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BBC fundraising success

April 8th, 2010 by

Our call for donations to fund billboard ads which show our opposition to BBC cuts has had an amazing response, which means we can now get cracking on putting the billboards up around the UK.  Thousands of 38 Degrees members have now chipped in, so the ad campaign will truly be people-powered, making it even harder for BBC bosses to ignore.  If you haven’t yet signed our petition against BBC cuts you can do so here

One suggestion of artwork for the billboard is posted here – what do you think about the image? Please post your comments about what you think is good or bad about it.

So far, we have plans to put up billboards in five cities around the UK, including London, Glasgow, Cardiff, Birmingham and Leicester.  But we’re hoping to have enough money to put up a couple more billboards elsewhere in the UK.

Please donate whatever you can afford today to help us broadcast our message in even more UK cities.

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  • davidbabbs

    I like the use of a really iconic image of the BBC, but with a twist. Two things I'm not so sure about:
    1) The slogan: I think we could have more of a message from all of us here e.g. “BBC cuts make us upset”
    2) Do people under the age of 25 recognise the test card image?

  • jim jolly

    I do wonder if younger people will get the reference, unless they are Life on Mars fans.
    I also agree that we are protesting because the community of BBC listeners are being deprived of something we like, because of either financial cuts of doubtful impact, or, pressure from people who would have us pay for inferior programs via naff advertising, so the message should reflect the anger and frustration of the listeners.

  • DC

    I dislike the image and it says not a lot about the 6 music closures. Also as others have said the image will be “Man What?” to most younger people.

  • ellieban

    You have paid an ad agency for this? If so, I am very disappointed, I had assumed it was an attempt by someone within the organisation with no training. May I suggest you talk to some other companies instead? Airside are superb, although possibly rather outside the budget. You never know if you don't ask though and this is really not good enough. I wouldn't have donated if I'd known this would be the quality of the advertising it was going to pay for.

  • Alex

    I barely remember this image and i'm 25, shouldn't we have a powerful typographic message rather than a slurred image?

  • http://www.lynxnetworks.co.uk/ Alan Bullen

    Type your comment here.I think the image and headline are excellent but the first sentence could imply that 50 million people don't think the BBC is worth standing up for.

  • adtbc

    the test card was a circle, not an oval – it looks squashed up like this
    besides that i like the idea, but worry that younger people might not get it

    does it need to be “clever”?

    can it no just be the message?

  • Andy Watt

    I agree with David's comments – these adverts could be by the BBC not by the listeners. We aren't complaining about any internal cuts that they may be contemplating to improve efficiency as any forward thinking business would, we are complaining that the things that we want from the BBC and the overall diversity and quality of output will be diminished by the proposed changes. This is what the slogan should reflect.

    As for the test card image, I don't like it at all. it's an old tired cliche and implies that we want to stick with a bowler hatted, off at 10pm BBC rather than support a continued content expansion of a world-class multi-media BBC. It looks lazy and lacks real creativity.

  • jamescridland

    The BBC test card is BBC copyright, as far as I know…

  • Graham

    I think this image is great!! Nice one.

  • http://twitter.com/garrettc Garrett Coakley

    This really doesn't do anything for me. As mentioned by others it's aimed at a very specific demographic and the message is lost way at the bottom.

    Something simple, striking and typographically based would be much more effective. Let's not get cute about this.

  • David

    I think its great that you (we?) are proposing to advertise outside the BBC offices, but I agree with the first few posters here. We need a powerful and specific message about the stations scheduled for closure, rather than a pretty meaningless slogan.

  • Joseph Talbot

    The design is good, but the strapline text seems to suggest the purpose of the poster is to drum up support for the 38degrees campaign. Surely the point of the poster is to demonstrate the size and strength of support that already exists, not create it?

    Doesn't this make the campaign sound like it needs promoting when actually it doesn't and weakens the point you want to get across?

    Just thought…

  • davet61

    This is pretty dreadful for a billboard. The main heading doesn't tell you what it's about, and the useful bit ('100k people..' etc.) is hidden in tiny text at the bottom. Needs a re-think. And the use of the test-card image, while quite witty in its way, is bound to baffle huge swathes of people who aren't familiar with the image. We can do MUCH better than this, I'm sure

  • http://twitter.com/frankieroberto Frankie Roberto

    Hi. I have to echo the others who have said that this is a pretty poor ad. I'd suggest that you start again from scratch.

    For me, the key message needs to be “save BBC 6 Music & Asian Network”. “No Cuts” just doesn't work (especially as the overall budget isn't being cut, just re-allocated) – we need to mention the specific services that are threatened with closure.

    Secondary messages should be:

    * That there is a lot of support for the campaign (ie us)
    * That people should respond to the consultation by the deadline (include the date)

  • http://twitter.com/Waldinho2000 Waldinho

    Don't overcomplicate it, don't make it ambiguous, don't use emotional blackmail.

    Keep It Simple

  • drbillyo

    Agree with the comments already below. I'm right behind the campaign, but this ad doesn't put across out campaign. The key message is that we want to save 6music and The Asian Network as these minority services are exactly why the BBC should exist. No mention of either is just sloppy.

  • northburntony

    Never let Murdoch or his grubby crew win the day as the BBC is true public service broadcasting and should never be controlled by politicians or the cash media.

  • Cid

    I have to agree with others here who don't think this cuts it. The image is quite amateurish, will mean nothing to a lot of people and the message is totally lost at the bottom. It needs to be either directly relevant to the two stations at the centre of the campaign, or use a BBC-related image/logo/slogan that a much larger number of people will be able to relate to.

    That said, it really doesn't want to be anything to do with Strictly Come Dancing or any of the other BBC talent shows, because the point of the two stations is their uniqueness and relating them to some of the corporation's more bland output wouldn't be wise, no matter how popular it is.

  • steenb

    This is a rubbish advert and will easily get lost within the election advertising.

    Back to the drawing board.

  • Toby

    I donated for the billboard shown on the donation page – text based, with a strong, specific message.
    I'm not standing up for the BBC, I'm standing against the BBC cutting 6music.
    This ad is too generic and bland.

  • ayjay3

    Driving past will cause confusion (and accidents ala the wondabra advert!) – what's it for – not big or clear enough. Sorry!

  • John Wyant

    I have to agree with the majority of posters so far, that this just seems 'off-message' – we're never going to win the campaign by just saying 'don't make any cuts' – the campaign needs to say that the wrong things are being targetted to make those cuts.

  • Claire

    This is not direct enough. I agree with the majority of what has gone before. We need to do much better.

  • peterrobertshaw

    Are you (the design team) taking this campaign seriously? I will feel extremely let down if this design is used. The concept is rather lame and certainly ambiguous. (I appreciate it's a draft, but even as a draft it shouldn't have been allowed out door)

    You need to start over with a new designer and approach.

    Please think,
    a) does this poster convey the 'Save 6 Music' message in a way that is high impact and clear?
    b) does it demonstrate the extent to which a great number of people care about 6 Music?

    Let's not waste the huge amount of money generously raised. A serious message to serious people at the BBC is no time for demonstrating your sense of humour.

  • Mosspiglet

    I like it

  • ianmillrer

    It's very good. Although it might only appeal to the older listener! The message at the foot is a bit lost. Can it be made larger?

  • JP

    I like the image but echo the comments about whether younger people will recognise it. Also, it's very white.

  • Sophie

    I think it's striking, but it doesn't quite get the message across. It needs to have more of a direct reference and context to what's being proposed, and I agree that the image isn't instantly recognisable to anyone under the age of 25.

  • Shorty

    I would suggest just typography – big letters “NO TO BBC CUTS!” or somesuch.

    The crying child is a bit too weird. That was always a disturbing testcard.

  • hilary

    It's missed the point completely; it doesn't convey the strength of the oppostition to the proposed cuts of 6 music and the asian network; it doesn't even mention them!
    Agree with the posters below and would much rather something simple in a bold legible font.
    It doesn'ty need to be clever; it needs to get the message accross

  • Megara

    I agree with previous posters below: the crying child is a strange image and the text needs to be a LOT bigger to get the message across. 6Music and the Asian Network need to be mentioned by name.

  • chevy699696

    The DDM (Detracting Demographic Monkees) are at it again – but it made me smile :D

  • Claire Simmons

    I think it's lovely, and who doesn't love the test-card? But I think the message to the bbc should be clearer about the scale of public support, and the message to the public should be clearer about where they can join the campaign. When I made a donation, the mock-up that was on the page (something about 38,000 objectors, and a great big 38Degrees triangle) looked pretty good to me.

    (Also, is it me, or are the colours at the top and left of that testcard not historically correct?)

  • Johanna

    I really like the image, but I agree that 6 Music and the Asian Network need to be named. Other than that I think it's great – this image is right from all our childhoods and so activates something nostaligic in people I think.

  • JC

    I don't think this gets the message across either. 6music and the Asain network should be mentioned directly

  • linda25

    i think it should be simple. Like a Katharine Hamnett slogan t shirt. Strong iconic text – key words in bold.

  • Jack

    Should directly Mention strength of opposition to the closure of 6 music. I think it needs to be understood that the BBC probably does need to economise, but closure of one of the things the BBC actually does really well isn't the answer.

  • Stu

    Yes, that's terrible.

    All you need is something like “STOP THE BBC CUTS” across the top and something about 6Music and the Asian Network underneath.

    This is eyecatching but ambiguous, the test card is copyrighted and it's really just a very upsetting image with a tagline advertising your website.

    If you run with this, I'll be applying to get my fiver back because it's not what I was expecting and doesn't seem to say anything at all.

  • SA

    Not sure about the baby's face, looks wierdly inhuman. As an early draft, it's a good idea but 6Music should be mentioned directly. Let's be honest, the BBC is going to face cuts and it's not the cuts in principle that we're trying to campaign againtst. We are all here because we don't want 6Music to be shut down but this poster doesn't get that message across.

  • http://x1brettstuff.blogspot.com/ brett jordan

    too negative, and not specific enough… should be more along the lines of 'hundreds of thousands of bbc licence payers want 6Music to say online…'

  • Paul

    I think it's a very strong use of an iconic image: “got” me instantly. However I also agree with many comments suggesting the text content needs to specify exactly what is being referred to.

  • Shaun

    It is very good. I like the image and I think everybody will at least recognise the test card because it has been very exploited in magazines and so on. But does it really matter overall if they don't (think about it).

    Slogan suggestion (to go with the image): Can you imagine a world without BBC 6 and The Asian Network?

  • sean

    agree its too negative – too much like political advertising

    it should be very clear what we're trying to say – saving 6 music and asian network

    the message is already powerful enough purely because the public are paying for the ads.. no need to hide it behind a tagline.

  • Jakey Gee

    You really need to capture the sense of the cuts affecting a varied mass of people and killing pleasure and identity – which is the whole spirit of the opposition. Imagine a field of flowers withering or a thousand coloured lights going out because the electrics have been pulled.

    The concept of using the testcard might seem iconic and has recognition, yes, but it has absolutely no connection with radio. It cues 'BBC TV', and a pretty dusty 1970's version of BBC TV at that. The line 'Cuts hurt' is also pretty directionless: it's stating the bleedin' obvious and a bit like saying 'stuff happens' or 'it rains sometimes'. It's not focussed on the audience or the precise consequences.

    Anyway, hats off and keep at it. You're doing a very good thing.

  • http://www.thegentlemansguide.co.uk/ Gideon Farrell

    a) If you _must_ use the test card (which I don't think is right) then at least don't squash the aspect ratio. It looks dreadful.

    b) As has been mentioned this is ambiguous. It doesn't mention 6 music or the Asian Network. While it may work in sending a message about other cuts it doesn't deal with the issue at hand.

    c) This is aesthetically horrible. It looks like something I would have done aged ten when I was given photoshop 5 elements to play with.

    d) The slogan is maybe not so bad.

    e) It might help to get statistics of listeners if the numbers are large enough.

    f) … I've lost my train of thought.

  • Rub5ter

    Vague, if I wasn't aware of the situation it would mean absolutely nothing to me, especially given the timing could be by any of the political parties.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Terry-Harris/100000949324389 Terry Harris

    I hate it, don't try to get too smart, the message needs to be clear and simple. There are no references to 6Music or Asian network whatsoever, you need to emphasise the importance of the services being cut and the reasons why they must remain open, I'm afraid it's back to the drawing board for this one.

  • Candy Ballard

    No mention of 6music and the Asain network.

  • Ken MacLauchlan

    Sorry, don't like the poster. The image used is iconic and the alteration just looks weird and ugly. I also think we should be clearer about what cuts are being referred to if this is meant to influence the general public as well as those connected to the BBC.

    It would be nice if there were a couple of alternatives that a poll could be run on.

    Also it may be worth seeing if there are worthwhile poster sites in SW Surrey. That's the constituency of Jeremy Hunt, the current Shadow Culture Secretary, who has been proposing further cuts to the BBC. http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/newstopics/poli…

  • Ken MacLauchlan

    Quote from Jeremy Hunt, Conservative Shadow Culture Secretary, in the Telegraph article linked below :

    “Mr Hunt said: “I welcome the fact that the BBC may not need to continue with significant chunks of its services.”


    This poster may need to counter future potential cuts as well as the ones already proposed.

  • http://woolgatherer.blogspot.com/ Martin Pollard

    I agree with everyone who says that this is not direct enough. People will be asking themselves, which cuts specifically? There will be many who agree that the BBC should have its funding cut but may not be aware of the implications – this doesn't speak to them. And the test card image is likely to be completely irrelevant to young people.

  • annrosenberg

    I think you need to put the BBC logo somewhere on the poster. Only the older generation will remember the iconic test card. However it does not address the cuts to radio. How about a wide ribbon with all the BBC services on it and a gigantic scythe cutting it in the middle – or it going through a shredder? If you must use it I think a trailer/frame of all the BBC channels and radio channels running along the outside as a border will make the point that there is something for everyone at the BBC. You must make the point that the BBC faces cuts and this will eventually weaken the organisation. Death by a thousand cuts. Also is there some way that you could produce car stickers such as 'I LOVE (HEART LOGO) BBC 4';' I LOVE BBC 6 MUSIC';I LOVE BBC RADIO 4' ; I LOVE BBC RADIO 1' I LOVE BBC ASIAN SERVICE' ETC. I know of a printer in Leeds who does this sort of think very cheaply and I'm sure that if everyone on your email list buys one with their particular favourite, you will cover costs and have a bit over for the petition. The BBC is going to be every government's Aunt Sally for a while, so the 'war' won't be over for a while. We also need to tackle BBC management – they are losing sight of the BBC ethos is an increasingly commercial world – and their biggest enemy is the Murdoch empire. I repeat -the BBC faces the prospect by death from a thousand cuts.

  • HKR8

    Well done on all the work achieved so far.
    The test card caught my eye but the rest of the ad didn't do anything for me. I certainly think references need to be made to the services that could be cut and I would avoid saying 100,000 people as that is merely a drop in the ocean of BBC audiences.
    Can't believe the money and time that has been donated – it is really fantastic!
    Now we need to build on this support and use it to encourage people to vote in the election!!!

  • Alistair

    I agree it's not right – it's too emotional, and it implies that we who are complaining are just cry babies!

    More emphasis on the 100,000 figure would make sense. Maybe we should have someone from within the ad industry submit designs, someone who knows their stuff – there's bound to be loads of 6Music lovers amongst them. And it might be better to choose the design in a less public arena.

    On a postive note – can't wait for the final design to go up! Keep it up!

  • Ruth

    It's ugly and creepy – more likely to put people off than get them to join the campaign. I also agree with the other commenters that the message isn't direct enough – stop trying to be clever and just state our case as succinctly as possible.

  • claire1

    i think the image is unnecessary and distracting. a simple slogan with the number of people MUCH BIGGER would be more effective.

  • Gareth Wane

    Definitely needs to mention 6Music, Asian Network and website cuts.
    How viable is it to use logo's?

  • Luke Payn

    i agree with most of the posts here, the image is arresting, but it just doesn't communicate
    the message. For me the message is more than just cuts to the BBC budget, it's an attack on culture and forms of cultural output.
    If this round of cuts is allowed then where will it stop?
    How much censorship will we allow?
    some rough ideas that could be developed;
    -perhaps a shot of a BBC newsreader who has been gagged with one of the Murdochs
    holding a gun or similar to his head?
    -a pile of books being burnt in Nazi-esque image 'how much censorship will you allow'?
    -and have in big clear font that the propoasl is to axe BBC6 and Asian network as well as others,
    as that needs to be made clearer on the image

    whilst the BBC isn't perfect (but who and what is?) it's still amazing and the only TV/Radio group that I listen to and trust.

  • tommycockles

    as a child of the seventies lovin the image,am torn on whether it should be a more positive poster maybe showing how much support this campaign is getting???how much listeners and website users will be missing if the cuts go through……it is a bit 'omen' too…

  • http://twitpic.com/1e9uc7 Ash

    Just a quick job, but is this the sort of thing we're after?

    Obviously beeb logo is copyright, but could we get away with it?

  • Joan Kay

    Not too keen, not bold enough. Just keep it simple, “NO TO BBC CUTS” of 6music and Asian network. I think the test card is irrelevant and some may not understand or even know what it means.

  • Mrs G

    6 Music must be given a much higher visual profile on the billboard !

  • Duncan

    Good work everyone. Amazing effort on the fund raising.

    Think the concept is strong but…

    BBC / 6 Music and Asian Network need to be mentioned specifically. “The cuts” isn't clear enough.

    The call to action is key! We are targeting the general public as well as the BBC. Increasing listeners & supporters to the campaign:

    - Join the fight / campaign / petition
    - Join the thousands of listeners resisting the cuts

  • diggerbanannas

    I agree with some of the comments below, 6 music should be mentioned specifically as I believe this is the station the majority of people would like saved. The add is too vague at the moment.

  • jenniewoods

    And their reply… “of course cuts hurt, but they have to be made” – thing is .. we need to make it clear that these specific cuts – and I am particularly referring to 6Music – are exactly the wrong kind of cuts and go against all that the BBC is supposed to stand for and treasure. I suspect that the majority of those who have contributed to these billboards did so with 6Music in mind – am I right?

  • tamaraharrison

    I think we need to be specific about 6music.

  • veronica

    Loved yours even better than test card!

  • Tim

    Definately agree with comments that it needs to mention 6 music – the appeal was heavily plugged on the save 6 facebook page and I gave because of that. I do agree Asian Network is worthwhile, also a lot of the web site, and local radio. BUT that image is TV centric, and the testcard has hardly been seen since the 80s when ceefax in vision took over. I like the ones linked below by Ash.. much more eye catching.

    I think it needs to be short and to the point. but possibly a line mentioning some of the well known people who have come out in support so “David Bowie, x, y, z and over 150,000 others say 6 music should be saved”

  • Steve Spencer

    Needs to mention 6music rather than general cuts.

  • preston

    Agree with most of the comments here that this misses the target by not communicating the message that these proposed BBC cuts are at the heart of what the BBC is set up to do. Yes to cutting BBC costs like Alan Hanson's taxi rides. No to cutting vital BBC services like 6 Music. Put Quality First BBC like you say you want to

  • Chris76

    I don't like it. People under thirty don't recognise the testcard and it doesn't really help to get the message across. It needs to mention the specific services that we're all so concerned about losing – 6music and Asian Network. I liked Ash's ideas much better (see below) and would be happier to see my donation spent on one of those or something similar.

  • mikey1974

    No. Sorry. Cuts Hurt is too general and actually few people argue that the BBC should reamin the same size.

    Surely the campaign is about saving the unique aspects of the bbc…so the campaign needs to be specific…

    Also the test card dates the debate terribily…implying the campaign is about looking back to some 1970's glory days…also I think a crying girl is a bit negative…bit too Barnado's.

    Much better to focus on the BBC right now, pick something it's good at and celebrate it.

    I also agree with comments re 100,000…not a big figure in the grandscheme of things..

  • mark


  • mattgibbs

    I donated for BBC 6 music so please nmention them on the Billboard!

  • holytoad

    ouch-i like it :-)

  • suesparks

    I agree that the test card is the wrong image and that the message is too general, though I think it should be broader than just 6Music – both the stations are up for awards, maybe that can be brought in – but overall the poster needs to emphasise how many people oppose the cuts and that we want the BBC to remain a high quality service for all tastes and sections of the community, not some rump 'culture' service for old middle-class white people (like me!), which I think is what some commercial interests would like it to be

  • Kirst

    I much prefer this as a concept – it's to the point, doesn't use an out-dated image that a lot of younger listeners/viewers wouldn't recognise and specifically mentions the cuts that most people are opposed to

  • deborahohara

    oh boo – i'm so sorry, but no, no, NO.

    1) it's waaaay too visually busy and printing that many colours will cost a lot more than sticking to a basic 2 or 3. surely the more of these we can print the better.

    2) the message is at best fuzzy and at worst off brief. there have to be cuts – we know this – and it's not the bbc we're standing up for – it's them we are appealing to to make the right choices. it's specific service cuts that are objected to here. for me it's 6music and the bbc bitesize although i know there are others that will be missed. we can't expect them not to cut anything – name and thus target those that are cared about most. reasonable demands that can be met ….

    3) there's a guy posted a couple of off the cuff ideas on here that are far superior (although using the bbc logo might cause some problems and isn't really necessary – just write it LARGE!!!)

    4) congratulations on the brilliant work raising so much money – now lets just get it done and get it done right. just keep it short, sharp and simple – i don't even really think imagery is necessary.

    5) i really think we can do this!

  • wookiehare

    Me too. And please keep telling the BBC Trust that BBC6Music is NOT A POP STATION, which is what they call it on their survey.

  • crispinsummers

    Sorry, but that is not what I donated my money for. Considering the timing that the ads will be put up people will just think that is some political party election advert relating to government budget cuts.
    As has been repeated many times:
    It needs a simple straight forward message, nothing clever or cryptic
    It should not mention 'cuts' as people might think “oh good my licence fee will go down” but closing of services that contribute massively to UK culture. The BBC spending isn't being cut, services are being closed and jobs lost.
    I don't think it is wise to mention numbers of people, as has been said these figures are easily countered if taken out of context.
    The proposed ad is too TV centric when it is radio and web services that are being affected most.
    How about instead of plugging 38degrees (although we are all very grateful of the support they have given), the ad includes websites of the various campaigns, e.g http://www.love6music.com and whatever equivalent the Asian Network has.
    I also think something similar to that which Ash has shown, it doesn't really need the BBC logo. And as I said, while the 38degrees website should be included it shouldn't be made to look like a an advert for 38degrees rather than in support of the threatened BBC services.

  • oocares

    Can I have my money back please?
    Seriously, lets not make it about money and keep the message on 6music's qualities; diverse and rich mix of music genres, commitment to support new music of unknown, up and coming artists and passionate DJ's.

  • wookiehare

    Yes! Like 6music. Sorry to go on about it but it DOES fulfil the BBC's remit of innovation.

  • wookiehare

    Me again! 6Music is unique, has more listeners and is cheaper to run than 1Xtra. There are loads of stations doing pop music but only 6music doing what it does so well.

  • wookiehare

    This is GREAT. Thanks Ash.

  • wookiehare

    PLEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEASE USE ASH'S POSTER. This one is much too messy it's 6music and Asian network we need to save

  • wookiehare

    PLEEEASE use Ash's design (except it should read 100,000 not 10,000

  • Sarah

    I have to go with the majority of commenters here, I really like Ash's design. It's simple, communicative, non-divisive and powerful – exactly what's needed!

  • Sarah Billingham

    I agree with everything chrispinsummers has said!

  • sarahbillingham

    The ad is terrible! It really doesn't get the point over at all. Ash's ad is far better, please use that instead!

  • Will

    I agree totally with Duncan,

    Most people have donated money purely because of 6 music. This needs to be mentioned specifically. I dont disagree with some of the propsed cuts, just 6 music and the asian network


  • Eleanor

    I agree with the gist of most of the comments – a 'no cuts' message is too broad. I wouldn't say the BBC should never cut anything, even though I appreciate the impact on jobs and on the audience. The issue here is what they're trying to cut. 6 Music is a service which works, it has a loyal audience, and (crucially) it provides something we can't get anywhere else. I think the posters need to mention the specifics, e.g 6 Music and Asian Network.

    Great work on raising the funds, and thanks for sharing the draft.

  • Jane Hunt

    Again I have to agree the ad is too broad especially at election time. The real irony here is that the bbc are justifying their cuts by saying they want to provide unique services which you can't get anywhere else – exactly what 6music and the Asian Network provide. Surely some clever ad man can come up with something which alludes to this flaw at the base of the bbc's argument?

  • Alan Flint

    Good image but the test card girl probably isn't that familiar to younger people.

  • Dan Diplo

    It doesn't work for me. Why?

    * If I saw it I wouldn't understand what cuts are being referred to. Is it a political message by Labour? It's not clear.

    * The testcard probably isn't familiar with younger people. It's visually busy whilst not being very strking.

    The billboard should be simple, direct and the message should be unmistakable – Save 6 Music.
    * No mention of BBC 6 Music – this is surely the whole point of the campaign?

  • kettle

    The testcard lash-up is dreadful. Ash's mock-ups are far more 'on message'. I also think that it's essential to mention 6music – that's why I donated.

  • wookiehare

    Me too!

  • Diana Jeater

    Not too impressed, for three reasons:
    1. How many people know what this image is? Only those people over 45 or who've watched 'Life on Mars'.
    2. It's not that the cuts hurt (all cuts hurt…) but that they're inappropriate – they're tampering with valuable public services that will make a difference of only peanuts to the budget
    3. It doesn't name the guilty parties and make the Trust doubt its judgement

  • Liz

    I would like to see an ad that was straight to the point, save 6 music and asian network and save Britain's culture. Ash's was spot on for me rather than this one.

  • Jon Barr

    I agree that the image is only accessible to people of my age (mid forties) and that now in the midst of the election our billboards need to be more direct. Can we play on the word trust? Trust the people-Save 6 music and the Asian Network

  • rubypink

    MUCH prefer Ash's designs please use them if possible instead…

  • http://twitter.com/Clarice007 Claire Simmons

    Slightly tangential, but just as a point of fact: the testcard is not quite as archaic as people are suggesting – ie over 45's only. I'm in my early thirties, and I remember it well. Granted, many under 30's won't recognise it, but people at the BBC, specifically those making decisions most definitely will, so let's not get too uppity about how ancient the testcard is, and how big of a deal that is for the advert.

    The point is, we need something with a clearer message about the scale of opposition, about what is being opposed, and about how people can join the campaign. Is there any reason why we can't stick with the original version from the fundraising mailout?

  • colinhammond

    Nothing wrong with Ash;s suggestions or indeed plenty of the great stuff on the FaceBook save 6 group photo album – much more creative than this lame counter productive design.

    I think that the themes to get across are that this is about Listeners (listeners paid for this billboard … I know there are web site cuts but I can't see any licence fee payer campaign for those) and Quality.

    My slogan would be something like

    BBC – Listen to us, your Listeners
    Don't Cut Quality

  • karenamsden

    I really like the idea and I am very committed to the campaign to save 6 Music and the Asian Network. However I think that the poster needs to mention the threatened loss of both these stations and then I would contribute to that. Although I like the graphics, I think the message is just too general and would not be understood by the majority of the population who have not been following the debates about the proposed cuts in radio stations. I would have graphics that specifically show radios and highlights the dangers faced by Radio 6 and the Asian Network and then go on to say that the rest of the BBC may also not be safe.

  • karenamsden

    Have just looked at Ash's design and think it is more direct and will be understood by more people. It provides a clear link with the work that the protest groups have been doing to highlight the proposed closures of these Radio Stations. They must mention the radio stations under threat!

  • andyward

    Sorry, I don't like the 'Testcard' image – it does not capture the essence of our protest.
    I like the design by Ash, but I have to say that, on looking at the Save 6Music Facebook page, there are a heck of a lot of good, original, creative, amusing and pertinent images there.
    Maybe we could arrange to narrow down the best 10 or so and then take some sort of vote?? Just a thought….

  • Stevie Disco

    No, I really don't like the testcard image either. It doesn't mean anything to 2-3 generations of BBC viewers – I remember it, because I am ancient. Besides, this is about saviing RADIO stations, not TV ! We need a poster star, selling the message about the cuts. A big red curtain coming down on a band's career.

  • Mark Aaron

    an alternative design.

  • http://www.twitter.com/marthasadie Martha Henson

    I agree with many of the comments below. Design: too fussy, straight typography would be better. Message: I donated, as did many, specifically to help save 6music. The loss of radio stations needs to be the main message. Also, stating that 100 000 people think the BBC is worth standing up for implies that everyone else doesn't – unhelpful.

  • colinhammond

    Marks's picture is more like the sort of thing needed and looks nicer. Could also have one with a Pink background with an AN flavour

  • colinhammond
  • xeniarandle

    I'm not massively keen. It's a bit crass, Maybe something more textual and cutting rather than such a 'shock charity add' type picture.

  • http://twitpic.com/1eyddc Ash

    Firstly, thanks very much for all the positive comments on my last designs, good to hear! With the ideas shown on the Facebook group in mind, I've done this as an alternative:

    Also – the previous stuff with corrected figures (based on the numbers mentioned in this thread):

    (all 1st drafts)

    I think it's important in whatever we do, that we address those at the BBC, as they are the ones we're targeting with these posters, so it needs to have their name or a logo to catch their eye. Also, to be clear, simple and professional-looking.

  • Cid

    That is much, much better, nice work.

  • cliveh

    POOR. This is a WEAK and INEFFECTIVE advert. Yes, it's clever but it doesn't work as a 'retain 6 Music' campaign as it just focuses on 'the cuts'. Also the test card imagery is relevant to TV,not DIGITAL RADIO. I suggest the following points are used to create the content.

    - 100,000 listeners and growing
    - innovative unique content unavailable elsewhere
    - in line with the BBC charter

    Clive H

  • davidbabbs


    Thanks for all this feedback. Really useful. Quite a lot of it critical, but that's fine – good to get an early draft up there so that people have something concrete to come back on. Here are some quick headline things we've definitely heard and will be feeding back to the designers:

    - Need to mention prominently the services under threat including 6 Music and Asian Network
    - “The cuts hurt” as a slogan needs to go in favour of something which feels more positive and conveys that the public is behind this
    - Some like the play on the test card, but most feel it's a bit too TV-centric given the cuts focus on radio and online.
    - Some like the test card idea of trying to use an iconic BBC image to capture the attention, but maybe it'd be better to keep it simple and have a textual ad.

    So, back to the drawing board I think – we'll work up a new version this week which I expect will look totally different.

    One thing though we've been clear we won't do all along, but which still comes up a few times in this discussion: We're not going to do a “Save 6 Music”-only ad. Why? Because 38 Degrees has always been campaigning about these cuts proposals as a whole, not just about 6 Music – that's what our petition's about, what the fundraising page for this ad was about, and what the overwhelming majority of people involved have said they want us to do.

    To be honest though, even if you are only interested in 6 Music, you're best chance of winning is by sticking with the broader campaign. The BBC will change its mind if it believes their is broad-based public opposition to it's proposals. If we all work together, highlighting the bits we're most passionate about but as part of a bigger campaign against the cuts proposal, we've got a real chance of winning. But if all the BBC sees are a set of fragmented fan campaigns each shouting “cut them not us”, then they're much less likely to listen and we're much less likely to win.

  • Ra

    The money has been donated by The People – why not let The People submit designs in the next couple of days which can be voted for? There are a lot of creative folks involved with this campaign who really understand the heart of it and have produced some fantastic imagery so far. I appreciate you may be concerned that you'll receive just 6Music or Asian Network centric designs, but since it has now been clarified as inappropriate it shouldn't be much of an issue.

  • mikey1974

    David. thanks for your comments and, I think, perfectly sensible points in response. The danger of choosing an iconic image is getting consensus as to what constitutes an icon.

    I look forward to a positive, text based alternative!!

  • bigpicturefan

    “6 Music…” – hello? I didn't sign up with just 6Music or the Asian Network in mind. More the website if anything, but really all three and their benefits to: our national image abroad (the website and radio combined), the economic value of British music exports (so successful partly because they innovate based on hearing multiple music types) and our security (trying to avoid ethnic areas becoming isolated local ghettos where young men can end up, like the 7/7 bombers, not only radicalised but also thinking of London as distant and hateful).

    I think people who are obsessed with just one radio station need to think more broadly about what the BBC achieves, and let 38Degrees campaign on that bigger picture and not just their favourite entertainment. I'm no artist but I'd prefer any suggestions that do that, and hint at what the cuts imply for the country.

  • Kai Ro

    Firstly, the agency have offered their services for free, so any criticism should take that into account.
    Right now, don't have enough time to read all the posts below, but the general response seems slanted towards the negative, and I have to say overall, so far I can't give it a thumbs up as a concept for this campaign either.

    The testcard element is fine for 37 year olds and over, but will fly right the heads over the younger end of the demographic. Instant bafflement for many who might well otherwise be inspired to get involved.

    The tagline 'The cuts hurt' again manages to be simultaneously banal and cryptic. Why/who/what do they hurt? Cuts aren't always a bad idea. e.g. cuts to the bloated pay-packets of the DG, Jonathan Ro$$, and Chris Moyles would be most welcome for many.

    There are many possibilities [just take a wander through the many fine pictures submitted at the Save 6 FB group to see just how many], but 'Ash' (posting below) has come up with something visually strong that could be tinkered with to make it clearer about what the cuts would result in – a severe dilution of the Beeb's remit to provide content not being covered well by other mediums, and general crapness all round:


    I'd like to see humour get in there as much as possible, steering clear of content which could alienate people trying to have their lunch/get to work without causing a pile-up.

  • http://www.thegentlemansguide.co.uk Gideon

    I think that that image you posted is rather good. Far more powerful than the current one.

  • jenniewoods

    Perhaps you could let us know what percentage of the donations came from the 6Music supporters? I donated to this cause believing that 6Music and the Asian Network would be mentioned specifically.

  • colinhammond

    Any progress? Clock must be ticking to book these before the end of the consultation which must be the point of maximum impact (as the Trust might provide some summary decisions almost straight away – this saved due to high level of protest, that cut due to no support)

  • brave heart

    Waste of time – the bloated BBC needs to see dramatic cuts and soon. It's a taxpayer funded glory hole of egotistical left wing luvvies, and needs overhaul top to bottom. I've submitted 3 responses to the BBC's on-line consultation enquiry, showing how to cut responsibly, ranging from harsh to severe to sadistic. Now I know 38D supports the status quo there, I'm considering ditching all links with you.

  • sue them

    Only seen the original test card design but i feel its too negative and criticising the BBC's actions rather than those who have bullied them into acting. Whatever the final design is it needs to be positive about the beeb. And if you are targetting those running the BBC then billboards are not the most effective way of doing it – target them direct via email/web/DM. These billboards should be drumming up support for the BBC from all of the public that see them and letting people know that, whilst any large organisation could do with some cost saving measures (such as looking at top salaries and perks) on the whole the BBC is fantastic value, high quality and relatively politically independent – unlike Sky and the rest of the News Corp empire which is quite blatantly trying to influence the public against the BBC in order to cripple its only real competition and make more profits.

  • http://www.38degrees.org.uk/ David

    Yes, we should have final ad designs and news of locations first half of next week. I think it’s all looking good, last round of feedback was super helpful.

  • colinhammond

    Still waiting…

  • hannahlownsbrough

    We've just confirmed the artwork with the people that are helping us prepare it today, and the posters are going up on 10th May for two weeks, immediately before the consultation finishes on 25th May.

    We've also got some plans taking shape for a 'mas busk' outside BBC buildings on 25th itself, so it would be great to hear if people have got ideas about how we could make sure those events send a really powerful message to BBC decision makers just as they're sitting down to start thinking about cuts…

  • hannahlownsbrough

    We've just confirmed the artwork with the people that are helping us prepare it today, and the posters are going up on 10th May for two weeks, immediately before the consultation finishes on 25th May.

    We've also got some plans taking shape for a 'mas busk' outside BBC buildings on 25th itself, so it would be great to hear if people have got ideas about how we could make sure those events send a really powerful message to BBC decision makers just as they're sitting down to start thinking about cuts…