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The People’s Climate March: In pictures

September 22nd, 2014 by

Yesterday we made history. It won’t be the last time that thousands of us take to the streets to demand action on climate change. But by coming together on one day, standing alongside hundreds of thousands of people across the world, we changed the debate. When they say “no one cares about climate change”, we’ll be able to show them these pictures:

38 Degrees members out in force in London!

And around the rest of the world, the Climate March looked amazing!

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Cameron, Clegg and Miliband: keep your promises to Scotland

September 19th, 2014 by

Scotland has voted ‘no’ to independence. As half the country celebrates, the other half hurts. Scotland will stay in the UK, but 45% ‘yes’ is a clear vote for change.

So what now for Scotland? Do we go back to business as usual? Or do we get much more devolution?

When the polls swung towards ‘yes’ last week, Cameron, Miliband and Clegg jumped on trains going north. They promised much more power for Holyrood if Scotland voted ‘no’. More freedom, more autonomy. This morning, David Cameron pledged to honour their commitments.

But backbench MPs are already restless at the idea of more powers for Scotland. It’d be easy to quietly dilute the offer if disagreement grows.

We don’t have to accept that. 38 Degrees members are building a huge petition of hundreds of thousands of names from across Scotland to turn the spotlight on their promise. They made the offer through gritted teeth – now we can make it impossible for Cameron, Clegg and Miliband to back down.

If you’d like to join 38 Degrees members from Lerwick to Jedburgh, Arbroath to Stornoway, click here to add your name to the petition asking Cameron, Clegg and Miliband to follow through and grant more powers to Scotland.


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Can you flyer at the Labour Party Conference on Monday?

September 18th, 2014 by

NHS funding is in crisis. Hospitals are closing, services are being cut, and patients are being put at risk. All while our politicians bicker over how to fix it.

So what better timing – the Labour party conference is in Manchester from Sunday. It’s the perfect opportunity to hammer home our message: Ed Miliband should spend more money on the NHS if Labour win the next election.

Are you free on Monday afternoon? Together 38 Degrees members in Manchester can hand out hundreds of flyers outside the conference – to spark conversations amongst Labour party members. And crucially, push Ed Miliband to commit to protect our NHS.

38 Degrees members are meeting outside the entrance of the conference:
Where: Manchester Central Convention Complex
When: 2pm on Monday 22nd September

It’ll be easy to spot us in bright orange t-shirts. It’s a chance to meet other 38 Degrees members who live near you and stand up for our NHS, together. So if you’re free, please click here to RSVP.

38 Degrees members are calling on Ed Miliband to be bold to protect the NHS. Over 60,000 of us have already signed the petition for a 1p tax rise, so it has enough money to give us all top-class care.

This is the last party conference before the election. Ed Miliband will want to make announcements that show that Labour has a strong plan for the NHS. The idea of a 1p tax rise has been gaining support. So our presence flyering, and speaking to party members on their way in could have a big impact.

We’ve had success persuading Labour to change their policies before. Thousands of 38 Degrees members wrote to Ed Miliband asking him to commit to scrapping the gagging law. That’s now Labour Party policy! Let’s do the same again and get Labour to promise more funding for the NHS.

38 Degrees is independent of all political parties. We hold politicians of all stripes to account. With a general election less than a year away, Labour could soon be in charge and in a position to help or harm the NHS. So it’s worth pushing them to be bold on our NHS. If you can join in on Monday, please RSVP here now.

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3 days off: The People’s Climate March

September 18th, 2014 by

Three days to go. On Sunday The People’s Climate March will flood the streets of London. Already over 1000 members of 38 Degrees have said they’re attending. That’s huge!

We’ve had to change the plans a little because there’s so many of us. So here are the final details of where and when to meet to get together beforehand. We’ll be wearing bright orange t-shirts, so easy to spot:

When: 12.00 noon

Where: Outside 12 Temple Pl, London WC2R 2PR

We’ve got flags, placards, banners, t-shirts: loads to go around. And we’ll be joining tens of thousands of other people in London – and many more others around the world!

Can you help make the march even bigger by getting your friends and family along too? The more of us marching together, the stronger our message of hope: we expect our politicians to do as much as they can to protect our planet for future generations.

Here’s the link where anyone can sign up to be involved:


After the march, 38 Degrees members are heading to The Feathers Pub in Westminster, (18-20 Broadway, SW1H 0BH) to get together for a drink. It’d be great if you could make it!

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I’d pay a penny more tax to save the NHS

September 17th, 2014 by

There’s a battle raging within the Labour Party over whether or not to fund the NHS properly. NHS finances are in crisis, and with less money to go around, life-saving local services are left with no option but to cut back hours or worse, close down.

Some senior Labour figures are telling Ed Miliband to be bold to protect the NHS. They say the NHS needs a 1p tax rise so it has enough money to give us all top-class care. But Labour’s shadow chancellor, Ed Balls, is digging his heels in. He is scared of saying he’ll spend any more on our NHS than the Conservatives.

Ed Miliband will want to make an announcement at next week’s party conference. Will he go along with his cautious shadow chancellor? Or will he be brave and back a funding boost for our NHS? A big petition telling him that funding the NHS is a vote winner could help tip him the right way.

Please sign the petition now – and we can deliver it straight to Ed Miliband later this week:

We’ve had success persuading Labour to change their policies before. Thousands of 38 Degrees members wrote to Ed Miliband asking him to commit to scrapping the gagging law. That’s now Labour Party policy! So now let’s do the same to get Labour to promise more funds to stop the NHS cuts.

38 Degrees is independent of all political parties. We hold politicians of all stripes to account. We know that without a properly funded NHS, we’d all end up paying much more in premiums to the private health industry. Most people agree that a 1p rise to National Insurance is a bargain if it means the future of our NHS is protected from privatisation.

What Labour say now matters. With a general election less than a year away, Labour could soon be in charge and in a position to help or harm the NHS. And even if they’re not, we are way more likely to persuade the Lib Dems and Conservatives to stop NHS funding cuts if we’ve got Labour to commit to protecting our NHS.

The NHS is something we are all proud of. We all benefit from it, and we are all willing to pay for it to keep it our NHS.

Some 38 Degrees members have asked why this campaign focuses on raising taxes as opposed to collecting money in other ways like cracking down on tax dodging. National Insurance taxes are ring-fenced, this means the money raised could only go towards services – like our NHS.

We know that Ed Miliband is already considering making the 1p National Insurance rise Labour policy ahead of their party conference next week. So now is the moment to convince Labour that proper funding for our NHS is a vote winner. When the moment comes to crack down on tax dodging, 38 Degrees members will be there too – we won’t rest until our NHS has the money it needs to give everyone free access to healthcare.

Opinion polls show that most of the public would much prefer a small tax rise to NHS cuts or charges for services. So let’s persuade Labour it’s the right thing to do. Add your name now.

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Are you jealous of the Scots?

September 16th, 2014 by

The vote’s on a knife-edge. A week today, Scotland could be independent. And England could be left behind.

Everything’s on the table in Scotland: they’re discussing the future of a country. The debate has at times been hopeful, inspiring, and thoughtful. It’s also been very, very hard. Turnout will be through the roof: 97% of voters have registered. In pubs, on buses, in schools – it’s all anyone’s talking about.

But south of the border, there’s nothing to do but watch. Whatever you think of Scottish independence, one thing’s for sure. Down in England, we aren’t debating our future – or the changes we want to see – in the same way.

Should 38 Degrees members in England be trying to change that? There are over 2.5 million of us. If anyone can shake up the English political landscape, we can. Every politician is on edge about Thursday’s referendum. It’s top of their agenda. So if we’re going to get through to them, now’s the time.

So should we ride the wave of interest that’s started in Scotland? Is there a problem with our politics? Are we too focused on Westminster? Should cities have more power? How about regional parliaments, or an English one? What would spark the kind of engagement in politics that’s everywhere in Scotland now? Or are we doing just fine?

 Please click here to take a 2 minute survey on what 38 Degrees members could start trying to change in England.


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Your decision- 13th September

September 15th, 2014 by

Every week a group of 38 Degrees members vote on which issues our movement should prioritise and which campaigns to get behind. Here are the results for last week.

Protecting the NHS by stopping the government’s dangerous plans like privatisation and closing A&E departments has come top this week.

The next biggest issues were: cracking down on tax dodging by big companies and campaigning to stop government plans to share and sell more of our personal data than ever before.

You can see how 38 Degrees members voted on other issues on the graph below. The blue on the graph shows how many people answered ‘a lot’ in support of the campaigns listed, the red represents people answering ‘a little’, and the green is ‘not at all’.

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Save our NHS – NHS England meeting

September 12th, 2014 by

This Thursday, NHS bosses are meeting to decide the future of the NHS and they want us – the public – to be there. So let’s fill the room with 38 Degrees members and tell them why we love the NHS.

This is only the second ever Annual General Meeting of NHS England, the body in charge of our health services, and they’ll be making big decisions about its future.

We need to show NHS board members that there’s lots of ordinary people who care about its future. Together we can outnumber the corporate lobbyists in the room and make it clear to NHS bosses that we’re watching what they’re doing.

If you’ve booked your place:
38 Degrees members will be meeting across the road from the AGM from 3.45pm on Thursday 18th inside Methodist Central Hall:

Together we’ll get ready, work out how we’re going to ask the questions and head in to the AGM. If you can’t make it at 3.45pm, we’ll all be heading over to the AGM at 5.15pm. Other 38 Degrees members should be easy to spot in ‘I love the NHS’ t-shirts. You can get your t-shirt by coming to the briefing meeting in Methodist Central Hall from 4pm.

Both venues (Methodist Central Hall and the QE2 conference centre) are fully accessible and the nearest step-free access tube station is Westminster. If you have any additional accessibility requirements email the office team on emailtheteam@38degrees.org.uk

If you haven’t booked a place:
NHS England has now closed bookings for the AGM. Places should still be available on the day on a first-come-first-served basis. Even if you haven’t booked an AGM place, do join us at the pre-meeting at Methodist Central Hall. We’ll head over together and wait to see if we can all get in. There’s more information on the AGM here: http://www.events.england.nhs.uk/nhs-england/163

If you’d like to take part online:
If you can’t make it in person, the AGM will be broadcast live online. From 5.30pm join the discussion, add your views or take part in polls about what’s happening inside the AGM by heading to: http://www.38degrees.org.uk/page/content/nhs-agm-live/

There will also be a twitter chat using the hashtag #NHSAGM.

38 Degrees staff will be tweeting out some of the members’ comments and thoughts, as well as letting the NHS bosses at the AGM know how many people are watching and holding them to account.

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Recall: it’s a fudge

September 12th, 2014 by

Breaking news: the government has released its plans for a new law which will allow MPs to be sacked.

Scandal followed by scandal: that’s what we’re used to hearing about our MPs. The government’s ‘recall law’ was meant to restore our trust in politicians. But as suspected it’s an absolute fudge. It puts MPs in charge of sacking MPs … and not voters!

Together, we can put voters in charge and convince the government to scrap their law. And replace it with our own. We’re already armed with a rival law that 38 Degrees members paid for and helped write. It’ll give voters the right to sack their MPs. What’s more, a group of top MPs from all parties have backed it.

Giving normal people the power to sack MPs could be the most significant change to the way Britain does politics in decades – and it’s within our grasp. Can you ask your MP, Jane Ellison, to sign up to support the law that puts power in voters’ hands?

Click here to send a quick email now.

Here’s why getting your MP to back the rival law will help us win:

- The government’s got a growing rebellion on their hands. If we act fast, it’ll pile on the pressure for them to replace their watered-down plans.
- We need MPs from all political parties to support the rival law. It’s not a simple left or right issue. Every MP matters – so it’s crucial your MP backs the rival law too.
- Our law works. It’s been written by top lawyers and its watertight. The government could pass it tomorrow. They can see we’re serious.

Click here to email your MP to ask them to sign up in support of giving voters more power:

So far, our campaign is working. Tens of thousands of us have signed the 38 Degrees petition for our rival law. And lots of MPs are backing it, so it’s already a controversial issue that’s been splashed across the media.

If our MPs hear from us today, we can make sure its our version of the story they’re hearing.

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Back to the classroom Nicky Morgan

September 11th, 2014 by

Schools run for profit? That’s the idea Education Secretary, Nicky Morgan, is floating. It’s already been in the news that she’s failed to rule out privatising our schools. If this sneaks through education would be run for profit, rather than the best outcomes for children.

Together, we can stop this threat from becoming a reality. Nicky Morgan is new to her post. She’ll want to make a good impression. And with months left before the General Election, 38 Degrees members can make this such a toxic issue that she’ll have to rule it out.

But we need to create a huge storm. And a big petition signed by tens of thousands of us will prove how deeply unpopular her plan is. Please sign the petition now, before it goes any further.

38 Degrees members have got a track record of nipping in the bud dangerous attacks to our public services. When the idea of charging for GP appointments was floated, 38 Degrees members made it impossible for Jeremy Hunt to pursue his plans.

Good education for all is a cornerstone of the kind of Britain 38 Degrees members fight to protect. Our children deserve the best start in life. And that means keeping profit out of education.


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