reducing tax avoidance needs to be done on a global scale!

    Plus politicians are in bed with their more wealthy sponsors – this conflict of interest needs to be addressed to make this work.

  • Autism_Rights

    Absolute cobblers, Austrian Fox.

    How can we lose out when foreign billionaires can come and live in the UK, make use of our services – especially the police – and pay not a penny in tax?

    Fine, address the conflicts of interest – there are so many of them – but don't knock this campaign, as it is going to hit a very bit nerve with the wider public.

    One word of caution – 38 Degrees should be very wary of the support of politicians who have, until very recently, been telling us that they are comfortable with the filthy rich.

  • Mic Hollis

    A lot of large British companies have found ways to avoid paying corporation tax. They are quite happy to make sales and profits in this country but not prepared to pay their fair share of tax – the cost of this is higher taxes for the individual.
    Two suggestions:
    1) a consumer boycott companies that do this (and of companies that buy from them and sell to them
    2) a change in corporation tax that takes sales and market share into account as well as profit. corporation tax to sales as well as profits.

  • Autism_Rights

    I just had another thought for a punchy, hard-hitting poster.


    Tax Evasion / Dodging / Cheating

    Call it what you will,

    It's not a Victimless Crime


    Photograph of street scene, people going down a street, backs to camera, with graphics of knives in each of their backs. Some of these people could be schoolchildren, people with disabilities, the elderly.


    £150 Billion of Corporate Crime

    You Do the Math

  • Frankie

    You're on a roll, Simon. :)



  • John

    He also coshed someone who never recovered. Bob Diamond is not a criminal. The comparison doesn't stack up and is also nothing to do with tax avoidance. Pure politics of reaction and envy. I started by supporting this campaign but I think it may be bringing out the worst in people.

  • Rosiejan Rosiejan

    I know that the story about benefit cheats is less than the real picture. There are millions of pounds in unclaimed benefits at every level of the benefit system. If there are people lying and cheating the benefit system, should that really mean you punish those that are not? The child benefit system is a claimed benefit, so if those that believe they should not be awarded it, they should not claim it after the births of their children. Although there are many well off working partners that keep the carer of their children without money. So I favour the transfer of money to the partner caring for the child/ren. Clever use of the tax code system could reclaim this benefit from the high earners.

  • Rosiejan Rosiejan

    remember the principle of the campaign is to open peoples eyes to the injustice and that we are not really all in it together (cuts). We took time after the war to rebuild and to repay massive debt. So to make people start to see all this from another point of view takes people like yourself supporting a campaign that is a starting point.

  • http://twitter.com/krisht Chris Patmore

    But pretending I live in another country doesn't make me a tax evader

  • Gizbun

    I pay my taxes in the Cayman Islands and that means my wife will still get Child Benefit. Tax evasion: it's a Tory tradition.

  • Tish

    BUT hiding all my millions abroad doesn't make me a tax cheat

  • Franwhi

    I believe that there is an interesting linkage emerging here between the concept of the “BIG Society” and tax cheating. A key “BIG Society” message is that we should all strive to be more effective contributors to society.

    Let the rich lead by example and pledge to meet their social responsibility by contributing in full to a fair taxation system. Let politicians who talk of the “Big Society” hold non-contributors to account. Let's demand more of those who have the capacity to contribute economically and who have tasted. success.

    Caption : You won't find the “Big Society” Offshore : Full participation means fair taxation

  • Spaccaboy

    Update from moderator: We’ve moved this ad design to the flickr page so that everyone can see it more easily. You can see it here: http://www.flickr.com/groups/38degrees-tax-ads/

  • Spaccaboy

    Some rough concepts

    Update from moderator: We’ve moved these onto the Flickr site so that everyone can see them more easily. You can see all the different ad designs here: http://www.flickr.com/groups/38degrees-tax-ads

  • Spaccaboy

    as per the poster

    Update by moderator: We’ve put this poster design on the Flickr group which you can see here: http://www.flickr.com/groups/38degrees-tax-ads

  • http://www.guerillathinktank.org.uk The Guerilla Think Tank

    If you want to read more on hatred of welfare and its link with racism, then the book for you is Why Americans Hate Welfare by the Yale academic Martin Gilens.

    It shows, from academic research, that racism doesn't just exist in the usual suspect tea-party loony element but also in the more liberal elements and the media exhibits a subliminal racial bias. Much of the gains seemingly made in the US to overcome racism has simply buried that racism into the unconscious of many white people. It is a brilliant book.

    UK culture and politics is very much influenced by US culture. However, I also think there is a similar trait in UK politics of lingering age-old prejudices but in the UK it has a far greater element of class prejudice.

    See my tired-eyes website, defending benefit claimants for more info.

  • Benedict Geddes

    -The official DWP figure for benefit fraud is £1.1bn (which represents less than 1% of all benefit claims)
    -£40bn a year is lost in high level tax avoidance and evasion


    “BUT siphoning £40,000,000,000 a year from the taxpayer doesn't make me a tax thief.”

  • Simon Brader

    tax avoidance isn't a crime.

    Under a fair and just system, rich individuals and large corporations would not be allowed to exploit loopholes to cheat this country of £40billion in taxes.

  • Simon Brader

    Me and my company pay all the taxes the law demands

    Under a fair and just system, rich individuals and large corporations would not be allowed to exploit loopholes to cheat this country out of £40billion in taxes.

    Tax Evasion – it's not right and it's not fair.

  • Pop Song

    what about:

    TaxNav. Dodge those pesky taxes using TaxNav, the rich man's friend.

    Chris W

  • toomanycassettes

    Sir Phillip Green seems an obvious poster boy for this campaign

  • Sooty

    Ask what is money. Show a toilet roll printed with dollar bills. Then voice over to the Rothschilds $5,000,000,000,000 and all their scams! Then show what is real Wealth and Happiness by a family in the park, and real people making real things. Then voice over to a scummy MP propositioning kids in a Public Convenience!

  • Benefit thief


    Our corporation doesn't need to pretend anything.

    No Ifs No Buts

    Tax evasion is not a crime, We make the Law, You face a recession

  • http://twitter.com/PurpleMontart Sam Benzie

    Exploiting loopholes in the law doesn't make me a criminal

    Loopholes are not intentionally put there so the rich and powerful can get away with murder.

  • http://twitter.com/PurpleMontart Sam Benzie

    Exploiting loopholes in the law doesn't make me a criminal

    Loopholes are not intentionally put there so the rich and powerful can get away with murder.

  • John

    Whilst it probably wouldn't make much money in the scheme of things, the fact that “British” sports stars like Jenson Button and Lewis Hamilton choose to live in Monaco and Switzerland respectively is a disgrace. It sends the message “It's OK ! I'm fabulously wealthy and successful so of course I don't pay tax in the UK, I just visit when I need to”.

  • http://twitter.com/caliandris caliandris

    Absolutely HATE this campaign and wish to unsubscribe from 38 degrees. You do not provide a link to unsubscribe nor do you provide information which is easily accessible to do so. Please fix this omission. I believe there should be an unsubscribe link on every email you send out.


    there is an unsubscribe at the bottom of the emails…LOOK

  • Kate Hughes

    Something that stated the amount of money lost in benefit fraud each year against the tax amount lost each year posing the question – tax evasion or benifit fraud – which is the bigger crime?

  • Emmetje

    1% of the population own 99% of the wealth. Just who should be paying the most tax?

  • Vickie Knox

    every email 38 degrees has an unsubscribe link at the bottom. they know that this is the law and comply with it

  • Ashley_kennedy5

    Pretending I live on my Yacht
    Doesn't make me a TAX DODGER

    No ifs, No buts
    TAX DODGING robs society
    Bend and Break the law and you could face….well not much really.
    When will our lawmakers close the loop holes?

  • Tim Oates

    Vodafone have recently been allowed by George Osborne to put £6billion of taxable profits (equivalent to public sector cuts so far this year note) through a tax avoidance subsidiary based in Luxembourg! Meanwhile they are making 400 people redundant in the UK. Somebody on this board should be able to come up with a witty slogan highlighting this I hope?

  • http://www.facebook.com/sefriel Sef Salem

    My partner lost her council tax rebate when we honestly said I moved in, but I had no job and was denied any benefits due to caring for my father – who was too proud to let me claim Carer's Allowance. If we'd lied about where I lived, I could have been fined or sent to jail.

    Philip Green and his friends all lie about their non-dom tax dodges, and owe the country millions. This is not justice.

    Slogan ideas? Let's see:

    “Like earning millions? Like avoiding tax? Welcome to Britain! Come enjoy our world-class healthcare without paying your way!
    (Benefits not available to those who have missed a single NI contribution or taken time to care for elderly relatives without claiming Carer's Allowance)”

    Unfortunately, this makes me too angry right now to be hilarious. I'll work up to it.

  • Jan Chamier


    I'm really kind to my granny and always give a fiver to the church roof fund – what if I do keep a few million in offshore accounts?


    Under a fair and just system, rich individuals and large corporations would not be allowed to exploit loopholes to cheat this country of £40billion in taxes

  • Gryff


    I give generously to the political elite, surely I shouldn't pay tax too?


    Close the tax loopholes now.

  • bobAcrossThePond

    Would someone explain why tradespeople are excluded from this discussion. VAT and Income tax invasion? It's like a threat when they say pay cash. Fixed VAT while you're at it maybe?

  • Gaa

    Lets not forget other serious waste of money issues:

    Trident replacement
    £13 billion for a couple of weeks of sport in London…

  • Sam

    I can afford tax advisers

    Under a fair and just system, rich individuals and large corporations would not be allowed to exploit loopholes to cheat this country out of £40billion in taxes.

    Tax Evasion – it's not right and it's not fair.

  • WhyOhWhy

    the country can't afford nurses, care workers and teaching assistants, why are non-doms allowed to avoid paying the tax to pay for them?

    Stop tax avoiders deciding government policy.

    Targeting the real thieves

  • Neil

    How about one with Philip Green, the Top Shop boss?

    “But putting one of Britain's biggest brands in my wife's name and claiming her primary residence is Monaco thus avoiding paying millions of pounds each year to the revenue doesn't make me a tax cheat”

  • Cantankerous


    Privatising services does not mean the rich profit from our taxes


    Privatised services paid for by our taxes profit the rich company owners. Nationalised services pay the workers.

  • Ian Scrimgeour

    Forcing people on Benefits to accept less, will save the country pennies and cause tremendous hardship.

    Forcing high-rollers to pay their fair share will save the country billions and cause no upheaval at all.

  • Lill

    This is a very silly comment and will only alienate people.

    Don't compare violent criminals who do physcial harm to others with businessness people who may or may not have broken any laws… it makes you look like a fool and discredits the campaign.

  • Martyn Swain

    But – avoiding tax just makes me clever, right?

    No Ifs, No Buts – Benefit Fraud is Pilfering, Tax Evasion is Theft.

  • Arthur Adams

    [Picture of 2 balloons, one is 40 times bigger than the other]

    Of course we should recover the


    lost to benefit fraud

    BUT, shouldn't we also recover the


    lost to tax evasion?

  • Beccysmith22

    Caliandris- what do you hate so much about this campaign- is it that the truth hurts?

  • Jamal Walsh

    perfect example!

  • Cantankerous

    To paraphrase Sandi Toksvig “The coalition, putting the 'n' in 'cuts' “

  • Spicythai

    FAT CATS/Bankers sitting at luxury restaurant(maybe Gordon Ramsays :) with a judge at the table,looking through the glass window at a bony one legged man in dirty worn out clothes who is gleefully carrying home his 2 budget tin of beans…….”its people like THAT” the banker says “who are pulling this country down”……”…..LOOK HE CAN STILL HOP ! WHY ISN'T HE WORKING !! Caption underneath says Is having enough to eat a crime ? Tax the bankers NOW !!

  • jimstan

    Avarice through the Loophole – A Mad Bankers Tea Party. A decadent scene with Alice as the waitress saying 'You mean all of you are dodging the tax system'?

  • Martyn Swain

    Strange thing to 'hate' if you don't mind me saying so …

  • http://twitter.com/mattfinished MattFinnegan

    Picture of sick old man in hospital bed, with tubes in his arms, nose, etc. Son in smart suit sat with head down at his bedside. Speech/thought bubble from son says”If i hadnt avoided paying tax, he might have got his operation in time.” Slogan underneath says:



  • Simon Brader

    “but the law doesn't stop me from evading taxes.”

    can we have some laws to close the loopholes which allow rich individuals and large corporations to cheat this country out of £40billion in taxes.

    Tax Dodging – worth making a song and dance about.

  • Giles


    Registering my UK company offshore to avoid billions in tax doesn't make me a tax dodger, does it?

    NO IFS, NO BUTS – tax evasion means we can't afford new schools and hospitals.

  • Denis

    I think 38 degrees should accept that those who produce the nation's wealth are entitled to keep what they earn and concentrate instead on the lazy and feckless that are on benefits. Also the fact that this country seems intent in importing a nevr ending succession of useless unwanted immigrants.

  • Cantankerous


    I keep the faith so I don't pay tax


    Why should religions get away tax free?

  • Chris

    Tax doesn't have to be taxing – if you don't pay it in the first place.

  • Ella T-S


    Pretending I live in Panama doesn't make me a tax dodger.

    No Ifs, No Buts.

    Tax Avoidance is the same as benefit fraud.

  • Bill Kerry

    Spoofs may confuse…. What about a split frame poster simply comparing, side by side, the amount lost to tax dodging and the amount lost to benefit fraud (you will need official HMRC / DWP figures that are footnoted clearly in the poster). Then at the bottom you could say something like one of the following:

    “I wonder how best to close the deficit?”

    “Where would YOU look first to close our deficit?”

    “Hmmm, I wonder where we should look first to repair the country's finances?”

    Bill Kerry.

  • Bernardandmary

    This is a typical way Government ministers adopt but only in a larger scale At least Phillip Green shops do not have the bureaucracy, inefficientcies , overmaned workforce as the Government do

  • AnneB

    I've got an idea. How about all those non-doms who own their pads in central London through BVI-registered companies. Whenever they “sell”, they just transfer shares in the company, thus avoiding stamp duty. Tax cheats.

  • asakadai6

    The companies you speak about make sales and profits in this country. It is not in their interests to stop trading here! Calling for global action is fanciful, and will NEVER happen.The rich must pay their share of tax!

  • http://twitter.com/NessSheffield Vanessa Hearnden

    How about two people with deal or no deal boxes

    One a hoody wearing mum “the benefit cheat” price in the box 1bn
    One a man in a suit “the tax cheat” price in the box 40bn

    Deal or no deal?

  • Dave Evans

    split screen with chainlink fence, like the 1980s AIDS adverts, on the one side, a family struggling to get by, with caption “a big society, taxed at x percent, we voted and didn't get a voice”. On the other, Ashcroft and friends on a yacht, living it up, caption “a bigger society, taxed at zero percent, the voice that runs the country, and will vote for more of the same”

  • guest

    is worse than. the money lost per person is greater. and is used to fund a lavish lifestyle.

  • Alan

    My friends told me it was OK to be greedy

  • Shbreen11

    I think this is a brilliant Idea and can't wait to see it

  • DDay

    picture of soldier and picture of tax dodger 'patriotic' gives for the rest of us and 'parasitic' takes from the rest of us…. the idea that it is patriotic to pay tax needs tobe made good again ..we are a better society when we all contribute and spivs and cheats were rightly despised during the war.

  • Nick

    For this, I'd think you should just go for impact – show what results of lack of public funds actually means with respect to roads not fixed, hospitals and schools not maintained properly, posts not filled.

    Possibly also include the fact that vodafone had £6bn written off.

  • C Wellwood

    me too!

  • Cheat Free Zone

    But pretending I live abroad doesn't make me a tax cheat ….. Picture the relevant members of the House of Lords

    But swapping my second home three times doesn't make me a benefits cheat … Picture of member of parliament

    But getting £234,000 from the EU for no work doesn't make me a cheat … picture of Lord Mandelson

    But claiming a £1,000,000 pension from the EU after 4 years on the gravy train doesn't make me a thief … Picture of Lord Mandelson

  • 2345

    Does this include bankers.

  • http://declineofthelogos.wordpress.com/ Adam Bell

    Wodge of cash lying on deck lounger sipping cocktail. Strapline: “Tax avoidance: Take your money on holiday so it doesn't have to do good.”

  • Alexiswolf

    Why do you hate?

  • John Jarman

    My work is paying for your life-style

  • Rac Mailgate

    one stereotyped guy in hoodie one in suit

    under hoodie:
    Benefit cheats
    Cost:1billion a year
    punishment: Criminal record/prison

    under suit:
    Tax avoiders
    cost: 150bn a year
    Punishment: Knighthood

    A big society needs a big change…..

  • Fossn

    There doesn't seem to be much creative discussion going on here, arguing or debating is pointless now action has been agreed. Come on people, lets get some ideas for the posters.

    My suggestion is to make a list of the tax avoidance methods like moving assets etc abroad, being domiciled abroad, creating fake companies etc. I'm sure an accoutancy expert could provide a list. Then we need to spoof each of the benefit cheat ads to correspond with one of the tax evasion methods. I think the idea of someone lying on the beach at brighton or somewhere with the caption ' I pretend to be domiciled abroad to avoid paying my whack'. Also a boardroom in the city with the caption ' we pretend to be based in the Cayman Islands to avoid paying tax' would be another.

  • Fredm

    Perhaps this person is in the 1%

  • Lexxity

    You need a picture of a single parent in some form of uniform too. Also a family unit with Mum and Dad represented to somehow show stay at home mum and hard working dad.

  • oddsox

    Actually, I rather like the idea of an “overmaned” workforce”! Bouffant hairstyles all round. Do they spend a lot of time horsing around?

  • andy

    bankers' benefit from fraud

  • BonnieBon


  • BonnieBon

    I think it's worth hearing Denis's point of view so that everyone knows what they're up against.

  • BenR

    The “nation's wealth” has been decimated by people in the financial services industry, whom I think you refer to. Welfare benefits last year were dwarfed by pensions, which were in turn dwarfed by the bail-out. Lets remember whose debt our great-great-grandchildren will be paying off, and it won't be Pot Noodle eating malingerers.

    Also, immigrants have tended to add to UK output. Check the Treasury or DWP website. Or just carry on referring to the Good Lord Dacre for your figures.

  • Insightcymru

    While I agree that those who produce wealth through enterprise should be given incentives, that is not the same as them avoiding the rules that are in place. I am a small business owner, and feel that if I play by the rules, so should everybody else.

    As for your comment about immigrants – that's just a populist response. Many immigrants have a far better work ethic than, as you put it, the 'lazy and feckless'.

  • Mraverage

    I think Denis should accept that…………………. he may have typed 38degrees.com when he really meant to type bnp,com!

  • Flashparry

    Very good point about not making it confusing. For all those here already with an interest, the spoof ads may be funny and very obvious, but if the aim is to get more people talking then a clever, but clear cut ad is essential.

  • BonnieBon

    'Tagetting the real thieves' Like it.

  • A Mctiernan

    Steve – I am on benefits, and can't afford OVERPRICED DVD & CD's – I have to buy 2nd hand, or off ebay. I use film though, and can get it cheaper from Jersey. With the big tax cheats in Government and Industry, why do you want to make it impossible for me to afford one of the few sources of happiness I have? Do you work for the tax people, perhaps? Why do we have to have VAT anyway – we were fine without it. It is just going up as well – which means one fifth of all we spend, goes into the greedy government's hands. You are just playing into their hands. An interesting fact is that Poll Tax was tried in the past – the people who they tried to tax treated the tax-gatherers badly, roughed them up, set fire to their houses, and that sort of thing. But because the government do it backstage now, doesn't mean it is any more right than it was then. We are one of the most taxed nations in the world. We don't need more tax, just less interference and greed from the government. Who wants billions for the exchequer, anyway – I can't afford to buy carpet, or have it fitted, and yet if a local government building is recapeted, the excess carpet is disposed of, destroyed, or whatever. Our Prime Minister's lunchtime drink used to cost more than my month's income – who thinks this is fair – I suspect you need to think more clearly

  • Fossn

    Scene in a kitchen of someone handing a wad to a workman.

    Workman. I only take cash, saves you the VAT ( and me income tax and NI)

    Tax avoidance. Victimless Crime? ….

    I can't think of an ending but someone could maybe run with it????

  • http://www.martialstudy.net Grahamrmoss

    Those who “produce the nation's wealth” are able to earn such a great deal because the nation is there to provide the framework for their potential.
    A sliding scale of taxation based on income has been law and accepted as the best way in British society for a long time – loopholes and tax dodging (as we've all seen) is responsible for a great deal more loss to our nation than “the lazy and feckless”.

  • Geo

    Make up some stickers! If we have these on stickers available for free or to buy i'm sure they would get about. Its like a Viral on the internet. People would start seeing them appear everywhere!

  • Minouread2

    Hey. What about the government having lost it as usual and making tax demands totally wrong? I'm bombarded my demands when I do NOT pay tax. Letters, phone calls are Should you not address this scandal too? L R

  • rod


    If I'm forced to pay tax I'll leave the country and go somewhere else with all your money..

    No ifs, No buts,

    err.. Who's money?

  • Donald Amphlett

    Is it not time that so called “public” schools stopped getting tax concessions by pretending to be “charitable” institutions. This only benefits the the privileged rich.

  • Washo

    The Hoody v Suit is a great idea (Rac Mailgate) , as is the wodge of cash on a deckchair (Adam Bell). These two ideas are very straightforward and will make viewers think.

  • Mike Crompton

    It is a waste of time and energy playing around with benefits. The only real answer to the debt repayment is PROGRESSIVE TAXATION. Here are my suggested tax bandings for everyone in the UK:

    Earnings Tax Rate

    0k – 10k Nil

    10k – 20k 20%

    20k – 30k 25%

    30k – 40k 30%

    40k – 50k 40%

    50k – 75k 45%

    75k – 100k 50%

    100k – 150k 55%

    150k – 250k 60%

    over 25k 65%

    This cuts out all the nonsence about who gets child benefit and makes higher earners such as those overpaid Public Sector bods, bank bonus people and overpaid executives pay a proper slice into the treasury.

    Mike Crompton.

  • hannahlownsbrough

    I think the idea of coming up with a way for people to see the difference in the amounts we're talking about is really good – anyone else have ideas for ways of doing that?

  • 368

    I lilke Bill Kerry's and Dday's ideas. Rac Mailgate and Fossen also get my vote. Combine some of these ideras. Maybe a headline stating “Join the party” and a simple list of how to avoid taxes. A bit of naming and shaming wouldn't go amiss.

    How about some really fat cats dripping with cream and a skinny cat slurping a drop off the floor. The fat cats say, “Oi you cheat!”

  • Mr G I Aitken

    Call yourself a British company? But your offices are in the Caribbean! Stop Tax Loopholes

  • Rosa

    I'd like this to go viral to embarass both Osbourne and Vodaphone – money talks, exposing this kind of thing LOUDLY might make changes….

  • hannahlownsbrough

    Are there other 'worst offenders' who people might recognise in the ads? A few members have mentioned Philip Green and Lord Ashcroft – any other posterboys or girls for tax dodging?!

  • Alan Morrison

    Execution/Style: Evening standard/tabloid newsstand ad with a) top banner, b) headline, c) footer ref to 39degrees, eg: http://www.flickr.com/photos/32413393@N00/3128286935/

    A) Banner copy: TAX LOTTO EXTRA
    B) Headline copy: AMAZING £30,000,000,000 (£30BN) UNCLAIMED TAX TICKET!!!
    C) Footer ref: Benefit cheating is wrong, but so is tax evasion. Force the government to claim OUR money. Visit 38degrees.org.uk

    NB. FYI: Evidence for £30bn claim is here from the National Fraud Authority: http://www.attorneygeneral.gov.uk/NewsCentre/Pages/NationalFraudAuthority.aspx

  • hannahlownsbrough

    I think a lot of people posting here are really angry about it – I think finding a way to get that anger across in the ads will probably be one of the ways we can make sure they're really powerful.

  • Charlie

    Put a full frontal portrait style photo of famous tax-dodging people – smiling. The caption should be either: the amount (% or £££) they've paid in tax on average per year over the past 5 years or where they are registered as 'domicile', or the tax haven in which their businesses are based – whichever stat really rams it home. You'll have lots to choose from.

    I think it's important not to express any view on whether the situation is just or unjust, good or bad. Just provide the publicly available information from verifiable and reputable sources, and let the contrast between caption and image force people into thinking about whether it's fair.

    People will know these rich, famous and influential figures. And they'll immediately compare how much they pay as a % of income with how much these very rich people pay. And they'll be disgusted by the horrific injustice of the calculation they do in their head.

    Philip Green, Tory Donor, Billionaire and owner of Topshop:http://www.taxresearch.org.uk/Blog/2006/06/19/sir-philip-green-the-rewards-of-tax-avoidance/

    Rupert Murdoch – paid less than 10% throughout the 90s:

    Tony Blair:

    and then you could always quote George Bush:
    ”Real rich people figure out how to dodge taxes.” George W. Bush, 2004

    And you could always get in touch with the Tax Justice Network or Richard Murphy if you needed a really long list of celebrity tax dodgers.

    Oh, and check out Bono.

  • hannahlownsbrough

    Hi Caliandris – the link to unsubscribe is at the bottom of our e-mails, but you can also click here and enter your e-mail address: http://www.38degrees.org.uk/page/unsubscribe/ – if you have time to tell us the reason that you don't like the campaign, we'd really appreciate that.

  • hannahlownsbrough

    The ideas of 'fake' products to help with tax dodging has the potential to be really funny – anyone think of any others?

  • Simon Brader

    The problem with this approach is that the people we need to reach and influence are more likely to focus on the Hoodie because they despise them whilst they really rather admire the guy in the suit.

  • Keith

    I'll get my thinking cap on for a good slogan.

    But, meanwhile, let's not forget those thousands of small businessmen who fiddle their tax by trading in cash, and claiming expenses for private purchases, like cars. That must amount to a hell of a lot of dodged tax.

    The common man may resent the rich man getting away wwith it, but there are plenty of common men at it too.

  • Theapehouse

    Like the idea, but how about a shorter first sentence:


    I don't think care workers are important so I'm not going to pay for them

  • Alan Shed

    A fake amnesty. A poster campaign telling people that if they contact the tax office within a time-frame and come clean about un-declared earnings that their slate will be wiped clean. That would get big publicity and might even make a few people drop themselves in it.

  • hannahlownsbrough

    With George Osborne in the role of Noel Edmonds?!

  • BenR

    *Loopholes and conditions apply. Not applicable to those registered as residents of Andorra, Anguilla, Aruba, Belize, the British Virgin Islands, Campione d'Italia, the Channel Islands, the Cook Islands, Delaware, the Channel Islands, Hong Kong, Macua, Mauritius, Monaco, Nauru, the Netherland Antilles, New Zealand, Norfolk Island, Panama, Samoa, San Marino, Sark, Seychelles, St. Kitts and Nevis, St Vincent and the Grenadines, Turks and Caicos Islands, the US Virgin Islands or Vanuatu. Limited to those with insufficient funds to hire tax lawyers or those whose position allows them access to tax planning services or legal advice above that ordinarily affordable to people of their pay-scale (politicians, ex-politicians, friends of politicians and anyone with any leverage over politicians of any kind). Complaints about current tax laws and requests for further loopholes should be attached to political donations and addressed to: Mutual Backscratching Dept., Coalition Government, London.

    **Those seeking substantive reform of taxation systems should run for Parliament and gain appropriate powers of appointment for Government reviews of this area. those seeking to reform said system by voting for political parties in favour of reform should collect hardy snowflakes and hope for a cold day in hell when placing said snowflake in said underworld.

    ***All of the above can be changed to suit vested interests at no notice and with no press coverage, whenever we feel like it. So there.

  • Keith

    BUT putting everything in my wife's name doesn't make me a tax cheat.

    No ifs, no buts.
    Tax evasion is costing us billions more than Benefit Fraud.

  • Cheats Never Prosper

    I like the slogans, close enough to the original yet still makes the point (But pretending I live abroad doesn't make me a tax cheat) etc., but I don't think that we can use pictures of actual people – for starters, could we get the copyright? And couldn't it end up with a libel suit? Models who look scarily similar strikes me as being more effective.

    I also like the idea of doing a poster for each of the ways tax cheats avoid paying tax: that way, we're showing the government that we know what's going on in all areas, we're not just cracking down on tax havens. Otherwise we risk them feeling the pressure and using just one group as scapegoats whilst still trying to protect their friends.

  • Novelidea66

    Headline -Tax Fraud- man in a suit- “But I pay for the best legal defence, you've got to prove I break the law.”.- Slogan- you may be rich but you're not above the law- Tax fraud is a crime – Be part of the big society and write to your M.P. now – don't let yourself be cheated.

  • Theapehouse

    But is this true – what or who ARE the loopholes for? Why are they there?

    Should it read:

    Are loopholes put there so the Rich and Powerful can get richer?

    A confused non-Tax-accountant

  • Alan Shed

    A guy came to my house recently from “Chips away” (they repair vehicle dents on your own drive) I'd known him for about ten seconds when he gave me one price for a cheque including VAT and another (about 25% less) for cash. He was ripping off the tax-man and the VAT man and probably his own employer as well.

  • clanger9

    Building on Yariv's suggestion:

    “But my accountant told me it was legal.” /or/
    “But I earned it, it's my money.” /or/
    “But I have to reward my shareholders first.” /or/

    [pictures as appropriate]

    No ifs, no buts. Pay your dues.
    Tax fraud is a crime; break the law and you face a criminal record.

  • clanger9

    PS: I really like Rac Mailgate's suggestion…

  • Simon Brader

    I wonder if 'Denis' is really an anagram of 'Osbourne'?

  • Barbara Richards

    You could do a man with a really enormous mouth, standing in front of a huge palace with a deer park ect and the man is holding up spoons with palaces and islands and big piles of money on them. The man could have a spoon handle coming out of his mouth, and the caption could be, “But I was born this way”

  • Saralexcam

    Like a few of the ideas – maybe a combination?
    Tax the greedy, not the needy.
    Close the loopholes or one day you may hang yourself in them

  • http://twitter.com/SuzeWatters Suze Watters

    maybe not use a stereotypical “hoodie” as this evokes negative emotions. I would use a very ordinary looking person as this is what the benefit fraud campaign has used. I also would not use a just anyone in a suit but a recognisable public figure who has been known to avoid tax. This would grab attention and and hammer home how unfair the whole system is – that the very powerful, rich and famous can do what they like when the rest of us are held under constant suspicion.

  • Peter Click49

    A good idea for a poster would be a view of a million people being cut in 40% section while a rich cat in a car passing by rings his accountant with promises of gifts for the job well done……..

  • Martin

    Agreed – those who risk everything they have building their own businesses need to be rewarded, if only for the risk that – if it all fails – they lose everything. On the other hand, most of the stinking rich that we hate take no personal risk, run banks and big business badly, get hugely rewarded and paid off for incompetence and (banks) WE get to pick up the tab when it all goes wrong. No sympathy for these bastards surely? Applicable to both, in my opinion, a standard tax rate should apply to all regardless of income. Those who earn more will pay more, not pay a bigger percentage. Having more money they will buy more and pay more in indirect tax, plus, keeps the wheels moving. What makes us sick is hearing about them finding ways to pay less in the pound than anyone else and avoid the other indirect taxes that ordinary people are stuck with, made worse only by people like you supporting the parasitical swine. It is the – largely – tax paying 'ordinary' people who provide the system that the rich feed off. Without us they have nothing. It's time they and you stopped pretending that it's the other way around.

    If the bomb went off, the digital universe failed or the monitory system was allowed to collapse (as it should have done) the pen pushers, hedge-fund managers bankers and talkers would have nothing to milk, and nothing to offer. Remember, when things are good we all survive but they thrive disproportionately. When things are not so good, it's ordinary people who lose jobs and services, these bastards just pull their belts in, stop spending their (our) money and whinge about recession.

    I could not agree with you more about the 'lazy, feckless and unwanted immigrants”. Perhaps the obvious solution to the dilemma as to which end of the sewer you need to clean up first would be to get back a big chunk of the £40bn from the smug-self-righteous-pontificating-stinking rich tax avoiders (no, I really don't like them) at which point we could spend some of it on overhauling the benefits system and chasing up/kicking out the lazy, the feckless and the useless immigrants.

    Final thought. A standard single tax rate would give people more reason to want to earn more – justifying the effort to do so. Equally, there is no sane argument against having a national/international limit on personal wealth. Removing the goal is the only way to stop the greed and self-interest of those that would aspire to it from affecting the rest of us. How much proof do you need exactly.

    And who exactly would stop that from happening? would that perhaps be those whose jobs and industries keep us all stuck on the hamster-wheels that drive the machines they built for us whilst they already have more money than they or offspring will live long enough to spend and couldn't spin a hamster wheel to save their lives.

    Surely the whole concept of the voucher/token/money system (call it what you will) should be to enable people to exchange goods and services so we all make enough from what we do to pay others to do what we cant whilst providing food and shelter for ourselves. Somewhere we lost sight of that and failed to notice that the people who print and merely move around the vouchers that WE work and pay for are taking most of them home, keeping them out of circulation and making it harder for the rest of us to get any, whilst they whine about how tough their lot is.

    Wake-up dickhead

  • Bruce

    Being a merchant banker I'd have to pay far more tax than the man/pleb in the street so having offshore accounts doesn't really make me a criminal..

  • R Courtney

    'Oi Ashcroft! Yeah you!! And your mates! Pay what you owe…..NOW!!!!!'

    Could use the names and images of any big name tax dodgers, just picked on Ashcroft as he's an easy one.

  • Signalnorth

    You say tomater
    I say tomato
    You say tax avoidance
    I say stealing.

    idea No 2

    A sign reads 'Royal Staff Xmas Party canceled.'

    Underneath the Queen is saying…

    “We all have to make sacrifices.”

    Yes. Some a lot more than others.

    Idea No 3

    “All of society must burden the cuts” – David Cameron

    Oh right, so there's a society now? It's just that your friend Margaret said………..
    Idea No 4

    “All of society must burden the cuts” – Millionaire David Cameron


    Clegg being asked…

    What was it that first attracted you to the large scale cuts of Millionaire David Cameron?

    Clegg. “'Cos I'm a millionaire too.”

  • Ian Rathbone

    I like this but it might get mired in those people attacking back – creates publicity but could be seen as having a go at rich folks rather than comparing to the awful benefits cheat campaign. And people seem to think it's OK to be rich because they want to be so themslelves?

  • Michaelshort1

    I greatly admired your BBC campaign where I felt that those who wish to shackle the BBC (Labour and Conservative alike – check out Kaufman) needed to be bought to the heel of public sentiment. I am a person of free enterprise and this site has moved into the socialist mire of envy. Please campaign for better opportunities rather than bashing those that have. Is the world unfair, well under many defiunitions of the word “unfair” then yes, should you create a world where people aspire or a world where thoise that work for waht they have hand over to those that don't. I firmly believe in aspiration not envy.

  • Barbara Richards

    Or you could do a picture of some really ragged people, all thin and scrawny looking, and a really posh looking Fagin out of Oliver Twist is stealing things out of their pockets and going “HEH HEH HEH, WELL, HOW DID YOU THINK I GOT MY PILE/” and on the floor by his feet are a lot of tax forms but his boys are laughing around and making paper airp[lanes with them

  • Jools

    Haven Holiday Camps are the affordable holiday for many hard working families in Britain. Can you maybe mimick their advertising style with a very different kind of haven – the offshore tax havens of the 'tax efficient' dodgers perhaps.

    Haven has an ad (you'll find it on google images) of a mum, dad and two kids on the beach. Top left is

    Haven, it's brand swish, and underneath Holiday Privilege Club. Maybe rework it to

    Tax Haven – for the privileged club

    Less Canvey Island, more Caymen Islands

  • Bruce

    So if we tax you fairly you'll leave the country? Ooh.. can I have your job, too? I'll pay my dues.

  • Debibody

    Its because of people like you there are men/plebs on the street. You idiot!!

  • Barbara Richards

    Another idea is Tom and Jerry and the cat is lying in a deckchair outside a beautiful house, enjoying himself and slurping milk with his girlfriend cat, and holding a sandwich made out of a big wedge of cheese, which he has stolen off the mice, and Tom has got a paper hat, made out of the tax form on his head, and all the little mice are in a line looking miserable, with handcarts with their megre belongings on, and sticks with a red cotten spotty hankerchief to carry their stuff in, and holding tax demands for different sorts of cheese, and a big EVICTION notice on the mousehole.

  • David


  • Steve McWibble

    You cant hide from the computer (unless you are non-domiciled for tax purposes)

    Can you spoof the old 'Tax doesnt have to be taxing' Inland Revenue adverts?

  • Signalnorth


    Followed by a big pic of a beach and the words..

    'The Caymen Islands'

    'The Big society coming to somewhere nowhere near you.'

  • http://www.genomicon.com Nick Taylor

    If you're using them to tax-dodge, then I'm afraid that technically, yes it does.

    Your self-serving moral equations hold very little water in the face of the chronic immorality that you and your kind have shown in the last decade or so. Repulsive and reprehensible.

    On top of that, check out the list 20 mins or so into this


    for a list of money-laundering that the banks have been involved in, and fined for recently.

    You won't get sympathy from us mate. You and your kind should be in prison.

  • OO0


    Scrap Inheritance Tax or reduce it to nominal levels (say 5%). You'll then get an influx of UK tax exiles returning and foreign non-doms electing to become fully taxed for the first time. The increase in tax revenue would vastly outweigh the loss from death duties and would make us a great deal more attractive than we are now compared to other countries (our death duties are the highest in a 'free' first world economy).

    Besides going offshore, IHT is the number one reason for tax dodging in the first place. If it was scrapped, tax dodging in general would fall drastically.

  • Rac Mailgate

    yep – I agree that would be an improvement

  • Signalnorth

    Picture of fat bloated businessman saying

    “If you make me pay tax I'll cry and leave the country, boo-hoo.”

    At the bottom it reads

    'The rich are always with us.'

  • Peter

    A related suggestion.

    Call for setting a cap on the amount of tax that any one person can (legally) avoid at 26,000 pounds.
    That allows for reasonable tax reduction measures such as claiming allowances and ISAs.
    Tax evasion is of course fully illegal anyway.


  • Antonia_preciado

    why people on benefits are always cheats? ask cameron to live on them for a month, see how he sees it them.

    how much tax avoiding are rich peopledoing?

  • Rac Mailgate

    err – I think he was suggesting a caption…

  • fairness fairy

    benefit fraud is peanuts. Tax avoidance by corporations and individuals is where it's at. Get real and sort it out.
    Perhaps a few people on street with real criminal/petty crime labels…?

  • Spaccaboy

    I completely disagree with your notion of what this site is all about – I don't think it is 'socialist' in the way you think it is. If you think it is ok to ignore the vast and I mean VAST amounts of money the UK government does not receive from very wealthy individuals and huge international companies (including banks and national institutions) whilst piling more and more taxation onto the average populace then I think there is something wrong with your brain box.

    For years the wealthy (I earn a serious wage – so no envy here thank you) have had at their disposal the opportunities and services that let them pay LESS tax than the average man on the street. THIS IS WRONG. If you cannot see that this is a problem then I suggest you get a ticket to the Caymens and join the party.

  • Jenny

    alluding to the conversation with an accountant advising on tax.


    Your not breaking any laws


    It's in your wife's name …

    no more ifs and buts

    The government is afraid to tighten the law on tax and remove the loopholes which are costing us millions

    Can we try to avoid childish views of rich = evil, some high earners deserve their salaries because they are talented and hard working. It's also true that some don't.

    They all do it because they would end up giving away half of what they earn. Which I feel is slightly unfair – I dont know why it isn't one tax for all above a certain threshold. Perhaps then high earners wouldn't feel the need to dodge tax? just an idea. Someone with better skills than me would have to number crunch the risk.

    I like the quote below from bush about real rich people understanding how to dodge tax – it highlights an important point that benefit cheats are breaking the law whereas tax dodgers aren't legally doing anything wrong.

    I think almost everyone would avoid giving away 50% of their salary if they had access to the appropriate resouces.

    Pure hearted as it would be – no one gives tax out of ideology they do it because they have to. How many middle income peoples' grandparents have given them money before they die to avoid inheritance tax?

    My opinion is the focus of this campiagn should be less about the personal decision made by dodgers (as the benefits campaign targets) and more about making the law tighter.

  • http://twitter.com/AsherJac Asher Jacobsberg

    I think this was a suggestion for a slogan, rather than a statement of Bruce's own feelings. Possibly the fact that you thought it was means it would work well as a spoof slogan.

  • Spaccaboy

    Tax the greedy, not the needy.


  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_5W2QDWL5E7B646KKSU2Q2TLCZ4 papardelle fettucine

    “No IHT, no more excuses.”

    That'd work.

  • Iainaffleck

    But pretending I dont live in the country doesnt make me a theif

  • Iain

    Just call it a tax free loan that will be written off when you leave

  • http://peter.mounce.myopenid.com/ Peter Mounce

    “But it's tax _efficiency_, not tax _evasion_!”

    If we simplified the tax system, maybe we'd be able to cut thousands of civil service jobs related to administering it, as well as making it trivial for the average person to understand what they need to pay, when, in the first place, so efficiencies-by-omission are no longer such a large problem.

    We'd be able to repurpose all those civil servants and accountants to roles that are more beneficial to our society as a whole.

  • Royjones

    It's not true that this country is skint it's the fifth richest country in the world; it's loaded down with money .. the only trouble is that the rich have got most of it and refuse to give up their fair share by tax avoidance

  • Iainaffleck


    “and with this saved tax you can win the general election Mr Ashcroft”

  • Iain

    F*ck off and live in Switzerland then.

  • ianrrossiter@yahoo.co.uk

    Actually, it's the other way round: WE are being cheated by having to pay so much tax. If you understand 'Fractional Reserve' banking – whereby 'money' is created out of thin air by your signature/pin – which is entered into the banks' accounts as a CREDIT, but in yours as a DEBIT. The bank then use (about) 90% of YOUR 'credit' to 'finance' another 'loan'. and so on and so on. The result of all this 'money creation' is DEBT. This is why we are all in the proverbial: there is not enough 'money' to pay off all the DEBT – PLUS the INTEREST! The Government is in exactly the same boat since the UK Ltd (yes, it is a company) is in Section 11 Bancruptcy (so that it can still trade) but all the 'money' printed is actally DEBT and more and more of our 'taxes' are needed to help pay the non-existent interest. This is a very clever campaign to put 'tax payers' on the moral high ground and encourage us to look down upon, or even inform upon, those who are 'Dodgers' – err does that sound a bit fascist? There is another point I would like to make and that is there is no LAW being broken. The word – 'LAW' – as used in these 'ads' if challenged, cannot be answered truthfully because the only LAW we all live under is 'Common Law'. What is being referred to is an Act and/or statute – these are nothing more than rules and regulations and CAN ONLY BE GIVEN THE 'FORCE' OF LAW by consent. Read your history: understand your rights as a sentient human being and NOT the 'Legal Fiction' of your STRAWMAN. Everything is 'commerce' and in commerce everything is 'contract'. In commerce your STRAWMAN is a 'DEBTOR' and the 'DEBTOR' always pays. The trouble with this group is that the 38degrees are sloping UP.

  • http://twitter.com/stimpetta Garry Samett

    The idea of tinkering with tax rates to make them acceptable to wealthy people is a waste of energy. The political will is needed go after wealthy people and companies. Politically it's easy, more useful, to scape goat people on benefits (add Daily Mail story here) than put resources into pursuing wealthy individuals and companies.

  • Alan Stevenson

    raking in millions while cutting the wages of my workers who create the wealth doesn't make me a thief
    and playing 'hide & seek' in the Cayman Islands doesn't make me a cheat”

  • srb47

    Character ideas: Barbour-jacket-wearing landowner type; City type; Lady of leisure.

    Text ideas: If I run my finances through the Canary Islands, that doesn't make a tax dodger; But we *deserve* another holiday.

    Slogan idea: No ifs, no buts. Tax avoidance costs us billions of pounds a year. Enough to protect the publice services we all rely on. Targetting tax evasion.

  • Gerry Haines

    How about a poster

    in big letters on top.
    Then a couple of pics. A young woman with a kiddie in a baby buggy on the left and a man in a suit on the right. maybe a bit of text explaining the figures but the bottom line is
    Here is what they cost you every year;-

    Bottom line in red,
    £ a few hundred for the benifit cheat, a few hundred thousand at least for the guy in the suit.

    We do some research, we get a real life welfare scam case and flag up the cost, we get a real life income tax specialist to tell us how much you can ' avoid ' paying by shoving it in a tax haven and using a few well known dodges.

    Another idea is a full page ad – this one can use more small print, because people will sit and read it , not just walk past ( but at a bus stop, they may also read it.)

    Same couple, but an itemised bill – again research. hundreds of pounds can b got by a benifit cheat who is ' milking the system' by using a dozen items or so – but even a hundred grand is chickenfeed to the bloke in the suit who is using les than 6 ' avoidance ' loopholes.

    The ads need to be backed up by billboards – just the pics, the big picture, and then the same recognisable format used in the newspapers, but with more facts and figures and more detail explaining how the system benifits the suits more than the ordinary Joe or Josie.
    maybe even put out the biillboard first , then the newspapaer ads that say “GET THE INSIDE STORY”

    “Maybe , like most people, you have seen this poster on the street. Wonder what its all about?
    Well, take a look at this…” And then the next para is all the hard hitting facts, the full figures on how the men in suits are getting rich while ordinary workers and the unemployed are getting clobbered.

  • http://twitter.com/Charming_Stoat Gaina

    Yes! That's perfect! :D

  • Jannygof

    Having my company registered abroad isn't cheating the ordinary tax payer…is it?

  • sophie

    We need to state actual amounts. eg Mr Bloggs claimed £10 000 in Incapacity Benefit but had a job. He was fined ££££ and a suspended sentence.

    Mr Ashcroft has avoided millions and gets a seat in the House of Lords

  • sam

    could put “NO IFS, NO BUTS, well unless your a rich torry” somewhere

  • SteveT

    How about a huge photo of a sharp-suited young bloke with a smug little smile standing outside of either a big corporate office or a penthouse apartment building. Around his neck is one of those cardboard and string notices that desperate homeless people sometimes wear. Hand-written on it 'Don't tax me. I'm greedy and I need a new Porsche.'
    Underneath: This man and his mates owe you £40bn. It's time to make the rich pay tax.

  • Dc Tarrant

    Sir phillip green would be a perfect candidate, seeing as he pays dividends to his Monaco-based wife to the tune of £1.2 billion. The slogan could be: From Top shop To cop shop…

  • Richard Leach8

    i think it should include a refrence to voda phone whos tax bill would wipe out the defisit in one go. But they struck a deal with the goverment to only pay a very small percentage. Also a pictur of Lord ashcroft who is probarly the biggest tax evation criminal going. And philip green who is helping the goverment perscute the unemployed and disabled. As this is the tosser that is telling the govermnt about cutting welfare. Yet he owes thousands in un paied tax.

  • Adam

    Try and Shame the Tax Dodgers. Something along the lines of…

    'Do you love this country? Do you want to live here? Just pay your way, that's all we ask.'

  • Ustincappers

    Failure brings its own rewards ^n bonus payment to gambling bankers and downsizing chairmen

  • Simon Le Boggit

    “Avoidance is mentally or physically avoiding something that causes distress.”

    The greedy generally keep their conscience (if they have one) at arms length, by spin-doctoring the meaning of a few words:

    Injustice = “envy”

    Gluttony = “aspiration”

    Taxation = “theft”.

    Michaelshort1, look around – you'll find plenty of aspiring people here – aspiring to subdue fatcat Tax Avoidance.

  • Chris

    Since you mention Rupert Murdoch here I thought I'd suggest a slogan aimed at that issue.

    A picture of his face and a slogan something like:

    “My vote only counts once. Shouldn't his?”

    Or something along those lines. Of course as an Australian I dont think he even gets one vote technically, yet his influence is worth millions.

    For the Tax issue, how about:

    Budget Deficit: £xbn
    Tax Gap: £xbn

    Hows that for starters Mr Osborne?

    Or something that shows numerically an estimate for how much everyones tax bill would go down if the wealthy started paying.

    Maybe a picture of Phillip Green. “I pay my taxes, shouldn't he?”

  • HeartOfOak58

    Like this.

    If you're reading/posting on here, you're probably one of a small minority already convinced of the need to clamp down on tax avoidance. You are not the kind of person we are trying to convince. We need to get wider support, and in a village like the one I live in, soldiers are regarded as salt of the earth. A picture of a soldier in uniform, with some figures underneath (annual income £25K, pays xx% in tax, 567 soldiers have been killed in action since 1999). Next to that, any of the other pictures that many of you have been suggesting – Ashcroft or Murdoch or Mandelson or Blair or anonymous city spiv with some figures (annual income £10000000, pays xx% of that in tax, number of politicians killed in action since 1999 – zero). Just quote the figures and let people draw their own conclusions.

  • Hyay

    A photo of Philip Green smiling.

    “I paid no tax on my £1.2bn bonus and now I'm advising the Tories!”

  • Alwyn Green

    Why pay UK taxes? – follow Phillip Green's advice and base your wife in a tax haven, transfer your earnings to her and BINGO no taxes.

    Then you can give the Governenment advice on how to save money.

  • Charlescutting

    I am a top banker, you must pay a lot of tax on your Bonus? no I take a Million Pounds in shares
    To avoid it.

  • Tucky

    Have one with Giddeon or IDS and the numbers of how many child benefit families will be effected with Benefit theft your not allowed to get away with it but we are.

  • Lyn

    A picture of a fat cat business man picking up his nice fat tax rebate, business subsidy with one hand off, a cold and starving pensioner or single mother and saying “thank you suckers” before handing it over to his taxhaven for safe keeping while hiding his own tax liabilities just out of sight behind his back.

  • Hyay

    Cost of benefit cheats: £1.1bn
    Cost of corporate tax dodgers: £40bn
    Estimated Budget cuts: £15bn

    You do the maths.

  • Avalon16

    Yes, CFZ, I think all these suggestions are good. But we need to make an example of more than Mandelson – he seems to be the Teflon Kid and turns up like the proverbial bad penny, whatever.
    And that's the crux of the matter.
    This sort of thing has been going on for hundreds of years – on both sides of the political spectrum and in every sphere of life.
    When she was a politician, Dame Shirley Porter – heiress to the Tesco empire – sold off land for a song (£1, if memory serves) that wasn't hers to sell, so technically she should've gone to prison, but didn't. Why?
    It's one rule for the haves and one rule for the have nots – and always has been.
    It's not just the amounts of tax that these people/organisations are avoiding, it's the principle that it's legal for 'them' and illegal for 'us'. That's what's got to change. We've got to make the government see that we want an answer as to why this is still allowed. And we need to reinforce the message tat we won't let them brush it under the carpet – the way successive governments have for decades. Answers now.

  • Taxed pensioner

    Vodaphone have got away with not paying large amounts of tax Why?

  • http://twitter.com/nigelwUK Nigel Whitfield

    Perhaps something based on statements by various executives about the quality of school leavers (see http://www.theregister.co.uk/2010/06/28/bt_boss_blames/ ) for an example; there are plenty more.

    “Bosses slam UK schools” in a big headline over a picture of a classroom.

    Underneath, something like

    “Corporate tax avoidance starves our schools of cash. Help stamp it out. Every little helps”

  • http://twitter.com/etiolated_girl anna biggs

    I think the existing government campaign against benefit cheats has been very effective at demonising those who claim benefits they aren't entitled to. It makes sense to extend it to the biggest cheats at the other end of the spectrum. They can't afford to pay tax while the loopholes are open and their competition doesn't pay tax. This is the treasury's responsibility. Perhaps a picture of Osbourne and Cable under the slogan

    “But allowing tax avoidance schemes doesn't make us tax thieves. No ifs, no buts, Close tax loopholes. The super rich and big business are the biggest benefit cheats.”

  • Spaccaboy

    it was a deal with the UK gov. They got let off about 6bn in total.

    It's like a lot of UK companies where the Gov. have allowed them to get away with murder. This is what happens when those in power are so closely linked to those who run the multinationals.

    You want this not to happen then you need to break the link between boardrooms and the cabinet.

  • Chris

    Maybe a picture of Phillip Green laughing with the slogan “Tax, don't make me laugh”.
    Or a smug one with “Everyone knows paying tax is for losers and poor people”

    I'm sure someone can come up with an appropriate slogan for this picture, something a long the lines of the group hearing about someone paying all their tax.


    If that link doesnt work just google image search “phillip green laugh”

  • Dick Wolff

    Cameron talks of the 'Big Society'. Would the 'Big Society' be one which the super-rich actually chose to be part of by paying their taxes? Tax avoidance is about opting out of the 'Big Society'. I can sort of see a cartoon of Philip Green or someone on a yacht in Monaco . . but I can't see the punchline.

  • bob maguire

    This is simple, and brilliant.

  • Dick Wolff

    Inland Revenue agreed to write off a £6bn tax bill for Vodaphone, as I understand it. Does this mean anyone using Vodaphone is participating in a tax avoidance scheme?

  • Chris

    How about take the “Catch me if you can” poster and replace Leonardo Di Caprio's face with Phillip Greens. Perhaps change the slogan to “Tax me if you can”.

  • Chris

    Or maybe a Wild West style “Wanted” poster with the reward as £40bn (if that is indeed the correct figure).

  • Tax Payer and Proud of it

    How many deaths could be prevented if tax cheats paid their dues? Think tax scam think death!

  • Granty67

    How about a spoof of the taxpayers alliance, something like taxpayers compliance?

    The face of Phillip Greene (?) could adorn the pictures

  • Demagogue Dave

    How about the same format as the benefit cheat poster, put Ashcroft on the 'spot' with the caption “BUT not paying tax in this country means I have more millions to use on political campaigning”? Or Philip Green with the caption “BUT just because I don't pay any tax doesn't mean I can't dictate how your contributions should be spent”.

    Then again, it's a bit partisan and we need to take on the whole system that allows this to happen, individual scapegoats may not be that helpful. Perhaps do as some others have suggested and look to companies instead, at least that broadens it out a little. Maybe use the Vodafone logo with the caption “talk is cheap and so is our tax bill”

  • Amcelholm

    love the 'condem' ad in particular

  • Sean Atkinson1

    When the poor 'beat the system' its called benefit fraud and cheating.
    When the rich 'beat the system' its call innovation and business.

    also i like from another poster below….
    Cost of benefit cheats: £1.1bn
    Cost of corporate tax dodgers: £40bn
    Estimated Budget cuts: £15bn
    You do the maths.

  • John

    An image of Philip Green smoking a big fat cigar stood in front of his yacht, large house with swimming pool and light airplane overhead with the slogan: “I saved £240,000,000, just by putting it in the wife's name”

  • John

    Slogan: “I'm on benefits too, tax benefits”…Over a picture of a smug Philip Greene dressed for one of his fancy dress parties.

  • Arthur Adams

    Q: How could we give everyone a tax rebate of more than £666 a year each?

    A: Make sure that tax cheats pay their share*.

    * based on a population of 60 million and total tax evasion of £40 billion a year

  • http://twitter.com/nitramyad Martin Day

    How about a bit of cockney humour ucing rhyming slang ?

    No prizes for what “Barclays Banker” means.

    Surely Sir Fred Goodwin deserves a mention

  • Jj_murray

    This picture : http://tiny.cc/jdmm6

    (scroll down, taken from the daily mail) With Philip Green saying

    “I'm not paying tax!”

    And Cameron saying

    “shhhh!…..Thats ok, Tax is for little people”

  • Jj_murray

    I also like

    “Tax (dodging) is for wimps – right Phil?” with a picture of cameron and green.

    That should embarrass them.

    I'd also include the line

    “No tax evasion means no budget cuts”

    “Tax evasion =£102 billion a year

    Budget defecit = £67 billion a year

    The answer is simple – cut down on tax evasion!”

  • Mark Cowling

    I think this is a very good idea, but it might be useful to extend it and break it down into categories:

    Super-rich earning more than £10 million per annum, commuting from tax havens, £2 billion (legal).

    Tax evasion: £15.2 billion (illegal).

    The scale of evasion/avoidance thanks to company accounting schemes seems a bit uncertain, but is clearly very large. The Guardian did a series in February 2009 which would be worth looking at.

    Where does the £40 billion actually come from? This kind of figure gets used in media without proper support quite often.

    Other facts which could feature:

    Several tax havens are actually linked to the British Crown: Jersey, Guernsey, the Isle of Man, the Cayman Islands, Bermuda and the British Virgin Islands.

    157 prosecutions for tax evasion in year-end in 2009

    8701 prosecutions for benefit fraud in the year ending 2009

    Vince Cable and Danny Alexander have made comments which are quite supportive of the proposed campaign, so it might be worth urging them to stick to their guns.

  • Jj_murray

    I like the idea. How about “Tax is for big boys – Are you going join the big society when you grow up, Phil?” or something along those lines…He's quite a short man so there might be some comedy value there.

    Perhaps “In a big society everyone pays their taxes…Right Phil?”

    Not witty enough but I think your idea of hijacking the “Big society” idea has a lot of mileage.

  • jmb

    I like this one …..

    Cost of benefit cheats: £1.1bn
    Cost of corporate tax dodgers: £40bn
    Estimated Budget cuts: £15bn

    You do the maths.

    …because seeing the figures spells it out very clearly in a language everyone understands. Great idea for a campaign!

  • Kevin

    A picture of Green next to the slogan “But I work hard for my money, why should I waste it on poor people” Or, “I'm on benefits too you know, the benefits of a Tory Government that look after rich people like me”

  • badblokebob

    Those are all great, but 4 & 6 are my favourites.

  • June

    The higher they go the harder they fall he'll be just one GREEN slimy mess when he does hit the ground along with the Coalition Government. June an O.A.P

  • Liz

    if this is going on a bus stop adshell, it could say:
    Don't give Tax Dodgers an easy ride – picture of a bus full of the likely suspects, all bouncing along and falling out of the windows because instead of wheels, there are HARD-WORKING PEOPLE carrying the bus and looking very fed-up!

  • Cheryl_ziggy

    The poor are only poor because the rich are rich.

  • Frank

    Excellent: like:

    Tax the greedy not the needy

    Condem the real tax cheats

    Tax dodgers welcome

  • Mark Binnersley

    But pretending I live in Monaco doesn't make me tax cheat

  • Tabithamellor666

    …But pretending I live in the US for tax avoidance purposes doesn't make me a tax dodger…:)

  • http://www.twitter.com/Nate1481 Nate Simpson

    Directly model them on some common ones

    “BUT pretending to be a non-Domicile but spending all my time here doesn't make me a Tax Cheat”
    I'm sure we can the think of a Lord who would make a great image…

  • Crellin

    some scrounge off the state some scrounge off their familys.

  • Mikecherrett

    Big Society, don't make me laugh, more like Society of Big Tax Cheats.

  • righteous indignator

    Love the Jammy Dodger poster.

  • mr guy


  • Liswan

    have a portrait photo of Cameron blindfolded with the slogans “Tax dodgers were not watching you !”

  • Liswan

    Tax evasion – No ifs, no buts As long as you pay an accountant. (A shadow of a big hand with a cufflink handing out tax money to business men.

  • greg wilkinson


    with apologies to one of the Marx brothers, who has it as 'bully' not 'cheat'. The big cheat could ressemble Rupert Murdoch…

  • John Wood

    BUT, being domiciled in Belize doesn't make me a tax dodger.

    BUT, giving all my assets to my wife in Monaco doesn't make me a tax dodger.

    BUT, borrowing from my pension fund doesn't make me a tax dodger.

    BUT, transferring my profits overseas doesn't make me a tax dodger.

  • John

    Allow me to cheat on my taxes and I shall give you a directorship when you complete your parliamentary career.

  • bucketoftea

    Tax avoidance is anti-social. ASBO this!

  • John

    I will give you a directorship with a big fat cheque if you make laws which allow me to pay no tax.

  • Stephen Barraclough

    “Benefit cheat — Tax cheat! What's the difference? Teens of Thousands of Pounds, or even more!

  • Tom Austin

    “Look Left, look Right, look Left again, carry on regardless.”

    “Back my Scratch and I'll back yours.”

  • Andytelford1

    How about:-

    ” Tax dodging doesn't have to be taxing…as long as you can afford a good lawyer!”

  • bucketoftea


    My brother was a successful accountant. Thre years ago he suddenly decided that he would NOT spend the rest of his life helping rich people rip the rest of us off.( He's a happy chef now.)

  • Anne3362

    This is a great idea and urgently needed.

  • bucketoftea

    Marx bros. Right on.

  • Davegbishop

    Health? Education? Defence? The Environment? Don't expect me to pay for it! I'm a Fat Cat and I'm Non Dom!

  • Liswan

    Tax dodgers – You just carry on.

  • Friend

    I love these, but can they say 'maths' not math? We're not American

  • bucketoftea

    Great work. The graphic using GB rather than the pie chart is * especially * effective. Great stuff Spacca boy

  • bucketoftea

    ASBOs, I say

  • scotty

    'Tax needn't be Taxing as long as you have friends'
    pic of Green and Cameron hugging!

  • Davegbishop

    You're all in this together! Not me though – I'm a Fat Cat and I'm Non Dom!

  • Martin

    Nice one jmb – I'd add “if we're going to clean up the sewer, shouldn't we start at the right end”

    It would be interesting also to know the approx cost to the chancellor of closing all the benefits loopholes and catching the offenders (probably more than the return – sounds like the department set up to oversee MP's expenses!) and the cost of closing the loopholes for the rich – far less me thinks.

    I'm the last one to want to take pressure off benefits cheats but the focus needs to change. It's time that those of us caught between and paying for both realise the degree to which the rich and those who protect them are throwing shit down the socio-economic hill towards benefits cheats whilst the benefits cheats are throwing it back up at the rich. We get it in the teeth from both ends and I'm sick of it. – more ranting on my post further down. Thank god for people like 38degrees. Grrr!!

  • Liswan

    scales of justice showing- why do the poor cheat for benefits need or greed
    and below
    scales of justice – Why do the rich evade/avoid tax need or greed

  • Jonjoepeel

    Some great ideas but all fairly predictable; how about having a go at New Labour as well? Maybe that picture of Mandelson in a top hat with his deeply offensive tag about being “extremely relaxed” in the company of the obscenely rich? Jonjoe

  • Liswan

    but pocketing a £10 tips if your a waiter on minimum wage does

  • lynne


    Personally I don't think you should be targeting single mothers or single parents, as most of them have enormous difficulty in making ends meet, can't get bank accounts, are targets for loan sharks, etc.

    You could be targeting people using loopholes in the tax system, so rather than use bus stops, which few of these types of people use anyway, you should be putting ads on overhead city ring road signs, like McDonalds does

    tax bands – there should be more tax bands, perhaps with increments of 5% every additional £10,000, e.g. 15% at £10,000, 20% at £ 20,000 25% at £ 30,000, etc.

  • AndyC


    No 7 i think is the best one, nice visuals , like the chalkboard writing, love the Island graphic

    the numbers are clear and easy to read, not specific to one fat cat or another… if it was you can bet there would be libel suits thrown at everyone

    love the make tax fair, pay your share bit too, 'specially when everyone is being told to tighten their belts

  • http://twitter.com/DavidARClark David Clark

    OK, how about this as the quote:

    ' using an army of lawyers and accountants to find every tax avoidance loophole going doesn't make me a tax cheat”

    then as the slogan at the bottom “It might not be illegal (yet) but tax avoidance by the ultra wealthy costs us all (insert accurate figure) a year, isn't it time we did something about it?”

  • John

    Benefit thieves = 5 billion pounds

    Government sponsored tax theives = 150 billion pounds

    Who do we attack first?

  • Stuart

    Mmmm, being wealthy is not a crime if you pay tax. The lottery with massive pay outs, celebrity culture etc has made alot of people aspire to the idea of extreme wealth. Prehaps rather than playing the class flag we should become scoundrels and use the nationalism/ war on terror capital against it's masters? A British soldier runs out of ammunition fighting for our (alleged) freedom- ” He pays his tax – why can't you”, – ” What price freedom? – pay your taxes” . If we've invested so much fear in the War on Terror why not use it ? Use the language and symbols of the system against itself …yada yada.

  • Rob Sanders

    I've popped mine on Flickr http://www.flickr.com/photos/54884534@N06/5083858481/in/pool-38degrees-tax-ads

    The inspiration for this was the Iraq War 'Most Wanted' playing cards, issued to servicemen to aid them in the capture of enemy significants. Instead I've put rated tax dodgers like Lord Goldsmith (he's the King of Clubs). It's simple yet has a natural hierarchy built into it. As well as having the feel of a Wild West of FBI 'Most Wanted' poster and therefore criminal culpability, it suggests that while Joe Bloggs, hypothetical 'Benefit Thief' might by the 2 of Clubs in respect to his reclaimed contribution to balancing the defecit, tax dodging businessmen and politicians have a great deal more to contribute and aren't doing so. It also reminds people exactly how much specific individuals owe the country in unpaid tax and since each poster would be a different individual this creates variety, interest and a theme that might grab further media attention.

  • John

    Your government lets me rob you. It is not my fault.

  • Frank Booth

    How about working round the theme of “the undeserving rich”? Such as: “the undeserving rich are always with us” , “how do we solve the problem of the undeserving rich”, “some of us have to work for a living, unlike the undeserving rich”, ” most of us have to earn our money, the undeserving rich just make money”

  • Tgurney1

    thats really good. Name and shame. name and shame who would be the ace of spades though?

  • June Knight

    Really makes me mad that the onus of having or not having a partner in your life and if that affects your benefits only falls on the female. If a female has any signs of having a male friend benefits are cut as it is assumed he is supporting her. and the assumption that it must be a sexual relationhips. ie: sex = money enhanced relationship. and the assumptions a woman is punished for being a whore ands exually active instead ofa cloistered nun and that a woman is kept by a man. There is no such scrutiny of men on benefits. They can be shagging the whole street and have many women coming and going and helping them with their washing and meals and casual sex needs. There is no suggestion that he should get his benefits cut because he has a woman – or several in his life. The practice is sexist. People should be treated as individuals. If a person is out of work they should eb entitled to benefits as an individual. not the assumption that women have to be single or whores or be kept. Wonder this idea has continued for so long. Also many men go for sinlge mothers as easy lonely sex targets, expect their bed and board and meals and washing yet do not intend to give a penny to her or her kids. and go if she suggests it. Need to be real.

  • Martin

    Agreed re who needs to be targeted – the rich tax avoiders, that's the point of the campaign. However . . . . . They know who they are, they know they're guilty and they couldn't give a stuff. So putting posters where they see them serves no purpose. Put them in bus shelters where ordinary people will have the scale of the injustice and the simplicity of the solution rubbed in their noses (no offence) and the people who make the rules will know that more of us know it stinks and 'MAY' act accordingly if only to keep themselves in a job next time round.

    As for tax bands I have to disagree. People should be rewarded for studying longer, working harder/longer or taking more risk with their own ventures. What is needed is an absolute cap on personal wealth. It's time for people to re-calibrate the meaning of wealth. It's totally out of control. The greed (surely a clinical sickness) of the few is costing us all and seeing their insane wealth puts our expectations/aspirations out of context with reality.

    That's the rules according to me – that and anyone who owns more than 2 houses has the rest confiscated, anyone who hasn't been a resident tax payer for 5 consecutive years can't buy property or claim benefits, anything over £1m in your bank account gets confiscated, and people who say “can I get” instead of “can I have” should be made to go and get, followed by 2 years community service and a course in English, Blair and Brown should both be hanged for treason and Mandleson should be . . . I can't think of anything disgusting enough that would be printed.

    Bugger, I really do need to get out more!

  • Rob Sanders

    My assumption would be that there has to be tax dodgers worse even than Ashcroft. : )

  • Sidney Ingrey








  • Sid Ingrey

    Did you single mums ,

    Did you sick and disabled

    Did you pensioners

    Did you women and men who served in wartime


    Was it your financial speculations and sub-prime mortages that caused the banks to fail.?

    DO YOU FEEL GUILTY (print photo of above group)

    Do you think it was the tax haven Bankers and their allies…THINK”"”"

  • Les price



  • Jonaris

    We should focus on people in the news – Phillip Green comes to mind with his high profile, cost-cutting job. I heard he uses Monaco as his money hideaway. Some good data on the scale of this tax-avoidance among the rich and famous would be a start. I'm sure I've seen something like this in the newspapers when the Tory party treasurer (forget his name) was in the spotlight for being less than straight about his tax affairs. I'll see if I can find any data on this subject.

  • Davegbishop

    I'm not part of the Big Society cos I'm a Fat Cat and I've got a great accountant!

  • Lesprice



  • Jonaris

    More to previous post (forgot to finish my point) I think comparison graphs are a great way to make the point about where the money goes that should be paid in tax. Didn't Barack Obama promise a clampdown on tax avoidance in the US – what happened. I haven't heard anything since.

  • Lesprice




  • rs hopwood

    I think we need to show a link: ie. tax cheats identified as benefit cheats, since they are deducting from the pot at source. Start with ministers, MP's and their sponsors. Can we get an Ashcroft look-alike?

  • rs hopwood

    I am saddened that this state of affairs continues – I thought it had been succesfully campaigned against in the 1970s (I'm male BTW). I suspect it is the attitude of individual officials that is to blame

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_N7PFUR26UK2NT7BHUTMSXH2V2A Teresa

    I didn't realise it was that bad. It was only twenty years ago that a man on benefits could be married or co-habiting with a woman working full time and still be able to keep his benefits whereas a woman would lose benefits if married or co-habiting with a man working full time.

    So wrong that a woman on benefits living alone or with children could lose them just because she has a regular boyfriend that she doesn't live with.

    If you live in a shared house they ask questions whereas before only if there was just two of you and they just made sure that you were in separate bedrooms and had separate food in the kitchen.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_N7PFUR26UK2NT7BHUTMSXH2V2A Teresa

    Or an obese white woman going off to her cash in hand full time job.

    How about a poster with the headline 'tax cheats we're closing in on you' with a gormless looking nouveaux riche couple in a sports car and she off course has bleached hair and botox.

  • Filstep

    “YOU have to say “NO” to your child
    because THEY say so “NO” to paying taxes.
    Be angry and start asking questions!”

  • rs hopwood

    A bit like the 80's spoof of the police ad “whatch out, there's a thief about” with a silhouette of Thatcher replacing that of the criminal, targeted at child benefit cuts, if I remember correctly.

  • Wendé Anne

    Hope you don't mind jmb but I'm copying this to the Face Book 38 Degrees thread because it says it all. I see you have 30 well-deserved 'likes' for this (so far!), If it could be incorporated into one of the excellent posters submitted here that would be great.

  • paddyknowsbest

    I'm no copywriter but it might be worth considering that Phillip Green, running several of the most successful retail chains in the UK, is commissioned by the government to carry out a spending review, despite the fact that for tax avoidance purposes, he's resident in Monaco.

  • cramberepetita

    I like the November the 5th idea. WHere we all go on strike. Have you seen the film V for Vendetta? Based on a comic strip set in a future Britain. The future seems to have arrived. If Blair can organise the blowing up of 3 tube trains and a bus I'm sure we can manage the Houses of Parliament. Unlike 7th of July we'll give them plenty of warning so they can return to one of their many homes and contemplate all the possible meanings of the word cover-up. This is not a serious suggestion of course. That would be treason against the EU and with their scary new powers I wouldn't want to hear the thump of jackboots up my drive. No it's all in the film. It's an eyeopener. Really.

  • Cabukposta

    I think this is really good and simply..a factual statement of the cost would be good to add.

  • Vidarraven

    No if's no buts, we'd make more money on getting tax cheats. But some of our bigest backers are amongst them. So benefit cheats it is. Showing you a fairer new style of the old time Conservative.

  • Cabukposta

    Something else that could be added to make people think is:

    The government decides to go after the benefit cheats. What would you do?

  • Cabukposta

    I have done it as well. I think it is really good!

  • podo

    Of course you are condemning so many working class heroes here – premiership footballers and their elaborate tax avoidance schemes

  • Arnold Peabody

    2003 How Scotland’s landowners avoid paying at least £72m in tax
    An investigation by the Sunday Herald and the Who Owns Scotland project, the independent land research organization in Edinburgh, has found that the UK Treasury is losing hundreds of millions of pounds a year in Scotland alone because millions of acres of land are held in offshore trusts or nominee companies that hide the true identity of the owners. Read the full story and understand someone very high up gains a great deal by ignoring tax evasion.
    Target the companies who assist the cheats when they are caught for instance KinsellaTax Investigations or the companies who set up the off shore accounts including the law firms and accountants. One such company/firm can register up ten companies per day at Companies House for the specif purpose of fiddling tax.

  • http://www.facebook.com/gill.joseph Gill Joseph

    I'd like to see some ads closely following the DWP ones concerning benefit fraud. For instance:

    Image: well-dressed aristocrat with “country pile” in background)
    Quote: “but just because I'm too important to bother with tax doesn't make me a thief”. Then “Tax evasion is a crime which cost <amount billions=”" in=”"> last year. The poor are often the worst affected by the resulting cuts. Why isn't the Government taking notice?”.

    You get the general idea.</amount>

  • Richard

    Nice to see so many enemies of business and lovers of big government having a sanctimonious party here – have a blast guys!

  • Lunnunis

    Re yahoo/flickr poster link area. I don't have the software or the knowledge to do a poster parody. Is there any support to help me participate fully? Since only 4 people have posted there it's pretty restricted at the moment.

    There was one very good poster, the 'jammy dodger' one, the others were not relevant to this campaign.

    If we don't use yahoo/flickr and post ideas here verbally, how will they be realised as posters?

  • Charlie

    Governments everywhere are corrupt. They don't want to focus on tax cheats because of all their friends and family who work in big business. They would rather trample the ordinary person in the street because more and more government tell us that we really don't matter. Banks take our money and play it away in bad investments. Government take our taxes and give it back to the banks! Banks still spit in our faces when we want to borrow from them. And the spending cuts?!?!? Who's going to feel it? The ordinary person in the street? Yes! Definitely not those who work in Westminster, big corporations and the tax dodgers!

  • Stinkyfish

    Obviously Richard the Lionheart NOT!

  • Lunnunis

    Well quite. The original posters use hard hitting language referring to bogus claimants as 'thieves'. We should be just as direct.

  • Lunnunis

    Or 'We're all in it together (pic of steaming pile of manure)

    but some of us are in more of it than others'

    I like so many of these ideas but maybe 38 degrees will want to stick with parodying the benefits posters?

  • John

    Exactly the same went on under corrupt Labour. Did you campaign against them in the same way? All these shysters are detestable of course.

  • Eugene Debbs

    Nice concept 38 degrees. If it helps here is an idea:

    Main Tag Line: 'The Bankers Prayer'

    Image: Pinstripe/city/banker type/Tory on knees in divine supplication – hands pressed together in prayer

    Tagline: “Our money which art in havens….”

    Copy: OECD style factoid eg 'Over £150 billion a year is lost to all of us as taxpayers by tax avoidance from banks, corporations and super wealthy individuals. Before we pick on the poor and weak lets get everyone to pay their fair share'

    Good luck – I suspect you will have problems getting such political stuff past the gatekeepers of outdoor advertising like the evil Clear Channel, but I hope you do so.

  • Maggie in Marske

    Tax Dodgers:

    Image: Guy in suit cowering, and looking up. Word “Tax” in the shape of a cleaver above him.

    Tag Line: Don't let the cuts be one sided, Last year we lost [figure] from UK economy by guys like him dodging !

  • http://profiles.yahoo.com/u/B4N4CMDXDDWWTQI4CCMS5YFUNA eveline v

    That is not the point. The fact that Labour screwed up doesn't make this government look any better….

  • Antheap

    Image: black silhouettes of fat men under umbrellas (or maybe only one) and small woman without umbrella clutching hands of children while lashing arrows of 'tax' rain come down. “Not everyone can afford a big umbrella”

    Anthea in Ely

  • Bono_bos

    If the ad campaign is to be launched at “Bus Stops” then:

    Image: Lady or gent standing at “Bus stop”. City “Type” getting into Rolls Royce.
    Tag Line: “Have you ever stopped to think why you are standing here while the other guy is travelling in comfort”? Think Tax Avoidance – while you pay – he doesn't.

  • David Eatock

    I've started a facebook group called SNUB – Say no to Ugly Bonuses, and have invited members to make a 'guy fawkes' type effigy using expendable clothes and flamable stuffing, complete with a 'Say no to Ugly Bonuses – Join SNUB on facebook' sign/poster attached. Then hang or display it in a prominent public place on Friday 5th November, photo it for facebook etc. leave it for a while before either burning it in situ or removing it to use as an alternative to 'guy fawkes' at your bonfire party. Purpose – to build public awareness and support.

  • Mopseytoes

    Could you use the technology used by http://mydavidcameron.com/ to show the ideas visually?

  • Martin

    (I took a great lead from JMB below and added some of my own)

    Photo of Green, Bono & Mandleson

    Caption above: “every time we clap our hands, our highly paid team of tax lawyers save us paying more in tax than you'll earn in your lifetime – but that doesn't make us cheats does it?”

    Caption below:
    “Cost of benefit cheats: £1.1bn
    Cost of corporate tax dodgers: £40bn
    Estimated Budget cuts: £15bn

    Let's clean up[ the sewer – starting at the end that smells worst”


    Picture of Mandleson, Green (or whoever) wearing hoodies with caption above “Robbing hoodies”
    Next to that a picture of the chancellor with his box with caption above “Robin Hood ???”

  • Jip

    Stop Britain becoming Great only for its Greed.

  • Davidrburgess

    I don't know about the comment, but the photo has to be of Lord Ashcroft.

  • Elaine_mcgroarty

    Ladies and Gents, Boys and Girls…….The tax you pay for working in Top shop, Top man and British Home Stores is more than Philip Green pays for all of his shops and there is 230 of them !!!!

    Do you think this is fair?? No neither do I.

  • Jpartridge369

    Can pay won't pay!

  • Dunk

    I suggest that you use pictures from the £25,000 champagne bash the Conservatives held before they announced the benefit cuts:


    I liked a poster that I saw around Glasgow Uni, which read 'New Tories: Same Old Scum'. I think that sums things up perfectly.

  • Soundbomb1

    Your first idea is brilliant, I think that people would sit up and take notice of that.

  • Swan

    At least Philip Green actually contributes something to this country's economy, unlike most of the work-shy tax dodgers who are happy to live off other people's work.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_67YDGVUNZMSA23C3N64Z3DNMTQ amber

    While I see the point of using the benefit cheat adds as a base for this I'm alarmed at the implications. That money that the government thinks is being stolen by benefit cheats keeps those people at or occasionally above the bread line. Our benefits are set up so that a couple live on £40 a week less than the law says they need to live on. An amount worked out by people who found out that they could live on that little for one month in-between living at their normal income of 5 times the national average.

    This campaign will hurt independent traders who will be reported and hustled by the HMRC and likely charged for mistakes and fined for small errors. Big cheats have big lawyers and they aren't actually breaking the law.

  • Guymond

    Consumer boycott is a great idea but unlikely to make much impact.
    The change in corporation tax may have some mileage, however companies will argue they already pay VAT plus employers' NICs so in effect that's a tax on sales. Plus the principle of corp tax is it is levied based on ability to pay. Market share is interesting though – would catch the oligopolies (EG banks, big supermarkets, energy companies, telcos) who are probably the worst offenders. Not sure how you do it though.

  • Guylambert

    Be better if we said tax avoidance. Tax evasion is illegal.

  • E1

    Something like: 'BUT… I can't pay tax, I'm saving for a Masserati' <affix 'wall=”" a=”" of=”" picture=”" street'=”" type=”"> ?</affix>

  • E1

    Something like: 'BUT… I can't pay tax, I'm saving for a Masserati' < affix picture of a 'wall street' type> ?

  • Stbr25483

    Keep it simple, using graphical representations ro show numerical values. Poster with hand ready to grasp a bag of money. Below two bags of coins, one with a bag sized to represent the 'lost' benefits as a proportion of the money 'lost' through evasion of tax. Place smaller benefit bag directly beneath hand and much bigger bag, its base on the same horizontal line to the right (i.e. so it visually represents the Government's wish not to grasp lost tax moneys). In text above hand (i.e. top left of poster) write: Which do you want? Next, at the bottom of right-hand side of poster: Which does Gov't want? Now ask yourself why it wnats the smaller bag! Personally, I think the text element could be improved and the colours also need to be thought about.

    In bottom left-hand side, written in bright colours, the source(s) of data.

  • Guymond

    What about a picture of a tiny and charming baby – living off benefits, contrasted with a huge and unprepossessing business man – living off tax avoidance.
    Or maybe a child's pathetic toy contrasted to a Rolls Royce

  • Stbr25483

    No he does not. In economic terms he takes from us (i.e. customers) as pay and bonus and spends it in Monaco or some other non-British country. In that respect he is a drain (i.e. in economics a 'leakage') of money/resources out of the U.K. Also, as he does not produce anything, if there were BHS, etc there would be another selling goods produced by others to a public who needs to purchase those goods. In that respect his profit is our loss = goods produced by others plus his pay and bonus equals the price we pay; so it is our loss?

  • Jj_murray

    Picture of George osbourne/Cameron with Phillip Green

    “youre nicked” coming from Osbourne/Camerons mouth”

    Combined with Balck “robbers mask on Greens face – a bit like the 'demon eyes' Blair advert the Tories used.

    Combined with Newspaper headline about benefit hit squads.


    “Benefit Fraud / Tax Dodging – Whats the difference?”

    This needs work but I like the idea of the Robbers masks

  • Jj_murray

    “Shop a Dodger”

    “Tax loopholes enabled Top Shop Owner Phillip Green to dodge paying £300millon in tax last year

    He also works for the Government – Top Man !”

    “Be a Man! Pay your Taxes like everyone else!”

  • Suejones1963

    most people genuinely needing a loan from the bank dont get one. Benefit claimants have had to face heavy stigmatisation for many years. Isnt that fascist! ?

  • kayakist

    Are you only going to compare this government with the last, or are you going to evaluate independently what they do well/badly?

  • Suejones1963

    check the growing dole queues – clearly “aspiration” aint enough for many, a good number of them from p[rofessional , qualified backgrounds. As for envy, well no one likes to be poor, and scapegoated.

  • kayakist

    I think he is resident and domiciled for tax, but his wife is resident in Monaco and in a recent bbc interview he refused to comment on how much tax she saved.

  • Martin

    First – I pressed the 'liked' button by mistake so ignore that one, your comments aren't

    I've already made a few posts here and was about to close the book but your comments truly suck.

    First, to put it in context. Green dodged £300 million in tax last year. My rudamentary maths says that's equal to the total tax pay paid by over FIFTY NINE THOUSAND people on UK average incomes. Maybe you'd like to get on a stage with Mr Green in front of FIFTY NINE THOUSAND people and tell them that all the tax they jointly paid to the government last year went into Mr Greens pocket through tax loopholes and that you think it's fair “cos he does a good job”.

    As to what he contributes V's what he takes away, the post below says it perfectly.

    Here's the thing swan, as human beings we all want to survive which, to a degree, justifies putting ourselves first. That doesn't and never has justified putting yourself first when it's to the immediate and absolute detriment of others (see various entries here re the real cost of the cuts to ordinary people, cuts that are only neccessary because of the greed of the minority).

    What makes me sick to my stomach is the level of greed that people like you sanction with your forelock tugging deference to people like Green and force the rest of us to get stuck with. At what point should a human being say “I've earned enough now, I'm going home”. How long can those in a position to do so be allowed to keep draining the system, hoarding the wealth and depriving everyone else. You and every other pigs-arse who wants to quote the old “if we took all the money off the rich it would make no difference” rubbish should take another look at the figures above.

    Green and others like him have declared themselves more worthy than the rest of us. Not bad enough that they can stand in front of FIFTY NINE THOUSAND people and say they are worth more than each one of them, they are effectively saying:


    And you support that ?

    As posted below, these people provide nothing more than an idea or the brains to coordinate. A worthy contribution to society for which they should be paid well, but not that well. Never forget also that whilst they provide the machine that provides the jobs, they use every form of media manipulation possible to make you want what they make whether you need it or not. And there you have the beginnings of the system that keeps us enslaved to our jobs, which – as long as they pay enough for ordinary people to have a sufficient supply of potato soup, you think we should all be grateful and doff out caps to the likes of Green. They are not the saviours of the masses, they are the parasites that live off the masses. They mock our very existance with their wealth and cheating and we should all be seething NOT grateful.

    In case you were wondering, I'm not workshy and don't claim any kind of benefits. I'm a 53-year old self-employed therapist, said to be the best in London. I earn less than a train driver, don't own my own home, live modestly and have always been in debt, but I still managed – until this recession – to reduce rates for people who needed my help but couldn't afford it and have – occasionally – worked for nothing. If you and Green would like to stand in front of me and say you're worth more than me and people like me, I'd happily spit in both your faces.

  • HR

    Not sure if anyone has mentioned this yet but War on Want ran the same campaign a while back spoofing no If, no buts posters with corporate tax figures. Take a look at resources on the website to see. Action Aid also began designing anti-tax dodging posters for billboards but don;t know what the end outcome was.

    If we really want to make change you need to work together.

  • Dianekenworthy

    we should also start with the government and house of lords, who put in FALSE CLAIMS, they are COMMITTING FRAUD, but they just get a slap on the wrist and banned from the house of lords. I wonder if there taxes are up to date

  • Charles

    Look up Lord Ashcroft and his Belize dealings and see if you you reckon they pay taxes.

  • Sandy Main

    When referring to Tax Dodgers, My shorthand is to refer to them as Jammy Dodgers (which is a take off of the well known sweet buscuit), I am sure there could be something in there, but this is probably protected by copyright!

  • Charles

    The Vodafone executive who negotiated their 6 billion tax avoidance deal is called John Connors (curiously he's ex HMRC – funny that).

    Maybe we need a picture of The Terminator – “The Tax Terminator is looking for John Connors”.

  • T Akers

    More like this, it's perfect for this and any sane person would rightly be outraged.

  • Sarah

    ARC, the union of senior managers and professionals are running a similar campaign-Defeat the Deficit. Please take a look at http://arctheunion.wordpress.com or have a look at @arc_union on twitter. Also, the Tax Justice Network campaign on this issue.

    Keep up the good work!

  • Krbrown88

    a sex doll the shape of Britain and the caption “Come off it tax dodgers, we're not dummies”

  • Tom

    Okay, using your 'but' poster, replace the woman with a stack of £20 notes. Then in red at the top the word 'WHEN' then below ' IS BENEFIT FRAUD, NOT BENEFIT FRAUD? WHEN IT'S TAX EVASION!

  • Tom

    Ha Ha! I think you mean to say lovers of honesty and enemies of self righteous swindling crooks who trample on everyone else.

  • Avalon16

    I'm not sure if this is an option for a lot of people, as many of us have work and caring commitments, but there is a programme airing at 8pm on Channel 4, on Monday night (18 October), in the Dispatches series.
    It is called How the Rich Beat the Taxman and will apparently discuss what methods the wealthy use to protect their fortunes.
    Perhaps some of us who have he time could watch this and then write to our MPs, asking them to answer questions on which the programme might throw light?

  • Davidaoug

    As well as some of these wonderful ideas, might it not also be time for a change in terminology? Thus, for example, 'its not taxation, its your duty'! With the emphasis very much on duty.

    This might not weigh heavy with greedy and selfish tax avoiders and evaders, however, it could begin to re-frame the debate around something which is so fundamental to a decent and good society.

    The notion of 'taxation' has certainly become tarnished by right wing propaganda, it has become a victim of mean spirited ideologies and idealogues. There is a need to re-frame the debate.

  • Avalon16

    As an add-on to my comment about the Dispatches programme, I've read the trailer, which says:
    “Did you know that there are more than 20 millionaires in the government Cabinet? Are they really in the same boat as the rest of us when it comes to paying tax? In this infuriating report, Antony Barnett delves into the financial affairs of some ministers, and finds out just how the super-rich stay that way.” I'd say that's an even better reason for us to watch and then question our 'democratically-elected representatives', wouldn't you?

  • Martin

    Sorry Mike, I completely disagree. Tax banding removes the motivation to do better and increases the likelyhood of people looking for ways to reduce their taxable declared income. One tax level for all, no loopholes for tax avoidance and a limit on personal wealth. The rules need tightening up for sure but, ultimately, it's the mindset of greed that needs to be changed and that will only happen when those of us further down the financial food-chain see those further up earning figures that do not come from the planet gong. That's why the net has to closed around the most guilty first. The fact that doing so would hugely reduce the deficit is a bonus.
    As many have pointed out, the bastards are not actually breaking any law, just bending them. Too many laws seem to support what is clearly immoral, but they can be changed. Desperate times etc etc. The fact that the current government is no ore inclined to do so than the last one tells you all you need to know about politics.

  • Mr C Barron

    “Can you point your finger and shake your head at the common criminal when you are avoiding tax yourself?”

    Hypocrit! Pay your tax like everybody else.

    You might moan about the NHS but think how much better the NHS could be if you paid your taxes in full.

    Benefit Cheats are just the same as Tax avoidance cheats

  • Martin

    The most salient point that keeps coming up here is the difference in the size of benefit fraud and corporate / mega-wealthy tax avoidance. Just a thought but – as a complete departure form the spoof, how about an unmissable statement e.g:

    cartoon of cameron et-al standing on the wall of a dam looking down at a trickle of money falling through a small hole to their left with a hand covering their view to the right where a huge gush of cash is pouring out of a much bigger hole. Above which Camerons speech bubble says:” We must fix this terrible leak immediately for the benefit of all”

    “Benefits fraud £1.1 billion, Corporate tax evasion £40 billion. Both holes can be plugged. Would you ignore the big one?

  • Liswan

    take care of the divide and conquer policies of the super rich. Governments come and go and they all attack the poor sick disabled single parents and children.

  • Liswan

    the lethargy of my fellow countrymen both young and old scares me too. Watching the young students on the streets in France was like seeing another planet. We need some sort of poster campaign that will scare our youth into action.

    How about targeting Christmas and showing an ordinary council house with David Cameron or Nick Clegg stealing the presents from under the tree and making people sit up and get involved in politics. Im sick of people saying yawn its boring or I don't understand well I have news for you neither did I till I started to educate myself. .

  • Adam Maunder

    Memo to all tax cheats: 'Gift' does not mean 'tax dodge'.

  • Liswan

    I beg to differ.

    Benefit cheats do so because they cannot live on the money they are given for more than a few weeks. Tax cheats do so out of greed not need. Dont confuse the two.

  • Liswan

    I think 38 degrees should accept that people like Dennis are scared of the tax man and his powers and we should concentrate on taking everything off the people who avoid taxes the way we do with drug dealers. After all when the accountants and the boardroom are involved it becomes serious organised crime and the money saved could be used to fund further crimes such as money lending government coups wars and sabotage of naval dockyards.

  • Liswan

    Sorry Graham to disagree with you on this, don't confuse the accumulation of wealth with the production of wealth. Wealth is produced by the labour either by hand or brain of the ordinary workers Who are paid a relatively paltry sum for this production . The greedy wealthy only own the production tools. We are the producers. If we were to own the means of production as in a socialist society Parasites such as these would be museum pieces and figures of ridicule. Added to that these same workers suffer the double indignity of paying a higher portion of their income in taxes than do the wealthy.


    They should not be taking this point of view about benefits and not tax dodgers. Realistically, they will save more money if they do go after the tax dodgers than if they choose not to.

  • Liswan

    how about
    I can afford an accountant but not pay taxes to pay for doctors and nurses

    all fur coat and no knickers

  • Liswan

    Dont confuse the desire for social justice with envy, nobody works harder and longer than national health workers or security guards for example yet these are among the lowest paid worrkers in our society. As for your crap about free enterprise where is this freedom for the people who are thrown on the dole through globalisation or for the horrendously exploited workers in the third world who work for a pittance to feed the greed of the so called entrepreneurs.

  • Liswan

    sorry martin I totally disagree with you unless there is a progressive income bracket the person at the bottom will always be worse off no matter how hard he works. Although I do like the idea of a cap on personal wealth to much is done to encourage greed.

  • Liswan

    That is how i view Philip green and all these parasites who live well off the labour and sweat of others who work hard while corporate bosses like him swan about doing fig all

  • Liswan

    I agree with you amber most small businesspersons will work a little off the books and this is who the government will safely go after but what is the choice, to again hit the elderly the sick the unemployed or the single parents. Until the poor in this country unite and fight this together it will always be like this. Unfortunately the middle classes sat back and allowed the workng classes to have thier unions crushed and standard of living forced down and now the same workers will pay the price for the greedy bankers and tax dodging businesses

  • Signalnorth

    Picture of Cameron and Clegg

    “Don't tell anyone but I've been working on the side………………..

    ………..of Tax Dodgers.”

  • Ceebie


    Do No.2 ON US

    They are


  • Hpsoap

    “HM Revenue and Customs says tax returns are too complicated. So we let them off”………Collage of non doms..

  • Hpsoap

    Thre is one way we could force the issue of non dom status within the uk.And that is if we all write to the HM Revenue and Customs and the treasury and ask for our own personal tax bill's to be paid into escrow, rather than the gov Coffers.They would definitely have another look at the non dom status.

  • Geejay

    Why the 'Blair War Criminal' spoof in the Flickr stream? What exactly does Tony Blair or Iraq have to do with tax dodging or fair taxation in 2010? I'm outta here.

  • Martin

    Thanks for the comment Liswan, I see some of your point. Some of my entries are a rather long and I still miss some important qualifications – it's a big subject. The worst off will always be worst off in the financial food-chain as well as natures food-chain and that cannot be otherwise unless you subscribe to absolute socialism/communism – which I don't. What can be done is to ensure that those at the lower end who want to work are able to earn enough to have a comfortable life by putting a lid on the disparity between top and bottom – hence the absolute need for a personal wealth cap. In terms of equality, what's surely needed is an equality of opportunity. To that end (once employed) more effort/productivity should be rewarded with more pay, within reason. Tax bands are effectively a penalty for having worked harder/better. Again, this can only be perceived to be fair if the disparity is honestly acceptable. At the moment it isn't.

    My rose-tinted vision of what is possible is supported by my hypothesis that if people like Phillip Green truly get a hard-on by being in charge of industry, they would still be in charge of industry in a world where they are not allowed to acumilate obscene personal wealth. Similarly, people who love playing football would still want to play football whether they were paid £1000 a week or £1 million a week.

    In social change for the worse it is astonishing how quickly we accept the unacceptable and just get on with it (fat-cat culture, the spectre of generations of debt to pay for the greed of the wealthy and the incompetence of the self-proclaimed gods of commerce, environmental erosion, erosion of local environments and communities, multi-billionaire Americans buying up swathes of Scotland etc). If the changes I suggest such were made possible, the mega wealthy (now merely wealthy) would eventually stop moaning and just get on with it (whilst still being better off than the rest of us) just like we always have.

    “But if do that, the super-rich individuals and corporations will leave and take their money with them”. Well, how about an overnight change in law that says “no individual or corporation can take more than x-percent of their wealth out of the country. If you make it here, it stays here, you're welcome to leave whenever you like, we have plenty more like you”

    The government is simply an elected committee that runs our 'club' for our benefit. They (previous and potentially current) have messed up hugely, they are duty bound to put it right and have the power to do so. Not wishing to incite anarchy or anything but, if that fails, I'm a strong beleiver in taking things down to absolute basics and look at it this way. How many people living in this country would agree with what this campaign is trying to do but that they knew about it V's how many MP and super-rich are there that make up the rules to shackle the rest of us?

    You have to admit that we perhaps have something to learn from the French. Maybe their 'committee' pays a bit more attention to their 'members' because their necks still start itching when they sense unrest and remember the last time the 'members' got truly hacked off!

    Utopean? definitely. Possible? absolutely – dont be surprised that the 'elinghtened/all-knowing' ones who tell you it's not possible also happen to live at the top end of the 'food-chain' and have most to loose.

  • Martin

    Ooops – tiny add-on to my comments above/below: To get the ball rolling, what's needed is an absolute social/media based ridicule of greed and obscene wealth and those that support it, surely that's the purpose of this campaign.

    How about we all stop buying the magazines/newspapers that glorify these and perpetuate it by promoting what they do and sell. Maybe that will start a few necks itching!

  • Martin


    (my shortest entry ever!)

  • Martin

    Liswan, I think we have a 'vulcan mind-meld' thing going on here – agreed entirely.

    Re middle classes sitting back. In most cases I feel that the 'middle' is desperately trying to stay off the bottom whilst being dumped on to save the bottom more than those at the top are. Taking the money off the middle and spreading it over the bottom will help, but taking the biggest chunk of the money/resources off the top and spreading it across the rest will make everyones life easier whilst those still at the top would hardly notice the difference – still possibly having more than they could fritter away in a lifetime of stinking opulence.

    Marx said “the working class will become middle class due to greater affluence”. Sadly he didn't reckon on the wealth and influence of the upper class being allowed to go into uncontrolled orbit which now leaves us with the upper class protecting their lot whilst the struggling middle class is being hit on the head to support the even more struggling 'working-class' that has been pounded to death by the consequences of the greed of upper class – if you see what I mean.

    (for middle-class, working-class & upper-class maybe read poor, poorer & bastards!)

    I swear to god that if I win the lottery tomorrow, I'll establish my own “reasonable” personal wealth cap and give the rest of it away. I'd stab myself in the neck slowly rather than be in any way associated with 'Bastards'.

  • Annyj

    Like the general idea; but avoidance is legal, evasion illegal – unwise to use both in the same ad to mean the same thing.

  • Daria grimaldi

    if I remember correctly some diplomatic Homes whilst still maintaining their status are still due to pay taxes on the land .. USA for instance ..we need a ” Ministry Of ” funny Payments ” sketch ..as in an old Monty ..

  • Nicola

    A good idea – or what about the idea of ignoring the elephant in the room? You could have a picture of Cameron/Clegg in a room concentrating on a small cash box in front of them labelled 'Benefit fraud: £1.1 billion' with a huge elephant behind them, labelled 'Corporate tax evasion and tax cheats: £40 billion'. The caption could be something like 'Is there something we are missing – tax cheats cost tax payers £40 billion' or 'Look behind you!' [possibly with a pantomine style elephant, and pantomime style Clegg and Cameron]

  • G Douglas

    The Chancellor George Osbourne has told the News of the World that rich tax cheats are just like muggers and are costing the economy millions every year.

  • Martin

    You and Liswan below are absolutely right. Unfortunately we have a government/system that in recent history – has always proved to have no interest in the thoughts of majority the people it represents, only those with the money, power and influence that they (the government) have given and allow them to keep, despite it's being to the detriment of the majority.

    At local and central government, decisions are pretty well cast in stone before any “due consultation' takes place. Our government has (largely) made us impotent.

    Making men impotent used to be done by the expedient of wives putting bromide in their husbands tea. Now – in my opinion – the media/government do it by putting bromide in our TV! and the whole lowest common denominator shite they would have us aspire to. Think about it, how well does a population with crap education (dumbed down) who aspire to nothing and accept anything serve the purposes of a government who don't want to know what we think and chiefs of industry who don't want us to figure out the degree to which they're leaching from our efforts?

    As for younger people getting involved, a recent demo in Richmond Park to oppose plans to urbanise/destroy it attracted a pitiful few hundred supporters. I'm 53 and was probably the youngest one there.

    My personal opinion of most people in this country is that they don't want to fight for anything but are happy to take whatever shite is offered and bemoan not having more. Again, you and Liswan have it right. We need to poke them in the eye with a reality check they can't avoid and hope they'll see who's on their side. Till then, maybe you, me, Liswan and many of the other worthy contributors here need to form the “Reasonable Party” and start campaigning for the next election – either that or piss off to France.

  • Martin

    I don't have TV and don't read the papers as it's all shite and bad news. Never heard of Green till getting involved in this campaign but knew shite like him existed.

    We should be able to take him and others like him to the european courts to be tried for crimes against humanity. Why

    Because many will die in hospitals, die waiting for hospital appointments, die in afganistan fighting with inappropriate equipment, starve, die of hypothermia, be mugged in streets with no police support, be made homeless and jump off bridges in desperation because the money that we need to survive has been put in their back pockets not just in their insane salaries and bonuses but in the effective tax-refunds they willingly and smugly accept by cheating the system. (wouldn't you just love to be able to ask one of them how that feels?). But we can't because they have not broken the law.

    HOW THICK / OBVIOUSLY IN FAVOUR OF THE RICH is a government that will not change these laws. That's what WE pay them to do.

    I've spent a lot of time on these pages but enough is enough – for now. I'm on the edge of personal bankruptcy and have to do some work. I'll keep my eyes/ears open and keep talking.

    It's a worthy cause and a great fight. Good luck guys, you have my absolute support.

  • Martin

    True indeed but, had labour stayed in and announced similar cuts, the reaction here would doubtlessly be the same. This isn't a political issue, it's a social issue which is not being handled well by the current politicians.

    The issue of wealth disparity and the sick greed that our system was allowed to perpetuate probably came to it's ugliest head during labours time in office and should have been dealt with. The current government have to pick up the pieces. You have to sympathise with their position in that respect but can only support them if they make the right decisions. The decisions that have led to this campaign are clearly the wrong ones and, I suspect, the same ones that labour would have made, for the same reasons.

  • Martin

    Got it, but far too soft to poke the bastards in the eye with the real truth. i.e –

    1 – they're not too busy to bother with tax, they actively spend lot of time and money ensuring that they don't pay any.

    2 – the poor (those that are trying but struggling – not those watching daytime TV) are ALWAYS hardest hit.

    To me, the poor are not just single mums, disabled and short term unemployed. They are also those who have always worked (not just those on minimum wages) but struggle to make ends meet and simply survive in this country whilst being hit by every single budget. With all due respect to and support for the former the former, the latter suffer too.

  • Nigel Ecclesfield

    How about,

    “The Government asked me to advise on waste, but I don't pay them what I owe,

    I put money made in the UK, in a tax haven to avoid paying my share.

    It's no wonder the government is short of money with people like me around!”

  • Poppy

    How about a simple set of figures? for example:

    £X billion lost by tax dodging
    £X billion – the price of ( ) new hospitals.

    And other leaflets could have similar figures (but someone must work out the sums correctly)

  • Lesprice




  • Liswan

    watch the dispatches and you will see what these politicians think of you and I They think we should pay our taxes to pay their wages and then avoiding paying their taxes through their greed our sons and daughters are ill equipped to fight the wars that politicians start.

  • Liswan

    benefit fraud is stealing by the poor
    but it is not as shameful as the greed perpetrated by individuals and companies when they steal from the poor

    Pay your taxes

  • Liswan

    I am away tae pack, there is a nice wee hotel in St Ouen Paris lol

  • N Nelson

    Slogan for a poster:

    No if’s – No But’s!

    Big Business and High Earners Owe £120 Billion a Year in Unpaid Tax!

    Be honest Mr Cameron. Why don’t you make them pay up?

    Why should they Benefit while our Public Services are Cut?

  • Simeon

    “I got away with it. So can you… if you're a millionaire too.”


  • Martin

    I couldn't resist suggesting this one for the poster:

    Photo of Phillip Green – text to the side says “when you see this man, be very angry. He used tax loopholes to avoid paying £300 million in tax on his bonus last year. (the other £800 million was already in his pocket). It will take the combined annual tax payments of over FIFTY NINE THOUSAND people on average incomes to put £300 million back into the system.

    Photo of David Cameron – text to the side says: ” when you see this man be very angry. He let the man above and others like him get away with it and will not change the law to stop them taking £40 billion out of the system every year through tax loopholes, but he wants to target the man/woman below to stop a loss of £1.1 billion in benefit fraud and wants your help to catch them.

    Photo of a benefits cheat – text to the side say: when you see this person, see if you can figure out where they got the idea that cheating the system is OK!

    Text below:
    “Two holes in the system and one man who can plug them. Faced with £15 billion cuts in public services, which would you want him to fix first?”

    “Cost of benefit cheats: £1.1bn
    Cost of corporate tax dodgers: £40bn
    Estimated Budget cuts: £15bn

  • Liswan

    Martin, Dont make the mistake that many make and blame the victim. I see many young people brought up on jeremy kyle and daytime TV. They are not to blame for a society that has disenfranchised them . When you speak to a fit and health 23 year old male and he tells you he is unemployable because he has never worked and neither has his father you should feel angry at society not at the individual. When you meet a single mum at 17 dont feel they are wrong to get pregnant to get a house be angry at the society that stops them having the fun and freedom that they deserve instead of stuck at home watching shit on telly.

  • Liswan

    How about _ guy in suit talking to accountant
    “If the government thought it was wrong to fiddle your taxes they would make it illegal”.

    Caption Below
    Conspiracy to defraud the uk government is Serious Organised Crime Take care the Serious Organised Crime Agency have the power to take away all your belongings and assets SOCA tackles serious organised crime that harms the UK and our citizens.

  • WinnieKozycums

    Martin – you're bloody fantastic mate!! And a real inspiration, I enjoyed every single one of your comments. Keep it up! Maybe you should become an MP and try to run for Parliament, for someone like you could bring about the REAL sorts of change we need.


  • Shelly

    Photos of George Osbourne, Tory businessmen and millionaires living it up with slogan.

    “They say – we're all in it together.”

    But since when did most of us avoid paying x billion tax a year though clever accountants?

    Make cuts fair. Don't let them protect the rich. Tax the banks and stamp out tax dodgers.

  • J P Hoogma

    Help us to save money
    = Become a Tory
    = Save Tax Dodging

  • Win.Kozycums

    Nice point Ian. Perhaps you would be interested – along these similar lines you've mentioned to go into sites such as United Diversity, earthcollege and Indigo_Action. Read of our inherent rights etc. I'm sure that most (if not all?), of these tax-avoiders must be part of the real “big club” (of which I'm not at liberty to name here), and they may be paid-up members of the groups seeking to reduce the human population by very devicive and dangerous policies?? They act in secret like vampires in the night. A nice idea, (if it compete with all the wonderful suggestions we have so far), might be a picture of the bilderberg building in the background, or perhaps a shadow of it, with any text one may think to add accross the page.


  • Val Norman




    No picture. Just the slogan in big bold letters maybe on a blue backgtound…

  • Paul Chorley

    Cameron, Clegg and Osborn in profile (full body) busy 'clamping down' on a benefit cheat (to their left).
    Meanwhile, a well-to-do looking gentleman stands behind them with his hand in their pockets.

    Don't let the coallition turn their backs on Tax Avoidance”

  • THX 1138

    Stop watching TV. There-……simple.

    Love and peace.

  • THX 1138


  • Nige

    Tax DodgingAdvertisement script:

    Let's Make it Fair!

    £120 Billion Each Year – Unpaid Tax, Corporations and High Earners Owe Us!

    £84 Billion Each Year – Savings from Expected Public Service Spending Cuts!

    £180 Billion – The amount we would have in 5 years – If we make no cuts – and made the Rich Pay Up!

    Scource: http://www.pcs.org.uk/en/campaigns/campaign-resources/there-is-an-alternative-the-case-against-cuts-in-public-spending.cfm

  • Nige

    Info for the script below is gathered from information in the PCS link. My posting is my own – not supported in any way by PCS. : )

  • Nessy

    “But my tax avoidence is all legal, so that doesn't make me a cheat.”

    The legal system once decreed that women shouldn't vote.
    The legal system once decreed that slavery was justified.
    The legal system currently decrees that greed is acceptable if you have an expensive accountant.
    The legal system is ever-changing and needs changing now!

  • Brian Williams

    Elderly Man/Woman in working class garb with -commen- I have worked hard all my life; for what?

    Tax avoider/benefit cheat: shown with luxuries -comment- I haven't done a decent day's work in my life but look what I now have! Come and join me, and my friends in power.

  • Soapysid1966

    A fair point and well made but, as a single father, I can tell you it works exactly the same when the situation is reversed (apart from the gettin' it on with the whole street thing).

    No one cared whether I had a partner or not when I was paying tax as an employee.

  • Peter Smith168

    We should be more concernd about whats happening to the BBC the license fee is only part of it . As a license payer why should I be paying for all these government off shoots world service etc This goevernment is making fools of us the general public.

  • Jenni

    In the early 1900s women defaced the coin of the realm with the message 'Votes for Women'. It was too costly to replace the coinage so the message was easily disseminated to a wide spread audience every day. My advert would be a close up of a pound coin with 'Stop tax dodgers' punched into the metal face. There would be a slogan underneath that says 'for every pound in tax you pay the tax dodger doesn't'.

  • Hepatica

    But! Just because I can afford an accountant to fill in the forms that doesn't make me a rich tax-doger

  • Jefflins

    One of the most senior Law Lords stated some years ago that nobody was obliged to pay more tax demands than those which were clearly correct. Evasion is illegal, avoiding tax is not. Politicians and many in the public sector cheat the system, as recent events have shown. Much of that was probably illegal, but most have got away with it. I, like most sensible people, do my utmost to keep my tax bill as low as legally possible. It's not clever Mr Laird, just sensible.

  • Martin

    Thanks Winnie, that's really funny. It's been suggested a few times before but, tact and diplomacy being a pre-requisite I'm out of the running. I tell it like it is no matter what with the T & D of a brick (just noticed that most of my posts here have been edited by a moderator!) So I'll stick to joining in with you guys and hope we can make a difference.

    I have a lot of city clients and always give them a verbal battering when they're on my treatment table (it's interesting how few of them try to defend themselves) and have a good rant on my newsletters to clients abut social injustice now and again.

    I'm sure that the whole issue of tax avoidance has not escaped the notice of our leaders and am still optimistic that their arm doesn't need twisting too far by public opinion, which is why this campaign is so important.

    I've just sent an email asking my MP to do something about it (as a former 'non-dom', Zac may be the right guy to push others to follow his example) and will send a link to the 38 deg' form to 1500 clients – hope everyone else joining in here is doing the same.

    Will keep up the ranting but maybe turn the language down a bit so I don't get banned.

  • Martin

    Hmm, I wasn't, and don't think most people here would either. You can understand all the scanarios you describe but – on a socially conscious level – can't condone that any of them are possible. We're asking our leaders to regulate those at the top who wont regulate themselves but the bottom needs some attention too, in the form of investment. There's a lot of change in social infrastructure needed to help those at the bottom and allow them to help themselves and for that, we need more public spending not less. Everything I do in my work (suppleworx.co.uk) encourages people to help themselves but always gives them the tools to do so, that's what we're missing socially.

    Lets hope that some of those in the driving seats have the balls to shake things up the right way.

  • Gerrygerman

    Great stuff for enlightening people about the tax crooks in our midst.
    Time now to bring them to book – and make them all pay up.
    Gerry German
    Communities Empowerment Network

  • Martin

    Hands up, I like your first idea better than mine!

  • strent78

    Is it possible to share these photos on Facebook? I can't see how to share individual examples.

  • Martin

    20% VAT come January sums up the thinking of this present government. Regressive tax good, progressive and fair tax bad has been the thought of all governments since 1979, we can't offend the owners of the Sun and the Daily Mail. We need some figures in the public realm to help change thinking.

  • Martin J


    If we could have greed and all other forms of aggression made illegal wouldn't that be a nice world to leave our children!

  • Carole

    The Ads are very good and hit the target. Well done. looking forward to seeing them about.

    What about the hundreds off foreigners wives and children who have never come to the Uk but get

    paid child allowance while living the live of luxury in their home countries.Just because their husbands work in the UK. THIS MUST STOP.

  • Tallulladip

    The ad could display a grand table with lavishly dressed and, generously sized well-off aristocrat-type people. Stuffing their faces with the mountains of food and, quaffing towards each other. Their pockets could have coins spilling onto the floor whilst enjoying their favourite mealtime game – 'what can we ruin for the average person today ?' !!!

  • Tallulladip

    Cameron, Clegg and Osbourne adorned in their Hunting gear. Blood-red jackets and, powerful horses. The horn sounds and, the chase begins… the poor are the sport today !!

  • Tallulladip

    The difference with Labour is that the papers did all the campaigning so we didn't have to. However, being loyal to the Conservatives, most of the papers serve to protect Conservative actions, therefore, we have to do something. I don't think that Labour would have gone so far as to rip everything apart in under a year in an attempt to balance the books.

  • Coho

    I'm not sure we need 'spoof' ads, what about simply 'George Osborne, Tax Dodger'. Well done, Channel Four on uncovering his family tax dodges and others. Or, 'How can a man set to inherit £4million understand what it is like to live on benefits? With a pic of Georgy Porgy. Or 'Let the Whole Cabinet live on the average wage for a year, it's a cool £25.000. After all we are all in this together!

  • Liswan

    I am a Full time cleaner on less than 10,000 a year can i please get the average wage to share between me my partner and my teenage son we would be at least 5000 pounds better off annually and we promise to pay our taxes

  • Richardgillard322

    The Banks tell us that we cannot tax them more than 1% of profits or they might take their business elsewhere.

    Yeah right! That's going to happen! Our economy might be in a mess. It is not such a mess that the banks can afford to take away their business. They would shoot themselves in the foot if they did.

    But let's suppose for a moment that they did take their business away. What does that mean for the UK? It means they will have to go cap in hand to some other government to bail them out when things go pear shaped. Heaven forfend that we should miss out on that! Remind me? How was it we got into this mess in the first place?

    The banks will never take their business away. If they did, on past performance it would be a case of good riddance to bad rubbish. Call their bluff, tax their profits 75 pence in the pound. See how many of them really leave these shores and throw away the remaining 25% of their profits.

  • Gedbelly

    i'm a published book illustrator…and an artist……….if you'd like to try to explain to me what you want to see in a visual poster i will try and do it for you/or with you. Is it a good idea to put my e mail address here?……I'll look in again after the weekend if you want to leave me a message. Hope i can help…….gedbelly….thats me!

  • christine marshall

    Don't keep making the poor poorer, and the rich richer, be fair !!!!

  • Tonyboultwood

    Hi lots of good ideas but will bus stops be the best location ? I think that around the city, west end, airports and other places the rich hang out would be more effective

  • Faztv









  • Sandy Valentine

    I am not a designer but am sure the following two facts can be adopted in a design by someone with the requisite skill:
    1. The Strasbourg Parliament have been trying to pass legislation for the EU which would deal with tax evasion and avoidance – the UK's conservative MEPs voted against it !!!
    2. When he inherits Balmoral Castle, Prince Charles will not pay a penny in inheritance tax because of the Crown Private Estates Act of 1862, section 4, which means that Balmoral, being owned by a Trust, of which the current Queen is the beneficiary in a personal capactiy. See “The Herald” 18.10.2010
    Cannylad 25.10. 2010

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_IW2KYFDASPBD3SSLANSASM5JKI ADAM

    It's a pity we can't buy everything we need second hand thus saving 20% VAT.
    This would make the Government sit up and take notice.
    Think about it, Do we really need new every time or could we make do with something second hand in the present financial situation???

  • Martin

    Absolutely correct and very eloquently put sir. That fact that this campaign exists suggests that many share your obvious view and want change. Quite how those widely held feelings become a change in law and/or social attitude is the problem, particularly when all recent governments have not even paid lip service to public opinion.

    Unfortunately, the key elements of greed and self-interest have been nurtured and encouraged by governments, media and the whole consumer machinery alike and, to some degree, most of us have brought into it to some level. We are absolutely right to recognise the most guilty and clearly have done. However, as a matter of changing society as it must be changed, we all need to look at how our own greed and self-interest effects our behaviour e.g buying uneccessary stuff from (and thereby supporting global capitalists, aggressive behaviour etc.

    We could/should have had chaos when the financial system started breaking down. It was rescued by the govenrment we elected to represent us not for our benefit, but for the continued benefit financial elite who thrive off it and use it to keep us in our place. It was done not to our benefit but to our immediate and continued long-term cost.

    If the anarchy your last paragraph suggests was to occur, the ones who would loose most would be those that currently leech off the rest of us and have nothing to offer in a society without money. One day it will happen, not in my life-time but when it does we will all suffer in the short term before – assuming that we are capable of learning from history – we evolve into a society that refuses to lay down and play dead for the benefit of the 1 percent who we allow to control us and have a truly 'big society'.

    The sad truth is that our government have the power to give us that right now and save decades/generations of suffering, but they chose not to. Have a good look at them and ask yourself why.

    I can't help thinking that, in order to see the inequality we're all looking to change in context and with commitment of purpose, we should look at it on a global scale then see how guilty we/they are of destroying our society and, as a by-product, out planet.

    From which you can only come up with one poster:

    A bloody great big one with a collage of pictures depicting war, over-crowded hospital waiting rooms, old people living in poverty, young people begging on streets, dead people on battlefields, great big queues at unemployment offices, miserable looking people in hoardes dragging themselves to work, beaches covered with oil and dead animals. all interspersed with pictures of politicians sipping champagne, fat businessman lounging on yachts etc with the simple slogan underneath:

    “People don't do this. Governents do this. Save our planet, save our society. ~Stop the inequality”

  • Colin

    Tax cheats!? What do we get for our taxes? Pointless bureaucracy, endless wars and a big brother state? F*ck that! And the rest goes on paying the debts caused by irresponsible government lending. Why should we the people suffer?! How about we start to deal with the criminals in our government and the criminal bankers they work for?

    Design (from left to right): Hard working ordinary person being held upside and shaken by a bureaucratic government official trying to get every last penny whilst behind the government official stands some evil looking bankers rubbing their hands.

  • charlotte

    Hi caliandris, sorry you don’t agree with this campaign but lots of 38 Degrees members want to get together to campaign to make sure everyone pays their fair share of tax. If you want to unsubscribe you can do so on our website here: http://www.38degrees.org.uk/unsubscribe

  • Martin J

    I don't get it. we're all whining about Philip Green etc and joining in with a campaign to get the government to close the tax loopholes and get the chancellor to play fair with all of us.

    I write an email me MP Zac Goldsmith (reluctant former non-dom multi-zillionaire) to ask what he's going to do and get a reply saying they want fairness and – amongst other things, will be clamping down on corporate tax avoidance – by 2014!

    Then we get this email from 38 Degrees revealing that the one guy whose better nature we're hoping to appeal to – George Osbourne – is exactly the the same parasitical bastard that we're asking him to get tough with. A tax dodging multi-millionaire bastard.

    What a cesspit this government has turned out to be already. Until we all take to the streets heading for downing street with burning torches, we're sunk. And they, like all the wealthy scum they protect are splitting their fat sides laughing at us.

  • Martin J

    Note to “a moderator” :

    Apologies for some of the language. The purpose of the emails you send us is to shake us out of our apethy and elicit a reaction. My response to the information in your email about George xxxxxxx Obborne (edited in advance by me!) is sickening rage at the injustice. Lets hope others take it personally too – great job 38 Degrees.

  • Martin J

    Another good point. But worth being mindful that the small businesses that need our custom to survive will suffer if we boycott them too. However, major chains, mass-merchandisers etc are fair game – except that the staff who would loose their jobs before the shareholders lost any of their profits would suffer too. Whichever way you look at it, they've got us by the neck.

    The remit of PLC's etc is to make profit, not to provide jobs or help anyone other than themselves. And we all buy into it. Makes ya feel kinda impotent don't it !!!

    That's how good a job they've done.

  • MauraW

    There are hundreds of very large- million pound plus-boats all along the Medoiterranean with Union Jack flags, registered in Georgetown, Cayman Islands or British Virgin islands-no tax paid at all on the money that bought them. Maybe a pic and a question?-compare with small second and car or whatever re tax cost.

  • Martin J

    Nice comments Spaccaboy. Agree with all. Can't defend Michaelshorts view that if you don't aspire and succeed then you deserve to be at the bottom of the pile licking algea off concrete for lunch, however : Some of us do get a bit carried away with the rhetoric and a number of entries seem to want to hold up everyone on benefits as heros of the down-trodden, a group which contrary to Marxist predictions – now includes what used to be the middle classes. Im sure that many are but the generalisation does give the impression of impending anarchic socialist revolution for its own sake. They're not all heros and the revolution I'd like to see would be to everyone's benefit.

    There are some brilliant pearls of wisdom and and insights on this page, several precis'd (is that right?) in your comments. The precis of my 'manifesto' would be:

    - to close the immoral disparity between the worst and best off so that we really are “all in it together”, whatever it is

    - A job for everyone who wants one – completely do-able in my opinion

    - A decent living wage for all who work, benefits that afford a decent life style for those that can't, and no benfits for those that wont.

    - no benefits, free medical care or right to own property to anyone who has not been a resident tax payer for five years or who is not currently resident and tax paying

    - no right to buy second and third homes till everyone who wants one has been able to buy one (that should bring the stupid prices down to an affordable level and upset a lot of people I know!)

    - standard tax rate for all regardless of income

    - an absolute ceiling on person wealth (say one property and £1 million to keep 99.99% of us happy)

    - no inheritance tax

    - no tax loopholes for individuals or corporations, all offenders punished by custodial sentences

    - a “the money you make here stays here but you may leave whenever you like' law

    - anyone who wants to stand for a place on the committee that runs our club (i.e government) has to be 'whiter than white' (character and history not colour) and have absolutely no connection with any company or corporation during and for 5 years after office

    - zero tolerance of aggressive behaviour (on streets, on trading floors and in advertising/media)

    - one weeks paid community service a year for everyone (except traffic wardens who get 2 weeks unpaid)

    - all bankers with bonus packages made to pay back the same % of what the banks lost that they took as bonuses when they made profit.

    - all taxi and bus drivers given 6-monthly driving tests and courses in politeness, more cycle lanes and free ice-cream for everyone on Sundays

    That should sort it. When do I start ?

  • MattG

    How do I legally cheat my taxes? I'd love to know. I've got a second child on the way and it's going to be a struggle.

    In fact, I bet loads of normal people would love to know. I'd be much more likely to respond to an advert pointing me to a web-site that tells me how to legally avoid taxes than to the adverts that 38 degress are proposing. What if the legal loopholes become common knowledge? Imagine if every estate agent, plumber and cafe owner started doing it. I bet the loopholes wouldn't stay open very long.

  • Nathaniel

    A mocking of the old “No ifs, no buts” campaing of a couple of years ago. An George Osborne lookalike tied to a chair, white spotlight shining in his face, list of excuses for not paying. “No if's, no buts, tax evasion is a crime!!!”. “Tax cheats, we're closing in on you!”.

  • A.M.

    Don't fiddle , don't diddle…let's put the tax cheats on the griddle

  • Four-d-artist

    cool idea Colin …..show them for what they are

  • Four-d-artist

    cool idea Colin …..show them for what they are

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