Your ideas for striking adverts against tax dodging?

The results are in and together we’ve decided to campaign for a crack down on tax dodgers. All public services are facing slashes to their budgets, so 38 Degrees members want to know how the government can let £42 billion a year slip away so easily.

We’ve just launched our petition Crack down on Tax Dodgers to pile the pressure on George Osborne to make sure everyone pays their fair share. But that’s just the first step. Next week, we’re going to start work on hard-hitting adverts to publicly shame the Chancellor into taking real action, so everywhere Osborne goes he’ll be asked “what are you doing to stop tax dodgers?”

So, we need to start collecting everybody’s ideas for the adverts that we could put into newspapers over the next few weeks. Please share ideas here: what’s the best way for us to get our message across clearly? Are there suggestions for a slogan, or an image that we should use? And which newspapers do you think we should concentrate on? What do you think?